Friday, December 31, 2010

Reflections in a wading pool

I sat down to make two resolutions for 2011 and the other...a Ta-Da list for 2011, but halfway through both...I ran out of paper. (What does that tell ya?) Searching madly through the house for anything to write on...I came up empty. Not to be undone, I snatched up the last remaining roll of toilet paper and began feverishly scribbling, only to have my train of thought interrupted by Cat Daddy yelling for that last crumby roll! Sheesh!

I now have to make a run to Walmart for a coupla Big Chief tablets and maybe a few Berol Black I'll have to catch y'all after the bull riding! If you're looking for something wonderful to read...go here. My baby girl just laid her heart out for all the world to read. (BTW...she doesn't believe in a dictionary or spellcheck...drives her mama crazy...but I love her anyway!)
From the Casita De Trash



Malisa said...

The thought of WalMart on New Year's Eve is more than I can bear! I hope you are kidding and are really busy having fun. Maybe you made a beer run! Maybe Johnny Depp is outside your house, sitting in his convertible, honking the horn for you to hurry up! Maybe the Reader's Digest Prize Patrol is ringing your bell! Just hope you aren't at WalMart! Buckle up and be the life of the party tonight!


Theresa said...

Have a wonderful, extra special 2011 Deb!I am loving the idea of a TA DA list... I just might have to snatch that one up! My house could use a TA DA list! I have to agree with Malisa... Walmart on New Years? Are you just looking for pictures to put on HAAAAAAAAA! Theresa xoxo

Sassy Marsha said...

Happy New Year!!! Here's to a fabulous 2011!!!


Dar said...

I just LOVE to come here. You always have a way of making the day or night, as the case may be, right. Thanks for your 'shootin' off the hip' sense of humor. You made my day.
Walmart, paper grocery bags around?

Barbara Jean said...

LOVE that hugs clock face!!

Happy New Year


barbara jean

Bohemian said...

What a brave Woman you are to make a Wal-Mart run on New Year's Eve! *wink* Your beautiful old clock face is fabulous... Happy New Year!

Dawn... The Bohemian

time worn interiors said...

Happy New Year to you dear friend! 2011 gonna be the best ever!

SweetMelissa said...

Hope all your wishes come true for you in 2011!!

sweetpea said...

happy new year my friend! i hope it is filled with wonderful moments and health and happiness for you and your family. and by the by, when you head out to get the list making supplies you might wanna pick up some more tp cause i know one roll would never fly here for long...


Faded Charm said...

Wishing you the very best in 2011! I'm looking forward to more of your sass.

Take care,


A Cottage Muse said...

Happy New Year to you!!!

Sue said...

Happy New Year Debbie,
As you probably no, we begin our new year by having a big ass sale every new years day! It about kills me in the process, but is a very productive way to start the new year off. Oh God, I forgot, I have to go back to work today too. No rest for the weary!

Take care, Sue