Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Bad

August 21, 2008

Dear Diary,

Well, I really went and did it this time. How could you let me forget to call my favorite daughter-in-law and wish her a happy birthday on the 16th. Yes, yes I know...she's my only DIL and yes, yes I know...she was in Destin Florida, lounging on the white sand, but come hard would a phone call have been? It's not as if it's some random day for goodness sake. I mean's the same day Elvis decided to leave the building...for good!Diary, I feel so ashamed. The Amazon is a wonderful woman and I know her mom didn't forget. Joni is probably ready to open up a big, ol' can of you-know-what on my head for forgetting her baby's b'day...and at close to 6'...she could do it with one hand tied behind her back. Heck...Joni wouldn't even have to bend over! I mean who could blame her. She raised a beautiful daughter and she should want the whole, wide world to acknowledge it...or at least the mother-in-law! BTW do know why I call her The Amazon doncha? At 5'11, gorgeous and built like a Greek goddess...she is the epitome of Wonder Woman! I just gotta remember to watch out for that Lasso of Truth she carries around!

Diary, she is an amazing young woman, wife and mother, deserving much better treatment than this. She has taken on three jobs with different hours and days just so she can be there for the light of my life...Grayzilla. She serves on the PTA as an officer, drags countless kids around with her, makes her home the go-to place for Graycie's friends, takes care of the Oldest Melonhead, raises a garden, and still finds time to call me.
I could try blaming it on my age. She knows I'm entering my second childhood. Nah...never work. She would just give me that look. You know the one I'm talking about....with the one eyebrow arched to the ceiling and back? It's the same look she gives the Trashette and Joey when they've stepped off in it. BRRR!!!
Diary, I'm just gonna have to think long and hard on how to make this up to her. Any suggestions? Hey, how 'bout this?



Debbie (with the short term memory loss)


Theresa said...

She will forgive you I'm sure... hmmmmm what's her favorite treat? I wish my MIL liked me even a snippet as much as you obviously love her! Good luck getting around today, it's kinda hard to walk with your tail between your legs ;) I know, I've tried!!! I think just letting her know how fabulous it is to have her in your family is the gift wrap on her present... That tail should be wagging freely in no time! Theresa

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Oh that's a sweet post, I bet you she forgives you. I mean come on with a post like this how could she not. She is just as beautiful inside and out, I've met her and now we know why Ms. Gracie is so pretty (sshhh don't tell her we know she also takes her beauty from you). Happy Belated Birthday Misty and please forgive Deb!

Sue said...

You know, there are only SO many hours in the day. I HATE working so much because I too, from time to time, forget things. And always feel bad about it too. Hey, you stepped up and owned what you did so every little thing will be just fine!

Take care, Sue

Laura said...

We do the best we can, right?
Because when that thought or need to do item isn't in the brain because it went somewhere (who knows where???), it just isn't there.
And then...
All of a sudden it IS there.
Can anyone relate?

PS. Your daughter in law is beautiful.

Where Everyday is a NEW DAY

Olive Cooper said...

Nary a one of my three sisters called me on my birthday and they do not wax poetic like you. I believe she will forgive you toot sweet! olive♥

Prior said...

Sounds like she's the forgiving type. She is too pretty not, too. lol, sometimes i need a note as a reminder to check my list of things to remember and sometimes I just don't know what day it is!


donna baker said...

I think I would go buy her an extra special present - to make up and, so you won't forget the next time or else another extravagant gift. I wonder whose birthday I've forgotten...

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

I am so trying to help you out here but my head's still reeling from this post. I can hardly remember what day of the week it is but I am with you in confusion for sure and memory loss. You're a sweetheart, I really think she'll forgive you, Debbie.

Sammy Girl said...

Deb .... those who know and love us might be a bit miffed when we totally blitz and forget things, but they know that sometimes our little grey cells mysteriously turn off (kind like the cell phone does while hiding in the bottom of your purse...) provide some sincere mia culpa's with a big dash of fabulosity and see how things work out. Sending big hugs your way .... and even though I read back several posts, I gotta lot of catchin' up to do! Betty :)

J Hill Designs said...

Oh Debbie, I forgot my own daughter's birthday once. Now how bad is that!!! She forgave. You have such a way with words I am sure you will come up with just the right thing to say. I wish everyone would forget when mine comes along. Hugs, Judy

Kathy said...

Debbie - I'm sure you're forgiven! No doubt...other than the memory lapses ;)(and we all have those) - you're the best MIL ever!!

Have a great day!


red.neck chic said...

Look - I missed it too... make you feel any better at all? I hope she had a WONDERFUL birthday kickin' it in the SAND!!!


Glenda said...

Debbie, if she was to stay mad for long, I'm looking for a mother-in-law. I'm only 5'4, I could come visit and you could take me shopping at all those great junk places you know! lol :)
Happy Birthday Misty Lyn :)


Debbie, I've just caught up on the last few Trash Talk posts! You're quite a busy gal. And gee, once we get to be a certain age, isn't there an exception clause to remembering? You know, the one where they pat you on the head and excuse your feeble brain? ;-) I'm thinking that's what they've been doing for me.... Thank you for visiting my niche in blogland and leaving your sweet comment. Had to come right over and visit you before I forget about it! Hope your day is grand! ~ Angela

Kathie Truitt said...

I think 'subconsciously' you were just jealous that she was lounging on the beach in Florida and you weren't. That tends to make a person forget, and since it was a 'subconscious' thing then you didn't do it on purpose so she can't really be mad about it now, can she? DANG! I should have been a pscyhologist.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you did a pretty good job of making it up to her. I always forget important dates too...don't feel too badly.

You have a beautiful family. Pass along a Happy Birthday wish from me!


Debra@Common Ground said...

They're a gorgeous couple! And she sounds like a great gal. What a wonderful place to be for your B'Day!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I'm the WORST with birthdays! This is so sweet and funny. I'm guessing she forgave ya. :)

Tarnished and Tattered said...

Okay, who couldn't forgive someone who grovels that good? My Step mother forgot her Granddaughter's (my nieces) birthday last year. She will be paying that mistake back for years to come! Lisa