Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Greatest Show in Oklahoma

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, step right up. Prepare to be amazed at the Wonders of the World(or at least this lady's world) gathered for your pleasure and delight. Tighten up your bra straps, pull up your britches, and hang onto your handbag for the ride of your life.
For those of you who guessed where we went, congratulations on your good fortune for knowing about this destination. For those who didn't, get ready for fun, fun, fun till hubby takes the car keys away.Let me introduce you to Heidi and her companion, the fabulous Fergie. She is the proprietress of two shoppes in Oklahoma by the names of -drum roll please, TA!DA!-Cloverleaf Boutique.
Oh what fun awaits as you walk the avenue of pink bicycles, past the giant ice cream cone, on through pink as far as the eye can see, until you reach the front patio.
The "M" stands for mmmm! You want to walk around and look at everything, touch everything, buy everything.
So much to see, touch, feel. You wonder, can it get any better than this? Pink overload! Crusty, rusty, spaz heaven. You don't want to leave the great outdoors, but leave you must, for look!
Heidi and Fergilicious are waiting at the front door by, yum, two giant sundaes. They wave you in, exclaiming-Get on in Here!(from her soon to be launched website). We got a party going on inside just waiting for you and you wouldn't want to miss the carny show. Now to enter, you must be at least this tall! Ready?
Lions and Tigers and Bears-Oh My! We need all of this if we're to be properly ready for Halloween.
Samantha never looked so good. Darrin wouldn't have cared if she used magic dressed like this. Is this what it is meant by dressed to kill?
I couldn't let Cat Daddy near this love tester. He would have broke it with his manly passion.
Gifts, baubles, Jessica Kagan Cushman bangles, treats. Are you feeling overwhelmed yet? Ahh, just wait. We're just getting started.
Wonderful creations by noted artists. Vignette ideas to steal. Where to start?
Can you hear the circus music? Can you smell the popcorn and peanuts. Yowza, yowza, yowza, 3 balls for a dime-a mere pittance for tons of fun.
Do you remember how excited you would get when the carny came to town? Don't want to get too close to the guy guessing weight and age.
Funnel cakes, tickets, prizes. Life is good.
And just think, we're still just inside the entrance. Be still my beating heart.
What a wonderful candy display. Just Born? Well maybe 40 years ago, including the candy. Mmm, makes your mouth water doesn't it-petrified candy. She bought this wonderful display with the candy still in it. But not to worry. There is fresh candy by the ton to be bought in this mecca of fantasy.
You too can look as lovely as this bevy of beauties. Look at all the bling you have to choose from. Is shiny a color in the crayola box? It should be-it's now my new favorite color.(Well, maybe after gold lame')
What? You say you're having a bad hair day. Not to worry at Cloverleaf. Go home a new woman to your husband. Drive him crazy-he'll love it. And remember, pink is the new black or blonde.
I know, I know. Where to start and which credit card did I bring? Go ahead, have a ball.
You're probably wondering how does all this magic happen. Where would one store this much stuff. How would one keep up with it all. Where does she find it when it's time to display. Well, you're in for a treat. Heidi allowed me to see the wizard behind the curtain. Come out to the prop rooms with me.
Rows and rows of stuff. Shelves that look as if they are going to fall off the walls from the weight of the treasures they hold. Cat Daddy showing sympathy for her husband, Jimmy.
Oh sweet heaven, a squaw dress. What I wouldn't give to fit into this. Give me six cancans and a Frederick's of Hollywood pushup bra and I could be queen of the prom.
Again, another delight. This squaw skirt is my favorite thing(next to the Just Born Candy). I'm telling you, even the storage area is a world of its own. And you're getting to see it all. Aren't you glad we're friends?
There is a contingency plan for every idea of display Heidi dreams up. What an imagination, what childlike abandonment in shopping. Everything covered in glitter, including Heidi.
Time for a wedding. This isn't cardboard, people. This is a real sugared cake from goodness only knows where and when. I mean really, petrified candy and cake. Only in fantasy land.
Lots more smoke and mirrors. But imagine-just walking into a prop room and being able to pull anything you need, at any given moment. Some might see chaos, I see organization. That is, if by now I could see. I may have gone blind from looking at so much pink and glitter in one day.
I'm sorry, but this is a teaser of the rest of the store. You've had all you can take in today and I'll give you a look at the rest later. You need to rest now and get your heart to slow down. I'll also be introducing you to Jasmine. If you think you can take it and want to visit Heidi and Fergie, her shops are at 2825 W. Wilshire, OKC, OK and 3218 W. Broadway, Ardmore, OK. Look for the billboards with the pink wigs. Just be sure to bring your heart meds and smelling salts. Oh, and leave any stuffiness at home with your inhibitions. Things like that are just not allowed here. It helps if you can think like you did when you were 16, cause you'll sure come out feeling young again.
I hope you enjoyed all the rides and didn't get a tummy ache from too much candy, but keep thinking about the next post and maybe some pepto bismol.


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

OhMyGosh, OhMyGosh, OhMyGosh!!! You are a very good friend to share this with us. I have to line this place up for a shopping spree! I love it! You're the bomb.


LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

OK..stop the madness..that is frickin' hilarious..I LOVE THE PINK MAN ON THE CAN!!!!
This is sooo unfair. I need a lot of that stuff. She better be setting up at Warrenton/RT
ox lulu

Cher said...

What a HOOT! I've never...I mean NEVER...seen anything like it. And your article put the whole thing over the top. As if it needed any more topping! Great job, Girl.

The Texas Woman

trash talk said...

Sorry Lulu-you're gonna have to go to OK to shop. She'll be at RT in that sweet ride of hers, but she'll be there shopping! It's never enough.

LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

I'm trying to start breathing again, I think that must have been a trip through heaven, Pink Junk, it must have been a dream. Hold on, can we go to Oklahoma, before Round Top, Lulu, I MUST HAVE IT!!!!!!!!Lauri @ Chippys, I need a drink.......

Nola @ AlamoNorth said...

Finally, a place I know! I'm thrilled, I've been there! Lake Murray, outside of Ardmore, is our summer getaway!

Frippery said...

I have NEVER seen anything like that. I want to be there now! What a wonderful trip to fantasy land. Now I have another place to add to my must see list.Debbie, your narrative was wonderful. It made the tour twice as enjoyable.Thanks. BTW, I received my goodies today, Gonna have to take a few pics of the powder room when I get finished decking it out.Thanks so much, P.