Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fan Club

By now I'm sure y'all were all convinced Cat Daddy had dumped me in a cow pasture somewhere in Central Texas and I couldn't find my way back home.
Not so.  He ain't gonna get rid of me that easy by cracky.  After all these years, not only am I the permanent dog poo on his work boots, but I've had 40 years to harden into something akin to concrete.
(This family is always on hand to greet us each morning as we head out to the job site.)
 But just to be on the safe side, I always leave a trail of Twinkie crumbs in my!
Let the record show the Greatest Show on Dirt is still the greatest!
Except for a couple of out-of-our-control setbacks, we had a good time and sold down to two pieces of furniture. Had I not been in the Hall with a wood floor under my feet this go round..that would equate to our "selling to the dirt"!

(90% of the stuff pictured here is going, going, gone...sold to America!)
We set a personal best in load out time at just under an hour.  Personally, I like the sound of a bouncing trailer on the ride back home, but back to those set backs.
Would it surprise anyone to know I got sick early on?  Didn't think so.  Yeah...Cat Daddy had to bring me back to Dallas the first Sunday of the show, but I couldn't stand not being there, so Jenn took me back on Tuesday.

(Every little starlet deserves a beach chair this cool. Our baby trashette is anything but camera shy!)

 My favorite little red.neck came down to help her Kitty Cat Daddy out until I returned and Jenn stuck around for a few days just to make sure I was gonna make it.
God love 'em, I don't know what I would do without my girls...or my Cat Daddy.
Second set back...the weathermen lied.
We were promised a cool front and it did finally arrive...closing weekend.
Before it did, to say it was hot would be an understatement.
There's hot and then there's Texas hot.
Let me try and explain the difference.
Hot is just
Texas hot is what a lobster feels just before becoming someone's entree.

(This is how one travels by the seat of their britches if one wants to do it in style!  Rodeo Royalty had this vardo at the show and other just as fabulous mdse. You can find her on Face Book.)
 It's steamy, clothes drenching, hair sticking to your neck, can't think straight, grumpy britches miserable.
 At least when it's cold, I can add more layers. When it's sticky, muggy hot, there ain't a thing I can do about it except stand in front of a fan and pray I don't stop sweating.
Oh I suppose I could pull some clothes off, but last I checked there's a law against indecent exposure.  On me, even a tank top is indecent in one size does not fit all and just 'cause they make it in my size doesn't mean I should wear it. Tube tops become belts on me if y'all catch my drift.
But survive we did and in spite of the heat, had a great time in the process.
Being in the dance hall made for an easy set furniture shims needed. I was right by the big fan...thank you Lord...and a hop, skip and a jump from the vendors' restrooms. It was so nice to go back to the cabin at night and not have to worry about covering everything up.  When the rain finally did roll in the wee hours of the morning, I just rolled over, snuggled down, and breathed a quiet thank you.
The shoppers who came out were there to shop and I want to thank each and every one who came by to see us.
You betcha!

The Duck Dynasty wives and Miranda were spotted roaming the fields and tents. And of course our own personal Zapp Hall celebs, the Junk Gypsys were present and accounted for...praise the Lord and pass the biscuits.  The girls opened their JG World Headquarters during the show and oh mylanta...the store is over the top.
(I wish I had taken a photo of the huge, ginormous fan that was on the wall in this area of JGWH...killer!)

 Jenn and I snuck away to have a look see and I can't even begin to tell you how many folks were there...with good reason.  At one point I think the waiting line was an hour and a half, but no one seemed to mind. They just kept smiling and talking, patiently waiting their turn. The girls really pulled out all the stops with their displays. Jolie said they've been squirreling things back for a while and believe you showed.

Kim Hanauer had stolen my heart with these unique ear bobs she designed,  so naturally I had to have 'em.


Then after receiving them from Kim, the amazing jewel thief, I spotted this pendant at JGWH, so naturally I had to buy myself a souvenir from the girls to match.


Doncha just love it when a plan comes together?

(I just love jewelry where one size really does fit all!)
 We all have bucket lists.  On mine is to travel to the Pacific Northwest and visit Monticello Antiques.  The talent in that neck o'the woods is phenomenal. Who among us didn't get excited when the Barn Boys did a show and wouldn't we all get so antsy waiting until the photos started flowing in showing gorgeous display after display?

(Now lest you get to thinking "Oh lordy...she's off on a squirrel chase", there IS a caboose to this seemingly off the tracks train of thought.)
For me, a personal thrill this show was meeting someone I consider a celebrity in our antiquing world, the Queen of Tarte herself, Cindy Dockins. She had travelled from the PNW to shop the show, came into the hall and proceeded to make my day.  Cindy's style and her signature grey and yellow color combo are inimitable and I have been a huge fan since I began blogging. Getting the opportunity to meet her in the real world (which btw...she is that tiny and she is that gorgeous) proved once again, blogging opens doors to a much bigger universe than I could have ever imagined.
See...these are the folks that impress me. Keep your stars of the film industry...and give me the movers and shakers of our industry. I may not recognize Matthew, but I know an artist when I spot her!

And on that happy note I'll close with...

That's a wrap!