Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gracias, Merci and Thanks Y'all

There was a time when I thought the last great invention was air conditioning. Everything after that was just useless junk, especially the computer. I saw it as a way of getting more work out of people for less money and that it was rendering us faceless. It seemed everyone was e-mailing, chatting and losing the human connection because of it. That still is true, but only if we choose to be nameless and separated from reality. The truth is that because of the computer and blogging in particular, I have found some of the most tangible friends I could ever hope to meet. Case in point...Amy of Trailer Trash and Theresa of Garden Antiques. I met both of these ladies at Warrenton in the middle of a cow field, sitting in a tent filled with chaos and I was dirty beyond belief. It wasn't an accident or coincidence that led to our meeting, but God placing them in my life. Theresa got me started blogging eight months ago and above everything else I owe her, that is the one thing I will never be able to repay. Because of that one little thing, my world has been opened and I'll never be the same. Amy, who only met me briefly, has shown me that the world I was afraid would get lost on a URL is not gone. The world I grew up in was one of people reaching out and helping each other. Bringing food when someone was ill, sending cards where there was illness or family tragedy, calling to just say hello. A small town unity that I thought was gone forever in the hectic lives of today. Well, because of these two ladies and all of you, I'm here to tell you, it's alive and well in blogland. The address might change but the loving, giving nature of people never will. Loving, caring people will always find a way to connect. We have to. It's in our blood and in your hearts! As you are all learning Bella was born at 23 weeks and 5 days on March 12. She weighed 15 ounces and was not quite 11" tall. Going into delivery by C-section, to say the outcome was grim was an understatement. But our God is good! He brought Jenn and Bella through the delivery. I won't tell you it has all been easy...nothing good in life ever is. He has kept His mighty hand on both of them and continues to amaze us. He gave us a little fighter. We didn't know at the time, but girls are stronger fighters than boys! The doctor also said that all the stress Jenn's body had been through had allowed Bella to learn to cope with it. Everything with a purpose...that is God's plan!
As Theresa so simply and perfectly put it, Bella is your baby as much as she is ours. Here is what your faith, prayers and love have done in just seven weeks. Look at that tiny hand now! Do y'all have any idea how you have touched me in the past few months? You couldn't because I just can't express it the way I want to. God has been our foundation and rock, but He placed each and every one of you in my life to be my support. When I've stumbled, you've been there to catch me before I hit the ground. You've talked me off the ledge, wiped my nose and carried me when I was too tired to walk. You gave me the strength I needed to be there for Jenn and Roby and ordered me to take a shower when I would forget to. You've made me laugh, cry and thank God each and every day for you. So, it is with a most humble and grateful heart that I say thank you. Thank You Lord for placing me in this world of beautiful people.
Theresa and Amy have taken a huge job on by creating this wonderful thing, no not thing, but love in action...Junk Sistas! I have seen some of the things y'all are donating and all I can say is WOW! I don't feel like I should participate in the raffle itself (I have this strange reputation of being the "amazing win it all woman" thanks to the 2 Chippys), but I am so wanting to. I can't believe the amazing talent and generosity of y'all. There are prizes I would LOVE to win, believe me!!! BUT, I do want to make a donation. The only things I have of any real value are my children and grandchildren and I'm afraid I can't bring myself to give them away just yet. But I do have one thing that everyone seems to want...Cat Daddy!
Here he is y'all. Now, I want to preface this by saying he knows I am doing this and he is willing to participate for the "cause"!
Now don't go getting any ideas that you will be getting him forever. Nope, I am just not that generous. You will, however, be getting him for one evening during the Fall Antique Show at Warrenton for dinner and a beer. That's right...I'm offering up the hunka hunka burning love for a dinner date at Zapp Hall's own Royer's Cafe. What could be more exciting? You pick the night...I highly recommend you do not choose that first Friday if you want him to be charming! I'll clean him up, deliver him, buy y'all dinner and your libation of choice. You then will get the rare opportunity of trying to get him to smile! He's kind of like the guards at Buckingham Palace. The smile takes some doing, but it is SO worth it! Now in case you are unable to attend the show at Zapp in the fall, I am also going to add something else to my donation. I'm not artistic, I don't make anything, I can't sew, (you gotta wonder at this point why he married me), but I can shop with the best of them. Cat Daddy's job is to make the money, mine is to spend it and I excel at my job. So, I'll be out shopping for the perfect go-along for this donation. I hope he meets with y'alls approval!
Now as I said earlier, he is totally aware of this and is a willing participant for the "cause", but he ain't fooling me for one second. C'mon y'all! What man would pass up the opportunity to have dinner with a lovely lady WITH his wife's blessing!!! My man is one smart cookie! And if you ask him real sweet like, he might even serenade you!
Thank you to all of you for what you are doing and to Amy and Theresa.....YOU ARE MY FAVORITES!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What's Pink, Brown and Pants?

Girls, I am losing my mind!!! I don't know if I am going to run away with my UPS man or my USPS mail carrier! Remember how I told y'all yesterday I love surprises, well just take a look at what the two new men in my life delivered in the last couple of days. Amy, who just happens to be the hottest new up and coming photographer ever, sent me this photo of Tanner the Hot Hot Date! He came with Amy to a little party I threw back in February and just stole the heart of every lady there, including me! Check it out babies, she even autographed it! Do you have any idea what this will be worth someday? (Forget it y'all. I have no intention of parting with it ever so don't even think about trying to bribe me!) I got to meet Amy at Warrenton and she is just the greatest thing since Spanx! Thank you Amy S-O-O-O much! Then, if that wasn't enough, the UPS guy makes a running dash to my front door, rings the bell and hot foots it back to his truck leaving a big brown box on the porch. Do you think he has heard about me? OK, who gave him the heads up? Inside the box...gosh oh glory!!! Patti, who is expecting a grandbaby in May, doing a wedding in December and everything else she has going on, had taken the time (What Time???) to send me these adorable things.
This is for Bella and while I was mighty tempted to unwrap it ( just for y'alls sake, of course!), I fought off the temptation. I'll either let Jenn unwrap it on Thursday when I see her or I may wait and give it to her at her shower. We are still going to have a shower for her. It will just be a while. Patti's granddaughter is due in May and I told her I thought that would be just the perfect gift for my birthday! Her name will be Bella and her colors are pink and brown! Funny how great minds think alike!
Now the darling stork carrying the pink bundle of joy, well, that is mine, mine, mine!!! She and Amy both sent the most precious of notes, but that is kind of private, meant for my tears only. I knew you would understand. Patti takes so much time just in preparing a gift, that the presentation is almost enough. I said almost because, well, I love surprises! I ain't gonna lie. My photography skills are no match for Amy's, but on top of the box my stork came in, she attached the sweetest angel! Remember me talking about God's plan? It just so happens that when we do get to have a shower for Jenn, our theme is angels! Patti had no way of knowing that. Coincidence? I think not. God placing special people in our lives? I think so!
Thank you both so much and thank you to each and every one of you for what you are doing for Jenn, Roby and Bella! I love you all! Oh, and for the record, my new favorite color is manila brown.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Lisa at La Rustique Market has given me the Kreativ Blogger award. First, I'd like to say thank you Lisa for including me in your wonderful list of awardees(is that a word?) and second, I never take anything like this lightly. I am almost always caught with my britches down when I see my name on a list (other than Cat Daddy's "list" which I am always on!). I'll sit staring at the computer and thinking, Really? Me? I don't think there is a one of us who is so uber-cool that he or she doesn't feel the need for acceptance and to be liked. Tell the truth now. How many of us secretly want to be writers of some kind? A show of hands please. Then you know where I'm going with this. It's our validation...our homecoming queen crown...our blue ribbon. That's how it is with me and I treasure each and every time someone leaves a comment, a thought or gives me something like this. Now to explain the rules: The Rules:1. List 7 things that you LOVE.2. Link to the person who has tagged you.3. Choose 7 more bloggers to give the Kreativ Blogger Award to.4. Comment on those 7 blogs to let the recipients know you chose them. I received this award a while back and listed 7 things I loved. Since then, not only has my list grown, but so has my family. So let's start with the 7 things I love now, what do you say?
  1. God! I can't put it any simpler than that. He gave me life, my children, my grand children, Cat Daddy, all of you and most importantly, salvation. If you ever feel the need to talk about God, please feel free to e-mail me. There is nothing I would rather talk about and nothing gives me more pleasure and joy!
  2. Sitting in the dark in the early morning with a cup of coffee. My life can get really hectic as all of you can relate to. To sit in the morning and not have to think is just bliss. And not to rub y'alls noses in it or anything, but Cat Daddy makes my coffee every morning before he leaves for work at 5:30am. Am I a pampered pooch or what?
  3. Coca Cola in a can. Do not get me's not as good as the 6 ouncers in the bottle , but I can't get those any more. When Coke decided to change their formula, I quit drinking soda all together. Lost 10 pounds before they brought the "old" Coke back, dang 'em. I am a die hard cokeaholic. Hello, My name is Debbie.
  4. Gossip!!! Oh, pull those claws back in ladies...I don't mean the ugly kind. I mean the funny stories of when you were little or how you walked out of the bathroom with your dress in the back of your girdle. You know, the back stories that you really don't want the whole world knowing. Things only your sisters, husbands or mothers know. Things that will just make coke come out of my nose (as opposed to going up). I love it! Puts us all on a level playing field and I know I'm not the only goof out there.
  5. YellowBox flip flops. I am so the poster girl for yellow boxes. I love them above all shoes and believe me, I LOVE shoes. Last count...10 pairs of YB. They really should pay me for all the advertising I do for them just walking around. If you should get a pair, get the ones with just a little bit of a wedge and you will feel like you are walking on pillows.
  6. Tresseme shampoo. I don't use product on my hair mainly because I am too dense to understand what it is all for plus remember, I am ultra lazy. Shampoo, towel dry, blow dry and go! That I understand. If they ever quit making this shampoo, I am doomed, doomed I say! I am cosmetically challenged and like things simple. Sue me!
  7. Surprises! That's why I love my life. It's filled with day to day surprises and I can't wait for each new day to see what it brings.

Now I am supposed to pass this award on to seven more. I thought about it and decided that it's not all about junk to me (even though I do love junk). Sometimes I just like a good read or a good laugh. So the seven I'm listing provide that for me. When you visit them you'll see what I'm talking about. Each one is different with a unique take on life and how they see it and handle it. Go visit them and I promise you up and down a giggle and maybe even a slap-your-knee ROFL! So here we go in no particular order:

  1. Scrappy Doo
  2. Lou Cinda at Tattered Hydrangeas
  3. Marie at Rayce, River & Sisters Co.
  4. Dixie at French Lique
  5. Jodie at Everything Vintage
  6. Malisa and Imogene at The Renaissance Chick
  7. Nesting Notions

Now I also want to let you know that our official Rooster in the Hen House, David is having a birthday week, so be sure and go over and give him a hug and a peck. Besides, his photos are always a treat!

So once again, Lisa, let me say thank you and now I'm off to let the girls know y'all are coming.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Great I Am

How does one go about saying thank you? I've been struggling with that question for two days. I never write out what I'm going to say...I usually just talk from the seat of my britches. But this time I really wanted to get it right and not get all maudlin in the process. Guess what? I still can't find the words. So I thought I would share a little story with you instead. For those who are new to my blog you may have read about my g'daughter Bella. She isn't my first grandchild. I have Graycie (who's mom also had Pre-eclampsia) and a grandson, Brandon. Brandon was gifted to us when Jenn married Roby. He was four when we were blessed with him as an addition to our family. He is now 13 and all boy. Jenn and Roby had decided to wait until he was 15 to try and have a baby. She felt like they had time, but God had other plans. In September I had such a vivid dream that she was pregnant and had a little girl. I even dreamed her name...guess what it was? You got it, Bella Marie! I told Jenn about this dream because it just seemed so real. We both laughed and she said "Fat Chance!". Little did she know!
In October she and Roby came over on a Saturday night. Jenn told me I had better sit down for an announcement. They then told us they had just found out she was expecting! They had already selected names...Grayson for a boy and for a girl...Bella Marie! Her due date was going to be July 4th. I knew then she was going to be one firecracker of a baby. I said she because the Lord had already revealed to me that this baby was a girl. Everyone, including Jenn, thought it would be a boy. In fact, they had almost convinced me, but deep in my heart I knew it was a girl.
They were busy making plans for a July baby, but again God had other plans. On February 23, Jenn woke up extremely swollen. She went to their fire department to have them check her (she knew something was wrong because Misty had done the same thing right before delivering Graycie). Sure enough, her blood pressure was off the charts! She drove herself to her Ob/Gyn whose offices are by Baylor Hospital. Roby was to meet her there. She called me crying and telling me they were admitting her. She was only 21 weeks into her pregnancy. For the baby to be "viable"(I hate that word) they had to get her to at least 23. This meant a long hospital stay with complete bed rest. The only time she got to get up was to go for sonograms and x-rays. She was miserable, but she did what she had to do to get her baby that time!
At 23 weeks, two shots are given of steroids in 24 hour intervals to help the baby's lungs develop. The 24 hours are critical for the shots to be effective. She received the second shot on Tuesday, March 10. I had been at the hospital with Jenn on Wednesday and her best friend was coming to stay that night to let me go home and clean up. I had a strange feeling and called April to ask if she would mind staying Thursday night instead. I just felt like I needed to be with her.(God's plan still at work) Cat Daddy and I went back to the hospital with the intent of both of us staying. That night her blood pressure shot back up to a critical level and her protein had gone from 900 to 2600 overnight! Her lungs were filling with fluids and the time had come for delivery. Jenn was going into shock when her nurse in L&D leaned over her, took her face in her hands and started talking to her softly and sweetly. She was able to reassure Jenn and asked if Jenn would like her to pray with her. God placed this living angel in Jenn's room that night, of this I am so certain. They were able to wait until the next day to get her more stable before performing the c-section to bring baby Bella into the world kicking her little legs off. God had given her the time she more, no less!
The specialists and doctors gave them a market list of everything that could possibly...and most likely would...go wrong with Bella. This was all done very carefully, with a lot of statistics being thrown around. Problem with their plan...God's was different. He doesn't know what a statistic is and really doesn't care. His plan was that except for one little standard surgery, she would be perfect. She would be safe in her little glass castle and He would provide the best in medical care. She would grow and slowly all the tubes, needles and lines would be removed. She would need time for Him to finish her, but He allowed Jenn and Roby the privilege of seeing first hand how He creates a baby.
I'm sharing this with all of you today because I wanted you to see first hand your prayers in action. Her tiny body, 15 oz. at birth, has now grown to 2 lbs. 6 oz. and she is starting to fill out. The tiny 3" diaper is now filled out and she will soon be swimming in the next size up. Those skinny little legs and arms that she continues to drive the nurses crazy with are now not so spindly.
Our baby sleeps peacefully in her glass castle and continues to grow. Her doctor told Jenn this morning she has received a new medication that will help when they remove the ventilator in the next week or two! Glory to God!!! She will have the lines removed and will have an oxygen line placed in that button of a nose. When the ventilator lines are removed, Jenn will be able to hold her in her arms for the first time. Pray that this happens and that it will not be necessary to put it back in. When God put Jenn on this journey two months ago, she and Roby had no idea what the outcome would be. Jenn turned her eyes to God and kept them there, knowing that He who had placed her there would see her all the way home.
From a most thankful family, I want to say thank you to God for carrying us and to all of you, your prayers were heard and answered! The only way I can properly thank you is to give you my heart and I do.

I love you all. Debbie

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Postman Cometh

Girls, y'all know that when it comes to running their head, no one is better at it than me, but I got to tell you Amy's and Theresa's surprise caught me totally off guard. In fact, I'm still trying to find the right words and haven't.... but trust me, I'm working on it and plan on trying to express my heartfelt appreciation in the next few days. Just give me a little more time to wrap my head around all this. I mean how do you say thank you for this kind of love. How do I say thank you to the Lord for putting me on this road that has led me to all you incredible women and men. And just when I think it can't possibly get any better, today I go to the mail box to pull out the usual bills and I find a brown envelope in there. Now, I always get excited when there are big brown envelopes in my ugly mailbox(even if it is feminine protection), but today I got ropa-doped by one of the most blinding left hooks ever! Look what was inside that plain brown wrapper...An O-REE-JA-NAL Lulu Chippy bracelet for my little trashette! My grand baby is an official Junk Sista! In fact, I think this classifies her as a Jr. Junkette or a little Miss Chipster! There are grown women who would crawl over glass to have one of these bracelets, me included. You can't imagine the tricks I had to do to get mine! I am just kidding. Lulu, being the darling she is, gave me mine the first time she met me, just because....that's the way my honey baked hams roll! Our little baby is gonna rock the NICU when the nurses get a load of this! It came wrapped in the darling hankie with the card and the official autograph of the one and only Lulu! Heck, that signature alone must be worth a mint. Lulu, what can I say? I love you and you are one lulu of a friend for sure.
Am I blessed or what? In the virtual world of blogging, I have some of the most tangible friends I could ever ask for. Y'all have given me so much and I can never begin to repay the debt of gratitude I owe each and every one of you.
But hey, speaking of jewelry, I want to give y'all a little inside advantage to a giveaway ending tomorrow night. Donna at Gather is celebrating by giving not one, not two, but three prizes. One is this beautiful hand painted necklace. Now girls, I really want to win this one and while I don't cheat(contrary to what you might have heard), I'm not above bribing on this one.
So go on over to Gather, pay attention to what you read...there will be a test. Beauty doesn't come cheap...I may, but not these great little works of art. And may the best chick(me) win!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Ok y''s not very often that I am knocked speechless, but you can see why at Trailer Trash and I'll get back to y'all later. I am just a little overcome right at this moment.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I Am Truly Honored

I have just received the following award from Malisa at Moonlight Hollow. Malisa wrote that Renee is fighting stage 4 breast cancer and it was created for her by her friends, Bella and Ces. Bella had the following to say about Renee:"Renee is one human being who has made such a difference in the lives of many just by being. Her honestly, wit, intelligence, and grit are a tremendous source of inspiration. She can elicit raucous laughter and guffaws in her banter, and then turn right around and offer the most heartfelt, gentle words of wisdom and emotional support. She is a spreader of love,simple and true. And her love is infectious."This is a brand new award and I have the pleasure and honor of spreading the seed, watching it grow. I hope it finds its way to those who are like Renee: the acorn, a small package becoming a tall and sturdy oak, giving more acorns, becoming tall and sturdy oaks, giving acorns..." The above makes a loving statement to what must be one special woman and I am truly honored to be a recipient of it. Thank you Malisa! Now she goes on to say that I am to pass it on to eight others, which for me will be no easy task. Each of y'all know you are my favorite, just don't tell the others. And while we do all share a genuine bond, I have picked eight who, for whatever reason, seem to be my go to girls! They give me chocolate, prayers, advice, inspiration, laughter when I most need it, support and never question me or my choices. And I have been known to make some doozys! In other words, they accept me for who I am and love me in spite of it.
  1. The Apiary(who has always been my number one fan)
  2. Frippery(we're cheerleaders on the same team)
  3. The Domestic Fringe(who always finds the humor in life)
  4. Whisperwood Cottage(who sees beauty where others fail to look)
  5. Delighted Heart(who helps me keep the faith)
  6. The Veranda(who never fails to make me laugh)
  7. Mlle. Magpie(who I want to be when I grow up)
  8. Bella Shabby(who has been a follower since the start and is always there for me-ALWAYS)

Thank you ladies for making this tiny acorn a mighty oak (or at least a shrub)! Thank you Malisa for giving me such a beautiful award.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blessings From Bella

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday FYI

I've got several things on my mind to talk about this morning, so I'm just going to jump right into it. I just don't see any point in dawdling! First up is the lovely Moroccan prize I won from Maison Douce! Don't you just love what she sent? I know I do. I'm crazy for it all especially the bottle. Thank you Isabel for such a generous giveaway and for picking my name! Secondly, I want to give y'all a little update on our Bella. To say she is doing well would be an understatement. The Lord is truly blessing us every day with her growth. She is close to 2 lbs., if not at it after her weigh in last night(I would hate to think I had to get on the scales every night!), and is 13" long. How great is our God! Her Neo-Doctor(I cannot remember nor pronounce nor spell his actual title!) said she was his favorite patient. Absolutely no problems! He is actually in a little awe of this fact and told Jenn that he didn't know who she had praying for Bella, but to tell them to keep it was working! Little does he know, right? How amazing for a doctor to give the glory to God and not try to keep it for himself. The nurses pray over her and lift her up as well. I don't have any new photos to show because that hussy of a daughter of mine won't share. You'll just have to keep checking hers until I figure out how to photograph through Bella's glass castle. She is starting to put on little fat pads and I swear up and down, she's starting to look like her beautiful mother!
Thirdly(don't you just love to drive spellcheck crazy?), I wanted to run something by all of you who live in my area or anyone else for that matter. I'm thinking of having a barn sale here at the house sometime in May---a one day, down and dirty sale! My question is if I did, would any of y'all be interested in coming? It would mean a lot of work getting it organized...not to mention cleaning my house! Y'all know I have an aversion to any real work. In fact, I was thinking of calling it Miss Lazy S Sale because I'm too lazy to get off my S and work on this stuff! My projects could be your next bargain. I told Cat Daddy I wanted the barn, lean-to, iron pile, and flat bed trailer empty and that I was going to mark things dirt cheap and if he didn't like it, he just needed to be somewhere else when I did it! That's telling him, right? I think we could really have some fun with this...but a party of one just ain't no party.
So y'all think about it, tell me what you think, what day you think would be good and get back to me. Okay?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Adios Taco Bell

How sad is this....DUST on my pots and pans!!!!! I don't know who to feel sorrier for....Me or Cat Daddy!
Guess I better do something about that....after I get back from seeing BELLA!!!!
P.S. Did you happen to see my post at The French Cupboard? Maybe that's why my oven is only used at Christmas!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

PSST! Just Between You And Me...

OK, before we get started with all the 411 I am going to drop on y'all, here is a little more information about Punkie's Place. Now on with the show!I know y'all have all been reading the great posts about the Warrenton/Round Top shows and it is just driving you all crazy to get out and do some shopping of your know, instead of just reading about it! So, I am going to give y'all plenty of options for the next two weekends. Am I a friend or what? I'm only doing this for you and you alone because you know you are my favorite. First, if you feel the need for a long drive(or not, depending on where you live) a place I love to go shop is in Wichita Kansas at the MidAmerica Flea Market. It's only on Sunday, the 18th, but OH MY!!! We go in around 5:30 am with the vendors and start buying. Don't think, just buy! If you walk away to think about it when you come back, it will be g-o-n-e! Poof! Just like that! We are usually loaded about 8:30 am with all the trailer will hold and back on the road to Dallas by 9:00am. It's down and dirty, but SO worth it! Oh and before I forget, a lot of the antique malls stay open late on Saturday for shoppers in town for the market! How cool is that? Buchanan's Antique Market will be this weekend as well at Fair Park in Dallas. Another great market for smalls and fluff. If you go, be sure to stop and say hello to June for me. She will be set up to your right as you first come in...the pretty blond lady with all the gorgeous merchandise. You can't miss her as she will be wearing a smile!
City View Antiques will participating in a street sale next weekend, April 25th. A lot of the shops and stores on Industrial get the sidewalk loaded up with all sorts of bargains. We have set up in the past, but won't be this year...too many commitments. Richard is in City View and the above photo is of his space. I don't know if he will be a participant for those wanting to see him in person, but if not, the bargains to be had will make up for it! Mark that date on your day planner!
There is a great selection of antiques within the mall as well. Most or all of the dealers there will be offering discounts during the sidewalk sale. I know Abby will be working, so tell her I sent you!
Bright Star is an auction house in Sulphur Springs that is a cut above any auction I have ever been fact, it is the only auction I WILL go to! The merchandise is just some of the best I have ever seen and the primitives are unbelievable. They will be having one this weekend on the 18th beginning at 8:00am for the barn and 10:00am for the catalogue. If you plan on attending, it is a good idea to call or e-mail ahead to try and reserve a seat. Be quick, they fill up fast. Otherwise you will be like me at the last one I attended. Cat Daddy and I stood in the back for 4 hours holding up various pieces of furniture! But it was so worth it! Now don't get me wrong...this is not a junk auction and be prepared to write a check, but the quality is just amazing. If you are wanting to step up your style a little bit, this is the place to start. Oh and the food!!! Pecan pie and chicken salad to die for.
If you are in the mood for a little more digging and a little less standing, then have I got the venue for you. Head on over to Cleburne for the semi-annual 25 mile Antique Alley yard sale. Talk about fun! Garage sales as far as the eye can drive! We go straight to Whipporwill Hill Farms for our main buying. Do y'all remember that wonderful ginormous movie reel we bought? Well, that's where we found it! If you click onto their site, you'll see a link that will take you to the post I did about our buying adventure there. It is set up as a market and you can find just about everything there. After you load up your truck, just start down the highway and pull off where you see a garage sale sign. It starts Friday April 17.
The Red Shed girls are also having their Saturday Sale on the 18th. You've seen the pictures, you've heard the talk, now hop into your trucks and head on over there for some beautiful finds! These girls go everywhere to find the best merchandise just for you. Why deny yourself the pleasure of purchasing something special for your home that is ready to just be put in place?
OK y'all, no excuses not to go shop. When I log on Monday morning I want to see photographs of all the great stuff you found and that's an order!
Oh, and if you are in the need of a little Bella fix, Jenn has done an update for y'all on her blog, The Apiary. Take a look at the new photos of our blessing from God!

Monday, April 13, 2009

You Can Party, But You Can't Party Here

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. I know my family and I did. What started out as a miserable morning with thunderstorms ended up a beautiful afternoon. I'm wrapping up my Warrenton trip with this post. I'm ready to start getting into spring...Cat Daddy is ready to start buying! In fact, he wasn't home a day until he was dragging home treasures. I'll show some of these in upcoming posts but for now, here are the last of my spring show photos.One last shot of the magic disappearing box before it is abracadabra-POOF!-put away until the fall.
Thursday night is not only prom night, but it is also Bellini's and Bargains Twilight Shopping. At Zapp, all the dealers stay open until 8:00 p.m. Cheryl and the gang serve bellinis and appetizers to any and all shoppers. Here the line is forming and it will stretch almost to the road. There is a band playing in the Beer Garden and Lissie is serving champagne and mimosas in the Bubble Lounge. It really is a fun night and we didn't get to leave this year until after ll:30 p.m! As long as we have one person wanting to shop, we stay and this year was no exception. In spite of the winds beating all of us and our tents up(two places you don't want to be in 40 m.p.h. winds is under a tent or in a porta-potty!) everyone was in a really great mood.
Cat Daddy took this photo. Now this girl shows true dedication to the art of junking!!!
Remember the cute pink trailer I used for my prom pictures backdrop. Well, Peggy is the owner and this is her tent. She brings the most gorgeous stuff you have ever seen and layers it on just like whipped cream. Before you ask, the sofa sold! I saw it going across the field to a waiting truck.
Cheryl and Karen are our show's promoters and do a Fab U Lous job keeping the inmates in check! That's Mel with baby Witt in the stroller in the background. Witt and his family are a testament to the power of prayer and faith. If you would like to read more about him go here. You will be so blessed when you do.
I think I took this photo when Mindy was checking into getting a space in the fall. Am I right, Mindy?
My very, very, VERY favorite dealer at Zapp Hall....Richard!!! He and his mother(who didn't get to come this year) have the corner tent next to the main road. Everybody and I do mean everybody, just loves him and with good reason. He has the greatest attitude, never steps on anyone and could sell ice to an Eskimo. While the rest of us might be twiddling our thumbs, he will be wheelin' and dealin'.
Richard works hard at this business and it shows. He also has a space at City View Antique Mall in Dallas if you are ever in the Design District.
Theresa did a wonderful post on Punkie's and I thought I would show just a few more photos of Diane's show. I love how Sue at VRS said it was very Lauper-esque! Truer words were never written. It is just a blast of color and groovy merchandise. Diane is also in the process of getting a web site up and going and just as soon she does, I'll let y'all in on the 411.
Aren't you just crazy for this tiki taki bar? This would just be tutu much fun by a pool. Check out the Collins Of Texas handbags. The gals do a wonderful job of mixing vintage with new finds that have an old feel. You can't help but feel happy while looking around. For those of us that are children of the 60's, it's hard to believe that if we had just held onto some of this stuff the money we could be making now! Who Knew? Oh well, you can't keep everything although I do my part to be a keeper of the crap! I do still have in my possession a 4' long black light that works!
I'll close by showing you one of the chairs (I bought a pair) that I got while at Punkie's. Nell had these in her area and Cat Daddy and I just fell in love with them. Real hide of the naugha....Could you just die? If you'd like to see Punkie as she was unavailable for photo ops the night we dropped by, go here to take a peek! And that, my friends, wraps up Warrenton. As the sun sinks in the west, we bid a fond farewell until the fall.
A quick add on to let y'all know about a giveaway. Janet of Rubbish has started a new website called Sweet Talk and because they are such great friends, the M & M's are holding a giveaway to help promote it, so get on over there and tell Marcie I sent you!