Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hearing Voices While...Talking To Myself!

Hey Debbie...where you been lately...long time no see?

Glad you asked Trash. As Laurie would say I've been up to my armpits in alligators or better yet...leaves!

Leaves...whatcha mean in table extensions?

No in get your rake and get-after-it leaves!

Time to put a wrap on Halloween and start thinking Christmas.

Christmas...whatcha gonna do...skip Thanksgiving like all the department stores and my personal fave, Dollar Tree?

No Trash....great balls of fire, but you are starting to get on my last pinched nerve! That's why I haven't been around as much...been bizzy getting Winnie and Tulula's window yummy as a turkey on Thanksgiving day...complete with dressing!

Well I don't say?

I do say so fact, I've learned something new.

What's that...if you don't mind sharing...O Great One?

I'll tell you Trash...if you'll hang onto your britches for I've learned the only thing I dislike more than raking gluing 350+ of 'em to burlap!

It's a happy day when I can learn something new!


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Come As I Wasn't Ready Party

EEK is right! The time came for the devilishly, delightful Debra's VIF (featuring fun tablescapes) and I didn't stand a ghost of a chance having anything ready to post! (Note to self: F stands for Friday...Friday, self...not Saturday!) What's a body to do one might ponder other than offer up my Halloween decor of dust and cobwebs...OR...go back into my vault of Ghost Stories of Halloween Past. Delving into my bag o'tricks...these are what I pulled out!


It was fun going back and reading the comments. I had just started blogging when I did these posts and while I didn't get a lot of commenting, the ones who started with me...are still with me (for the most part)...bless their hearts!

I'm adding a link under each photo for those of you who are new friends hoo-hoo'd like to take a trip in the Way Back Machine to read my early installments. I hope they tickle your funny bones! Trash Day Spooktacular

I'm not lazy y'all...I'm just doing a lot of prep work for the November window and the upcoming Christmas Open House at W&T's....(plus, I may need a new witch-watch)! Stay tuned for more on that later!

Don't forget to go to the broom closet...pick out a ride...and fly off the handle to Debra's for more table top dancing...I mean 'scaping!

My Crack Head Baby

Talking Heads
Clearing Out Cobwebs
There is no rest for the wicked on Halloween...and I am the wickedest witch of the west!

A toast to Debra..."Bone Appetit"...and I'm off on my Hoover to Mindy's Open House!

Conjure me this...

Why do absent minded witches love Blogger?


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sinking Sensation

Beginning with the time Jenn was in the hospital and since Bella's birth, things have gotten a little shabby around the Casita de Trash and not in a chic way! To say things are looking a little seedy is a kind way of saying (in my best Bette Davis voice)..."What a dump!".My poor little garden house has taken quite a beating with the snowfall last winter and the hot, hot...did I mention hot...summer we are just now getting some relief from. (FYI...we have two seasons in this part of Texas...summer which lasts 48 weeks and winter claiming the remaining four!) Here's the deal pickle...I WANT party lights in my casa chiquita like Tracie...but something (Cat Daddy, family, leaves everywhere) is telling me I need a new roof first! First order of business...pull everything out and I do mean everything! Who hasn't heard the old saying "everything but the kitchen sink"?
Friends...I am here to tell ya, I got it covered...fresh outta the garden! Ummm...let's make that garden house!
Tell me lamp chops, where do you think it would look best...

my kitchen...

or yours?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Here A Trick...There A Trick...Everywhere A Trick Trick!

Thank y'all for all the encouraging words you left about my shade. With new found confidence (it sold the first day at W&T's!) and enough first aid gauze to wrap a mummy, I'm gonna be busy trying to make more. Keep your fingers crossed that I ain't no one-trick phony...I mean pony!Speaking of tricks...just a quick reminder of a couple of cute ones I know with great treats to scare...make that SCORE...from this weekend.

SweetT will be in the beautiful Hill Country doing the Accumulations show along with a ghost..le oops, le boo of equally talented vendors. Check here for all the 411! Can't drive that far? Then head on out I-30 to Royse City where Mindy, the Rust Rustler, will be ghosting...did it her much anticipated grand opening of The P! I'm pretty sure RobUhLyn will be on hand with her duct tape. In fact...I'm more than sure....I'm positively almost sure. Just like scorpions...these two travel as a pair and what a pair to draw to!
Just some fun places to visit instead of sitting, guarding the front porch from goblins armed with toilet paper!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Y'all Claw!

Y'all just thought Texans were bad about bragging....
~Beware the Jabberwock, my son!

The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!~

from Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shade-Y Deals At Sunny Acres

Well the jury is in. After reading all the great comments, the consensus is I must dress my lamp up in baby clothes, plop it in a stroller and take it shopping for a new hat! That's now on my ever growing "Ta-Da" list...thanks a Heap!

I learned Olive has a closet of nothing but lampshades (possible future party attire, Olive?) and that got me to thinking. Hmmm...think I'll take a look-see in the barn! Didn't find a shade for my particular lamp, but I did find a Squirrel one.
I tried my hand at what y'all do so effortlessly...creating! Waited for TPTB to fall asleep so he wouldn't catch me with the scissors and hot glue gun...listened for loud ZZZ's...then stealthily went to work. I found a wonderful tutorial on making rosettes HERE and while mine aren't as pretty as hers...I wasn't totally ashamed of my first foray into the world of Wah-lah!

In the interest of keeping it real...I only burned myself once and stuck my fingers twice. Not bad for a beginner, huh?

I learned a few other things from my previous post. Here they are in no particular order.

  1. RobUhLyn believes duct tape can mend everything except a plumber's crack or a broken promise...although I'd bet a dollar to a donut she'd try to put it on the former!

  2. If I'm ever on a scavenger hunt...I want Amy and Amy on my team. They can find something on anything for me!

  3. L.B. has a sure fire way to try on britches without having to actually get undressed thus escaping the dreaded dressing room mirror and lighting!

  4. Richard is worth every penny he commands as a top designer in Dallas!

  5. Beth is easily distracted by shiny objects (insert squirrel alert)! Speaking of squirrel's one. For those of you who inquired...Liz is the creator of the bling tree...certainly not me! I only wear as much of it as I can while still being able to raise my arms...or as Dolly says, "I'll leave no rhinestone unturned"!

  6. Thank you Tamarah for giving me the word drongo. Sounds so much nicer than throwed off!

  7. Margo is quite content to be ignored. Really?

  8. I have discovered Tracey's Achilles' Heel which makes me feel so much better about my own lack of abilities. I was beginning to develop a real inferiority complex! (Just who do I think I'm kidding here...besides me?)

Thanks for all the input, advice and funny answers. I guess I'll see if I can find something to dress the lamp in that doesn't clash with the silver while venturing out and looking akin to the village drongo with my lamp in tow! (BTW, can one wear silver with gold? Just checking!) Just hope when I make my doesn't make my lamp's bottom look too big!

Thank y'all again. You not only provided me with much needed help, but you were my inspiration for my post at Debra's VIF!

Ladies and gent...I tip my shade to you!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stuck On A Lamp Post

Need a little help here at the Casita de Trash, y'all. Before you say it or think it...I know...I need a whole lotta help!I recently purchased this mercury glass lamp from Fran and Liz and I am at a loss on what size shade I need. I tried googling for info, but after all the gobbledygook talk, I still didn't have a clue. (Sadly, running around clueless could be my theme song!) Measure this, subtract that, add in this...c'mon...I'm not building a rocket to the moon here....I just need the correct size for corn's sake! It measures a whopping 24" tall (not counting a harp which is another topic of discussion) and is 15" across at the widest spot. I know I want a drum shade and I'm waffling on color/pattern, but that's not my conundrum. (Get it...drum shade...conundrum? Ba-dum-dump tish!)
My dilemma is how the heck do you determine what size of a shade to get...short of carrying the darn thing around with me from store to store and trying shades on her like so many hats?

I'm a simple person who needs a simple answer.


This simple person has another simple question she'd like your input on. With the holidays fast approaching (can you believe it?), time is thin for me...which is the only thing thin about me! (Again...don't tell me...I know!) I'm curious as to which y'all prefer when you leave a comment. Would you rather I send you an e-mail response or leave a comment on your blog? I know many of you do both, but unfortunately I can't. Not saying my time is more important than way. Simply put...I'm older, slower and did I mention much slower! Be honest...if you prefer both...say so. I really do want to make sure you know how much I appreciate each and every comment left here!

Now...back to me!

If any of you have an easy solution, I would love to hear it and I would love to hear your takes on to harp or not to harp. Not that I'm saying y'all are contraire mes amies!
In the meantime while y'all are thinking on it, I'll be sitting here in the dark awaiting your answers, so please...HURRY!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

(Wo)Man VS Machine

~I've been on a calendar, but never on time~Marilyn Monroe

Ah Marilyn, you're singing my song...never, ever on time am I...or in tune. I had planned on joining Margo and Debra for their linky parties Friday, but couldn't find my way out of the mountain of Kleenex I've been living under. I apologize ladies and I promise to be front and center next week!

I had this great post all worked out too! I was going to use "The Time Machine" (which just happens to be one of my favorite books/movies) and tie Vintage Inspiration Friday to Industrial Chic. Clever, huh? You'd think so, but sadly time and a cold were my own worst enemies!

This drafting table isn't my enemy though. In fact, it's my new BFF! It's got rivets, style, a patinaed bronze frame with just a touch of rust...everything I love in a friend including a place for me to rest my weary bones.

This is as far as I got on my project and believe me...there is still plenty going on inside this noodle o'mine for the final look.

Scoot over Cat Daddy...this man-basket is my new love. (Somebody get me a St. Bernard and a Manhattan with a twist!) Tall, chunky, handy as heck...everything I love in a man AND I only have to tell it once what I want it to do starting with just stand there and look pretty!

No, this isn't a kick stand in case you were wondering or even training wheels! The stool is actually attached to the desk and swings down into place. How handy dandy is that? I'm telling y'all...back in the day, they thought of everything!

Sadly, I'll only get to live with these two for a few months, then they will be heading to the Greatest Show On Dirt to make someone else happy.

Time to punch the ol' time clock and wrap this up. I just want to remind everyone one last time about Margo's party. This is the first (but hopefully not the last) link party she has held and from what I've's been a great success!
One final tidbit before I clock out. I just heard from a reliable source that the mask has been pulled off the Lone Stranger! Oh My!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Purring Like A Cat With Kittens!

Just a little something to hold you until I get my linky post ready for tonight!The Big Cat's Pride..... and Joey!

Be back later.