Friday, January 30, 2009

Anda One Anda Two

This is my 93rd post. Time flies when you're having fun and believe me when I say I have been having a ball! I'm planning a party for my 100th post and I am aiming for Valentine's Day. I want to tie it into my Mother's birthday as well. Helen Louise was and always will be my first sweetheart. Mother was born on February 19 and since she loved a good party, I'm throwing it in her honor.(BTW, does anyone know why we say throwing a party? Just exactly where are we throwing it to?) Mother also loved giving and receiving gifts, so I'll be planning a giveaway as well. I'll be doing posts on my party as we go along towards to the big 100, but you can expect your invitation around the 7th of February. In the meantime, be thinking about your attire (I'm thinking formal) and who your escort will be. Mother would have liked either Elvis, Tom Jones or John Travolta to have escorted her, but I'm thinking Sam Elliot, Johnny(don't even ask which one), Jay Bush or James Garner. We don't have to tell Cat Daddy, he already knows if one of the above show up and asks me to run away with him, I'm history!!! Don't you go feeling sorry for him....he has his own list. So get ready to make plans to attend. Oh and before I forget, as you post a comment on this and all future party posts, your name will be put in the champagne bucket for the giveaway!!! So get your dancing shoes ready, polish up your mambo and let's get ready to rumba. Cha Cha Cha!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Idea Of The Perfect Gift

Girls, Here is a great opportunity to help your husbands or yourself out with that great debate of what to get for a Valentine gift. Ta Da!! How perfect would this be? Instead of looking at everyone else's treasures from Gay Paree, you could hunt for your own. Remember Pat Boone singing April in Paris and what Audrey Hepburn talked about in the movie Sabrina? Here is your chance to see what all the singing and talking was about. Talk about name dropping. When someone asks "Where on earth did you find that?", you'll be able to say, with a little wink you picked it up on a lovely trip to Paris! So one of you lucky chic gals better hurry, because there is only space left. On a side note, this is my 92 post. Do you know what that means? Keep watching 'cause I have something up my skirt, I mean sleeve planned. Don’t we all dream of shopping at the Paris Flea Market?The Red Shed Girls have asked that we spread the word. They have just ONE spot left on their Paris Flea Market Shopping trip in April. According to Valarie: “We have one wonderful lady who is looking for a roommate, and then our 2009 trip will be sold out. This is a GREAT time to go to Paris! The exchange rates are lower than they have been in years, so you can buy more and spend less. Whether you are a dealer or a personal shopper, we promise you will have the trip of a lifetime and come back with some great treasures!” For more information visit the Red Shed website at photos from the 2008 trip visit

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Smile When You Say That, Stranger

Lisa at Antiques and More gave me the Lemonade Award and I want to give her a special thank you. It's always an honor and privilege when something like this is given and it is never to be taken lightly. I don't. I'm always thrilled to know I have special friends out there and I am so grateful. I had received it from Krista a few days before and had asked that instead of passing it on, I wanted to pass it forward. You girls responded in such a giving way and here are a list of places to visit and reach out to:

1. Sharon's------Summer Sundays JW

2. Mindy's------A Simple Country Life and Hope for the Maxeys

3. Pam---------Deck Apes

These folks need our love, support and prayers. Please try and make time to go by and just let them know you are thinking about them. In advance, I'm going to say thank you so much!

Now I'm going to give you another challenge with this award and I just won't take no for an answer. I am passing this award on to each and everyone of you with one itty bitty catch. I want you to take it and smile. Look at it. It's so darn cute, how can you not smile? I don't mean one of those little grins, but one of those big ol' show the gums, toothy smiles that lights up the room. Proverbs 17:22 says "A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones". Girls, osteoporosis doesn't need any help, so smile. There is nothing more beautiful than a smile that starts at the mouth and goes to the eyes and straight to the heart. It shows so much more than we thought we wanted to reveal about ourselves. It says you care, you love, you're fun, you're sexy! That's right, I said SEXY!!! Made you smile didn't I? Did you ever wonder why some people seem to draw others to them like honey? Well, take a look at the following photos. Look at their smiles and their eyes. Who wouldn't want to hang out with them and be their BFF!!!

photo courtesy of Garden Antiques photo courtesy of garden antiques photo courtesy of Sparkled Life
My personal favorite smiles above and below. These put a permanent goofy grin on my face.
You couldn't help yourself, could you? You were smiling before you got to the last photo. See what I mean? There's a party going on in those faces! So take my challenge. Go stand in front of the mirror and smile. When the light is coming out of your eyes, my dears you will be catnip to your cat daddy! Heck, send me a photo....I like to smile, too! Oh, I almost forgot. I did a short post on the Vintage Journal on Lillie's grand opening with a few photos I didn't include before. If you have time between smiles, please read it. Thanks!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Now Playing At The Palace

Cat Daddy and I hit the road early this morning heading to East Texas and the grand opening of Lillie's Junk Palace. We were just a little late in getting there and too bad for me. The checkbooks were out and the cash register was dinging it's little heart out when we walked in the door. Lillie and her posse were working it! So many sold tags, none with my name on them. Dadgummit!!! So I just did what I do best and schmoozed, hugged and squealed! There were so many people there, some I knew, some my first time to meet. I could drop names but you just wouldn't believe me. It was the creme de la creme. It was just like a big ol' junker's convention in there. Renee and Patti had made the cutest name tags to wear(wish I had thought of that). The only 2 things missing were funny hats with tassels and y'all. But I promised y'all photos and I got some beauts. I know others are going to be posting on this great event so I'll just show you some of my favorites starting with Cat Daddy. You all know it begins and ends with him for me.Since I was doing a lot of gossiping, I mean networking, I didn't get photos of everybody there and I'm regretting that one already. EVERYBODY was there! I said that already, didn't I? Sorry, I was just a little stargazed. Lillie and her band of warriors had done a wonderful job of getting everything ready for the crowd and it all looked amazing. The cold didn't keep anyone home. Longhandles seemed to be de rigeuer along with a lot of shiny bling. We Texas girls feel absolutely naked without big hair, lipstick and a lot of jewelry.Here is Lillie looking fresh as a daisy as if she just came in from a day at the salon. She and Maggie looked gorgeous(you'd never guess they had been swinging from the ceiling the day before.) Three words described the greeting we received.....gracious, warm, and inviting served generously with a hug.The Funky Monkey!!!!
Judy Hill of J. Hill Designs (as if you didn't know that!).
Time for a little back patting. Bear with me. This area of the shoppe was breathtaking-very Swedish inspired. I love this photograph. I'm not going to take credit for the styling-that belongs to the owner, but I don't always take great photographs. I am very proud of me for this one. I think I'm going to print it and have it framed. It was a beautiful spot by the window and I just love looking at it. Scold me if you must, but this area really inspired me. OK, I'll stop grandiosing(y'all know that really isn't a word, but I like it) now. I'm getting a cramp in my arm anyway.
Are these not the coolest? I meant to ask Lillie about these. I have a set similar to them that I got at the Red Shed(which btw, Valarie was there so I got to meet her too!). I put them out at Christmas and pretend they're presents to me. I really need to add these so it will look like next year I was an extremely good girl, don't you think? (Note to self: Self, call Lillie).
AND I meant to ask if this chandelier was for sale, but because I was so busy networking(y'all know what I was really doing)I got sidetracked and forgot. This I think is the perfect chandi for the Casita de Trash. Lillie, I think you and I need to talk.
Do you see that silver cylinder on the right? That's part of the old building and Lillie built this beautiful vignette around it as if it were an altar. Loved it!
Girls, I want you to meet "Shirley". Maggie informed me this fantabulous rusty kitchen cabinet complete with sink is a girl's best friend. Notice she has a name tag. How cute is this? In a garden house or mud room this would be Fab U Lous!
Don't ask me why, but I love the old floor to ceiling pole lamps from the 50's and 60's. I mean I really love them. This is one of the best ones I've seen and I'm always on the lookout for them. Call it a secret vice-one of many I have.
Do you really need me to say anything here? Dreamy!!!
This was another of my favorite spots in the shoppe. I totally dug this etagare'. There are shelves for it but I like the way she used it as an easel for the funeral print. That's thinking outside the box while placing it in the box. Cuh-lev-er!
This is what you saw first when you entered the shoppe. An arbor had been built and a beautiful tablescape was placed under it.
Isn't it lovely? I wish y'all could have seen it all for yourselves. I left so determined to go home and try to make some magic in my own home.
Just a little light reading on a cold winter's afternoon. Oh and before I forget, her store hours for now will be Thursday through Sunday, 11am-5pm.
I didn't get Mr. or Miss Fishy's name, but how's this for a fish bowl and stand? Pretty groovy, right? You should have seen the stuff that got away! (Ba Dam, Crash!)
I got a little artsy fartsy with this shot, but I was just trying to capture the magic that was inside this great shoppe.
I was so excited to meet this lady. Been dreaming about it and how I knew we were going to be instant best friends. Guess what? I was right. Meet Patti of Delighted Heart, winner of the Yellow Box house shoes giveaway. Her blog name says it all. She is an absolute delight!!! I know she and I are going to be hanging out together again real soon. Right, Patti? Say yes, or you'll break my delighted heart. We were laughing about how we were all going to rush home and try to be the first one up, but you can't imagine how long it takes me just to get photos on.
I brought shoes, but guess who got cookies? I told y'all it all begins and ends with him. Besides, I guess he deserves it for driving Miss Lazy to the best party of the day and being the rock star he is. I wish you could have heard the girls swooning "Cat Daddy" when he walked in the door. Y'all have no idea how hard it's going to be to live with this man from now on.
I hate to brag, but since that's what Texans are famous for, I will! There are so many talented women in Texas, Lillie included in that list. I am not famous, but I get to be by the blessing of being friends with some of those that are such as Lillie, Theresa, Maggie, Renee, Marion, the M&M's and now Patti. I am a fortunate woman indeed!
I had heard these chocolate chip cookies of Patti were prize winners and now I know why. Needless to say, we didn't wait to take the lid off the cookie jar before we got home. Do you see my church key Patti attached to the jar? That is my new key to the Casita de Trash!!! How much fun is that. I hope y'all enjoyed my tour and if you ever get down to East Texas, head straight to Malakoff and the Junk Palace! I swear up and down, you won't be disappointed.
News Flash!!! This day just keeps getting better! Lillie just informed me I won the drawing. I told y'all I am blessed!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Let's Go Girls

What's the old saying, "Better late than never"? Well, that's the story of my life. I know you have all heard the great news that Lillie at the Junk Palace is opening a new place for us to go shopping in Malakoff and I'm not telling you any breaking news. In other words, I'm a day late and a dollar short, but I promise you I won't be tomorrow. Her grand opening is tomorrow, January 21st starting at 11:00a.m. I am so excited for her as she takes off on a new adventure. Maggie of the Veranda(who must be the best friend ever) took the above photo and encouraged everybody to steal, I mean borrow it to put up on their blogs to get the word out. I LOVE THIS! Lillie and Maggie are a great team of mules and I mean that in the most positive, loving, beautiful way. They work together at Canton to make it a success each month and they continue to work together to promote and uphold each other in their individual quests. I am so excited for Lillie and can't wait to see her individuality displayed. Cat Daddy will be escorting Miss Lazy tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it. What to wear, what to wear? I hope to get to see y'all there as well. Bring your checkbooks, cash and running shoes. I may be chubby but girls, I'm quick when there is a deal to be made. Try and catch me.....if you can! See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Lemonade Award

Snowman Hill has given me the great honor of the Lemonade Award. This award is given to bloggers who show great attitude and gratitude. I've been told by Cat Daddy that I can get an attitude, but I didn't think that would get me anything except in trouble. Who knew? I do have a lot to be grateful for and I thank God everyday for allowing me to get up each morning knowing it's a clean, fresh day with my mistakes behind me and the chance to try again. I am grateful He gives me the words to express my joy, happiness, sadness and even anger. I am most grateful that He allows me to do the things that make me happy and to be with those who bring happiness into my life. Ok, sniff, sniff, let's move on. What I am supposed to do is list 10 other people who I think deserve this award. Instead, I think I'm going to take a page out of Mindy's post and ask that y'all pay it forward for me. If you take the time to read this, I challenge you in the next week to go out into the blogosphere and find just one blogger who is in need. It could be a prayer request, a sick baby, a willing shoulder to cry on, a need to vent or just someone who would like to have a comment to know someone is reading what they have to say and cares they are saying it. Whatever the need is, find it and fill it. Just one, then come back and let me know who they are so I can go say hello too. Thanks Krista!!! I really do appreciate it and think you are just a doll!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I don't usually do 2 posts in one day but I guess from a lack of sleep I forgot to mention something I am really stoked about. I was asked by Denise at The Vintage Journal to become a team member of that blog. I was thrilled and nervous at the same time about saying yes. I did my first post this morning and if you have time during all of today's exciting inaugural news to get a chance to read it, I sure would appreciate it. Any comments you want to leave would be greatly appreciated as well because y'alls opinions really do matter to me. I think it is a wonderful opportunity and I thank Denise from the bottom of my heart for including me. There are some wonderful team members involved and I am looking forward to having another chance to run my head and y'all know how I love to hear myself talk. Thanks in advance for being so great and supportive.

A Real Shoe In!

Whew! I don't know about y'all, but the suspense has been killing me. Do you have any idea how hard it is to stay up till midnight to draw a winner. I'm too tired to even get dressed this morning. I want to thank all of you for playing with me. This was a lot of fun and I got so many great ideas from y'all. I love it when you let me pick your brains freely!I had a blast doing this and I hope y'all did too. In fact, I had so much fun that I have another couple of contests planned in the future-one involving my canned ham and one for my 100th post. But that is in the future so let's look at the here and now. You're all winners in my book and I'm sorry it has to come down to one. If my ship ever comes in, I'm sending you all Yellow Boxes, but since I'm still sitting in a dingy, I can only afford one pair.
So with that said, let's get on with the big announcement! By random drawing (no bribes were taken in this process, although you might have tried, at least) the winner is, drum roll please, Patti at Delighted Heart. It's kind of funny Patti, that Cat Daddy pulled your name out of the fish bowl. You were the inspiration for this contest in the beginning. Send me your size and favorite color and comfort will be heading your way. Everybody give a nice little round of applause here for Patti. Like I said, you're all winners and some of the most clever people I've ever had the good fortune to hang out with.
Thank y'all so much for playing and what do you say let's do this again real soon!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tick Tick Tick To Giveaway

Just a friendly reminder that time is running out to play in the Canned Ham Smackdown. The party will end Monday night at midnight. Don't be timid about suggestions. Lord know, the Moonlight Hollow girls aren't. You really need to get over to their blog and read an entire post of ideas they had for the game. There have really been some great comments left, but it's not too late to throw yours into the hat. I'm sitting here typing this in my yellowboxes and you could be too. In looking at the comments so far, there seems to be a recurrent theme. Maybe I'm sending the wrong message out there about myself. I'm really very shy and unassuming. But if y'all think I'm flashy, well there is really nothing I can say to discourage you. You'll just have to follow your first impression I guess.
I thought I would also throw some names at ya to get the old wheels turning. My wheels are rusty but they never seem to stop turning. I love the names that have been left and it made me want to play in my own game. I thought of The Champagne Bucket(thanks to Jenn for the inspiration), In The Pink, Avant Gaud-ee, Kit Kat Club, Cat Scratch Fever(got the inspiration for that one from Pam's hubby), and The Chatter Box. Feel free to take those and play with them. Just continue to leave comments on the previous post(so I can keep them straight) until the final curtain comes down.Cat Daddy reads each and every comment(without scratching himself) so keep 'em coming. As the sand in the hourglass, so are the minutes left to play.