Friday, October 31, 2008

Talking Heads Or On A Clear Day You Can See Forever

There is nothing wrong with your monitor. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission.
We can roll the image or make it flat.
We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. For the next however long it takes you to read this post, sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear. We repeat, there is nothing wrong with your computer.
You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to the stretched to the limit.
Welcome to Madame C'allnoall's. Step in and see what the future holds for you. Do not be afraid-no harm will come to you.
Madame C'allnoall asks that you take a seat and be very quiet as she looks ahead at what is to come.
Using all the latest technology available today she will, with the aid of her less than able-bodied assistant, peer into her crystal ball.
She feels as if it's working already. So much is coming through, she scarcely knows where to begin.
To be double sure of what she is about to impart to you, she must do further research using the tea leaves. Will that be one lump or two?
Sometimes one just loses one's head when looking ahead. But her hands are tied. She can't stop now. Not when the truth is so close.
Yes, she sees it all clearly now. You will have many unexpected, strangely garbed visitors tonight. Be ready! She sees something sweet in the future for you as well. What? A tall, dark, handsome stranger will darken your doorstep as well. Oh no, that one's for me-sorry! Expect to hear the ringing of bells tonight as well. Perhaps a shopping trip for she sees bags and sacks galore. And then, it's over.
Madame is very tired now. She will be retiring to her boudoir to rest. She hopes you give her reading a thumbs up and please feel free to leave a little something in appreciation.
We now restore you to your regular program and say "HAPPY HALLOWEEN!"

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick, No Treat!

Oh my goodness, it's Trash Day and I don't have anything ready. I'll try to have something up this evening, but time is getting away from me. If I don't post today, I'll be sure to do something extra special next Thursday. In the meantime, thank you for all the sweet comments left for Baby Witt. Please be sure to continue to visit their blog and keep them in your hearts.

Monday, October 27, 2008


This isn't going to be one of my silly, useless posts. I'm sitting at my keyboard, tears streaming down my face, not from sadness but from awe at the strength of families. I received an e-mail this morning from Cheryl who is the promoter of the Zapp Hall Antique Show. I like to call her my little boss, but I also treasure her as a friend. As I've said before, going to Zapp is like going to a family reunion twice a year. These folks are mine and Cat Daddy's extended family. In her e-mail she announced the arrival of her new greatnephew, Witt Harris Lupher. His proud parents are Mel and Austan Lupher. Witt was born with Edwards Syndrome(Trisomy 18). Their family has started a blog to journal Witt's progress. I am encouraging everyone I know to click onto Witt's button at the top of my blog and read an awe inspiring diary of a family bonded by God and love. Prayers are asked for and prayers will be received. Cheryl and Karen and their entire family are such a testament, that all who visit there will leave blessed. Thank you for taking the time to read this today and while I am not a novelist and sometimes have trouble saying the right words, I hope they and you understand what I am trying to say today. I'm going to close this now because I think I need to call my sister just to say I love you- maybe my kids and husband, too. Debbie

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Trash Day Thursday-Clearing Out The Cobwebs

Good evening my pretties. I have been commissioned by the fabulous Marie Laveau, who upon cleaning out her broom closet in preparation for the 31st, discovered many items no longer needed for her trade. She chose me to help in the disposal of these items and I happily agreed as I really like living as a person and not as a statue.
In keeping with the spirits, I meant spirit, of the month, I now offer these items for you to peruse.
As you can see, there are several items available and I will briefly describe them to you. Most of these items have been gently used for the last 200 years or so. I don't know the age of all. I adhere to a strict "don't ask, don't tell" policy. When you are dealing with someone like Marie, it's just best not to ask a lady her age.
How about a feather to tickle your fancy or whatever you call him. Spellbinding isn't it?
Here we have a trio of brushes given to Marie by her husband, Handsome Jack on their wedding night. Sadly, he disappeared into the swamp never to be seen again. I've heard Marie spends her down time in and around New Orleans, perhaps looking for a toad. The tiny notebook and pen was used to jot down recipes for all sorts of concoctions.
Speaking of swamps, isn't this a lovely botanical. Her shoes were only worn for dancing around a glowing cauldron on special occasions. The trio of silhouettes are not of former suitors, but are bridge scorecards. She never could get a fourth in bridge to materialize. Wouldn't they be perfect for art projects?
The pressed glass decanter is empty and ready for you to fill with your favorite libation. Marie is known to boo-ze(couldn't resist that one) it up from time to time. The bracelet is just a pretty, jingly thing to forewarn others of Marie's arrival, just in case one might want to disappear on their own volition. You know, like belling the cat only this is belling the old bat.
Now we all know what a beaker is, right? Marie was known for making a mean Zombie(thanks Lily of the Junk Palace). Inside the beaker are glass magic wands of varying sizes. Psst! They're really glass towel holders, just don't tell Marie. She never understood why she couldn't get them to work. But they work wonderfully as stirrers.
Why do all the hands on clocks point to midnight? Oh right-the witching hour.
Here is a souvenir of some of Marie's earlier work. Unfortunately, this customer was left speechless.
Just between you and I, Marie really creeps me out. I am getting quite anxious to finish this post and get out. Right now she is in a good mood, but that could change and to that end, so could I.
This happy couple were the recipients of Marie's infamous Love Potion #9. How does that old saying go, "the proof is in the pudding"? That was some Jello love.
Here we have a quill pen, inkwell and a ledger Marie kept of her debtors. Just glancing through it, I see a lot of outstanding balances. I don't want to be around when she starts collecting. Please purchase something to help put her in the black. I don't want to say my life depends on it, but if you don't hear from me, check the swamps first. And remember- when you speak of me, and you will, speak kindly.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shake Dem Bones

Good evening, my friends. You may call me Red Skeleton. I see by the clock the cocktail hour is upon us. I'm quite sure a cold one is now in order after a rather trying day at work, unless of course you work the graveyard shift.
I will be more than happy to shake one up for you. Don't worry about drinking and flying, I've got your back, backbone that is. Come to think of it, I also have your thighbone, legbone, jawbone, etc. etc. As you can see, there are no skeletons in my closet. They're all out in the open for all to see, warts and all. I kill myself sometimes.
In case you were wondering, I can also do a mean Shirley Temple. On the good ship, lollipop! That's quite enough of that. What will it be? Don't be shy. Name your poison. I personally prefer a very dry, very cold, dirty martini. So cold, it chills you to the bones.
I must warn you, though, I do make a very dirty martini. In fact, you could say they are down right swampy, guaranteed to put you on the ground or in the ground, whichever you prefer.
So what do you say? I say, here's looking at you kid. Or better yet, here's mud in your eye. I've got a million of 'em.

Monday, October 20, 2008

A Fly By Shoot-Photo That Is

In keeping with all the fun that is going on this month, I thought y'all would enjoy seeing pictures of Fran and Liz's front porch last year. In case you don't remember them or are a first time visitor to my blog, I did a couple of posts of their fantastic home in Terrell. The titles of those posts were The in case you'd like to go back and take a look. These ladies really know how to stop traffic. There are constant drive-bys to see what they are doing to that porch.
You have got to wonder how many hobgoblins have the nerve to actually ring their doorbell.
Seems someone may have just lost her head over all the excitement! No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. That is a baby grand on the porch albeit a faux one. They have 2 really good friends who will build just about anything they ask for.
I don't go to this much trouble for the inside of my home, much less the outside. They have recently purchased another home and it will be interesting to see what they do with that one.
I just love how they used an old perm, whatchacallit to make a torture device. Oh wait, getting a perm is torture. Anyway, I thought you'd enjoy seeing how far imagination can take you during the month of October.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Its Party Time!

It's not too late-Hitch up a broom, tighten up your bustier, brush the cobwebs off and get ready to attend a Halloween Extravaganza. Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist is hosting a blow out of a party where Anything Goes. Over 200 blogs are partying with food, music, giveaways and all sorts of fun.
I'm already about 2 martinis ahead, so I suggest you roll those stockings down and get started. It looks like this will be the party to see and be seen at. I am already wearing a pumpkin on my head.
I'll be performing tricks, I mean serving treats, later. I've got the Count's special vodka in the freezer chilling, so stop by later for croaktails.
Just click onto the icon on the left and get ready to have a spooktacular time. I have plenty of ghost stories to share including the previous post. Have fun!

Friday, October 17, 2008

My Crack Head Baby

"Step into my parlor" said the spider to the fly. Come with me as I introduce you to my take on crack head babies.Please allow me to present Miss Addiree Helena Seville. It appears we may have arrived just as she's preparing to depart. Permanently!
I think we may have stumbled onto a recent crime scene. There appears to be a clue hidden in the mirror and on the table. Look, a missing candle. Perhaps her husband Mr. Seville, the local barber, has done a dastardly deed and disappeared into the night with only a lit candle to find his way through the fog.
Her neck appears to be damaged and could that be traces of absinthe or arsenic in the glass. It is the witching hour and what was she thinking going out at this late hour. Perhaps to meet a lover?
We may never know, but let us step out quietly and leave her to rest in peace.
Just a little Halloween ghost story. Addiree wouldn't be caught dead with that clown.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trash Day Thursday Spooktacular

I've been playing around with my dining room table trying to get a scary look for Halloween, but so far it's just not happening. I can't even call it goth, it's more like-oh I just don't know where I'm going with this. I'm feeling as off-kilter as this photo. But when I was placing things around, I thought, I could sell some of this stuff and never miss it. So-o-o-o
I'm open for suggestions on ways to amp this up. And while I pick your brains, feel free to pick around my table. The bustier is not for sale. That was my souvenir from Ms. T and I refuse to sell gifts, even ones I can't fit into.
I was kind of going for the Lady of White Rock Lake look, but it just isn't spooky enough. She's an urban legend in Dallas, but I swear Cat Daddy and I saw her one New Year's eve. Whoops, the old ADD kicked in again. Sorry!
There is a pair of these ginormous urns and believe it or not, they are light. They will probably go from here to having Christmas trees in them. The cute owls I purchased at Laurie Anna's. You can just barely make out the beaker in the background. I think I'll take that off and place it in the laboratory I'm working on.
Maybe I should layer in some old scrim or spider webs and books. That's a great cigar box and don't you just love her dead orchid corsage? The Merlot is Expose'. Hey, that gives me an idea! Maybe I will add books and go for a whodunit look. Yeah, I think I like that. Very Agatha Christie. Maybe even like the game, Clue or the National Inquirer. Now we're cooking!
See, I knew if I talked it out through y'all, I could figure out a way to put it over the top. But I'm still open for help. I never refuse help or advice, especially when I'm CLUEless.(Get It?)
I changed it up a little here, but I think I'm going to put the tarnished silver back on the table. In fact, I think I'll add even more. Maybe a meat dome for a weapon. Those wine glasses are just fun and I couldn't pass them up. They are a little tacky, but so am I. Maybe something else under the domes(which are for sale) for a little more impact.
OK, stick a fork in me, I'm done. Until next time, you know the drill.