Thursday, December 23, 2010

O'er the fields we go, junkin' all the way!

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

eleven ladies blogging
This past year the Cat Man and I were blessed by getting to meet face-to-face some of the most Fab U Lous women out there in blogland. If you're like wonder if someone will meet your expectations. I picture each of you in my mind's eye and try to imagine the sound of your voice, your mannerisms, the sound of your laugh. (Please don't think I'm some kind of a scurvy lurker...'cause I'm truly not. I'm just a little bit throwed off in my way of thinking...but totally harmless!)

2010 was a banner year for me. The opportunity to meet not one or two, but eleven of y'all was beyond anything I could have ever dreamed. (The actual count was higher, but this song only goes to twelve days. Besides...whacha gonna do...sic the blog dogs on me?)

When Jodie sashayed into my tent at Zapp last spring it was like being reunited with another daughter that I didn't remember birthing. She's the Tabasco in my taco...she spices up my life like no other.

Just when I thought my day was complete and couldn't get any better, I see the most beautiful face peeking around the corner of my tent. People...I couldn't speak...all I could do was stand there crying. Laura is everything and everyone I want to be when I grow up. There just aren't words to describe her and what her friendship means to me. 'Course that could be 'cause she possesses every word in Roget's.
This past summer an opportunity presented itself by none other than my darling Jodie to meet this sister by another mister! Oh mylanta...when I saw her looking over the balcony at me...again a big ol' cryfest! Pam isn't Southern or Texan, but that's just geography. From the top of her head to the tips of her feet, this woman can "fixinta" with the best of us! Heck...she's even learning to talk with a drawl! Either she's gonna have to move to Texas or I'm gonna have to head to Ohio...and learn to eat stuffing! The best part of doing the shows at Zapp are the people who come to shop from all around the world. It provides me the chance to meet folks I would never get to this beautiful lady. I think we can all agree...I think Rebecca is the real deal. I'd probably embarrass her (and all these fine ladies for that matter) if I were to put into words what I feel about her. She is a true lady and angelic (no matter what you say R.E.!).
Again (yippee!) another opportunity presented itself this past fall with an e-mail from the cute chick on the right. I had met Lisa in the summer when Cat Daddy and I crashed the Paper Cowgirl Retreat. I was instantly in love with her, so-o-o when she contacted me and said she'd be traveling through Athens...I jumped at the chance to see her again. The fact that she threw in the big bonus of getting to meet Dawn had nothing to do with it. (Yeah right...and I got some property in the swamps I'd like to sell ya!) I would have crawled over glass for the chance to meet up with these two for lunch and a laugh.
Now how on earth did that stinkin' face get in there? I told y'all...I love my baby girl!

(I stole, I mean borrowed these photos from all over the place and as soon as I remember where...I'll return 'em! I promise y'all!)

The spring show provided a bumper crop of people I was dying to meet including Gale. She and I may be miles apart...but I feel such a connection to her.
(For my girl to hate to have a photo taken...she sure gets around doesn't she?)

If you knew Susie like I know Susie...oh, oh, oh what a girl! She makes me double over with laughter and feel the need to make a Walmart run for Depends. Outrageous, outspoken and out of this world!
I didn't get to visit with Beth and Karla very much while they were at the show, but I felt so at ease with the two of them...that probably was a good thing. I would have ended up telling them all my secrets plus I got a really good hunch these two are some mischief-makers deluxe. These four (of course...there's my Crazy Cajun again) are the most talented ladies. The Fantastic Four...that's them!
Jill and Beth are just what you picture when you see their photos. Yes...they are that darn cute...and yes...just that adorable. The fall show yielded some major talent walking the fields and these two were leading the parade.

(Well, obviously a lot of these photos are Rob-Uh-Lyn's...hence the duct tape! That's one way to mark your territory!)
God blessed me this past year with the perfect timing to meet all these wonderful ladies (and a few more I couldn't find photos of, but I'm still looking Tamarah). Remember me saying that I always wonder if what I have pictured in my mind will be the reality...well...they are! The memory of meeting each and every one of them will keep me warm this winter.

My Christmas prayer this year is that in 2011, He allows me the privilege to meet more of y'all and make my little world even bigger!

Tending to business

Nine reindeer name games

Eight ways to Sunday

Seven secret Santas

This chick a-crafting

These mem-OH-ries

For-ever young

Three generations

Two naughty lists

And a snow-clad lady at W&T's

(I sure wish I had thought to chronicle everyone I met in 2009...stupid, stupid, stupid!)


Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

What a blast meeting all of these
super fun and wonderfully
talented ladies! Oh my goodness
what an awesome world we live
in that we can get to be great
friends before we even meet face
to face!!

one gal's trash said...

What a boatload of fabulous gals! Perhaps 2011 will be the year you and I get to meet face to face!?!
Merry Christmas!

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

So many lovely ladies. You are truly blessed for so many reasons, Debbie.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Laura said...

This has been quite a year, hasn't it?
And the world keeps turning.

Have a wonderful Christmas Debbie-
you are such a blessing to so many of us.

Merry Christmas!


cindy said...

How much fun is it to finally meet those that you feel like you already know? Wonderful indeed! And I count myself blessed for getting to meet you and Cat Daddy! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas my dear!


Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

How great meeting all these lovely ladies... what a blessing!!!
hugs~~ Daphne

time worn interiors said...

2010 was the year I meet all these beautiful ladies myself! Great post, had my mind going back to the Texas shows! I love Texas! Hope you guys come out to the Red Barn in Jan., would love to see you!
Merry Christmas sweet friend and Happy New Year!
2011 is gonna be a good one!

Peridots Garden Blog said...

Dearest Debbie,'re on my list! Someday...I've gotta meet you and I'd be happy just standing in the background watching all the goin's on when you girls get together!

Love the the the the talent...MOST OF ALL I love the real women enjoying life and each other!

Merry Christmas!


The Green Pea said...

Debbie, you had a great year meeting all of those lovely ladies. I hope this next year that I get to meet you. Have a Merry Christmas. sandi

red.neck chic said...

LOL!!! You're so fun... I betcha' that all those wonderful ladies are just as honored to have met YOU!!! I know I have been blessed with your presence in my life.

Merry Christmas!!!

;-D robelyn

VINTAGE HOME lifestyle said...

How great to meet all those ladies...good for you. I hope someday I make it your way and have a chance to meet you. Have a wonderful holiday.

A Cottage Muse said...

You are one lucky girl!! I finally got to talk to Jodie yesterday ~ she is so sweet!

Merry Christmas!!

Gracie's Cottage said...

Merry Christmas to you, CD and all the family.
You bring joy & laughter to my world on a regular basis - thank YOU!


Pam @ Frippery said...

Merry Christmas Debbie. Meeting you was like coming home! Miss you loads and we will get together again...sooon...I hope your holiday weekend is everything Christmas should be. I am peeking out the window waiting for the snow to fall and thinking what an eventful year it's been. Meeting you was one of the best. You put the Fab in Fab-U-Lous girl!

vintagesusie & wings said...

Oh Sweetest...
Your post is FABULOUS, just like you!!! To be included in such an amazing list of Bloggie Sistah's, I'm speechless & knowing me as you do, that's not an EASY thing to do!
My journey to Texas was life changing!!! Who'd thunk a little flea market festival would lead to soooooo many amazing adventures & one of the greatest... meetin up with you & Cat Daddy!!! I mean really, where do you go from there? What do you do when you've met the BEST???
All I can do is get my little {or in my case, rather large} arse in gear & make it all happen again. How do ya keep um down on the farm once they've seen Zapp Hall???? lol don't!!!!
Love ya sweet thing, blessing for the New Year &hatching a plan to get back to the people & the place I LOVE!!!
Big New Years Hugs,
Miss Susie Pearl

Tarnished and Tattered said...

OMG, I take a little break to play Santa to my 3 crazy babies & look what happens....there's not one but two bad pictures of me ha ha ha! It was an awesome year for me too, meeting Jodie, Dawn, Beth, Karla, you...& getting membership into Cat's clubhouse. BTW, just read all the posts I missed & your Christmas booth is AMAZING! (did you see what Dawn did with your shell?) Can't wait to hook up with you again, your awesome. Happy New Year, stay off the streets. Lisa