Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Magic Time Machine

Remember me? My name is Punkie. Debbie introduced us a few posts back and I'd like to take you around my new show this year at Warrenton. I'm just over the r-o-o-o-f that I get to show you my doghouse, I mean show tent.
Welcome to Punkie's. I keep trying to get these darn pink birds to play chase with me, but no go. How do you like my trees in the back? That's some pink bark, huh?
This is my pet person, Diane with my really good friend Nell. They, along with Donna, did most of the leg work. My job was just to be cute. I do this really, really well.
I'm not really sure why this man is wearing a tutu. Diane said something about him getting in touch with his feminine side. I think he looks a little ruff myself.
Debbie gave Nell this cute chip'ndip bowl. I thought it was for me. You know, water in the middle and food on the outside. Oh well, it's still grr-eat. Follow me, I'll take you to the pup tent now, where you can unleash yourself and scratch that shopping itch.
My ladies are really into mid-century modern and retro. I think they may have collared the market. Is that what is called a tiki-taki bar? I don't know a lot about bars, except maybe the ones on my kennel. I once knew a St. Bernard who had a whiskey barrel around his neck. But if I was going to drink, it would just have to be champagne. I'm french, you know.
That's my dressing room. Diane likes to change my costumes often, but I'll let you borrow it if you promise to bring it back. TEE HEE! I'm so funny I make myself laugh. But really, if you see something you'd like to try on, feel free to do so. I won't peek.
I hope this isn't a long lost relative. He sure has lots of coats for grooming. It's just like a flea ring circus around here and I ain't woofing.
This is just like living in a fun house. I'll be so sorry for the show to come to an end. I love all the bright colors, vintage clothes, groovy furniture and people petting me. A girl loves to hear how pretty she is and to know she is pupular.
That's my friend Donna on the right and my psychedelic friend, Heidi on the left, I think. I have a hard time telling my left paw from my right paw or maybe that's south paw. Anyway, my Diane worked really hard with Donna, Nell and Cathy to make this show a success. But between you and me, they just couldn't have done it without me. I really dig making the hippie scene.
Hippie chick Donna said her dogs were barking at the end of the day. Do you think that was aimed at me? I wasn't making a sound. How do you like tripping back in time. Wasn't it fun? Wait until the spring and see what I have planned. It'll be a hoot, I mean a howl!
Well, I thank you for stopping by and I really do appreciate it, but I'm just so doggone dog-tired, I think I need a little catnap. Oh, I can't believe I said that. You know I meant a puppy break.


Mindy said...

You have out dogged yourself on this one! I was woofing on the floor! Is that a real man in the tutu? Love the pics. Lots of cool things to take in.

The Texas Woman said...

Love the shot with the deer head and his fur coats! And that "man" has better legs than I do!

Now I need to go back and look at the pictures again to examine all the stuff in the backgrounds. You get a lot of good stuff into those photos.

The Texas Woman

Lauri Evans said...

OOOOOOOKAAAAAAAAAY. Have you been into the puppy treats?????
Seriously,where in the world was that great tent? I'm rolling over the dead head on the 'fur' rack. So many punny oppotunities. AND why didn't you disclose? I'll get your my pretty, and your little dog, too!
OX lulu-wicked-ham-of-the-south

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

This is one show I didn't get a chance to see. You'll have to point in their direction next Spring.

Anonymous said...

Andy & I stopped out there one evening. They had a fantastic booth! We had a great time visiting with them also. I loved those pink wooden awnings.

A Wild Thing said...

Now that was a guided tour...what fun stuff. I guess half the fun in going to the Texas show is 'no holds barred'...just have fun and shop till ya drop!


. said...

Love your photos! Thanks for the comment on my blog! Densie

kim said...

Loved the "tour" in pictues! We passed Punkeys several times on our way home late at night...looked like so much fun!
I have to say it was a real treat meeting you and your sister at Zapp. Thank you for sharing your great pictures though I must mention the absence of Cat Daddys smiling profile is somewhat unsettling.

ajunkqueen said...

You and T.C. are the best picture takers. I usually cut every ones head off. i guess it is the height I shoot from. It was good to meet you at the blogging party! I had a really good time hope to see you before the spring show.