Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Like Herding Cats!

I am ready to kill this loaner of a computer. I can't for the life of me figure out how to get my photos downloaded...so sorry y'all...time for a couple of reruns! I know y'all are wanting to see what's in store and in the store. Believe me...I'd love to give y'all a few peeks, but just think of anything your little heart desires and maybe...just maybe...it will be either at Winnie & Tulula's Junk and Disorderly Sidewalk/Birthday bash or at De-Briz Presents A Midsummer's Night Dream.

I sure hope y'all are making plans to come see us at one of these great events. Remember...W&T's is June 5th from 10am-5pm and De-Briz will be Thursday evening from 5:30pm-8:30pm. Cat Daddy will be on hand at both locations and I'll be too busy to keep up with what he is doing...wink, wink!
Getting things ready for back to back shows has been a challenge...what with my occasional lapses of attention. Trying to plan two different looks is exciting, but also frustrating. Ask me if I would do it different...no way. When Liz, Fran and I first started talking about an event and then actually selecting a date, I was so excited at the prospect of working with these two talented women, there was just no way I would pass up such a great opportunity. Did I mention we are holding it in their back yard? Did I mention that same backyard is about an acre or more? Did I mention it is gorgeous and shady? We are all working hard at both venues to ensure that everything is just what you as a shopper would want to see and buy and we are doing all we can to make it a success. We'd love to see a De-Briz show become a twice yearly event...but really...that depends on us providing quality merchandise and y'all coming out to shop! (No pressure y'all...just thought I would throw that in!) This won't be the last post on this subject...I promise you that! On top of all this, May is always a busy month for us what with Mother's Day and all the birthdays we have as a family in May. We start the month off with the Oldest Melon Head's, then Sister Trash is up next and we finish off the month with Graycie and I. She and I always have a birthday party and blow out the candles together. She was kind and only made me blow one out this year...what a sweetheart! You have no idea how much this means to me, but I love those silly candles and what they represent. She is one of the lights of my life...although I can't hold her a candle to go by! Ahhh...to be 8 going on 18 again!

To wrap this up for the night and speaking of birthdays...a certain someone we all know and love is celebrating today. If everyone would raise their glasses with me, Cat Daddy would like to make a toast to one of his favorite kittens.

Happy Birthday Sweet Tea...hope you had a FAB U LOUS one!


Friday, May 21, 2010



More details coming soon and don't forget Winnie & Tulula's big bash that is just over the horizon!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

An Enigma

de-bris (noun): scattered remains

HMMM? Do I have your undivided attention?

Stay Tuned!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

May Daze

It's now official...I am starting to get caught up. I didn't realize how far I had got behind on my life over the past year until I started trying to get back into a "normal" groove. Understand...nothing about me is normal nor do I try and purport it as such, but I do, for the sake of appearances, try to create some semblance of order around here. BUT...when I see the Salvation Army circling the front lawn with coffee and donuts, I know it's time to get bizzy! I hope y'all haven't given up on me and left me for greener pastures, but I promise up and down, once I get May and June under my belt, I'll be a good little blogger. In the meantime I thought I would share some great things that will bribe, I mean interest y'all.I've made no secret of the fact that I am trying to write a book (which BTW is on the back burner as well). The only thing that would make me happier than seeing my own face on the back of a dust cover is to see someone I know. Kathie Truitt (who just happens to live in D.C AND writes the Hillbilly Debutante blog) is just that person. Friends, she is one of us (with maybe a little more interesting background than moi) who has written what sounds like a nail biter and a half. False Victim is based on a true story (hers) and could happen to any of us. I won't say too much because I wouldn't want to ruin the suspense for any of y'all. It's now available in advance copy here and will be in the bookstores soon. In the meantime, Kathie is living the life I can only dream of with book signings (insert big sigh here!). Huge congratulations Kathie...I'll be sending you a copy for your autograph soon...be sure and write "To Debbie, My best friend in the whole wide world, who I owe all my success to and who is the most beautiful woman in the world, with much love, Kathie"...'kay? (You know I'm just yankin' your chain, doncha darlin'?) How about some shopping and giveaways? I got a ton for y'all! Maureen at Cottage Panache is having an anniversary sale Saturday, May 15 from 10am till whenever. Gotta love those hours! I also have it from a little squirrel...make that birdie, that Lisa from Tarnished and Tattered will be there selling as well. Talk about a twofer! If you're in the area of 7277 Glenview Dr., Richland Hills, Texas...drop in and spend a minute or dollar! Either one...they'd just love to see you!

Now for the giveaways...I don't think these require any instructions...just click and hope!

Anne at Fiona & Twig
Angela at Filigree Moon
FYI...these are all ending around my birthday and if y'all really love me, you'd see to it that I'm the winner of all three! I'm just saying! You might even get to see the Chubby Girl Happy Dance...that'd be something, huh?

Now for a word from our sponsors and a shameless plug for the Tulula Heads. Don't forget the big ol' Junk and Disorderly sale coming June 5th. I really do expect to see a lot of your pretty faces there....so does Cat Daddy! Hope I'm on your calendar and in your hearts 'cause y'all sure are on mine!

(For the record...I still don't have my computer back and I don't know if it's this laptop or Blogger...but nothing seems to be cooperating...if you catch my drift!)
I have one more little surprise up my skirt, but I'm keeping that one tucked in for just a little bit longer. After all...a lady never reveals too much too soon!

Now in the words of a famous pig...

That's all folks!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Hello...My Name Is Debbie

Thank goodness...Jenn came to my rescue with a loaner laptop. I have been so lost without a computer. It's amazing how addicted I have become! It's shameful...just down right pitiful...that my life should revolve around a screen...but from the looks of my shaky hands this past week...it does.

This has truly been a wake up call for me. There's a sun shining outside...the days are pleasant and there's mischief to be made. I shouldn't be sitting inside at a desk. I should be outside enjoying the gift of another day. I have a birthday fast approaching and I'm not going to waste another minute (not that y'all are a waste of time..au contraire) of these beautiful May days, so y'all know what? That's just what I'm going to do. Since I'm still learning how to use this fool thing (no photos yet), I'm going to play with it some, but I'm going to play outside more! As a matter of fact, I played all day yesterday by going to the HEAP show in the morning followed by Gina and Portia's show in the evening. Y'all...I had a blast. I was tired, but it was a pleasant tired. I think I want so more of that PLEASE!

If my posts seem sparse from time to time...you now know why (besides, y'all were too busy divving up Cat Daddy to really miss me). I'm outside playing with my peeps and the squirrels instead of being one!

Look out world...SHE'S BACK!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Was that a flash in the pan!

Greetings from Sister Trash
This is coming live to you from Frisco, Texas. I'm filling in for The Trashinista. We found that a power surge did more than knock out her computer. I'm contemplating a search, I heard Cat Daddy buried her in the backyard. Seriously, the computer is out and she will return as soon as possible. Also, I wanted mention that it is Joey's birthday and sending out lots of love to her oldest mellon head. Joey that was from your mom, you know your Aunt Kerri would never say such a thing about your head! I love you Baby Boy! P.S. Your mama is Jonesing really bad!
Ya'll keep it clean, you hear, she will back!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Morning Market List

There are so many things going on this weekend, I thought I'd better make a "honey do" list so I didn't miss out on any of the fun and since I wouldn't want y'all to either...here is a peek at the grocer's bulletin board for things not to forget. Laurie Anna has been doing a 5 for 5 giveaway celebrating...well, the magic of the number five in her life. You could be celebrating too by winning this wonderful bottle holder (which she also carries in her shop). All you have to do is drop on by to sit a spell and leave some well wishes thereby putting your name in the hat for giveaway #5. L. A. puts the Southern ease into decorating and she has made this so easy. I---LOVE---EASY! It's my middle name...along with party! Speaking of hats, this I just love. Polly is hosting a tea party and while I'm not participating ('cause y'all know I'm crayola challenged and they don't let me play with scissors here at the home), I adore looking at all the talent that's out there. I am all about muchness. In fact, I live for muchness (she says with a Cheshire Cat grin). Anything about Alice and a white rabbit...I'm all over like a cheap suit. As a matter of fact...if you like...I can recite "Jabberwocky" right now for you, word for word! Better not...I'm late, I'm late already for tea! Did I happen to mention there's also ten..count 'em ten...giveaways with this party? Oops...when will I learn to keep my big mouth shut! My girl Shelley is celebrating 200 posts with a giveaway and believe you me...she is the queen of all things white and peaceful. Watch out world...this lady is on her way to the top of the junk heap. She's gathering as I type and as much as I would LOVE to knock y'all outta the way...I won't. I'll be gracious and share (even though it pains me to do so)! Mother would be so proud!
If that's not enough to get you to just throw some cereal at the kids and head out...this will! Rebecca is celebrating opening a new blog shoppe. I KNOW!!!! Some of us will not get the opportunity to visit her brick and mortar shop, but now we can online...without ever getting out of our pj's. Don't you just love it? With her beautiful eye for beautiful things it can't help but be a huge success. In case you didn't know...she has also been featured in the latest Where Women Collect. That fact alone is reason enough for a party.

I think I've read or heard that cream always rises to the top...well people, these are all the creme de la creme! Need I say more?
Cat Daddy is off at an auction...so I'm off to do a little Peeping Tomfoolery, I mean rubber necking, I mean productive time well spent. BTW...there's a few more events coming up...I'll let you know about that later, but before I forget...head over to David's...today "isa his birthday too"...for real dawg!