Friday, December 5, 2008

Thinking Outside Of The Box

Cat Daddy was a real sweetheart tonight. He loaded up Rudolph, all the reindeer and Maurice, the head elf and took them all to an auction. He figured I needed a bath and since neither one of us can remember when I last brushed my hair, I thought I'd better go for it while they are out. I figure I've got about a 3 hour window before they return, so in the meantime I am running amuck, amuck, amuck! I'm visiting as many blogs as I can and leaving comments as fast as my little band aid fingers can type. I'm about halfway done with the house and hope to have the main elements in place this weekend. Then I'll add fresh greenery, candles, fruit, flowers, you know, fluff.I had to show y'all this. This little box always has a place of honor in my home. It once held a Christmas gift for my grandmother, Marie. If you remember I told you she worked in a beauty shop as a beautician. That's 60's talk for a salon and a stylist. Her customers always gave her gifts, usually homemade, instead of tips.
Marie never threw anything Christmasy away. We reused bows, ribbons, tags, corsages, everything. She would have recycled the paper, if she could have figured out how to keep us from tearing into packages like wild animals. We always spent Christmas Eve at Marie and Tip's house and nothing was wrapped until that night. Kerri and I would always argue over this one raggedy blue bow and that little box. We both wanted something of ours in it. Then Daddy and Tip would load up the 3 of us into that station wagon to go look at Christmas lights. Mother and Marie were always last coming out of the house. I guess I was about 9 when I finally figured out how, while we were out, Santa would come. The lights would be off and the tree lights on. Around the tree, beside the wrapped gifts, were three of the things each of us had circled in the Sears catalog. Oh joy! Oh Bliss! I cherish this little box. When I hold it, for just a moment I'm 7 years old again and I feel the Christmas magic and the love that little box held.


David said...

I guess there's still a little child in all of us. Very sweet, Deb.

The English Cottage Collection said...

Awe...I feel like I'm 7 years old right now and someone just read to me a magical bedtime Christmas story!! I love those warm holiday memories and I can remember you just couldn't wait for the Sears catalog to come in the mail!!~Debra

Cher said...

Remember Christmases long ago when we got mail delivery twice a day? I don't but I heard about it. Ahh, Christmas.

The Texas Woman

debi said...

Wow...does that bring back memories! I remember waiting so patiently for the Sears catalog...and when Meme (my grandmother) was done with it, I would sit for hours cutting out my paperdolls, their dresses and of course, the toys! Then when I was would end up in the outhouse. (for you city folks..that is what always happened to the Sears catalog when you live out in bayou country)! :) And no, it was not always used for "reading"...LOL.

Sweet, sweet post my yaya sista! xo...deb

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

Okay, that was the sweetest! I kept waiting for the punchline, but you gave me chillbumps instead of giggles! Absolutely beautiful!

debi said...

you are so funny! I am on that funny pill us oldies take for "prevent" osteoporasis (heck, I don't even know how to spell it) :) Been this way all my would think with my energy I would blow away in a gust of wind..but, hell it would take at least a hurricane force wind to move me now. (hehehe...)

Would LOVE to see ya'll in Houston...and you will stay with us! Plenty of room...xo..deb

oliviaharis said...

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Marie said...

OH, I love that story! And BTW ...I'm Marie and a hairstylist(funny huh?)
Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog!
I luv ya bloggy friend:)

Sweet Repose said... eyeballs are bleeding the header! I had an Uncle Tip, he used to throw me over his shoulder and call me his lil' sack of taters...oh, those were the days!!! Memories of a simpler time at home.

lulu Redstar & Lauri Evans said...

Oh what a sweet story.....Now I want the box! Lauri @ Chippys

lulu Redstar & Lauri Evans said...

I wish, just for a few minutes each day, we could transport ourselves back to those times to get refueled. Thank you, Trash. I am digging into the foggy bottomfolds of the brain for mine.
xo lulu

Anonymous said...

What great memories.

time-worn interiors said...

I have great memories of my childhood as well. My parents always made Christmas as magical as they could afford, and that wasn't much, but we didn't know that. Great post Deb, you have a way of sparking our imagination, so we can think outside the box!