Monday, September 22, 2008

A Couple of Alley Cats On The Prowl

Saturday, Cat Daddy and I hit the road again (surprise! surprise!). This time we headed to Antique Alley outside of Cleburne. The weather was fantastic for an outdoor show. I hope it will be this nice for those attending Round Top and Warrenton. If you've never been to Antique Alley, it is yard sale after yard sale. Now, I'm not much on yard sales, but that is what husbands are for. C.D. and I have a system. He jumps out at a sale and I sit in the truck like his poodle. If he spots anything he thinks I will like, he waves at me and I get out. Otherwise, I just sit there looking pretty with my head hanging out the window. Call me a snob or call me lazy, I don't care. It works for us and actually saves time. And before you think I'm really lazy, I do help load the truck. I'm on the ground handing things up and taking pictures. So there!
We always stop at Whipp Farm. There are about 180 dealers set up there in one area, although I don't think there was quite that many this time. This is where we do most of our buying. Take a look at what we found. Yes, that is a movie reel.sold I've never seen one this large. I had to pay more than I wanted to, but I fell in love with it. I thought it would be fantastic on a wall as art. The crown in front of it is one that hangs above a bed, complete with the tiebacks. I'm sure it's not that old, but who cares! We all think we're a queen including some guys I know.
Can't you just picture(pun intended) this lit from behind on a wall above an industrial table. Three words-all together now-Fab U Lous. sold
Since I paid so much for the reel, it felt good to back it up with a steal. This little chair is darling. I don't know if you can tell, but there is orange paint peeking thru the white. Someone had more time on their hands than me to have painted all the notes on it. I'm thinking really hard about what kind of fabric treatment to use on the seat. I don't want to do the obvious with musical themes. I'm thinking something with orange in it for fall and because I just like orange. Before you ask, Cat Daddy isn't toasting me. That's the top for the crown canopy he's holding.
This was C.D.'s find of the day. Top Cat hasn't got anything on him when it comes to working an alley. We stopped at this one field because I thought I had spotted a pair of french chairs. Well, C.D. bebopped out to look and found this bird cage with stand.sold The chairs, well I don't know what they were, but it wasn't french. Don't bother looking in the back of the truck for them. They ain't there. They're probably still sitting in that field.
OMG! You can't tell, but these pool lounges are the We were both excited to find these.
This iron frame was the very first thing I found. Love it. I'm sure it had a mirror once upon a time, but I like it just like this. It doesn't take a lot to make me happy. Ask C.D.
Again, my ginormous movie reel. You're probably tired of hearing me go on and on about it, but just look at it. In the words of Carolyn Westbrook, it's cool beans!
Here are my Hollywood pool lounges. You can't see but just the corner of it, but there is also a flat lounge for tanning. After we got home, I did a little research on these and lo and behold, we did better than we thought. These are actually Charles Eames fiberglass lounges. They are so super cool, they should be wearing shades. Talk about Mid Century Modern. These scream Rat Pack. Behind them is the bird cage put together. Isn't it great?
These are some things we picked up a couple of weeks ago I wanted to show you. The lamps are European and need to be rewired, but I thought tapers. I don't know if the iron cherub rings are old or not, I just thought they were pretty.
We stopped in an antique mall in Glen Rose and I got this Swedish ammo basket, the fantastic hanging light and the pretty ice blue coverlet.
These large, and I do mean large, urns were picked up at Market Hall on our way to Cloverleaf Boutique. The oil painting is done by a Texas lady named Alice Gent around 1930. There is all this great information on the back. She probably did it as a hobby as I can't seem to find out anything on her other than census records and some information on her husband. I guess women were invisible back then.
This is the cutest pink apron with a debonair poodle applique.sold Don't you just love it? The lamp, wonderful old framed cigarette ad and shelf I bought from Fran and Liz.
Remember me telling you how I love children's costumes? Take a look at this tutu and wings complete with photos showing the little girl wearing it. You can't really see it, but that is a wonderful old bouquet laying on top of it. I have plans for that on Halloween.
I found these wonderful corsages with dead flowers and the vintage trim at Lone Star Mall last weekend. And looky, looky! I found 2 more silver shrimp cocktail servers. They don't have a hotel name on them, but I just know that's what they are. I'm going to keep on until I have service for 8.
These are just really fun things. A wonderful leather purse, an old box of eyeglass lenses, a shell art box, a whisk broom(one of my favorite things to collect) and a vintage beaded sweater. Just stuff, trash to some, but the kind of stuff I am crazy about.
Cat Daddy brought home the train case. Do you think maybe he's trying to tell me something, like hit the road?
I got these little tap shoes when I bought the tutu and wings. Don't you know some little girl drove her mama crazy wearing these in the house all the time-after her recital, of course. I know I did. I think my mother finally hid mine and the costumes because she was afraid I would wear them and her out.(Not to mention the floor)
I'll end this post with my Puttin' On The Ritz poodle apron. Maybe I'll be wearing this and a smile when Cat Daddy comes in from work today. I'll have one more post on our weekend before we leave for Warrenton.


Nola @ AlamoNorth said...

Wow, what a haul. You are lucky that Cat Daddy participates; mine just cringes at the thought of more "treasures" (my word, not his, his is not printable). Where do you store everything? My hubby wants the garage cleaned out for cars (what a stupid idea). I will be forced to buy storage buildings!

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage said...

Great haul! Absolutely love the lounges...I hadn't seen any of those before. And the movie reel is just plain cool!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Very funny. I remember when y'all came out to my house, you stayed in the truck while Cat Daddy did the recon. You finally got out to spy something. Whew! I passed the test. haha I love the pool lounge chairs. And you are so very correct. The reel is the bomb. Thanks for sharing! ~Mindy

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

You did find some cool things. Love the kids costume with wings, too cute. Oh BTW, I can picture you sitting in the truck, pointing at something and him bringing it to you, ha ha!! He's a good man. Happy early birthday to CD!! I hope all his birthday wishes come true and he gets a really huge yummy cake with not too many candles!!

French Vanilla said...

I think you mean you will have the apron on...that's all. Right? That would be a good early BD gift!! hah

You should be dubbed the "great huntress". You are IT girl!! Especially love the old corsages. Doesn't sound like I will get to see you. Hopefully we will get together this Fall/Winter when I come back down. Blessings Peg

Alston's Antiques said...

Can I jump in back the next time you all go hunting? The movie reel is too cool, how much for it... I want it for RT and those lounge chairs.. I can sit in those in my back yard and pretend I have a pool. OH yeah, and the crown... please, me me me!

lovesoldstuff said...

I thought I was the only one who collected old whisk brooms!

Frippery said...

That is a reely big reel! I love the pool lounges,are you keeping them or taking them to Warrenton. I wish I was going. Do you still have the red music notes? I think my kids would love some for the basement. Let me know.P.

Cher said...

Nice that you and Cat Daddy share the addiciton. I'm jealous.

The Texas Woman