Tuesday, September 30, 2008

With Friends Like This.........

Well, let's try this again. I posted earlier and everything crashed, including some of my photos. But, I'm like a hound dog with a bone and I refuse to give up. Now in case you're thinking Cat Daddy has been at my hormone pills, that ain't him. That is my baby sister, Kerri, driving Miss Lazy around this time. She and I left early and Cat Daddy came down later. She was a virgin junker as this was her first trip to Zapp, but in 3 short days, she came home a veteran. Get that girl a medal or at least a Lone Star(beer, that is). She may never speak to me again. Let's just say she has a whole new respect for what I do and how I do it. She's used to the corporate world, A/C, high heels and clean feet. I do have a lot to show y'all and I'll probably break it down to 3 posts since I get easily confused and tend to post pix twice. So what do you say we just get to it?
I don't think this beautiful lady needs any introduction except maybe to the uniformed, so for those of y'all unfamiliar with our world's Queen-meet Theresa Cano! She really is the hostess with the mostest. She held a wonderful blogger party and worked her fanny off in the Texas heat to make it a success. And yes, it was hot! She was gracious, warm and made everyone feel at home in the middle of a cow pasture. I can't say enough about how helpful she has been to me and other lost sheep like me when it comes to blogging. People were coming up just to meet her and visit with her. We were in the presence of royalty. She's quite our celebrity. Thank you Theresa for letting me play. Now I want you to pretend you were there and I'm going to take you around and introduce you to new and old friends of mine. Now I must warn you that to really enjoy this business you have to be a bit of a nut job, OK? Ready, smile! Let's go.
Speaking of nut jobs, these are my new BFF's. What a pair to draw to. I'd like you to meet Lulu Redstar and Laurie of 2 Chippy's fame or as I like to call them-the Two Headed Woman(THW). They are an absolute hoot!. I swear, I almost had to go buy a Depends laughing at the two of them. I was dying to meet them and you know how when you're anticipating something wonderful, you're not quite sure it'll measure up to your expectations. Fear not, these two are that and more. They are funny, gracious, warm, true Southern belles. I wanted to climb in a suitcase and go home with either of them. I love slap-your-knee funny people who don't mind sharing the spotlight and make you feel as funny as they are, Darlin'. What cupcakes(she said in a Texas drawl). Don't hate them because they are beautiful and photograph divinely.
I'd like you to now meet Rosemary of Retro Rosie on the left and her fantastic friend, Bevee, who drove all the way from Canada. What a woman. Shame, shame on you Texans who have never been because it's too far. She came, she saw, she conquered. Thank you Rosemary for bringing your friend over to meet us and for sharing her with us. You are both sweethearts for the nice things you said.
Do you really want to meet this motley crew? OK! Starting on the left is the lovely and talented Kim Chiasson. She makes these unbelievable art pieces she calls pendants, but I call little masterpieces. You'll get to see them in a later post. She was a delight to visit with and get to know. Next is Renee, the Junk Queen. OMG! Again, I have to drag out the Depends. She is a reminder that we are supposed to have fun in this business. Next up is TheOtherTheresa(TOT). Y'all are familiar with her and her blog Time Worn Interiors, but let me tell you-well, maybe I won't. You really had to be there. Between her, the Junk Queen and the THW it was @#*! Last but not least, is Little Sister. I think she was a little overwhelmed. These ladies can wear you out even sitting down.
Oh my goodness-Big Tex has escaped from the State Fair and made his way to Zapp Hall. Oh no, wait. That's just Craig, TOT's handsome hubby. Check out the hat. Every true junker needs a hardhat Stetson. Take your hat off Craig and meet our visitors. That's Sweet Sue chatting it up with Laurie. Aren't they the cutest? And BTW, doesn't Miss T's table look great?
Woo Hoo! Speaking of looking great-check out that old lady's arm and what it is sporting. Y'all saw the pix in an earlier post of the Fab U Lous(work with me, people, work with me) necklace Laurie created and sent me, well this is a to-die-for(one word, ladies) bracelet Lulu made. All I can say is Hook 'Em Horns. Just to show you how we connected-it had all these wonderful cowboy icons on it and Cat Daddy competed in rodeos in his much younger days. Lulu and I both got goose bumps over that one. But once again, I digress(focus, Debbie, focus). You too can own one of their original pieces. Just go to their blog which I have a link for and order! That's an order. They have them at Zapp, but I'm sure they will be sold out by the end of the show. And No, mine's not for sale. I Love Presents! Wait until you see what Miss T gave me. I lost some of my photos, but I'm confident others will be posting about the party. We didn't care if it was 90 degrees. We had cold potables and cool friends to beat the heat.
Speaking of cold potables, this is Lissie, part of the show promotion team. She's a contractor in Dallas, but comes down every year to run the Bubble Lounge. This is a fun watering hole on sight for the show complete with Lawrence Welk bubbles and Dean Martin music. The seating is retro and the champagne flows. Lissie also makes a mean mimosa, trust me. Cat Daddy and I are two of her favorite customers. To her right, the cute blond is my boss. That's Cheryl, our show promoter extraordinaire. Part of the fun of our show(yes, it's still my show even if I didn't get to set up this time) is Cheryl and her family. The field is like a party in a box. They make every effort to help their vendors and to make sure things go smoothly. This is no easy task, considering the size of our show, the length and the fact they also run Royer's Cafe annex on the grounds. Whew!
Get the net, the tee shirt says it all. Nita is in charge of Dead People's Stuff. I do dig that name! Don't stand too close, fun is contagious and she definitely has the bug, along with the rest of her family.
This sweet lady is Patty. I'm not going to tell any tales since her family might be reading this, but I'll just say-looks can be deceiving.
Now don't think the show is going to the dogs, although they are welcome. This petite cutie has her own show at another location called Punkie's. I'll be showing more on her and her pet lady, Diane, later. But she's just so darn cute, I had to give you a looky loo.
This is Diane, Punkie's pet lady and one of her(and mine) best friends, Nell. These two are a laugh a minute riot as well. You know, come to think of it, I don't hang well with grouches. It's just not the way I roll. I met them 10 years ago when I set up for the first time at Warrenton. They were two of my first customers, but now they are part of my extended family. I'll be talking about them more later when I post on Punkie's. Remember what I said at the first of the post about looking forward so much, etc. etc. Well, I promise you won't be disappointed.
Just to give you a little peep show, I'll let you see the infamous Heidi of Cloverleaf Boutique at Punkie's with Donna of Annie Gogglyn. But that's all, folks!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Yea! I so knew that YOU would give some great monologue with your pictures. I am loving "meeting" these folks. Yes, I am marking my calendar for the Spring Show. That whole tooth pulling thing threw my budget this month. Can't wait for the follow ups. And a big thanks! ~Mindy

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Lipstick! Of course! And no ma'am, I did not mean to say you talk too much. I meant you're a good talker. Uh. You use good words. Uh. You make me feel like I'm right there. Yes. That's it. ~Mindy

Sweet Repose said...

WOW Deb...nobody has a clue till ya really git ta go. I sure hope I can finagle a way there in the spring...just need to meet the crew...stuff is secondary...although a funky piece of taxidermy is never out of sight.
Say 'HEY' to all!!! Lookin forward to more.


Found Around said...

Hi Deb! I was so good to meet you at the blog party. You're so much fun to be around also! I did want to let you know the lady you call Rosemary is really Renee Jackson. I know it was hard to remember everyone. I wish I would have taken more pictures and remembered names better myself! Check my blog I have photos of you! www.foundaroundfredsworld.blogspot.com See ya in the spring! Susan

Cher said...

Wish I'd been there. Looks like a load of fun!

The Texas Woman

M Square said...

Tell me more...tell me more... I hate that I missed out!!!

LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

Ms Trash...WTF...can't tell you how much we loved meeting you. WE ARE GLAD we met with Cat Daddy's approval(folks he gave the high sign to Trash & THEN SHE CAME OVER). The low point in the day was when CatD. said you'd spent waaay too much time with us and it was time to go :(
We miss you, love you, & thank you for the sweet & true things you posted about us. We love our bling and the leopard SHOWER CAPS. We WILL meet again...again and again. oxoxoxxooxxo lulu & Lauri

Rosemary said...

I don't know susan, but yeah, that is rosemary and bevee in that picture :) But i'm the one on the left, not the right. Rosemary