Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Too Much Talk And Not Enough Action...YET!!!

Cat Daddy and I are almost ready...Finally! I am supposed to be ironing and packing, but I just had to get in one more post before we leave out tomorrow afternoon. I am really looking forward to our mini-vacation and hopefully getting to meet a lot of y'all. I hope to see a bunch of y'all at the Blogger Party at Theresa's.C.D. finished loading the other trailer last night except for a few odds and ends, like lamps, mirrors, etc. and his jeans weren't the only thing drooping when he came in. Needless to say, we are both looking a little rough!
Aren't these windows tutu much! These were a last minute find of his. I think we have some great stuff this trip, but to be honest, I really don't know what all is on the trailers. He did most of the buying this time so if you like what you see, let him know.
That white rolling cart is one of my favorite things. I call it my mirror corral. When you do an outside show, you really have to think outside the box on what to display on. He usually builds me walls, but this year we figure we'll be doing good to just get it off the trailers and lined up in rows. Think old time junkers...that will be us! Nothing decorated, just great merchandise! Now enough about us...let's just move on to a pair who know a thing or two about decorating....Willow Nest. This is just for y'all, Barn House Boys! If this doesn't make you want to come to Texas, nothing will.
L & L just had their sweet opening of their potting shed and since we were in the neighborhood dropping off a trailer, well, we just Had to stop by, you know?
Linda was busy as a bee as you can tell. Love the checkout Ludmil built her...he is one talented man.
Get any ideas here Mindy for your coat rack?
I adore this fencing he built...I mean I REALLY adore it. Their shop, B & B, and new potting shed is not that far from Round Top, so drop by for sure. They will also be displaying their wares at Marburger Farms if you are shopping there.
Here is your latest Bella fix. What can I tell you except she is still doing great and holding her own. She is starting to get eyelashes and an attitude. Jenn is recovering nicely and has been released to start driving! If you are anywhere in between Roanoke and Baylor Hospital next week, I suggest you get out of the way!
And speaking of Bellas, Sue at Bella Shabby is having her 50th post giveaway! Sue is a treasure and has been a wonderful source of strength to me the last few weeks. She sent me a care package with chocolate and something to read while I was living at the hospital with Jenn. She is a wonderful, wonderful friend and her blog is a great read. Just wait until you see her header photo, Fab U Lous! So, get on over there and congratulate her and be sure and sign up.
This will be my last post until we get back from Warrenton. I will return with a vengeance with lots of stories and even more photos, hopefully some blackmail ones!!! Continue to keep us in your prayers for Bella to continue to get stronger and stronger! Love you all and in the words of Arnold, "I'll Be Back"!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Junkin', Bella and Trish, Oh My!

Cat Daddy and I got up at 4 am, Saturday morning to take the first of two trailers to Zapp Hall at Warrenton! Yes, you read that right...I said 4 am. I know to all you hunters and farmers that isn't all that early, but to this city girl, it's still night! Was I really awake, you ask? No, but I was sitting in the poodle seat where I belong and C.D really doesn't care if I sleep all the way down as long as I am awake when the work begins! To be honest, I do wake up at West...gotta get some hangdown or at least a breakfast sandwich! That's always a must stop on our itinerary.This is our biggest trailer and I won't bore you with the dimensions, but let's just say it's humongous! It's filled from the nose to the back door. In fact, it's always a good idea to stand back just a little bit when the door is lowered...wouldn't want to get hit by flying junk! We'll be taking the other trailer down on Thursday evening and that's when the fun begins! We were really blessed going down Saturday...nothing monumental happened. A very safe journey for which we are grateful. It's not always smooth sailing. One year we had two flats on the same side of the trailer in the middle of nowhere. C.D. limped the trailer into this little town where everything was closed for the day(at 12 Noon) including the one and only tire shop! A sweet gentleman came out of nowhere, had a key to the shop, sold us two tires for the owner (who was a friend of his) AND called his son to come up and change them for us. Imagine! The local policeman came by to check and see if we needed any other help. Didn't even question the selling of the tires. This same sweet gentleman wouldn't take a dime for himself or his son, but we insisted he at least let us buy them a steak dinner! This was small town kindness one just doesn't see much anymore.
This load went down without a hitch (except of course for the one on the truck, yuck, yuck!), although I can't say much about the highway conditions! I'm a little worried about what the inside of the trailer looks like...took quite a lot of bouncing.
Big Boy (the mannequin, not Cat Daddy) rode down in the back seat with Jakie. He'll have to spend the next few days in the trailer guarding all our "quality" merchandise just waiting for y'all to come on down and purchase!
It looks all peaceful and serene here, but just wait. That will all change in just a few short days. This is a shot of the side of Zapp Hall across from our tent. We are just a few steps out the back door. Theresa is at the front of the hall just around the corner. You can't see her little house, but Carolyn is my front door neighbor and on the other side of our tent is the Beer Garden! Royer's is right next door...can you smell the shrimp? Yum! And pie...lovely, lovely pie! I'm gaining weight just thinking about it.
This is the big tent and it will be full from stem to stern with vendors from all over. This grassy area is where you pick up purchases made at our show. Cheryl and the gang make it easy peasy for all you shoppers!
Ahhh! Home sweet home, at least for 10 days. On Friday morning this will all look so hot mess! You can barely make out Country Gardens and Richard's tents in the rear of the photo. Getting the idea of why we have so much fun doing this show? We have the greatest of friends and neighbors here. It truly is a homecoming for us.
Some of you have asked if my new header is our space. Yes, it is the first show we did at Zapp Hall back in 2000. We've been doing the Warrenton show since 1997 and consider ourselves fortunate to have finally made it downtown. I told y'all I am a city girl! I had to be in the "city".
These photos were taken with one of those little disposable cameras. You know the kind...where you have to take them in for developing. I must have a 100 of those in a drawer that never made it to development. In fact, these are the only photos of our tent that I have at all! Thank goodness for Kodak digital cameras and progress! I hope you get the chance to come to the spring show and if you can, please come by and see us. We would love to meet each and every one of you.
Now, howsa about some bebe updates and pictures? Bella is still improving a little each day. She had to have a surgical procedure last Wednesday evening to close a chute (PDA) with a ring. She did beautifully and the doctors were pleased. Her spotlight has been removed along with her sleep mask. She is almost totally off the blood pressure meds and is now getting her mother's milk through a feeding tube. Her weight is now 1 lb. 3 oz. (Thank you God) and she is 11" long! She is quite the mighty mite! Jenn is changing her diaper and taking her temperature. She opens her tiny eyes when she "feels" Jenn close. It's just a beautiful thing to see. Continue to pray for her that she will continue to grow and get strong. Her oxygen is being turned down a little each day and she is still kicking those little legs. Maybe she'll be the Rockette I wanted to be! I have Jenn with me this week...Roby had to go back to work. If she thought I was hovering before, she ain't seen nothing yet! It looks like I may get to stay at Warrenton longer if things continue this great. God continues to hold her in His mighty hands and I give Him all the glory and praise! Jenn and I have decided to continue chronicling Bella Marie's (I love saying her name!) progress on Jenn's blog, The Apiary. We'll be doing it together and I'll let you know when that starts. Stay tuned!
I'm going to close this post now...I hear Jenn stirring around. I wanted to say once again thank you to Tricia at The Domestic Fringe for the interview. Her questions were really wonderful and made me have to think. I don't usually like to think too me a headache, but I enjoyed answering them all. It was such a great idea of hers...a way of ushering in spring. Very clever! You really should go back and read the others she did and there will be more coming. It is such a great way of finding other blogs and connecting with people. I was so honored to have got to be a part of it. Her blog is spectacular and if you love words like I love words, you'll love reading her musings. This chick is Fab U Lous!
I am going to try and get in one more post before Thursday, but in the meantime....ZAPP HALL OR BUST, BABY!!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ladies, Start Your Engines!!!

It's time to pay close attention! I have for you today not one, but two fantastic giveaways!!! I know I am greatly reducing my chances of winning by sharing this, but I think y'all really deserve a chance of getting in on the action while the getting is good. If you know me, you know I love contests. I love games, crosswords, trivia...anything with even a small challenge and I am a really poor loser. Just ask my kids. When they were small I never let them win...they had to do it on their own. Woe to them when they started beating me. (And yet once again I drift off from the subject on hand.) The two giveaways, that's what I was telling y'all about, right? Both of these bloggers are celebrating their 100th posts and we all know what an accomplishment that can be.The first is at Whisperwood Cottage. Amy is a fantastic, oughtabe photojournalist and junker extraordinaire. She takes "junk" and repurposes it with real thought. You have to go over and look at her blog just to see the Kaaa-Yute wine glass charms she made! You're going to want to steal, I mean borrow that idea for your own and believe me, that's just one idea. She's got a million of 'em! The photos that go with her text just have to be seen to be believed. Talk about a talent! Am I gushing? Good!!! To be included in her giveaway, first you have got to go see her, second leave her a whisper (translate that to comment, doncha love that?), third, become a follower...which you will want to do immediately, and fourth, give her a shout out on your own blog. Easy peasy, right? Hers is one of my favorites and I look forward to all her new posts. I wait with bated, baited, oh heck, I wait with martini breath for each and every one!
The next giveaway is at Maison Douce. Isabel is no stranger to most of you. She always has the best eye candy and beautiful things to look at on her blog. It is such a feminine blog and one that never fails to inspire. She has led the most interesting life and her 100th post is all about her life. She shares so many details and photos of traveling and living around the world. It's just like we were there for all of it. I mean she has a wonderful life! Imagine growing up in Portugal, attending french schools, living in England and Morocco, marrying your Prince Charming! It's just all tutu much! You just have to go over and read it all for yourself. I swear up and down, it could be a novel! She has a clever twist on her giveaway that you will really enjoy. Think decisions, decisions, decisions!
Now in case you haven't already noticed, I haven't mentioned what the prizes are. Let's just say Fab U Lous! To find out how generous these two ladies are (and may I add, REALLY generous) you are going to have to go visit them. Be sure and tell them I sent you (can't hurt my chances, right?) and leave them a sweet comment. Remember though, I don't like to lose!!!
Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! The Domestic Fringe just posted an interview she did with me and I actually like me!!! Check it out if you have time and be kind!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pass The Kleenex Box

"When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child." -Sophia Loren-
Thank you for your prayers and comments. Blessings to all of you!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Top of the mornin' to you all!!! And isn't it a beautiful morn to be sure? I've heard it said that when you are Irish you either laugh or cry. Well, I am Irish and today I feel like laughing. Had just about enough of the crying to last me for quite some time, thank you very much! Jenn got to come home late last night so naturally I woke up feeling like doing a jig. Baylor Hospital will continue to be Bella's home for a while longer, but she is doing well. She gained a teeny bit o' weight and Jennifer got to see her without her chapeau on. That wee babe has a headful of black hair just like her Cat Granddaddy! God is good and in control!!!The sun is shining brightly and I feel like doing a little River Dancing. Care to join me? Today I will not only be wearing the green, but I'll also be wearing the grin!!! When you're lucky enough to be Irish, you're lucky I am not only lucky but truly blessed! In case you were wondering, I really am Irish on my daddy's side. With a maiden name of Callahan going back to County Cork, red hair and green eyes, it's a little hard to deny. Plus everyone on Daddy's side of the family is built like leprechauns including me! I think I will have a bowl of Lucky Charms this morning to really get this day off right!
If things continue going this well, it looks like I will get to spend some time in Warrenton helping C.D. get the tent ready. I thought I might get out of the dirty part of the show, but I'll gladly tote that barge and lift that bale this year. I'll be working like a mad woman from now until the 26th trying to get everything ready. I must warn you though, I expect our tent to be one hot mess including me. Pul-lease pretend that it all looks wonderful when you drop by to see us and I hope you do drop by to see us! It won't, but just humor me, Ok?
Well, I am off to look for that pot o' gold Shamus has hidden. I suspect it's somewhere near Zapp Hall.
So for now...Kiss me, I'm Irish and I'll blow kisses right back at you!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

24 Weeks or 3 days-Take Your Pick

Behold the newest star in the circus of my life.....Miss Bella Marie!!! No autographs, please. Be sure and check out the latest trends in hats or as I like to refer to hers, pup tents. To give you an idea of how tiny our new baby is, that little pink gauze neck roll is about the size of a band-aid and just wait until you get a load of her pampers! Now hold your hand up, look at your thumb and that is the size of her tiny foot. Both mother and daughter are still doing as well as can be expected and I would love for y'all to continue to send up prayers that little Bella will go from one pound to five quickly! I don't like to wish away days or live in the future, but the next four months will surely go slow. Thank you all so much for the love and prayers!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Quiet, Hospital Zone-Not Quite 24 Weeks

Yesterday afternoon a brand new presence made herself known to the world. Bella Marie was delivered by C-Section to Jennifer and Roby through God's unfailing grace. She is barely one pound, but came into this world doing high kicks like a true Texas Rangerette. I'll give more details this weekend, but she and her mother are both doing all right. Jenn is still in L&D recovery and Bella is in the NICU. Thank y'all for your prayers and all the love you have been sending us. Bella will be in NICU for some time, possible 4-5 months, so please continue for her to grow and be healthy. I really want her to be home with her new mommy soon! Love to all of you and would someone wipe that silly smile off Cat Daddy's face! Debbie

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Week 23 and Treasure Hunting

Just a quick post today. The gals at Moonlight Hollow will be hosting a treasure hunt at their blog to celebrate their 100th post. You all know how much I love contests especially when there is a challenge involved, but unfortunately I won't be able to participate in this one. I may get to but I'm thinking not. Anyway, I thought I would throw the challenge to all of you. Go over to their blog, sign up and see if you can win one for the Gipper....namely me! There are some really cool prizes involved and it looks like it will be a lot of fun. I know I always enjoy playing in their other games like The Never Ending Story so if you're looking for a good time, call on these two! They just have to be the original good time girls because I see their phone numbers on all the really important bathroom walls. They are really going all out to make this a fun event. In fact, I think I just saw them recently at the beauty salon getting all gussied up for you. If they're willing to go to all this trouble for you how can you possibly say no to playing! Don't hate them because they are beautiful. Just play along and say thank you when you win. (Remember the Gipper!) Oh and be sure to tell Karen and Malisa that I sent you! Brownie points for me, you know? If you happen to see Captain Jack while you're looking for treasure, will you tell him I still love him? Heck, if you see Cap'n Crunch, tell him I love him too!
Here's a quick update on my girl. She is now in her 23rd week...the magic number according to the doctors. Her protein levels are still going up and down but her blood pressure is still being managed. She's received two steroid shots to help the baby's lungs develop and is still getting heparin twice a day. They did a sonogram on her yesterday and the baby is growing on schedule and is not in any distress. This news really seemed to relax Jenn more than anything else. She has been so worried but trying so hard not to show it. We found out what Roby and Jenn are going to have and I'll share that with you next week. The doctor couldn't be 100% sure because of the way the baby is positioned(which is breech, more on that later). They will be doing a sono once a week now, so I'm waiting until the second one is done to do the big reveal. Right now, we just feel blessed that the baby is all right. I'll try and post another update as I have more information, but for now thank you again for your prayers. Please keep them coming!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Coming Up For Air

Y'all are not going to believe this. My children have declared a mutiny against their own mother. Me, who endured labor for those two melon-heads. Me, who wiped various body parts and kissed a lot of booboos. Me, who had to ride with them when they got their beginner's license! And to add insult to injury...Cat Daddy backed them up! My daughter and son kicked me out of the hospital room last night and forbid me to come back until this evening! Jenn seems to think I'm, hovering? She has me confused with someone else, obviously! My son stayed with her last night so that I could(translated to "TOLD TO") get some much needed rest. Y'all know this isn't possible...even when I know they are right, but I am taking the time to TCB here at home and do a little blogging. I've missed you all and feel like a year has passed since I did a normal post. (Can someone define what is normal for me?) I really don't want her to add me to her worry list, so I am doing as I am told for the day, but just for the day. They really don't want to mess with me much as I am the Queen of the Bed Pan and have the power to withhold privileges! Y'all have all been so wonderful to us the past week, I thought I would reward you with a little something I promised long ago and far away. Laurie Anna was so sweet to give me this award during my absence and I wanted to take the time to say thank you. I have received this award previously from Patti and Lisa and as you know it was originally on Isabel's blog. It states that blogs who receive this award are "exceedingly charming". This blog invests and believes in the Proximity nearness in space, time and relationships. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more are propagated. Please give attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight more bloggers.
In typing and rereading these words I was overcome with an emotion hard to put into words. This award is about blogging, but it is about so much more. It is about opening the door to a world of caring individuals who hurt when we hurt, cry when we cry and laugh when we laugh. It's about complete strangers opening their hearts to a need and answering that need with prayers. Real prayers, heartfelt prayers, loving prayers. How can one person be so blessed? God has guided me to so many of you wonderful people and I can't say thank you enough.
It credits this blog with being "exceedingly charming". Well, I don't know about that one. I do know that everyone of y'all are charming beyond awards and words. I love each of your different personalities, your special "tics", your sense of humor and your style! I grow a little each time I read a new post by each and every one of you. You open my world and allow me to spend a little time getting to know you better. For that, I am eternally grateful.
In case you haven't noticed, I'm including more photos of Laurie Anna's store that I had promised you before. This is my way of saying thank you....inspirational vignettes from an inspirational lady. Really puts you in the mood for spring, right? I'm supposed to give this award to eight more bloggers, but if you haven't figured it out already, you who are reading this right now are my favorite. (Just don't tell the others, OK?) Take this award, post it, run with it and have fun with it. You deserve it and so much more. I wish I had a million dollars to send each of you a 2Chippys junk jewelry treat, but alas, I am just a poor girl....poor in money, but not in gratitude!
And speaking of money, I need to close this post now and go pay some bills! I want you to know one last thing though. Before I go to sleep at night, when I'm saying my prayers, I thank God for all of you and your big ol' Texas sized hearts. Love ya!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dirty But Smiling at 22 Weeks

Just a quick update on my girl. I've come home this afternoon because I am in need of a hosing down. My hair is eeewww and I think I am turning into a science experiment. So in deference to the hospital staff, Jenn sent me home. I'll be going back out to Baylor this evening after a bath and nap. She's holding her own and we've added another week. She had to go back down to Labor and Delivery Friday night. Her blood pressure shot back up unexpectedly and she was having difficulty breathing. They were able to get it back down to 148/88 and stabilized. There was some fluid on her lungs, but her body absorbed it without having to use lasix. One of her blood tests showed a problem so she is now receiving an injection twice a day to prevent blood clots. She only had to stay down there overnight and is now back up on the 7th floor. There is still a problem with protein, but not threatening. All in all, she is doing really well and her spirit is high. She is a remarkable young woman of faith and has turned it all over to God. She knows He is holding her and the baby in His mighty hands. In case I've never mentioned it, she is one of the reasons I get up in the morning. She is my baby and I adore her. Those who know us, know the amazing bond she and I share. We're like scorpions...we always travel as a pair. I want to say thank you for praying for her and her little family. You have no way of knowing how much it means to me. I'll try to add updates as I can and I'm going to try and visit some blogs in the next few days. God bless you all! Debbie