Thursday, September 18, 2008

Trash Day Thursday-Seeing Red

This week I don't have much to show. Cat Daddy and I had a lot going on with doctors' appointments and customers coming by the house to shop. Today I had to (notice I said Had To!) pick up a few new things to wear at Warrenton next week. Can't be seen in last show's clothes! While I was gathering, I noticed a trend in color, so I just went with it.
These are red, plastic 8th notes and treble clefs. There are 3 notes and 2 trebles.-$5 each.sold I don't know how old they are, but they have a vintage look. I kept a few to glitter up for my Christmas tree. I wish I could have got a better shot of the apple. It is handmade, red and green beading stitched onto red velvet with a tiny-beaded leaf. It is missing a couple of rows of beading, but considering its age it's in really good shape.-$8
This is a pair of vintage clip on, crescent shaped, blood red rhinestone earrings probably from the 50-60's. All the stones are there and they are ultra glamorous. -$15 Next to them is a red, aurora borealis crystal necklace. It is missing the closing hook on the end.-$15 The color is spectacular.
Yee Haw! If anyone is planning on attending the Junk-o-rama Prom at the Junk Gypsys, you could really make the scene in these. These are obviously 32 years old. Does that qualify them as vintage? They're Justin, size 9B, bicentennial boots and they are a hoot.-$180
This is a darling childs outfit from where I do not know. I bought it to hang on a door at Halloween. It has mirror paillettes and a drawstring skirt.-$8 I don't know the size-the inside tag says 18, but I know it's bigger than an 18 month. I just thought it was cute when I bought it. I'm notorious for buying children's costumes, tutus, tap shoes, etc.
That's all I have this week for you. Oh, I forgot. That's a Carolyn Westbrook Home bedspread and 2 pillows. It is her signature style made to fit a full-queen. The fabric is green burned-out velvet. She only had one or two of these originally. E-mail with questions if you are interested in it.
Take another look and see if anything interests you and give me a shout. Happy trails to you!
There won't be a trash day next week, but I'll make up for it with pictures from Zapp.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I always look forward to see just what you are going to pull out on trash day! Can you believe week away and I'm not ready. My goodness it's not as if I haven't had time to prepare but a certain little storm kinda put a damper in my packing. See ya soon

Cher said...

Love the boots! Wish they were my size.

The Texas Woman

Terry Lee said...

Hey Debbie!

Glad you found me! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

I LOVE Sue's creations too. She's such a talented, awesome lady. Are you nearby so you can shop at her booth?

Don't EVEN get me started with those damn Cheeto crumbs on my new furniture. ARGHH!!!! My blood pressure rises just thinking about it. Hmmmph!

Don't be a stranger!

Terry Lee :-)