Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Take Me Home, Country Roads

Time to go to work!!!Hope we see you there!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Now...Where Was I?

I can't even begin to tell y'all how overwhelmed I was starting to feel. Thank goodness the cavalry showed up to save me! Jenn and Bella came over Monday afternoon to stay for a few days and help get me organized!

Jenn's been to Warrenton a number of times with me when Cat Daddy couldn't take off from the "money" job. She knows all the ropes when it comes to loading the trailer (in fact, she and my oldest melon head always threaten not to answer their phones when it is loading time in Texas)...pricing, packing...everything that goes into trying to have a successful show...she can do it all!

She's been in and around this business as long as we have. When I had a shop in Lindale, she was there working right beside me. As a matter of fact, we bought out a S&P dealer when Jenn was ten and set her up with her own little business. She worked the shows and bought her own stock. She's as knowledgeable (or maybe even more so) than a lot of old timers, including me! I lean on her hard when I start getting ready for Zapp and depend on her to bring sanity and clarity to my easily distracted mind...and y'all know what a challenge that can be!
~It seems only fitting to start Bella out junking as well! There's no such thing as being to young to start 'em at the Casita de Trash! Graycie has crawled up into the trailer on more than one occasion to help her Pop load...while wearing pink cowboy boots, of course!~

Jenn came in and immediately took control and started sorting things out for me. I only have one box left to pack, thanks to her! Thank you Jenn and I love you forever and ever!

Joey, AKA The Oldest Melonhead, will be coming over tomorrow evening to help his dad finish loading the trailer with the really heavy stuff. Cat Daddy tends to forget that not only am I a weak chubbette (law, I hate to admit that), but I'm also only 5'1"! Loading with him can be quite a strain...especially when he wants me to lift from the arms don't reach that far...AND somehow he always manages to have me be the one walking backwards!

Misty, my DIL, has volunteered to come over next week and help with the packing of Moi! Y'all have no idea how detailed this is. Being in Texas means packing the whole closet. It can be hot one minute, cold the next and pouring down rain before a cat can lick it's tail. There are work clothes for unloading and setting up, cute clothes for greeting the public and last but not clothes! There's a bag for shoes...a bag for bling...a bag for get the picture! Cat Daddy packs one suitcase, a ditty bag and BOOM...he's done!

Thank goodness for my children! I knew I had 'em for a good reason! I just call it payback for their teen years!!!
~Bella was none too happy when we stopped the car. That little girl must have been born with wheels on her diaper!~ ~And just like that...everything was soon as mom showed up with a bottle! I think I need to go find a bottle.~

Jenn truly has been blessed. Bella is such a sweet baby and so good natured. She's already sleeping through the long as there's some noise! She's constantly chattering...even when she's asleep. I think it's because of all the lines that were down her tiny throat. She's making up for lost time. She doesn't have a "big" girl cry, but she does have some "big" girl tears! When she smiles, I get all goofy! That big, ol' gummy smile, complete with dimples, just melts me! I look at her and I can't believe this is the same baby from March. Do y'all realize she had just been delivered when we left to go to Warrenton last spring? God continues to hold her in His mighty hands and she is thriving. To Him that continues to hold us all, I say Thank You, Lord!

~I waited a long time for this photo and so did my Graycie. These are my trashettes and I offer no apologies for the noses!~

This will probably be my last post (unless something wonderful happens) until we get back from the Really Big Show! I'm going to miss y'all while we're gone and since I don't have a laptop, I won't be able to check in either. Y'all best be behaving yourselves while I'm know I will be! Try not to talk about me behind my back! Oh, go my guest...just make it really juicy. Feel free to spread the rumor I've run away with Harry or Johnny...make it a doozie! I'll miss y'all, but just think of the photos I'll be bringing back with me! I hope I get to see some of y'all while we're at the show and at the blog party. In the meantime, TTFN!
~ Whether it's a great show or a bad show...this is what's important!~

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Opinions Expressed Herein...

Let me start by saying, I am not whining...we need the rain...BUT...don't you think it could have held off for just a couple of more days? We are unable to load in the rain and that's just about all we have left to do.

As it is, Cat Daddy and Moi are stuck either in the work shop or in the house for what has seemed like entirely too much togetherness. Don't get me wrong...I like being with a point...but when he is ready to start loading, he gets mighty impatient and just more than a little bit testy!
~A man's heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps-Proverbs 16:9~

When God says slow down...He means slow down. There is a reason for everything and this rain is just another way of letting us know who is in control. You know...just a reminder to Cat Daddy of who actually is the boss.
~Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might.-Ecclesiastes 9:10~

Again, just another reminder for us to do the best we can with the gifts we are given. If it's going to be a representation of our work, we should take the time to do it right and not sloppy or slap dap.

Sometimes, C.D. and I get in such a hurry to finish, that corners get cut and details overlooked. I'm taking this time the rain (and God) is providing to avoid that mistake of the past.
In my previous post, I gave some "helpful" hints to shoppers. Since I find myself with a little time on my "hands", I thought I would pass on some tips to vendors as well. Feel free to add any advice in the comments section you might want to share. Complaints? Take those up with the manager. The line forms to the left!
  1. Dealers, please price your merchandise. Nothing is a bigger time waster than having to ask the price for every single item in your space. I will leave a booth if nothing is priced. I always feel like the seller is sizing me up as to what they think I will pay plus if it is too expensive then I end up feeling embarrassed for even asking. I once had a vendor say those exact words to me..."If you have to can't afford it"! I understand tags will pop off, especially at outdoor shows, but make an effort to place prices on everything. Your customers will really appreciate it!
  2. I love going into spaces and stores where displays are over the top, but when it really is "over the top" and I can't reach it...well, you know. Again, I will have to ask the price because either I can't see it or I can't get it down. Keep this in mind when creating display masterpieces...some of us are vertically challenged and cannot get to the top of your pyramid without the fear of bringing it all down on top of us.
  3. Don't ignore me, but please, for gosh sakes...don't hover either. I don't know which is worse...having to wait to be acknowledged OR being treated like a potential shop lifter. Don't shadow my every step and in your eagerness to make a sale, don't drive me away with oversell! I know it is a fabulous piece or I wouldn't be looking at it in the first place. Don't give me some long drawn out story (unless I ask about the provenance) and PLEASE don't try and sell me everything in your booth!
  4. Which brings me back to ignoring me. I may not look like I have pot to p#%* in or window to throw it out of, but some of the richest people I know don't either. Every person who steps into your spaces deserves to be treated like a millionaire whether they buy anything or not. They might be back and spend that million with you later!
  5. Please do not ever be found guilty of talking about other vendors (or anyone for that matter) while customers are in your booth. It's unprofessional and totally uncalled for. Shoppers tend to judge all of us by what they see and hear...let's not give them any ammunition! Besides, we live in the never know when you might be talking about their relatives!
  6. Keep it clean! Unless you're dealing with a "regular" customer who you know won't be offended, don't let loose with a new "joke" or a string of words you picked up at the "It'll Do" bar!
  7. Keep your personal beliefs and opinions just that...personal! Fight that undeniable urge to spout off about what you think and don't think. Everyone has a viewpoint, so don't start thinking you can change someone else's...all you'll be changing is their minds about shopping with you!
  8. Never! Ever! Never! come into my tent and try and "steal" a customer. Just because they are looking for an apple crate and you just happen to have one does not give you permission to talk up your space while in mine. If I don't have what they want, believe me, I'm going to direct them to someone who might. If you've got one and have behaved yourself, yours is the booth I'll be sending them to!
  9. Finally smile! A smile goes a long way and by the way, so does a little courtesy. Take that time to make the customer feel like they are more than just a sale. Who knows? You might just make a friend along the way. How about that for a win/win situation?

Like I said, these are just some of my own personal beliefs (that I am now sharing and in the process, breaking rule #7). I sure hope I haven't stepped on any toes here, but if I have...hmmm, exactly why would anyone NOT doing this things be offended?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Do What?

Somebody, please slap us and make us stop buying! Take away the checkbook...this madness has got to stop! I know we are going to be loading the trailer and having to decide on what NOT to take if this continues.

We went to Bright Star Auction last night and Jay always has the best stuff in his needless to say...our resolve was broken! Tell me, is there a gum to beat this addiction, 'cause we got it bad!

September 25th better hurry up and get here, 'cause I'm getting mighty tired of this bread and water diet we've been forced on. If we don't quit buying merchandise, I may have to eliminate the bread! Speaking of bread, have y'all read Carolyn's latest post of her "big show" tips? You gotta read it and pay close attention to the part about the sandwiches at the Diamond/Shamrock station. Kiddies, she ain't woofing...these sandwiches are HUGE! One of Jenn's friends nicknamed them "Jethro" sandwiches if that gives you any idea! And speaking also of "big show" tips...I've noticed a lot of those in the know are offering up daily doses of shopping savvy, so I thought I would share some of my wisdom with you as well. Can't afford to part with much, but just like Brylcreem...a little dab'll do ya!

So here goes nothing. I hope these hints are helpful as you make the rounds at Warrenton/Round Top!

  1. By all means, offer me 50% off what the price is WHILE I'm unloading it. We schlepped it all the way down here, just so you could get a heck of a bargain...that's what we're here for!
  2. Of course I don't mind answering all your questions about a certain piece just so you can find out what you have at home is worth. That's what we're here for!
  3. Be sure and bring all your negative friends, so they can talk you out of your heart's desire AFTER you've negotiated a great deal! That's what they're there for!
  4. Please feel free to allow your children to sit on the upholstered pieces in my tent while enjoying a Big Gulp! That's what they're here for!
  5. You'd like to leave your trash lying on my furniture? Be my guest! That's what it's brought for!
  6. I'll gladly gather up all the empty beer bottles you left in my tent and put them in the trash for you. Not a problem...that's what I'm here for!
  7. Of course I'll hold a piece of furniture a couple of days for you to make up your mind on. That's what we're here for!
  8. Is that your car parked in the loading zone? Of course you can leave it there blocking the way. That's what it's there for!
  9. Do I object to you wearing a bikini while shopping? Of course not...that's what Cat Daddy's here for!
  10. Can you leave a piece to be picked up on Sunday after we close? Be my guest...We just won't be there for you!

I hope you all realize this was written very tongue in cheek and is in no way a reflection on y'all. This is just some of the things that come up during the show and I thought I would share I say...some things just can't be made up!

One thing is for are all welcome to come by and see us whether you're shopping or just schmoozing. We are looking forward to visiting with each and every one of you...and by all means...have a seat...that IS what it's there for!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Queen Sized For A Day!

We all know who the king is, right?Well guess who is now officially the Queen? That's right, y'all...yours truly...MOI! My sweet (and in the know friend) Amy at Junkologie has crowned me! This girl holds a college degree or two, so she must know what she's talking about and who am I to argue with her. After all, SHE is the queen of all junkers and I bow to her expertise and excellent taste!

I only have one royal duty to perform as the queen and that's select six more to wear the crown proudly with me! Now before anyone gets to thinking I'm going to throw it out like a wedding bouquet, I've given this some very serious consideration. It seems only fair to pass it on to some ladies who are working very hard getting ready for the greatest show on earth...Warrenton/Round Top! Since so many friends of mine are doing these shows, I've narrowed it down to those who share space and time with me at Winnie & Tulula's.

In no order of importance...not even are my six choices to get to have a little crown with their coke:
  1. Sweet Texas T at Garden Antiques...y'all know where to find her and the blog party!
  2. Mindy at Primitiques....she'll be taking the plunge for the first time across from STT and she'll have her own king, David, with her!
  3. Lilly at Junk Palace....she'll be selling out for the first time at Texas Rose!
  4. Maggie at The Veranda....she'll be returning to the Texas Rose with a bang!
  5. Donna at Curious Goods....she's going to be a first timer at Marburger Farms!

Wait a minute...that's not right. I only count five! Oh yeah...last, but not least, Margo at Ruff/Robolady isn't going to be at our shows, BUT she will be leaving in seven days for a special event herself. She will be traveling to The Junk Bonanza September 17th! She's working just as hard as possible, getting ready to be a celebrity there and represent Texas junkers!

So there is my six...count 'em six...pack of queens! Check 'em out if you haven't visited their blogs before and be sure and check us all out if you get to come to the show! We'd love to meet y'all. Don't forget STT's blog party on Sunday the 27th at 6:00p.m. at her tent in front of Zapp Hall. We'll all be there wearing our crowns!

This just feels so right...Thanks Amy!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Table Talk

Your table is ready...please walk this way! Pass the meatloaf please! It's time to turn the tables now!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


By now I am sure the cat is out of the bag about what I was trying to get y'all to guess a few posts back. Yes, the rumors are true...Fran and Liz are the newest stars to be added to the stable of talent that is Winnie & Tulula's!Fran and Liz have been best friends...almost sisters...for a long time and I consider myself a fortunate woman to be able to call them my friends as well. The mixture of their decorating skills is unmatched. They are the queens of finding quirky smalls. They also possess a unique way of thinking when displaying their treasures. It's never the same way twice and extremely hard to copy...though goodness knows I've tried!

They've been in other malls and also had their own shop in Terrell. Everyone, including moi, stalked, I mean lurked, I mean watched to see what new treats would be brought in. Going into their shop, The Rose, I never knew what was going to be waiting for me that I just couldn't live without. I don't think I've ever been where they are selling and not bought something!
With some persuasion from Gloria and a lot of pleading from me, their remarkable talents are now on display for y'all as well! All you gotta do is hop in your vehicle...I recommend a truck...and head on over to Athens Texas, Wednesdays through Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm to see the coolest of the cool! (Notice how I managed to do a little commercial in the middle of this post?)
They've brought their own sense of style to W&T's and I promise you up and down, it will never be "cookie cutter"! They always sell out quickly...that's how wonderful their merchandising is! What's that old saying...Gotta Have It? Yeah, that's the way it is when you see what's new in their booth!
These girls possess so many natural talents, it ought to be against the law! Liz makes the most divine shell art, jewelery, objets d'art and is an upcoming, soon-to-be famous artist. I don't have a photo of the large pastel she created, depicting a very organic lady, but it's the logo for their new venture, "Remains To Be Seen". It is 2die4 gorgeous! They've used her as their they need one! (BTW, they are my muses, just in case you were wondering!)

Frannie has a way of not waiting for a trend, but creating one. She has the uncanny gift of being able to see in 3D. If she can dream it, it can and will be done. A couple of shows ago, they came and helped me set up at Zapp. Fran had spent weeks working up a blueprint for our tent. Can you imagine? She knew exactly where every piece of furniture was going as soon as it came off the trailer. If a piece sold, she would just check her master list and fill the gap with something from Plan B! It was amazing to watch. I just kinda stood in disbelief...didn't want to get in the way of the magic! I'm presently begging them on bended knees (and y'all know how hard that is for this chubby woman. I can get down, but not necessarily back up...that's how bad I want them!) to come to Zapp and work that old black magic in our tent again. Maybe if y'all talked to them for me, they'd say yes!
So, if you've been looking for an excuse to make another trip to Sweet Peas/Winnie and Tulula's, here it is! If you haven't been yet...whatta ya crazy? Oh and before I forget...are y'all digging that crazy acronym for a title?

Monday, September 7, 2009

What Time Does That 5:30 Bus Get Here?

Thought I would take a little break and show you what we're up to our armpits in!See,'re not alone with excess baggage! Just a little peek at Dr. York's Traveling Medicine Show coming soon to Zapp Hall in Warrenton Texas!
Eat your heart out, Ralph Lauren!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Remains Of The Day

Time is an amazing thing. I start the day with the same amount as everyone else, but there just never seems to be enough of it to go around. I've been trying to get things ready for the Zapp Hall Show and still have time for a life, but I don't think it's possible. Something has to be kicked to the curb and in my's my personal appearance. I don't know how everyone else manages. I haven't brushed my hair except to go with Jenn to Bella's weekly checkups. Makeup...what's that? I haven't blinged or blogged in what seems like forever. I do manage to keep relatively clean, but that's about it when it comes to daily grooming. I am so ashamed. I am, after all, a Texas girl and this is totally unacceptable to all that is holy here in Big D.

I realize I am not the greatest in time management. I prefer to work while stressed to the max, putting everything off to the last minute! That gives me the perfect opportunity to whine about something I forgot to do or ran out of time trying to get done. Thank goodness the show is only three weeks away or I would be fiddling around, getting nothing accomplished, thinking I have all the time in the world. Thank goodness for friends too...especially blogging friends. When I begged, I mean requested help with dried flowers, I never expected to receive anything like this! Pam at Frippery sent me this HUGE box of hydrangeas from her own garden. Can y'all imagine having the luxury and time of going out into your own backyard and cutting all this? I was gobsmacked beyond words when I opened this wine box!

This wonderful gift will go far in masking my ineptitude at display. These beauties will disguise the fact that I put off certain things and hopefully help make my tent look like I know what I'm doing! It's all smoke and mirrors when it comes to merchandising. So what if one of the legs on a little table is shorter that the others...doesn't it look beautiful with that silver bowl of hydrangeas on top? Didn't buy enough smalls? Place hydrangeas in bare spots and voila...instant appeal!

Thank you so much Pam for your generosity in helping me perpetuate the illusion of being pulled together.
While hydrangeas and bittersweet are wonderful for a fall presentation, another source of inspiration this year for me was Jermonne and Joe, the Barn House Boys. I could look at their show photos over and over again....and do! Y'all just can't imagine how much I would love to be able to attend one of their shows and to see it all for myself...up close and personal! (I know I am not a fan club of one, but if you've never been to their blog, take a look and thank me later!)

Their recent Barn House Show provided a much needed jumping off point for me as to what I want to do with our tent at Warrenton. I don't usually have a plan in mind...just arrange what's left after unloading...but these two guys make me want to do more than just throw it all into the tent. I aspire to be them when...or if...I ever grow up. They have a unique look and if I were able, I would steal it. Problem is, I can't steal talent like this...try as I might. It takes vision. All I can do is try and recreate some of their wonderful twists and turns...then admit freely that any and all ideas go back to this fantastic pair of men! Thanks guys for showing me that it's not just about buying the right stuff, but in loving what you do to take the time to present it creatively. One of Cat Daddy's favorite sayings (not mine...his) is to remind me around 10:00 on a Saturday morning that the day is half over. He goes to work so early and expects to have a lot accomplished by noon. Needless to say, I drive him crazy as I am not on the same time clock! I sometimes find it necessary to remind him that I'm not on his payroll.

When I told him what I had in mind for our tent this year, he went into hunt mode. He found and bought these wonderful shipping crates for me. Time will tell if I will be able to pull off what I have in this old noggin of mine. Y'all will have to let me know later if my mission was accomplished!