Sunday, November 23, 2008


Do y'all have any idea how hard it is to chase down a trash truck in high heels? Don't try this at home. It should only be done by professionals. But I wanted to make sure I had all the trash out before Thanksgiving. Cat Daddy and I spent the last couple of weekends in Dallas going to estate sales. I thought I'd share photos of the things we found and offer them up for sale if anyone is interested.
I love Dallas! This is a view of White Rock Lake in the Lake Highlands area. Look at that skyline! Cat Daddy says he built this city. Someone has delusions of grandeur, wouldn't you agree?
He picked up this set of lockers at an estate sale. It actually breaks down into 3 lockers. I love the little drawers and check out the mirror. These would have to be a pickup or delivery(for a fee) as I don't think the P.O would approve of me trying to mail 'em.
They are $65 each or $150 for all.
Here are two old puzzles, one of Texassold and one of North America.sold They are both missing a couple of pieces but I thought they would be great for art projects. There are some great chunky pieces in both of them. They are $10 each.(The boxes are worth that) I actually put them together to check for missing pieces. Lordy, Texas is huge. I never knew there were that many counties. Whew!
I love, love, love this lamp. It is just the way I like my men-big and substantial! It has a wonderful midcentury look and is definitely a statement piece. It came with a shade, but other than fitting it, enough said about that. It is $65.
Attention all scrapbookers. Here is a set of multiplication flash cards that I'm selling 3 for a dollar. How's that for a bargain? SOLD
More art project material. I have 4 Boy Scout journals with wonderful pages.SOLD Hours of fun for $4 each. The glasses are missing a lens, but would be wonderful incorporated into a pendant. They are $5.
Now I know what you're thinking here. You are thinking what was she thinking. I love these old bells and have several in different colors. These are going to need to be dolled up, but I'm selling them "as found" for $5.
This I believe to be a pen and ink sketch of a Louisiana swamp signed by Rouse. It is $35.
I bought a ton of these baby dresses. I'm only selling a few and the rest will be up for sale at a later date. I have plans for the others(think bebe trashette shower). This one has some damage and is $4.
This tiny slip is $3, again with a little damage.
Here are two doilies $5 for the pair and a darling little jacket for $3.
Va-va-voom! Check out this vintage nightgown complete with rhinestones on the spaghetti straps. Mama must have busted this out with a pitcher of martinis when she had O.D the Diners Club card. Wouldn't this be great to wear to the Gypsys' prom? It's $20. SOLD
I have two domes for $10 each, a pair of lusterware shakers for $5 and a geisha girl sugar shaker for $15. I'm calling it a sugar shaker since it's not tall enough to be a hat pin holder and too tall to be a shaker. But what do I know-I just buy this stuff.
This sweet little voile summer dress is $7. It needs to be tacked at the bodice and I'd do it only I'm not allowed to use sharp objects. Doctor's orders.
This is just another shot of the eyeglasses and shakers.
Now what we have here boys and girls is one mamajama of a candle holder. This would have to be a pickup or delivery as well. It's fantastic and has rollers on the base. It's $95. Let me know if you need better photos of this. The little pine stand, C.D. picked up at an auction and is $45.
Cat Daddy and I are going to be staying home the weekend after Thanksgiving to start getting ready for Christmas. If anyone is going to Canton or are going to be in our area(which is kind of on the way to Canton) feel free to stop by. I thought I'd show some things in the house which are for sale to make you want to come by, such as this server. There is a slew of stuff outside as well.
I have a pair of these painted french night standsSOLD and the lamp is concrete. I bought the shade at Zapp Hall several seasons ago.
There is a pair of these fruit stacks and you ought to see the iron and concrete console table they are sitting on. In three words-Fab U Lous! Believe me when I say, there is lots more from $1 to a doughnut.(Whatever that means!)
I'll end this by saying Thank You to all of y'all who were sweet enough to leave funny and loving comments on the upcoming addition to our family. Sister Woman and I deeply appreciate y'all taking the time to send love our way. Blessings, Debbie


The Texas Woman said...

Thank goodness you finally posted this. I was beginning to wonder if you'd had a stroke halfway through the process and couldn't complete it. If the handsome EMS guys show up at your house, I called them. You can thank me later.

Lots of goodies there! I found a lense for your glasses - that's my word varification! Too funny!

The Texas Woman

Mindy said...

Make me a deal on the math cards and then deliver them when you come out to my open house. K? I still love that serving table...but, just don't have a home for it in my home. Ugh. ~Mindy

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Love the mamajama candelabra, but what about the other one in the back is it for sale?

Calsidyrose said...

Hi~I love reading your blog. I'm wondering if the Texas Map Box is still available for sale--if so, I'd like to buy it. You can send me email to give me details.

yrs from East Texas, Cathi

WhisperWood Cottage said...


I'm interested in those lockers! Please email me!


Shannon @ Silver Trappings said...

Oooohhh! White Rock Lake! I grew up in Dallas very close to White Rock. Most of my family still lives in the DFW area. (I don't because my husband is military so we move around - but I still get to Dallas a few times a year!)

I'm glad you like my new banner. Now that I have figured out where to get and how to install a background, and have taken a picture for my banner - well, it was so easy. And I have spent hours looking around on the internet for instructions, free backgrounds, etc. I can't believe how easy it actually was. Duh.


A Wild Thing said...

I love the cement lamp, waaaayyyy cool!

TOT and I had a blast, just a talkin' and a shoppin'...what else is there...ha!

Lauri Evans said...

OKAY...that black thing would be a great addition to moi and the leopard lounge..what size? send it on, BFFL
ox lulu

Anita said...

wOW- I wish I lived close 'nough to come and get those concrete fruit stacks and that lamp. Darn it.

Well, my goal is Round Top in Spring 09, so I'm starting to save my pennies already and THEN I'll be a crazy junk buyer.


cheryls fascinatingfinds said...

Thanks Debbie, I added a link on his band names so you can click on those to hear his music, thats the best I could do. Good idea selling off your blog, hows it going? Cheryl

Heidi said...

You are so funny :> Where is your store? Maybe one day when I am passing thru I will stop. HEidi

Unknown said... scored some great stuff! I recently got a lamp that looks like the one you got and painted it black. It turned out pretty good for a $10 garage sale find! Happy Holidays!

XO Marie said...

I TOTALLY need to come "junkin" to TEXAS... ya'll got some great stuff!!!

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Debbi; Thanks for the visit and the great comment. Wow you sure found some wonderful goodies.

Happy Thanksgiving.