Tuesday, September 30, 2008

With Friends Like This.........

Well, let's try this again. I posted earlier and everything crashed, including some of my photos. But, I'm like a hound dog with a bone and I refuse to give up. Now in case you're thinking Cat Daddy has been at my hormone pills, that ain't him. That is my baby sister, Kerri, driving Miss Lazy around this time. She and I left early and Cat Daddy came down later. She was a virgin junker as this was her first trip to Zapp, but in 3 short days, she came home a veteran. Get that girl a medal or at least a Lone Star(beer, that is). She may never speak to me again. Let's just say she has a whole new respect for what I do and how I do it. She's used to the corporate world, A/C, high heels and clean feet. I do have a lot to show y'all and I'll probably break it down to 3 posts since I get easily confused and tend to post pix twice. So what do you say we just get to it?
I don't think this beautiful lady needs any introduction except maybe to the uniformed, so for those of y'all unfamiliar with our world's Queen-meet Theresa Cano! She really is the hostess with the mostest. She held a wonderful blogger party and worked her fanny off in the Texas heat to make it a success. And yes, it was hot! She was gracious, warm and made everyone feel at home in the middle of a cow pasture. I can't say enough about how helpful she has been to me and other lost sheep like me when it comes to blogging. People were coming up just to meet her and visit with her. We were in the presence of royalty. She's quite our celebrity. Thank you Theresa for letting me play. Now I want you to pretend you were there and I'm going to take you around and introduce you to new and old friends of mine. Now I must warn you that to really enjoy this business you have to be a bit of a nut job, OK? Ready, smile! Let's go.
Speaking of nut jobs, these are my new BFF's. What a pair to draw to. I'd like you to meet Lulu Redstar and Laurie of 2 Chippy's fame or as I like to call them-the Two Headed Woman(THW). They are an absolute hoot!. I swear, I almost had to go buy a Depends laughing at the two of them. I was dying to meet them and you know how when you're anticipating something wonderful, you're not quite sure it'll measure up to your expectations. Fear not, these two are that and more. They are funny, gracious, warm, true Southern belles. I wanted to climb in a suitcase and go home with either of them. I love slap-your-knee funny people who don't mind sharing the spotlight and make you feel as funny as they are, Darlin'. What cupcakes(she said in a Texas drawl). Don't hate them because they are beautiful and photograph divinely.
I'd like you to now meet Rosemary of Retro Rosie on the left and her fantastic friend, Bevee, who drove all the way from Canada. What a woman. Shame, shame on you Texans who have never been because it's too far. She came, she saw, she conquered. Thank you Rosemary for bringing your friend over to meet us and for sharing her with us. You are both sweethearts for the nice things you said.
Do you really want to meet this motley crew? OK! Starting on the left is the lovely and talented Kim Chiasson. She makes these unbelievable art pieces she calls pendants, but I call little masterpieces. You'll get to see them in a later post. She was a delight to visit with and get to know. Next is Renee, the Junk Queen. OMG! Again, I have to drag out the Depends. She is a reminder that we are supposed to have fun in this business. Next up is TheOtherTheresa(TOT). Y'all are familiar with her and her blog Time Worn Interiors, but let me tell you-well, maybe I won't. You really had to be there. Between her, the Junk Queen and the THW it was @#*! Last but not least, is Little Sister. I think she was a little overwhelmed. These ladies can wear you out even sitting down.
Oh my goodness-Big Tex has escaped from the State Fair and made his way to Zapp Hall. Oh no, wait. That's just Craig, TOT's handsome hubby. Check out the hat. Every true junker needs a hardhat Stetson. Take your hat off Craig and meet our visitors. That's Sweet Sue chatting it up with Laurie. Aren't they the cutest? And BTW, doesn't Miss T's table look great?
Woo Hoo! Speaking of looking great-check out that old lady's arm and what it is sporting. Y'all saw the pix in an earlier post of the Fab U Lous(work with me, people, work with me) necklace Laurie created and sent me, well this is a to-die-for(one word, ladies) bracelet Lulu made. All I can say is Hook 'Em Horns. Just to show you how we connected-it had all these wonderful cowboy icons on it and Cat Daddy competed in rodeos in his much younger days. Lulu and I both got goose bumps over that one. But once again, I digress(focus, Debbie, focus). You too can own one of their original pieces. Just go to their blog which I have a link for and order! That's an order. They have them at Zapp, but I'm sure they will be sold out by the end of the show. And No, mine's not for sale. I Love Presents! Wait until you see what Miss T gave me. I lost some of my photos, but I'm confident others will be posting about the party. We didn't care if it was 90 degrees. We had cold potables and cool friends to beat the heat.
Speaking of cold potables, this is Lissie, part of the show promotion team. She's a contractor in Dallas, but comes down every year to run the Bubble Lounge. This is a fun watering hole on sight for the show complete with Lawrence Welk bubbles and Dean Martin music. The seating is retro and the champagne flows. Lissie also makes a mean mimosa, trust me. Cat Daddy and I are two of her favorite customers. To her right, the cute blond is my boss. That's Cheryl, our show promoter extraordinaire. Part of the fun of our show(yes, it's still my show even if I didn't get to set up this time) is Cheryl and her family. The field is like a party in a box. They make every effort to help their vendors and to make sure things go smoothly. This is no easy task, considering the size of our show, the length and the fact they also run Royer's Cafe annex on the grounds. Whew!
Get the net, the tee shirt says it all. Nita is in charge of Dead People's Stuff. I do dig that name! Don't stand too close, fun is contagious and she definitely has the bug, along with the rest of her family.
This sweet lady is Patty. I'm not going to tell any tales since her family might be reading this, but I'll just say-looks can be deceiving.
Now don't think the show is going to the dogs, although they are welcome. This petite cutie has her own show at another location called Punkie's. I'll be showing more on her and her pet lady, Diane, later. But she's just so darn cute, I had to give you a looky loo.
This is Diane, Punkie's pet lady and one of her(and mine) best friends, Nell. These two are a laugh a minute riot as well. You know, come to think of it, I don't hang well with grouches. It's just not the way I roll. I met them 10 years ago when I set up for the first time at Warrenton. They were two of my first customers, but now they are part of my extended family. I'll be talking about them more later when I post on Punkie's. Remember what I said at the first of the post about looking forward so much, etc. etc. Well, I promise you won't be disappointed.
Just to give you a little peep show, I'll let you see the infamous Heidi of Cloverleaf Boutique at Punkie's with Donna of Annie Gogglyn. But that's all, folks!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just Looking, Thank You

After we finished at Cleburne, Cat Daddy and I decided to drive on to Hico. I wanted to go to Homestead and look around. This is the exterior entrance to Homestead and Room No. 5. Idle Hours was just down the street, as were several other shops. I have to say they were lovely to look at but, just a little out of my price range.
Only in Texas will you find a giant spur outside a motel. This was in Glen Rose. Maybe the power plant is just a little too close.
The Junk Yard Dog is a shop just off the square in Glen Rose. The outside really caught my eye, especially the ladybug.
This is the entrance. Isn't it cute. The inside wasn't really that big, but every inch was packed. The owner seemed a little reluctant about my taking pictures, so I just shot outside. I try and respect people's wishes and don't like to be pushy. But, once again, I came out empty handed.
Before we headed back to Dallas, we found this great spot in town.
This just screams home town fun. A lot of folks were taking advantage of the day and I have to say, I envy them. Glen Rose is a charming town. I've stayed over night at Fossil Rim Lodge, but there is more here than just dinosaurs. It's also what I would call the entrance to the Hill Country. The landscape changes just that fast. I'd highly recommend it for a day trip.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Couple of Alley Cats On The Prowl

Saturday, Cat Daddy and I hit the road again (surprise! surprise!). This time we headed to Antique Alley outside of Cleburne. The weather was fantastic for an outdoor show. I hope it will be this nice for those attending Round Top and Warrenton. If you've never been to Antique Alley, it is yard sale after yard sale. Now, I'm not much on yard sales, but that is what husbands are for. C.D. and I have a system. He jumps out at a sale and I sit in the truck like his poodle. If he spots anything he thinks I will like, he waves at me and I get out. Otherwise, I just sit there looking pretty with my head hanging out the window. Call me a snob or call me lazy, I don't care. It works for us and actually saves time. And before you think I'm really lazy, I do help load the truck. I'm on the ground handing things up and taking pictures. So there!
We always stop at Whipp Farm. There are about 180 dealers set up there in one area, although I don't think there was quite that many this time. This is where we do most of our buying. Take a look at what we found. Yes, that is a movie reel.sold I've never seen one this large. I had to pay more than I wanted to, but I fell in love with it. I thought it would be fantastic on a wall as art. The crown in front of it is one that hangs above a bed, complete with the tiebacks. I'm sure it's not that old, but who cares! We all think we're a queen including some guys I know.
Can't you just picture(pun intended) this lit from behind on a wall above an industrial table. Three words-all together now-Fab U Lous. sold
Since I paid so much for the reel, it felt good to back it up with a steal. This little chair is darling. I don't know if you can tell, but there is orange paint peeking thru the white. Someone had more time on their hands than me to have painted all the notes on it. I'm thinking really hard about what kind of fabric treatment to use on the seat. I don't want to do the obvious with musical themes. I'm thinking something with orange in it for fall and because I just like orange. Before you ask, Cat Daddy isn't toasting me. That's the top for the crown canopy he's holding.
This was C.D.'s find of the day. Top Cat hasn't got anything on him when it comes to working an alley. We stopped at this one field because I thought I had spotted a pair of french chairs. Well, C.D. bebopped out to look and found this bird cage with stand.sold The chairs, well I don't know what they were, but it wasn't french. Don't bother looking in the back of the truck for them. They ain't there. They're probably still sitting in that field.
OMG! You can't tell, but these pool lounges are the bomb.com. We were both excited to find these.
This iron frame was the very first thing I found. Love it. I'm sure it had a mirror once upon a time, but I like it just like this. It doesn't take a lot to make me happy. Ask C.D.
Again, my ginormous movie reel. You're probably tired of hearing me go on and on about it, but just look at it. In the words of Carolyn Westbrook, it's cool beans!
Here are my Hollywood pool lounges. You can't see but just the corner of it, but there is also a flat lounge for tanning. After we got home, I did a little research on these and lo and behold, we did better than we thought. These are actually Charles Eames fiberglass lounges. They are so super cool, they should be wearing shades. Talk about Mid Century Modern. These scream Rat Pack. Behind them is the bird cage put together. Isn't it great?
These are some things we picked up a couple of weeks ago I wanted to show you. The lamps are European and need to be rewired, but I thought tapers. I don't know if the iron cherub rings are old or not, I just thought they were pretty.
We stopped in an antique mall in Glen Rose and I got this Swedish ammo basket, the fantastic hanging light and the pretty ice blue coverlet.
These large, and I do mean large, urns were picked up at Market Hall on our way to Cloverleaf Boutique. The oil painting is done by a Texas lady named Alice Gent around 1930. There is all this great information on the back. She probably did it as a hobby as I can't seem to find out anything on her other than census records and some information on her husband. I guess women were invisible back then.
This is the cutest pink apron with a debonair poodle applique.sold Don't you just love it? The lamp, wonderful old framed cigarette ad and shelf I bought from Fran and Liz.
Remember me telling you how I love children's costumes? Take a look at this tutu and wings complete with photos showing the little girl wearing it. You can't really see it, but that is a wonderful old bouquet laying on top of it. I have plans for that on Halloween.
I found these wonderful corsages with dead flowers and the vintage trim at Lone Star Mall last weekend. And looky, looky! I found 2 more silver shrimp cocktail servers. They don't have a hotel name on them, but I just know that's what they are. I'm going to keep on until I have service for 8.
These are just really fun things. A wonderful leather purse, an old box of eyeglass lenses, a shell art box, a whisk broom(one of my favorite things to collect) and a vintage beaded sweater. Just stuff, trash to some, but the kind of stuff I am crazy about.
Cat Daddy brought home the train case. Do you think maybe he's trying to tell me something, like hit the road?
I got these little tap shoes when I bought the tutu and wings. Don't you know some little girl drove her mama crazy wearing these in the house all the time-after her recital, of course. I know I did. I think my mother finally hid mine and the costumes because she was afraid I would wear them and her out.(Not to mention the floor)
I'll end this post with my Puttin' On The Ritz poodle apron. Maybe I'll be wearing this and a smile when Cat Daddy comes in from work today. I'll have one more post on our weekend before we leave for Warrenton.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Trash Day Thursday-Seeing Red

This week I don't have much to show. Cat Daddy and I had a lot going on with doctors' appointments and customers coming by the house to shop. Today I had to (notice I said Had To!) pick up a few new things to wear at Warrenton next week. Can't be seen in last show's clothes! While I was gathering, I noticed a trend in color, so I just went with it.
These are red, plastic 8th notes and treble clefs. There are 3 notes and 2 trebles.-$5 each.sold I don't know how old they are, but they have a vintage look. I kept a few to glitter up for my Christmas tree. I wish I could have got a better shot of the apple. It is handmade, red and green beading stitched onto red velvet with a tiny-beaded leaf. It is missing a couple of rows of beading, but considering its age it's in really good shape.-$8
This is a pair of vintage clip on, crescent shaped, blood red rhinestone earrings probably from the 50-60's. All the stones are there and they are ultra glamorous. -$15 Next to them is a red, aurora borealis crystal necklace. It is missing the closing hook on the end.-$15 The color is spectacular.
Yee Haw! If anyone is planning on attending the Junk-o-rama Prom at the Junk Gypsys, you could really make the scene in these. These are obviously 32 years old. Does that qualify them as vintage? They're Justin, size 9B, bicentennial boots and they are a hoot.-$180
This is a darling childs outfit from where I do not know. I bought it to hang on a door at Halloween. It has mirror paillettes and a drawstring skirt.-$8 I don't know the size-the inside tag says 18, but I know it's bigger than an 18 month. I just thought it was cute when I bought it. I'm notorious for buying children's costumes, tutus, tap shoes, etc.
That's all I have this week for you. Oh, I forgot. That's a Carolyn Westbrook Home bedspread and 2 pillows. It is her signature style made to fit a full-queen. The fabric is green burned-out velvet. She only had one or two of these originally. E-mail with questions if you are interested in it.
Take another look and see if anything interests you and give me a shout. Happy trails to you!
There won't be a trash day next week, but I'll make up for it with pictures from Zapp.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Neither rain, nor wind, nor hurricane will keep me from my shopping. Cat Daddy and I made a trip to Keller on Saturday. We loaded up Cat Doggie(our silver schnauzer), dropped him at my daughter's, who proceeded to jump in the truck with us and headed to Keller to visit with Amy of The Funky Monkey fame. This is a fun shop that combines new with old. It's a great mix with something for everybody or at least everybody I know. Her link is under my favorites for store details.
Amy is a darling charmer whose shop matches her personality. She's fun and quirky-it's fun and quirky. She is outgoing and the merchandise is outgoing-the door that is.
She believes in the utmost of discretion, so feel free to tell her all your secrets. She'll keep them all well hidden.
At this point, I think C.D. had taken the camera away from me and managed to capture my best side. Look at the amount of inventory she has. She moved into this location last October and I swear, between merchandise and shoppers, I think I saw the walls bulging out.
This was the pot at the end of the rainbow or maybe pot luck or pot calling kettle black or well, you know.
Amy hunts and gathers in color. Buy anything from this display and it's bound to bring out the huntress in you or maybe the cougar. Think Jungle Red! Grrr!
Sister Woman went crazy for this pendant. I'll probably have to go back and get it for her birthday. SSSH! Don't tell her. As you can see, the shop is well endowed indeed.
OK, everybody step away from the chandelier. This was one of my faves. Touch it and you die. When I go back to get the necklace, I may just have to pick this up as a Happy Birthday to me.
Now that's what I call a tattoo! On me it would read-H--o--l--l--y--w--o--o--d. I got a lot of skin to cover. In fact, it might say "H--to be continued on back".
This is a closeup of a really cute cupboard she had. All the merchandise is for sale, new and old.
This one is going to send everyone digging into their linen closets for tablecloths. What a cute idea.
Love, love, love this chair. The price was fantastic as well. Amy's prices are all really fantastic.
Now who is that hunka, hunka burning love peeking at me with his hands in his pockets protecting his money. Just to let you know, it didn't work-I had the checkbook.
Again, another great display mixing old with new. She uses every inch of space she has. You go, girl!
Candles, sprays, jewelry, handbags, something for everyone and every taste. Of course, there are those whose taste is all in their mouths.
I'm not kidding. The displays and the merchandise will have you swinging from the trees.
Handbags as far as the eye can see. And oh, btw, you'll be needing this little wheelbarrow to cart it all out with.
Now this shot I like to call my homage to the 2 Chippy's. Crackhead baby parts and martini glasses-could a girl ask for more. Well more is what I'm gonna give you.
I'm going to share with you my secret of looking and feeling gorgeous all the time. Don't diet-ACCESSORIZE!
Rin Tin Tin would have been proud. This is the perfect doggie. Sits, never needs to go outside, and guards the door. Now if I could get C.D. to behave half as well. Just kidding, darlin'.
This is just a pretty picture and demonstrates Amy's use of juxtaposition. Serene next to exhilarating.
Well girls-bottom up! I couldn't resist that pun. It was just too easy.
You just cannot imagine the choices to be made. It was maddening, maddening I tell you.
I have a real thing for old aquariums and stands, so I couldn't resist this shot. I dig the bottles with the pretty tops and the mercury glass. Check out the goldfish bowl.
Again, every inch of space is used. Nothing is left unadorned in Amy's hands. Her clothing is too die for, but I gotta say in my case-one size does not fit all.
Do I really need to say anything here? This shot just says it all. Girls rule.
This was my favorite vignette. The old umbrella is fantabulous and all the black was high drama. I stood in this one spot forever. It was hard to get shots without shoppers in them. The store was full-I mean standing room only. I wonder if I should of called ahead for reservations. It was that crowded.
Amy layers and layers it on. I almost(I said almost) hated to buy anything for fear of ruining a display, but I got over that quick. My only problem was deciding what to buy.
I dedicate this last shot to TheOtherTheresa. I thought about a recent post she did when I saw Amy's front window. I'll close this post by saying that this gives a whole new meaning to Flower Power.