Saturday, December 18, 2010

Party Hats and Jingle Bells

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
this chick a-crafting
Today I'm joining in the birthday celebration of Rebecca of A RE-Purposed Life. She's throwing herself a big ol' party and since my middle name is "Party" know I gotta be there for the fun and the cake. Have I told y'all I love birthday cake? much so I'll go buy one when it isn't even a b-day...just 'cause I can! The girl at the bakery and I are on a first name basis...I call her Honey and she writes my name on top without asking...but I digress!
R.E. has put together this great party with only a couple of rules like showing something we've made as a gift. Um...O--K...let me think! Christmas is a time for I can make something. I do believe...I do believe...I do believe!
Is it just me or is there something about Christmas time that makes all women just a little nuts...starting just around Thanksgiving and ending December 24? Suddenly for about a month, we all have this overpowering urge to create...even those of us who are scissored challenged!
Now I'm not talking about those of y'all who actually do this all year long. Oh no...I take my hat off to y'all. That's art and y'all are well prepared. No, I'm talking about the crazy ladies like me who suddenly think they can take an empty toilet paper cone and crepe paper and create a masterpiece.
I compare it to the same feeling we get when we decide to have a baby. Nothing or no one better get in our way...there are primal urges at work here and I pity the fool that tries to stop us.
In a flurry of excitement, we go digging in boxes looking for things to put together that will thrill the beholder. Not content to go to the store and buy something...after all that defeats the whole purpose of "home made"...we scrounge up coffee cans, tissue paper, broken jewelry, and bits and baubles to satisfy this longing that just won't go away.
Our families try to dissuade us, having seen some of our works of art in years past, but to no avail....our mantra being "Give me back my glue gun or I'm gonna hurt you"!
We scour magazines and surf the web like the Big Kahuna, seeking inspiration, (Ok,I'll be honest. I'm looking for ideas to steal...I mean borrow. Don't hate's not my fault...blame my hormones!) until we find the one we think we can master. AH-H-H...then the fun really begins.
Hunched over a card table, (that has one leg shorter than the other, resulting in a wobble-while-we-work effect) glass of wine (more like a bottle) close at hand, we toil harder than any of the elves at the North Pole. Snow and glitter flying, we feverishly glue, paint, tear, snip and cuss (more than just a little), all the while praying it will hold together!
No room in the house is safe. We've scattered crafting crap from the living room to the kitchen. Forget home cooked meals...the stove is buried in melting wax...the table by a sewing machine (that had to be dusted before being used) and scraps of burlap. We are on a mission and buddy are on your own!
'Cause don't forget that in the middle of all this chaos we also must decorate the house for Christmas, make cookies, buy and wrap presents, prepare for Christmas dinner, make countless runs to Hobby Lobby for supplies, and still find time to brush our hair...maybe! Let's also not forget the round of parties, Christmas plays, and open houses we must attend as well.
Now you tell me...this has got to be a hormonal thing 'cause who in their right mind does all this and why is it only at Christmas time?
But do it we must. So armed with our baby food jars, mica flakes, and old greeting cards, we continue relentlessly on our quest to make. A quest that is as old as paper and countless women before us have quested.
If we don't get distracted and if we only take on one project, we will reach the top of the mountain. idea, like Lay's potato chips, is never enough. Oh no...those darn ol' hormones push us to have six going at the same time 'cause nothing says love like home made...right?
Finally, after much blood, sweat and tears and band aids, we reach the end of our journey. Our entirely, hand-made Nativity scene is complete and it only took 24 days and $275 to make.
Fighting the urge to strap it on the hood of the car and drive around the neighborhood for all to see, we carefully place it under the tree and run to get a camera to capture the moment...turning only to see the cat proceed to sit on the Three Wise Men!
So Rebecca, I had planned on showing you a lovely hand-made gift...but the dog ate my home-made work!
Instead, I'm making fun of myself, making a little merry merry, and making the best of the time left until Christmas Day.
I'm wishing you the happiest of birthdays and hoping I also made you smile...out loud!
These mem-OH-ries
For-ever young
Three generations
Two naughty lists


Becky Tyre, Retail Details blog said...

Great pics and thanks for a good chuckle, as always. I share your love of birthday cake. On the eve of my first Mother's Day with an "empty nest", my husband asked what I wanted for Sunday dinner. I said "birthday cake" and he went and got one. We ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mother's Day is bittersweet since I miss my Mom, add to that, the kids being gone... wait... it's hard to be sad with blue birthday cake icing in your teeth! We decided this empty nest thing might not be so bad ;-)
Happy holidays. ~Becky, Retail Details blog

Debra@Common Ground said...

Yes, Deb, I can identify with the crafting gene and the whole hormonal thing to do with the Holidays. Wherever those creations came from they are just gorgeous!!
Have a wonderful weekend,

Jacque said...

Very cute! I love the B-day cake anytime idea :)

Cassie said...

Thanks for the daily laugh-out-loud! You are so spot on! Isn't it good to laugh at ourselves?
Enjoy your cake!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Only you can make us laugh at a party! Happy Saturday my "special" friend, T

maryboys said...

HOW DO YOU DO IT???? oh. my. gosh!!! this is completely, ridiculously, hilarious...snort!!! so tongue-in-cheek - NOT! completely sticking out your tongue, you dear, funny lady:) love every bit of it...


Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Thanks for the chuckles this morning! I love your pictures their beautiful!!!
hugs~~ Daphne

AuroraSuzette said...

I love it when you channel Mr. T, and tell us your tales! No-one does it like you do, baby! And yeah, what is that? This is exactly the time of year I tend to get 'crafty'..maybe cause my mama did too? Merry Christmas.

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

You little shit! I was waiting patiently (and laughing while reading) to see YOUR handmade party goody.
We ALL know you can "talk the talk" and I know you can walk the walk because for someone as talented as you are (setting up those fabulous booths and windows) can create something with those cute little fingers full of bling!!!
Your photos are gorgeous girl :)
You know there is always a party here and I'm still waiting for you and CD to come over to the South. That's my number one prayer for 2011!!!
Merry Christmas my favorite little party girl!!!

Rebecca said...

Deb you always make me smile outloud! That is your gift and it is the most precious of all!
Now, the crafting obsession... welcome to my world Girl! I am like this 24/7 all year round! All flat surfaces are up for grabs and my head is full of ideas plaguing me constantly...
So, tell me did you make that sweet little box and tree, they are wonderful!
Thank you so much for sharing my B day, you know I love you!

Anonymous said...

YOU are a hoot. I have never know someone to buy a birthday cake with no birhtday..your stuff is awesome, and MErry Christmas!

Beth Leintz said...

LOL! That is so true-even though I don't have a single gift wrapped, from where I'm sitting right now, I can see knitting needles, shiny brite boxes, lace,burlap & scissors scattered on every piece of furniture but the TV...even the dogs have glitter on them. At least now, I know why-blame it on hormones.

Miss Sandy said...

Thank you for the gift of laughter! Loved the post and am thankful that the crazy crafting hormones are about to return to normal, whatever that is for those of us who seem to be effected all year long. I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

sissie said...

Hi Deb!
I just finished sweeping up five hundred pounds of burlap scrap. Piled it in a heap in the middle of the kitchen floor and watched the cats jump in the middle and scatter it all over the place! LOL. Who want homemade stuff anyway!!

I love your post, you have me laughing, smiling and relating.

You are a doll.


Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Oh Deb I am PML here SERIOUSLY girl you make me KACK out LOUDER with each & EVERY post....If I'm not wringin' my hankie out after blubbering into it like a baby that is....hahahahahaha....!!

THANK YOU so much for having the ability to take 'the blues' away....Who cares WHAT'S goin' wrong if I can come here & witness a SQUIRREL ALERT in full flight.... :o) !!

You know when I read your words I can hear your voice....It's as if we're sittin' in Theresa's tent outside Zapp Hall all over again....And....By hook or by crook we WILL do so again next year....!

LOVE your pics....LOVE your bling & YOU my Friend I ADORE....!!!

Cheers for now from Oz,
Tamarah xxx


Girl, I am truly laughing out loud! Thanks for the giggles. I'll bet Rebecca will love that post.


Debbie Bell said...

Oh Deb....We HAVE to be sister's & separated at birth....girl I was lauging sooo hubby said....How are you laughing after working 9 hrs. in retail a week before xmas???? Cos I was NOT even smiling when I walked thru the door! But... the sister part is the birthday cake...I have done that & can smell out a BD or wedding cake a block away..LOL!! I LOVE BD cake:)
And you can decorate & create with the best girl! Your pics are gorgeous!!! Who can resist shiny & sparkly & BD cake???
Have a very merry & blessed Christmas hon!
Deb:) xoxoxox

Shelia said...

Hi Deb. I'm popping in from White Spray Paint - Laura told us about you! She's so right! You're a hoot and I just love hoots! I know I'll be back to see you and hope you'll pop in sometimes to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Deb said...

Hi Deb...Laura from White Spray Paint sent me over...I'm so glad I listened to her...your post was so funny...and so true...I'm gonna have to come back to visit more often..after all your a Deb and from Texas...enough said...


LDH said...

Good Morning! So happy to come by and meet you! (Coming from Laura's place) What a delightful post! So fun to read. I followed your link to Rebecca's place and joined in with the Party fun.

Kindly, Lorraine

The Green Pea said...

Thank you Debbie, for another good laugh. sandi

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I don't know if you made her chuckle but you made me roar with laughter, so much so the dog is looking at me funny. :) Thank you Debbie, I needed to laugh today. I was feeling a bit blue. I hope you and Big Daddy and all the rest of your beautiful clan have the merriest of Christmas. xoxo Lynn

Bohemian said...

I LOVED your hilarious account... been there, done that, you COULD have been talking about ME! I always have such grandiose ideas and visions for what I want to create for the most magical Christmas ever! Okay, so it always falls somewhat short, and I take on too many projects and creations to accomplish in time... but there's always next year, right?! Love your altered Art jewelry box and tree though... humnnnnnn, perhaps I can steal... I mean borrow... THOSE ideas??? *wink*

Merry Christmas... Dawn... The Bohemian

Nancy's Notes said...

I step back in for a little while...I am beyond giggling, yes, laughter has erupted! I needed it darlin'!

Love you Deb!


Carole said...

I would love to paint, tear, ripe and bedazzle anything with you. I wonder too how gals that make things year round do it. I'm only a part time seasonal elf.

Funny post and congrats on your win!
I won too! woo hoo

Tina G said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog! I'm an idea 'borrower' too! Sometimes I just have to...blonde moments are lasting too long these day!
I'll be back! You have a new follower!

Cottage Panache said...

Okay, I have now laughed enough to burn about 200 - 500 calories and now it's time to eat again. I can hardly wait for my next good belly laugh when I see your next posts! I always have a good time reading your blog Deb. hugs Maureen