Thursday, August 19, 2010


I've been putting off doing this post hoping things might change...but alas and alack...not gonna happen. There are major doings going on at Cat Daddy's work and I do mean major. Without going into great, lengthy, boring details...let's just say THE company needs him more than THE junk does.

(Stay with me here folks. I do promise a caboose at the end of this train of thought!)

Since his company is the one that feeds us (and I might add by looking at the two of us...quite well) a decision had to be made regarding his taking time off for Warrenton this fall. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what his decision was...right?
Sadly, we won't be in our familiar tent at Zapp Hall in the fall. Real life stinks!

The only good news in this fact is that all the merchandise we had to get ready...well it can wait until the spring and cooler weather! I won't be missing out on all the fun of prep work (or the loading of the trailer) in 100+ heat days...that's for dern sure Skippy! What we will be missing is getting to be with our extended family and all the fun that entails. Seeing the show's promoters and all our vendor friends is the highlight of doing this show. It certainly isn't all the dirt, work and sweat (not to mention rain, wind, heat) that goes into it. If not for them, I'm not sure we would do it at all...just keeping it real folks! Not to fear...this is only a temporary situation, but in the meantime if any of you vendors in the DFW area are looking for boat anchors*...well have I got a deal for you (said the lady with the title to the Brooklyn Bridge)! We have some really cool** stuff we bought for the show. Can you say INDUSTRIAL***? If you're needing something to top off your load...send me an e-mail. If you're looking for something in particular...send me an e-mail. We might just have it! Our lost opportunity could be your money making opportunity! Seriously!!!

(Right about now I need you to close your eyes 'cause this info is just for Sue. Eyes closed? No peeking!)

Sue, be sure and tell Tim, Lisa and Gloria that we'll be bringing smaller items down in the back of the truck that just screams California!

Okay...y'all can open your eyes now.


**really, really heavy

***get a great, big, hulky guy to help you move it heavy Now before you get to thinking my life is totally in the toilet, we will be going down for opening weekend. We haven't missed one in 15 years and I'm not about to start now. Besides...would I want to miss SweetTea's blog party...not in a million jillion years. This year's promises to be the best ever and I'm not about to let y'all party without me or talk about me behind my back, (not that you ever would) but just in case...WE WILL BE THERE...make no mistake! It would just be plain un-American to deprive the ladies an evening with Cat Daddy...right? I think so too! With him not having to unload the trailer and set things up...dream about how clean he will be for the party! Yummy!!!

Oh and before I other tidbit I've heard through the grapevine that I can't miss? Two words crew!

~All right Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up!~


sweetpea said...
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sweetpea said...

Okay take two. I meant to say I am sad you AREN'T setting up but super glad you are making the blogger party. Oops. And you said a film crew? Yikes we better all look fabulous huh?



David said...

I'm glad we'll still get to see you!

Glenda said...

This Indiana girl wishes she could just be there. The junking ties and the love you have for the show always comes through on this computer screen. Love the pics of industrial.

Susan S. said...

Well, Cat Daddy certainly must keep working but I understand your wee bit of sadness. However, if you get to come for the party and not the work....I think that's GRAND! And you are right, it would be silly to miss all the dirt, heat, wind and rain. Just come for the GOOD stuff. Friends, shopping and partying! It could be a LOT worse....Cat Daddy still has a job! :)

Sue said...

So, I was REALLY hoping your "for my eyes only" meant you were bringing smaller items in the back of the truck TO Cali!! I thought, "cool, I get to have you come to me. But reading it again, I think I understand and will be sure to pass that on to my gang! I know you will be missed. If I remember I will send your signed copy of the Rachel Ashwell book I got you with Tim and Lisa! Still a bummer you won't be there the whole time.

Take care, Sue

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Ah, yes, real life does throw us curve balls ever so often BUT I was relieved when I read your post that his work NEEDS him . . . I was thinking the worst . . .


Anne - Fiona and Twig said...


Okay, that's just me being my spoiled, only child self.

I'll just really, really, REALLY miss y'all!
But I understand, boy do I ever.

Hey, I'll be back at Paper Cowgirl in Waxahachie on my b-day weekend (October 16-17) with Lisa, how amazing would it be to see you then? *fingers crossed!*

You do whatcha gotta do, your adoring public will wait for you!

Gresham Barn Sale said...

Oh Bummer for you all! It sounds like you still get to do the fun socialize!!

Wish I had know you would have like those lamps, I would have snapped them right up!

I'm trying to think "out of the box", but sometimes very tradional me gets in the way!

Still hope you come over for our little sale!


The Primitique said...

Who is going to make fun of me for never sitting still? How can I observe magic if you're not even sitting there? How empty will that space be without you two? But, alas, life happens. We'll miss you! ~Mindy

Prior said...

So, glad you aren't missing out all together. With this heat and Cat Daddy's recent illness, y'all might have the most fun this year just visiting! Lezlee

Tami said...

Considering I've never been and probably won't get to...go to Warrenton, I mean...I have to say that I understand how it goes. It's difficult to say 'no' to tradition and to 'not' be where you want to be. Which, I might add, is the exact same way I feel when you all talk about going to the big Texas and north west shows! :-) Honestly, I wish you the best, know that you have to do what is best for your family and hope...that you get your 'fix' on the opening weekend!
Nice to hear from you, **Tami

Six in One Hand said...

Say it ain't so Joe!!!!
I'm so sorry to know you won't be showing this fall...sniff....sniff.

I'll still glad that I'll get to see you this year though!!!

The Green Pea said...

I am sure happy to hear that you and Cat Daddy will make the blog party. You are great Americans!
Love your post, you make me lol. sandi

Laura said...

Even though it's not easy-
it helps when I think 'first things first'.
It sounds like you are doing what's best for your family and still planning to have fun.
I will never forget rounding that corner this past spring and seeing you and Jodie.
I am working on it for the 26th...
We'll see.

Laura Belle

Bonnie said...

Seeing the lockers reminded me of my cousin's husband who converted a couple of school lockers into a smoker. Darn thing worked and produced some awesome eats!

Stay cool, Bonnie

The Flying Bee said...

I can't believe it! At least we get to see yall for the blog know I can't make a trip to Texas and not get my hug from you!

Soooo....I think I do need to email you! You had me at industrial!


Theresa said...

That industrial cart/cupboard with all of the drawers is AMAZING!! I really need to sneak over to TX. someday to meet all of you fun people! You and Cat Daddy would be top on my list, you because well, you just make me grin with every post and every comment, I love when you stop by! And Cat Daddy because apparently he's somewhat of a babe magnet and well, nuff said! So glad you entered the g.a. and ofcourse so glad you made your way to 612 to visit! Have a fabulous friday! Theresa xoxo

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I am so glad you will be there at least for a short time! Cat Daddy signings will be at the blog party for those interested! He must wear his black hat and Elvis suit though.

Sweet Repose said...

As I sit here groomin' dogs, I know what THE REAL JOB is all fun, just money for mamma's toys.

But ya can't keep a good junker down...for long!!!


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Well...I was just about to say, I'd would be happy to accompany you to Zapp Hall but as I read on you are going to the party with BD after all. woohoo....I was just kiddin' anyway....since you live a good ways away from me....( alot of ways actually). Deb you never fail to crack me up with your delightful post. Keep on blogging! xoxo

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

oh Debra this couldn't have been an easy decision but think of how less stressful you'll both be.
It'll make the party that much better!

lulu redstar said...

Well if there was ANY time for the 'VIRTUAL COCKTAIL PARTY' I'd say it was PROM NIGHT...I will be back home from my Pickled Hen's Beach Blowout Week....we need to cry together in our cocktails, Missy Trashy Trash!
xo La lulu
p.s. more xoxoxo's to CD :)

red.neck chic said...

*sniff* *sniff*

I understand...

*sniff* *sniff*

but I do look forward to seeing the two of you!!! Even if it's just for a hug!!!


*sniff* *sniff*