Thursday, April 29, 2010

Feel Free To Swing Along!

She's such a little swinger...just like her Pop and speaking of swinging...

I'd like to announce our Headmistress of Winnie & Tulula's has given the go ahead to one swinging event coming up June 5th.

I'll be back to give y'all all the 411, but for right now, this has to be down and dirty. The wind outside is wrecking havoc with our power and I could be in the dark (as if I'm not already!) at any given moment!

Did y'all know one of the definitions for havoc is disorder. Now pay close attention 'cause I'm about to be mighty clever...Gloria (with help from Liz and Fran) has decided the name for our Anniversary/Birthday Bash/Sidewalk Sale will be...drum roll please...

The first, but certainly not the last, Junk And Disorderly Sale!

(How's that for a slick segue?)
Consider this your formal invitation from the party of the first part (that would be me) to the party of the second part (that would be y'all) to come join in the party of used parts (read that as antiques) and be part of the fun! Now who wants to be a party girl/boy? Show me your junk!

(In case anyone was wondering about my "now you see it, now you don't" post earlier...I had a blond moment and pulled the trigger on publish just a tad too fast. Just wanted to see if y'all were paying attention!)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Stray Cat Strut

The King of Beer and I set out for the open road this past weekend...actually we went down to Warrenton to pick up the trailer, but it sounds like more fun if I say we went junking! Happily, we made the trip without any flat tires or incidents!While on the road, we did do some buying, but I'll get to that later....first I want to share a few upcoming events I think y'all will enjoy. It's that time of year again for Portia and Gina (of Country Garden fame) to have their Garden Party show. Last year if y'all remember, they got hit with ark building rainstorms, but did this stop our feckless duo...No-o-o...and it won't this year. The fete begins Thursday evening, May 6th from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. The girls will be back at it Friday morning, opening at 10:00 a.m. and closing at 3 p.m. If you are wise, you'll be there Thursday evening. These ladies come up with some of the chicest stuff ever. I know y'all have seen photos of Gina and Alan's tent at Zapp and the shop in Dallas...2die4! Portia is very well known for having quite the discerning eye when it comes to buying....just ask anyone! If you're looking for different and dramatic...make plans to attend now! Oops...before I forget...the address is 4224 Allen Crest in Dallas. Kinda hard for y'all to make plans if you don't know where it is now isn't it? Before you head over to Gina's that evening...howsa 'bout a trip to Tyler to the first ever H E A P Show? What's a H E A P Show you ask? Well, I'll just tell you. Four of the most talented women in East Texas have gotten together and are going to be holding what is soon to be the most talked about event. Jana, Stephanie, Terrie, and Mo are combining their unique styles to create a "must shop" extravaganza! Talk about a "heap" of talent...kiddies, you have no idea! It will be May 6-8 at 302 E. Locust in downtown Tyler. The hours will be 9am-6pm. For more information, go talk to Janet. She just happens to have all the insider information. (Do you think that's because she and Mo are sisters?) When you drop by Janet' sure to wish her and Mama Peg a belated Happy Birthday.
Let's hit the road again...what do you say? On our way home from Zapp, we stopped and did some shopping and I found a lot of wonderful smalls! Now keep in mind, when I say smalls, I really mean bigs. My idea of smalls are not really small...generally about four of the kind I like to find will fill a tub and I haven't found this many in one place in a long time! Yea for me!

We stopped in wacky Waco at Bloom and Bee Swanky and looky, looky! I bought this garden you not just love the color? I'm tempted to keep this least for a little while. Ssssh! Don't tell Cat Daddy! Amy's shop is beautiful, but once again I left my camera at home. Never fear...just pop on over to Sweet T's...she was a guest vendor and just happens to have photos of the shop!
There is just no way to duplicate a finish like that! Very Jackson Pollock...wouldn't you agree?
I think it is time for a pop quiz...are you ready? You know, it's getting close to the one year anniversary of the opening of Winnie and Tulula's (I KNOW...time and money sure do have a way of disappearing!) and Gloria was trying to think of something spectacular to do to celebrate. One of her clever ideas was a sidewalk sale. She mentioned it to us Tulula Heads and I thought I would mention it to y'all. What do you think? Tell me...would you like to come to a "pounding the pavement" sale? What if margaritas were involved...then would you want to come "walk on the wild side" of Athens, Texas? What if there were sales going on inside as well...would you come to "where the sidewalk ends"? What if we offered cookies or better yet...chocolate...would you make plans for "chasing pavement" then? Tell me...inquiring minds want to know. Our anniversary is in June, so talk to me people....I'm all ears...and mouth!
(I gotta tell y'all...I am chasing squirrels all over the place with this post!)

I know y'all remember me telling you about the Gresham Barn Sale....well, for those of you who didn't the words of Julia Roberts..."Big mistake. Big. Huge!". I warned y'all...check out the dress forms I got in "His" and "Hers" versions. I am one happy, chubby lady with these two purchases!
His stand adjusts up and down. Now who wouldn't want to see a male pole dancer for a change of pace?
That same week, we went to Bright Star and we got this wonderful green, chippy trim. It's 11' long and I know it has a fancy-schmancy name, but for now, whatever the term is eludes me!
We also got this Fab U Lous iron bed. This baby will be going to W&T's PDQ! In fact, I'll be totally redoing my spot in the next few weeks.
Now how on earth do you suppose this photo got mixed in with a post on shopping and junk? Just keeping it real, folks!

I've got to get back to my rat killing, but in the meantime, let me (and Gloria) know what you think about a sidewalk sale!

The phone lines are now open!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


~It's spring fever...You don't know what it is you Do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!~Mark TwainI know I have been missing in action for over a week now, but before y'all start playing "Where In The World Is Debo?", I promise you up and down...I have a legitimate excuse.

Is there a doctor in the house...I mean besides D.R. York (AKA Cat Daddy)? I got a raging case of spring fever with alternating hot and cold chills! One minute I can't wait to start a project...the next...I am so lackadaisical I have to check with a mirror to make sure I'm still breathing! It's not like I have been totally useless. I've been babysitting (Jenn went back to work last week), I've been shopping. In fact, take a look at this fab pot rack we got last week! Now this is my idea of smalls!
2die4, right?, playing with Bella, resting up from the Mother Ship...these are a few of my favorite things! The thing is though, I am so ready to start nesting. That's what springtime does to me. I want to paint something...rearrange...fluff! Problem is I think my get-up-and-go has got-up-and-left!

My confederate jasmine is just on the brink of bursting into bloom with what can only be described as the most heavenly of scents. I on the other hand, stand on the brink of ferklempt. I feel as if I've been put in a round room and told to go stand in a corner.
I got my leaf blower ready and waiting, even if it is in the copper tub. See...there's a method to my madness...I know just where I left it...when I get ready to actually use it!
(Psst...wait until you see some of the other stuff we have found since coming home!)

Thank goodness for friends in high places! Amy at Whisperwood Cottage has proffered a challenge that just may be the kick in the pants I need! I'm not one to do a lot of DIY projects. Truth be known...I thought DIY meant "Dinner In Yonder"! In fact, my idea of DIYing is writing the check to hire someone to do it for me, but I think I'm going to try my hand at this least once...and hopefully won't glue said hand to my forehead! Worst case scenario...y'all laugh at me? UHHH...what's new? So I'm challenging y'all as well. Go to Amy's...check out all the 411 and feel free to show me up!
Now I'm off to look for my Gorilla Glue. Well isn't that just great...did I leave it in the tub too?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Out Takes From An Outhouse

If my Nana thinks she's the queen and my Pop, king...I guess through the simple process of elimination...that makes me a princess.I was born to sit on the lap of luxury... or even upon the throne!
It's great to be part of a Royal Flush!

(Thanks Auntie Patsy for the pix!)


Bella D'Ball

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cat In The Hat!

Even better to be the king!Thanks Maggie for the crown and Patsy for the photo.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back To Basics

Just a reminder that Jodi and the gang will be holding their barn sale this coming week. The preview party will be Wednesday the 14th from 5pm-8pm. There will be a small admittance fee, but this will be donated to the Rockin' C Ranch. I heartily recommend you attend the preview party to get first chance at all the wonderful things they have been gathering. I always bring home something fab and sell it just about as fast. I don't want to hear any cry babies saying "I forgot" when Moi gets all the good deals! Go here to get all the details including a new book that is hot off the presses.I want to thank all of you for your concern over my back and for all the remedies y'all suggested. After a consult with Dr. Malissa, I made a trip to my cabinets of curiosities (both liquor and medicine) and came up with a concoction that fixed me up lickety split or at least made me sleep better! Honestly...everything seems to be working fine now. I just needed a few hot baths and more than one good night's sleep to get my attitude adjusted! One of the best things (or maybe THE best thing) about going out of town is coming home. I always clean house before leaving for an extended stay and it's such a welcome sight when I open the front door. Going to the post office, picking up the mail and seeing packages tucked in with the bills is another welcoming sight. I had won a giveaway and a caption contest prior to setting sail for the Mother Ship and my prizes arrived while we were away.
Tricia at the Domestic Fringe had wrapped up chocolate and sent it to me. I almost hated to unwrap it...almost! Everything was packaged so pretty, but good was chocolate...I had to open it. I'm ashamed to show y'all the empty packages...the Symphony didn't even last a day! I think that may be what cured my aching back!
Then the sweet ladies at Annie, Fannie and Abigail sent me a tiara! Can you picture it? Me flouncing around...doing laundry...eating chocolate...all while wearing a crown?
It's great to be the Queen!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Stars At Night!

I'm sorry that my posts have been so sporadic. It seems my lower back thinks my lower front is having a baby! I kid you feels just like labor pains. I guess I lifted one too many bales and toted one barge over my limit. Ah the life of a junker! Anyway...I promised celebrity pix and I've got a couple for you this morning.How about one of Cat Daddy in his signature pose? Do you remember your mamas telling you not to make a certain expression or your face would freeze like that? Obviously he didn't listen 'cause this IS his happy face! I swear...the man is beginning to believe his own press releases and y'all aren't helping matters much. If I had to hear one more woman squealing "Cat Daddy" (yes, I'm talking to you Laurie) I think I would have dropped him off at the nearest animal shelter. Sheesh! He thinks he's cuter than me...AS IF! Speaking of this not a hoot and a half? I would love to take credit for the design...but alas and alack...I can't. Well, I could, but I know I'd get called out for it if I I have to give credit where credit is due. Maggie and Lily were having a little too much fun (read that wine) in their tent the day of the blog party and whipped this out just for moi! Isn't it just 2die4? I don't know if they thought I would actually wear it or not, but strings were added and yes people...I wore it to the blog party as a name tag. I have no shame. I really wanted to win Robelyn's Red.Neck Chic handbag in the worst way and I would have done just about anything (including stuffing the ballot box) to do so. I mean really...have y'all seen her handbags? You'd be doing whatever to win one too! Remind me to show y'all my Trash Bag that she made...OhMylanta!
Jodie took pity on me and upped my chances of winning by crafting this beauty in her motel room the night before. I KNOW! Who carries around stuff to make something this spectacular in a moment's notice? Not I for dern sure Skippy! She's a true Girl Scout...always prepared! Or maybe she's SuperGirl...faster than a speeding U-Haul...more powerful than a hot wax to make a name tag from nothing! Look! At the Holiday's a's an it's Jodie of Everything Vintage!

If I haven't mentioned it before...I love Jodie. This was my first time to meet her face to face and all I can say is she is something else! When you read her posts, you are seeing her. There are no airs or pretences about her. It's all genuine and I adore her. In fact, I love all the young women out there who visit. I don't know if y'all know this, but y'all sure help keep this old lady feeling young! I wish I could bottle each and every one of you up and sell you as the Fountain Of Youth. I could be a cajillionaire overnight!
Sadly, in spite of all our best efforts including, but not limited to, me making a fool out of myself...I did not win! I tell you I was robbed! I coulda been a contender if TOT hadn't out done me! I'm not suggesting it did...but I wonder if money or cool pieces of junk were slipped under the table.

I thought y'all would enjoy seeing that it's not all about the work at the Mother Ship. We go to have a good time as well and the blog party was just that...a great time! Thanks Theresa! nWhile there were stars walking among us (Miranda for one), my surprise celebrity was none other than the Baby Trashette herself. I hadn't mentioned that she and Jenn might be coming and everyone was caught off guard. She attended the Junk Gypsy's prom (sort of) resplendent in her very own tutu and baby bling. Notice that my baby is teething on prisms. What does this tell you that the future holds for her!

She held court in our tent until bedtime called. We were a little worried about how she would react to the crowd and noise, but not to worry. This baby is a diva in training. She smiled and showed her dimples to one and all. See why you never want to leave early? Never know what or who you'll miss!

There were so many flashbulbs going off and it didn't faze her at all. She considered it her due! By the by, if any of y'all have photos of her I'd love to see them. Drop me a line or feel free to post them.

(Photo courtesy of Sue-Vintage Rescue Squad)
For now though, I've got to go put a heating pad on my poor back and see if I can get the hitch outta my gitalong!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Breaking My Silence

We're back!

Can y'all believe flat tires! I KNOW!!! I'll be filling y'all in on all the dirt (literally) of our show later.

My main priority on coming back home was seeing my Graycie. As I told y'all before we left, she broke her arm just above the wrist....what I didn't get to tell you was that she had to be put under Friday morning to reset the break. The orthopedic doctor was not at all pleased with the setting done in the E.R. I was a basket case. Cat Daddy and I tried to figure out a way for me to stay in Dallas until after the reset, but we couldn't work out a way to get me from the Austin airport to the fields of I had a nail biter of a morning that Friday until I got the "all clear" phone call from the Oldest Melon Head.

Every girl needs a pink cast to accessorize her Easter ensemble, don't you think?

Oh to be seven again! She was bouncing around Sunday like she didn't have a care in the world. Not like her Nana who was whining about all her bruises and aching muscles from the show! I always manage somehow to get so beat up at this show. In the battle of woman against junk...junk always triumphs!

As I said earlier, I'll be giving y'all all the 411 about our show and trip. For now, let's just say it was a real comedy of errors. Just let me get clean underwear, the dirt out of my teeth, hopefully a comb through my tangled hair and I'll be back. In the meantime, I see where a lot of folks have already been posting about the Circus of the go...mingle...and I'll be back toot sweet!

HINT: Grayzilla isn't the only one who got to see celebs!