Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Take Me Home, Country Roads

Time to go to work!!!Hope we see you there!


The Green Pea said...

Hi Debbie, you and CD have a safe trip and hope that you have fun and sell a lot....sandi

Anonymous said...

Ms. Debbie. How are ya you sassy talking mama? So, funny I did a post with this same title back on 2007 on my photography blog. Are we long lost sisters?

donna baker said...

Is Cat Daddy dancing or doing hookem horns? Be safe and have fun.

summersundays-jw said...

Have a great sale and hope the rain and mud have dried. Jan

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

See you there! Woo Hoo!


Sue said...

This "Country Roads" person is just dreaming of being there with all of you. I'm living through all the pixs, so I hope to see some good ones. I already have some of Tim and Lisa, waiting for more. Have fun!

Six in One Hand said...

See ya there!!!
Be safe.

maryboys said...

i hope your days there are wonderful in every way!


Bonnie said...

Hi Debbie, since I can't be there in person for the fun, hope to pics in a future blog!


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great sale!!!

Sweet Repose said...

Have a great time and hug all them bloggies for me, hope y'all have a great show and don't be losin' that CD...he's got too many hopefuls out there!

See ya when ya get back(if you survive)...s

Anne~fiona and twig said...

Hi Debbie and Cat Daddy!
I just wanted to let you know how completely wonderful it was to meet you both yesterday in Warrenton. Debbie, I feel like I could sit and talk to you forever, you're like a long-lost friend that I've only just met....that's how you recognize a kindred spirit!
And Cat Daddy....I am honored that you deemed me worthy to be a Cat Daddy's Kitten! I promise to live up to the standards and use that koozy with pride. ;-)

Love to you both, hope to see you again soon, (hopefully at W&T's), and continued prayers for your miracle baby, Bella.


Wizard of Was said...

Hope you are doing fantastic!! When you take a breath after you get home..check my blog for a little something!
My Very Best

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

OK..... MIA I have been, I have not forgotten you!! I had to take a junk break, things have been so awful at work that the days were killing all of us there!! So I have regrouped, not sure if that will help me when I return tomorrow to work, But I have regrouped and went out and relieve dmyself and got some junk on Saturday. Can't wait to see the pics when you return, Cat Daddy's pic has me waiting with anticipation!! Take care, Hugs, Janna

Shannon @ Silver Trappings said...

Hope it's a great show for you!!!! You certainly have picked up some wonderful junk to sell! Have a great time.


cityfarmer said...

get busy would ya!

cindy said...

Was so much fun to see ya again! LOVED your booth! And I LOVE my Cat Daddy Koozie! Be sure and send me the info!
yapping cat

The Flying Bee said...

Hey Debbie and Cat Daddy!

I loved getting to meet y'all this past weekend at Zapp. We love our chairs and my shelf that we bought from you. It was so nice visiting with you Debbie and hearing that Bella is doing so well. Her story is amazing and I believe she is a miracle. God is so good!

I can't wait to start keeping up with y'all blog and hopefully will get to see y'all again for the Spring show. Oh, and thanks Cat Daddy for making me a Cat Daddy's kitten...I love my koozie!

Y'all take care,

one gal's trash said...

Never get tired of that shot of Cat Daddy! Hope you are having a great sale.
xo from Portland

joan said...

You need some of our sapbuckets in your booth.