Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ghosts Of Halloween Past (Dance Of The Sugar Plumb Crazy)!

Some girls were just born to wear tutus and crowns!!!Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's In The Bag!

In case y'all haven't noticed or have been hiding under a rock, there are a lot of giveaways going on right now. Fiona & Twig is giving away an Anthropologie gift card and a copy of Stan Williams' book, The Find. If that isn't enough, Six in One Hand is giving away a $50 gift certificate to anywhere, but the sweetest one is Garden Antiques giveaway. Sweet T is giving a gift certificate for $50 in merchandise from her stock...or as we like to call it...junk!See, this is where my writer's blockage is stemming from. I've been stewing about this for days now. Theresa is always doing for all bloggers..both old and new..and it seemed to me that something was just so wrong about her giving something away instead of vice versa! She gives to us every day and for her to give a gift on her blogaversary is just throwed off on so many levels. I've been a bit peckish trying to figure out a way to celebrate with her and for her. I know I wouldn't be blogging if it wasn't for her and Jenn. They encouraged me to start one and T guided me whenever I hit snags along the way. She always took the time to answer my loopy questions (which was every day) and never lost her patience with me (or if she did, she never let me know). When I hit post for the first time, she "introduced" me and she continues to sponsor countless others who are new to blogging. Having someone take you around and introduce you to the room really helps in the beginning...otherwise I would just be talking to a party of!
So-o-o, when I looked at the calendar and saw how close Halloween was...that was when it hit me....a way to say "Thanks Theresa" and help her celebrate three years of some really great blogging, full of all the news that fit to print!

Everybody needs a bag to go trick or treating, right? And as in everything else, we must do it with style, right? So, I thought I would send her this Betseyville handbag to fill, but then I said to myself..."Self, our queen should never have to go door to door, begging for junk...let's do it for her!" Self made perfect sense to me!

Here's what I'm thinking...I want y'all...her adoring leave me a comment and tell me what you think I should add in the bag.
Now before y'all go getting any grand ideas, I already checked and Johnny won't fit and as far as a million dollars goes...I checked the tree out back and it's empty!

Y'all can check her list of the things she loves on her giveaway post and make suggestions or you can wing it. I'll select 5 things from y'alls promptings and put them in the bag for her.

Think of the time we'll save her AND we'll keep her off the streets at night! (Just kidding!!) Seriously, I'm going to be taking suggestions until Midnight, All Hallows' eve (that's the 31st for the calendar challenged) and IF you leave a comment and IF you decide you'd like to be a follower and IF you do a link post, well then, I think there might just be a little treat for you as well...or at least one of you!
C'mon y'all and help me make Theresa one special bag lady!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Writer's Blockage!

Do you think prunes would help?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Trash Bag O' Treats!

I know I have been a little out of it on my posting since coming home from The Mother Ship, but I promise I'm going to be better...that's a pinky swear! In the meantime, I have a lot to's been one heck of a week!First order of business is to say a huge THANK YOU to Outwest! Fancy at Cactus Creek sponsored a giveaway for them with the above bag being the prize. Can you believe it...I won!!! This is huge, tremendous and I'm not just talking about the bag! Outwest has some of the best western products you will ever lay your eyes on...and be honest with this bag not 2die4? If you want to be a little bit Texan...this is a great spot to start! Can I get a whoopie ti yi yay, little dogies? If that isn't enough to put a big ol' smile on my face...then Amy at Whisperwood Cottage gave me not one...but two awards. According to the rules of the Premio Meme, I'm supposed to pass this along to seven others and tell seven random things about myself. Let's shelve that for just a moment, 'cause.... Amy AND Gail at Wizard of Once Was gave me the Honest Scrap Award. This one I'm supposed to tell 10 things about myself and list 10 bloggers I feel the same about.

First off, is there anything left to tell about myself? I think I've shared everything except a bathroom with y'all (and y'all know how I feel about that!)! I think I'm going to steal a page from Amy's book and leave that up to y'all. I truly can't think of one thing, BUT if there is anything you would like to know...then ask me. If I can answer your questions without incriminating myself, I will. Y'all know I love talking about me better than anything in the world.

As far as listing 17 bloggers to pass this onto...good grief! I'm only going to list two. I know, I know...that's not playing by the rules...but you just show me where it's carved in stone and then I'll obey the rules...until then...I'm in charge here!

First, I want you all to go over to Witt's blog today or over the weekend. He is celebrating his first birthday today and I am over the moon for him and the whole family. Witt is a precious, precious baby who has touched me to my very core. His family is my Zapp family and they have been such an inspiration to me. As a matter of fact, when Jenn was in the hospital and in the months following Bella's birth, Karen's postings were a source of strength to me. I love this family and I want to share in their celebration in the only way I can right now. So please, keep them in your prayers and be sure and go visit with the birthday boy!

The second one I want to list is also celebrating a big event. Sweet Tea at Garden Antiques is celebrating her blogaversary by hosting an upcoming party. I know most of y'all are already her followers and know all about this, but for those of you who don't...head on over there for a treat. She is single handedly responsible for so many of us who now blog. Besides, if you don't go on over and see are increasing my odds for winning another giveaway!

Finally, (were you beginning to wonder if I would ever hush up?) Tina at The Tattered Cottage is having a You've Been Boo'd Party.

You Have Been BOO'd The air is cool, the season is fall,Soon Halloween will come to all. Ghosts and goblins, spooks galore...Tricky witches at your door. The spooks are after things to do,In fact, a spook brought this "BOO" to you. The excitement comes when friends like you,Copy this note and make it two. We'll all have smiles on our faces,When we see who Boo'd who's places.

Isn't this a great idea? I'm supposed to tag 4 others, then they tag 4, then they tag 4 and so on and so on! Kinda like the shampoo, right? Whew! If y'all play along, imagine how many will be posted by Fright Night? Now, for this one I am going to list 4 and we'll see just how far this can go! Ready?

  1. Amy-Whisperwood Cottage. Amy is fun loving and creative and I can't wait to see how she meets this challenge. (Besides, I think paybacks can be fun!)
  2. Gail-Wizard of Once Was. Her last sale had some wonderful Halloween displays (she is the queen of merchandising) and I just know she'll deliver.
  3. Mindy-Primitiques n' Poetry. She just hosted a pumpkin decorating contest at her home, so I know she has the "spirit" to join in!
  4. Malissa at Moonlight Hollow. Mal always has the most wonderful vintage photos, so you just know she'll rock the house...not to mention her wicked sense of humor is bound to crack me up!
So enough of my rambling...I'm off to find my broom and a party! Correction!!! Please add your Boo'd post to Mr. Linky at Tattered Cottage. I make the boo boo!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Did Someone Say Party?

I just read on Theresa's blog that Flea Market Style is hosting an "I'm a Flea Marketeer Party". I know, I know...y'all knew all about this, but guess what? I didn't! I am so out of the loop and so behind on my reading that this just slipped under my party radar! Now never let it be said that ol' Trash would let a good party get by her even if she has to show up late (after all, Party is my middle name)! Let's just say I'm being fashionable, okie dokie?

It's such a great idea for sharing what's been found while shopping garage sales, flea markets and all kinds of venues. Since we just got back from Zapp...or as I like to call it...The Mother Ship...I thought I could scrabble up some stuff from the show, but then the light bulb went off! While looking through my photos for stuff to hit me! I've got some doozies of priceless treasures to share that are definitely one of a kind!
In Cat Daddy and my meanderings, we have managed to pick up some real beauts...just take a looksee for yourself! (In an effort to protect the innocent and because I am such a terrible photographer, the names have been withheld...unless you take it upon yourself to make your identity known. Trust me, I'll never tell!) He and I have been doing this crazy business for a lo-o-o-ng time...too long to count and in that time, we have met some of the most fantastic, creative and funny people along the way. Thankfully, most of them (notice I said most) I can say are our friends (until now, I'm afraid).
Too many to name, but all a huge part of our lives! Had we not become junkers, the opportunity would never have presented itself to get to meet and amass such a wonderful collection of people.
And as long as we continue to junk, it will never stop! Why, I got to find new friends this show...friends I treasure just as much as the old ones!
We all age and get a little rusty in the memory department. Parts creak, wear shows, but oh the patina that the years create. It's important to never try and alter this patina...time and love created it! After all, you wouldn't want to ruin the value of such a great treasure, would you? Besides, doncha know...old junkers never die...they just lose their polish!
Nothing makes me happier than for new and old friends to drop by our tent to say hello and perhaps share in a toast...or two!
They empower us...give us strength...make us laugh!
I can rely on them to always amaze me and lift me up even when I'm feeling my worst! The smiles they provide are ridiculously huge and there is no way to put a price tag on that!
They provide guidance and support.
Risk takers, one and all!
And did I mention, they always manage to make me laugh at them and at myself!
Yes...junk is good...but junkers are even better!
They always provide a soft spot to land and an ear to listen!
So with my new Elvis in tow, I'm off to see if I'm too late to party...keep your fingers crossed!

By the way...if I haven't said it before...I love my life!

(Last photo courtesy of Garden Antiques...Thanks T and Mark!)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Hurry...quick!!! I forgot to tell y'all that Kaci of Patina Green is featured on Extreme Makeovers tonight! Don't bother reading what I'm saying...just go turn on your TV's and see her, Robert and the crew in action!It's episode #703 and it features a Dallas policeman and family.

I can't believe I almost forgot about it. Sorry y'all.

Kaci and crew did the wall in the great room to resemble rust. Great job kiddo and what a moving telecast!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cat In The Hat!

Can any of y'all imagine what it is like to be married to a celebrity? Oh the trials and tribulations...the constant photo ops...the women throwing themselves at my husband...problems with packing the hats...not to mention trying to fit that big, I mean swollen, I mean fat, I mean sweet head into those hats! It is a full time job keeping up with this man!!!(Photo courtesy of David, Snakelover61)

When we left to go the BIG SHOW, it was the 24th of September. I almost forgot that it was Cat Daddy's birthday! Poor baby! He spent the day loading the truck and driving for 4 hours to get us there. What a way to spend a birthday or so one would think. Nothing could have made him happier. He was heading to the happiest place on least in his world...and his adoring bevy of beauties! (Photo courtesy of David, Snakelover61)

I was feeling guilty for not remembering...that is until we got there. The ladies more than made up for my lapse of memory! The girls also reminded me he's not a property to be left alone or neglected for very long! They are more than willing to take up the slack...if I were to let them!

(Photo courtesy of Garden Antiques)

Cat Daddy possesses this rare, savage, animal magnetism that just draws the ladies to him like catnip. My job is to simply make sure order is maintained and that no catfights ensue!
(Photo courtesy of Garden Antiques)

I tell y'all...down at Zapp it can be a full time job just managing crowd control! I am so humbled that he allows me to travel with him and carry his coozies. To be able to breathe the same air as him is an honor!
(Photo courtesy of Garden Antiques)

Occasionally when he is feeling magnanimous, he will allow another tom cat into the picture...but only occasionally! Like so many other Alpha Males, he can be quite territorial!
(Photo courtesy of Garden Antiques)

But ladies, one caveat before you think you stand a fighting chance of stealing him...I am the original KITTEN! I AM the Mama Cat of all mama cats and I have the sharp nails to prove it!

In fact, there are 5 of us in the original litter! Take a peek at a couple of the others!
This blond, blue eyed beauty wraps him like no other...even missing a tooth! Even Moi can't hold a candle for her to go by!
And last, but certainly not least...not in his heart anyway...the latest kitten in his cat box!

Happy (belated) Birthday Cat Daddy!!!

(A special thank you to Theresa and David for sharing their photos of the Great One with me!)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

We Clean Up Quite Well!

Would y'all like to know one reason why I love blogging so much?This lady right here and the opportunity I got from blogging to meet her!!!

Thanks Fancy...Cat Daddy and I love you!

P.S. I adore you right back!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Party in Pink

Trish at The Domestic Fringe is celebrating her one year bloggerversary and she had the most wonderful idea on a great way to party AND make a difference!She is celebrating the lives of women who are fighting breast cancer, either in treatment or in support of friends and loved ones. I have two wonderful friends who are both survivors of double mastectomies and another friend who is just beginning the battle.

A lot of you know Cher of the Texas Woman fame and her outrageous Totally Tasteless Tuesdays posts! She is chronicling her journey and doing it as only the Texas Woman can. Her gift of gab and wicked sense of humor tells me like it holds barred...or breasts! She is inspiring and puts a face (and Mohawk) to a disease that none of us want to think about...much less face. We all have that someone we look up to and use as a model for our lives...well people, Cher is my Betty Ford! Tricia is hostessing this event to celebrate a year of blogging and has Mr. Linky up for y'all to see all the party goers. I am so proud to be among the Partiers in Pink! She has also provided many links on her party post for more information on breast cancer and I'd like to add the Susan B. Komen Foundation to the list. If you have the chance, please read Nancy Brinker's story of her sister Suzy's fight with breast cancer. It will break your heart and make you angry all at the same time. In the 26 years since its inception, there have been major breakthroughs, but so much more needs to be done.
It's high time we all got involved and worked to help find the cure. Ladies, I want you to pull your big girl britches up NOW and let's all get busy...even if it's baby steps!
Together, I know we can make a difference and help erase this disease once and for all. It's not too late to join the party, so whaddya say...let's get this party started!!!

The rules are simple...just go to The Domestic Fringe and link up with Mr. sure and mention our Hostess with the mostest Tricia and wear something pink! Oh yeah, I failed to mention that, didn't I? You MUST wear pink to the party! This requires a photo...not that I don't trust you to say you're wearing pink. It's just so much fun to blackmail, I mean see all of you in your pink attire!
What about moi, you ask? Well...after several taste tests of the above, I was able to come up with.....

I know, I know...I'm not really dressed in pink...but I added a lot of pink accessories!
So, get on over to the party and while you're't get a breast screening and mammogram...PDQ!!!

We're all prettier in Pink!