Friday, November 28, 2008

YaYa And No I Am Not Swedish

( Photo courtesy of the Yaya Chique) I am thrilled and honored beyond belief. Debi, owner of the YaYa Chique located in Houston has several blogs. One of her blogs is Artfully Inspired and her most recent post is of me! It so rare for me to be speechless but I am. This lady is so talented and gifted and to call me inspiring,(well maybe not me per se), I don't know what to say except REALLY? Take a look at all her blogs and you'll see what I mean about her talent. I am such a mutt among all the pedigrees that I'll be keeping company with. But I really just wanted to say thank you so much to Debi. This is the kind of validation we all strive for. This is why I love blogging. It has opened a world of people and women to me that I would never have had the opportunity to get to meet and know. It has also brought new friendships into my heart and home that I hope will continue to grow and become stronger. Well what do you know? I just thought I was speechless! Get out the duct tape cause I think that is the only thing that will shut me up. In the meantime, Debi Girl, you are some kind of YaYa! In the words of Sally Fields,"You like me, you really like me!" I almost forgot. She will be offering workshops in 2009, so be sure to ask her about those. Now I'll shut up.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy As A Pig In Sunshine

Everyone has gone home. The house is quiet, just Cat Daddy and me. The dishes are done, leftovers are in the fridge and there is a piece of pecan pie with my name on it.THIS is what makes me happy! I am so looking forward to Christmas when Brandon can be with me also.
I am so thankful to have got to spend yesterday with my Trashette, J.G.
The princess and I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and got to wear their stretchy pants or maternity pants if you still have them!
We'll say goodnight moon now and go look for the Alka-Seltzer. Plop, plop, fizz, fizz y'all!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Story Of Me

It is just two days until Thanksgiving and I'm getting ready for a houseful. I'm feeling a little melancholy thinking about who will be here Thursday and who won't be. This post is more for me than anything else. I'd like to share with y'all the ones responsible for who I am, so indulge me.My Mother and Daddy married shortly after WWII. Daddy was gorgeous in his uniform and Mother was a beauty but never knew it. Look at his eyelashes and her hands. Why oh why couldn't I have inherited those things instead of his knees and her lack of a posterior? And of course, I had to get THE nose! All 3 of their kids got THE nose. But I also like to think I got their sense of humor and love of life. They were both junkers before it was cool to like junk. I was raised going to used furniture stores, second hand shops and junkyards.
Some of y'all have been fortunate enough to get to meet my baby sister, Kerri. She was born 3 years after me and my earliest memory is of her. Mother said I just swooped in and took over. She and I have had the joy of being sisters and best friends. I've pulled crap on her and she's pulled crap on me, but we've always been able to make each other laugh. During the last 2 years of our Mother's life, I don't think either of us would have made it through without each other. She will be with me Thanksgiving with her family who I adore.
Until I married Cat Daddy, this was life. On the left is my grandfather, Tip. He cussed like a sailor, chewed tobacco and was a hoot. He'd take us 3 kids to the jockey lot in McKinney every Saturday morning to buy tamales and cokes from the Tamale Man. My grandmother was a beauty shop operator. You have to remember in the 50's and 60's, women rarely worked outside of the home and no one's grandmother did. Kerri and I got all the latest hairstyles, including but not limited to, pixies which always looked cute on her and dorky on me. Tip, Marie, Joe and Helen were the original road trippers, loading all of us into a station wagon to drive where ever for a weekend.(Marie was busy taking this photo). This particular excursion was to Roaring Rivers in Missouri. That's my brother David being all hip and cool. If you can't tell by looking at the knees, that's me in the middle and Kerri on the end.
This is another weekend outing, this time to Devil's Den for a family reunion. David's on the coke box(would love to still have that) and that cute little girl is me. The guy in the middle is a cousin and again, Marie hiding from the camera. We lost Daddy right before Thanksgiving 1988, Tip, Easter 1998, Mother, Labor Day 1998, and Marie, New Year's 2001. So, I guess you can understand why I'm feeling a little sad, but don't feel sorry for me cause I'm not throwing a pity party here. I am so thankful that this was the life God gave me and these were the people to fill it. My cup runneth over!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Do y'all have any idea how hard it is to chase down a trash truck in high heels? Don't try this at home. It should only be done by professionals. But I wanted to make sure I had all the trash out before Thanksgiving. Cat Daddy and I spent the last couple of weekends in Dallas going to estate sales. I thought I'd share photos of the things we found and offer them up for sale if anyone is interested.
I love Dallas! This is a view of White Rock Lake in the Lake Highlands area. Look at that skyline! Cat Daddy says he built this city. Someone has delusions of grandeur, wouldn't you agree?
He picked up this set of lockers at an estate sale. It actually breaks down into 3 lockers. I love the little drawers and check out the mirror. These would have to be a pickup or delivery(for a fee) as I don't think the P.O would approve of me trying to mail 'em.
They are $65 each or $150 for all.
Here are two old puzzles, one of Texassold and one of North America.sold They are both missing a couple of pieces but I thought they would be great for art projects. There are some great chunky pieces in both of them. They are $10 each.(The boxes are worth that) I actually put them together to check for missing pieces. Lordy, Texas is huge. I never knew there were that many counties. Whew!
I love, love, love this lamp. It is just the way I like my men-big and substantial! It has a wonderful midcentury look and is definitely a statement piece. It came with a shade, but other than fitting it, enough said about that. It is $65.
Attention all scrapbookers. Here is a set of multiplication flash cards that I'm selling 3 for a dollar. How's that for a bargain? SOLD
More art project material. I have 4 Boy Scout journals with wonderful pages.SOLD Hours of fun for $4 each. The glasses are missing a lens, but would be wonderful incorporated into a pendant. They are $5.
Now I know what you're thinking here. You are thinking what was she thinking. I love these old bells and have several in different colors. These are going to need to be dolled up, but I'm selling them "as found" for $5.
This I believe to be a pen and ink sketch of a Louisiana swamp signed by Rouse. It is $35.
I bought a ton of these baby dresses. I'm only selling a few and the rest will be up for sale at a later date. I have plans for the others(think bebe trashette shower). This one has some damage and is $4.
This tiny slip is $3, again with a little damage.
Here are two doilies $5 for the pair and a darling little jacket for $3.
Va-va-voom! Check out this vintage nightgown complete with rhinestones on the spaghetti straps. Mama must have busted this out with a pitcher of martinis when she had O.D the Diners Club card. Wouldn't this be great to wear to the Gypsys' prom? It's $20. SOLD
I have two domes for $10 each, a pair of lusterware shakers for $5 and a geisha girl sugar shaker for $15. I'm calling it a sugar shaker since it's not tall enough to be a hat pin holder and too tall to be a shaker. But what do I know-I just buy this stuff.
This sweet little voile summer dress is $7. It needs to be tacked at the bodice and I'd do it only I'm not allowed to use sharp objects. Doctor's orders.
This is just another shot of the eyeglasses and shakers.
Now what we have here boys and girls is one mamajama of a candle holder. This would have to be a pickup or delivery as well. It's fantastic and has rollers on the base. It's $95. Let me know if you need better photos of this. The little pine stand, C.D. picked up at an auction and is $45.
Cat Daddy and I are going to be staying home the weekend after Thanksgiving to start getting ready for Christmas. If anyone is going to Canton or are going to be in our area(which is kind of on the way to Canton) feel free to stop by. I thought I'd show some things in the house which are for sale to make you want to come by, such as this server. There is a slew of stuff outside as well.
I have a pair of these painted french night standsSOLD and the lamp is concrete. I bought the shade at Zapp Hall several seasons ago.
There is a pair of these fruit stacks and you ought to see the iron and concrete console table they are sitting on. In three words-Fab U Lous! Believe me when I say, there is lots more from $1 to a doughnut.(Whatever that means!)
I'll end this by saying Thank You to all of y'all who were sweet enough to leave funny and loving comments on the upcoming addition to our family. Sister Woman and I deeply appreciate y'all taking the time to send love our way. Blessings, Debbie

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Strike Up the Band!!!

I know today is Thursday and I should be putting out the trash, but I really have a good excuse. My baby daughter went to the OB/GYN today and she is expecting her first child July 4th! Let me tell y'all I am over the moon. I'll make sure there are fireworks, a marching band and a parade that day for sure. She's been making me sit on this news for a few weeks now until after her first doctor's visit, but she turned me loose today. I'm laughing and crying while typing because I know how much she's wanted a baby. She and Robman married in 2002 in Vegas(that is a post in itself-think Elvis). I think they had just about given up on getting pregnant but she touched the magic Dolly Mama. The Dolly Mama is a furniture dolly we use at shows. So far, three young women(counting Jenn) who went with us to Warrenton during setup and pushed that dolly got pregnant within a few weeks. Coincidence? I think not. Maybe I can get a side business going by renting that thing out. I'll try not to bore you to tears with this wonderful news, but I will be giving updates after her doctor visits. And you can't imagine the shower I'm already planning in my head. I may give myself a grandmother's shower while I'm at it. Ooo, I'm getting goosebumps thinking about it. I promise I'll do a late trash day post by the weekend and please forgive me for being otherwise distracted!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Surprise Guest Star

How do you do. Let me introduce myself. I am The Jakie Dog, ruler supreme of Debbie and Cat Daddy. Whoops! Don't tell her I might have messed up her chair a little bit and maybe she won't notice. She is a little under the weather and Cat Daddy asked me if I would be her guest blogger for the day. Being the obliging little fellow that I am, I said by all means, I would be most happy to talk my little head off. My Cat Daddy also mentioned that his sweet britches (that's what he calls her when no one is around) had been nominated for an award by Cheryl's Fascinating Finds. Wow, I don't know what that is, but it sure sounds important. He told me that I had to tell 6 things about Debbie, but I read some comments and I think you would rather know 6 things about Cat Daddy. He's out of the room right now so here goes:
  1. He used to ride in the rodeos in his much younger days. He competed in bareback riding. Debbie has a great photo of him just as he's getting bucked off. He quit when they got married. Too much of a wild life for her.
  2. He played guitar in a country and western group with friends in the 1960's. Hey, maybe that why he thinks he's such a player!
  3. He bought me for her birthday at Dog Alley in Canton. I'm a true junkyard dog.
  4. He is addicted to auctions. Can't stay away from them and can't keep his hand down. It drives her crazy cause she hates them. She says it likes going to the horse races and having to wait in between races. She's kind of impatient that way.
  5. The man loves a good sale and a clearance even better. He has been known to buy her maternity tops because they were on clearance and a good deal. Problem was, she wasn't preggers. Oops! Didn't score him a lot of points on that one.
  6. Everybody wants to know why she calls him Cat Daddy. You got me on that one. I think that is a secret just between them. You'll have to pry that one out of her. She tells me it's not for little ears, whatever that means.

I'm supposed to nominate 6 more people but since I don't know anybody, I pick everybody! Cat Daddy is coming back into the room now, so I better get down off this chair now. Hey, this was fun. If you tell Debbie you lo-o-o-ve me, maybe she'll let me do this again sometime. Bye for now.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cats and Dogs and Other Stuff

Last weekend after Cat Daddy and I had finished making our rounds to open houses and shows, we stopped off at Renee's to see her home and collections. If you are not familiar with Renee, she is the Fab-U-Lous Junk Queen. I think one of these two guys needs no introduction. The other one is Renee's giant schnauzer who was showing Cat Daddy there was room for only one alpha male on Renee's sunporch and it ain't C.D. He is (the dog, not C.D.) a gentle giant. Oh what the heck, they both are. Now let me tell you about Renee and her home. Everybody fusses at her for not posting more. I am starting a drive to get all of you to go to her blog and tell her to start posting photos of all her stuff and by that I mean her collections. Geesh! I can't take you guys anywhere.
I took about a gazillion shots but I'm only showing the sunroom because I want y'all to ride her like a small pony to make her show you the rest of the house. She could do about a hundred posts just on her collections. Each room of her lovely home is layered with some of the best antiques and primitives(Mindy, you would just die)I have seen gathered in one place in a long, long time. It reminded me of why C.D. and I got in this business in the first place. This is not about a "look" or following trends, but following one's own heart and expressing oneself with things truly loved and cherished.
Each piece of furniture, each print, each object is lovingly displayed and placed just so within a jaw dropping rhythm of the room. It isn't placed helter skelter, but planned out to please its audience. In this case, that was me and I gave it a standing ovation.
I know how mean this is of me and I would hate me too, but I really want you to plead with her. Tell her she doesn't have to write a word, just post the pictures so we can all have a good drool.
I hope I have pleaded my case effectively, so if everybody has their trigger finger ready-On your mark, get set, CLICK!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Fairy Tale For All Ages

Once upon a time in a faraway land where yes meant no and no meant yes, lived a handsome prince named Ludmil. One morning Ludmil awoke to find he was very lonely. He left his kingdom to begin a quest to find his one true love. He traveled hither and yon until one evening, deep in the forest he came upon a grove of willow trees. There, sleeping in the trunk of one of the trees, he found a lovely maiden named Linda. He knew he had finally found his beloved. In harmony, they began another quest together. The two traveled near and far until they came to the wondrous kingdom of Texas. There they found an enchanted shoppe and a charming cottage tucked away in the hamlet of Burton.
The enchanted shoppe beckoned them to come closer to see what lay inside for them. The pixies had been busy anticipating their arrival bringing food and drink for the happy couple.
Peeking through the windows, they knew this was a magical place for these were things that the two of them had crafted together on their journeys.
How can this be, they wondered. How could their things have arrived before them. But then with delight, they realized they were seeing the reflections of their hearts in the windows. Reflections of what this could be and how wonderful their new life would be here in this tiny town.
Here they could happily share their wares with one and all. Local townsfolk, passer-byers, the weary travelers tired of seeing the same humdrum things.
With the help of their woodland friends, they began to make ready for a grand opening fit for a princess and her prince. They merrily began amassing things to make people smile and be joyful once more.
Even Father Christmas stopped by one day and gave his blessing to the shoppe by adding his own special touches of tinsel, ornaments and visions of sugarplums.
They continued to make ready by filling their shoppe with all kinds of fancies both handmade and purchased on their many journeys.
There were the tiniest of shoes for waltzing and the finest of gowns fit for a fairy godmother. White shining treasures to make even the saddened heart leap!
Trees sprouted in the sparkling shoppe as birds scattered glitter as if it were snow.
The tree limbs sagged as delightful nests, filled with delicate treasures nestled in them, magically appeared on the branches.
Cradled in every nook and cranny were dainties the fairies were busily transforming from ordinary objects into sweet dreams with their blown kisses.
Everything was just as they had dreamed it would be and so much more. They christened their magical kingdom The Willow Nest Farm.
Linda and Ludmil were very happy that the paths they had chosen led them to the hamlet of Burton in the kingdom of Texas and they lived happily ever after.
The End