Sunday, September 14, 2008

Soap Box Sunday

After church, Cat Daddy and I came home to just enjoy the quiet after the storm. He's asleep, I mean resting his eyes, with the race on and I'm sitting in my office trying not to rest my eyes. It's a glorious day outside and I know I ought to be cleaning up leaves and tree limbs, but I'd just rather not. It's hard to believe we had storms yesterday looking at the sun today, but the leaves are my reminder. Thinking of Ike makes me want to give news people a dictionary or a thesaurus. If I had to hear one more newscaster tell people to get ready to "hunker down", I thought I would scream. Now I know what you are thinking, we all say it, what's the big deal? The big deal is how one will use a phrase or abbreviation(think WOMD) and they all have to run with it. It drives me crazy. Doesn't anyone have an original idea or thought anymore? The first time I heard it used prior to the storm, it was referenced as a Texas term. OK, cool. The second time, I thought well, OK. But by the 3rd, 4th, 5th time it kinda lost its charm. I mean, c'mon guys-you're paid a lot of money to report this stuff. Put your own spin on it, find some synonyms, anything. Earn your keep and really keep us up to date as to what's happening. Whew! I feel better-got that off my chest and so concludes Soap Box Sunday(until I get wound up again).


LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

Lawd honey chile'...the REAL useage of 'hunker down' applies to the University of Georgia football team. "Hunker down, Dawgs!" is yelled at every game to spur them on to yet another victory and/or to stop the opposing team from scoring, getting another first down, etc.
Hope that helps dahlink.
ox lulu

trash talk said...

How cool is that and that just shows how much newpeople don't know! See, it's a southern term!