Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fields Of Dreams

Well y'all...Bella's telling me it's time to roll. This will be my last post until we return from our docking at the Mother Ship starting tomorrow until April 4th. I sure hope I get to see a lot of you during the show. If you have trouble finding me...just look for the dirtiest face and the lady staring into space with a look of confusion on her face...that will be me!

Just a quick reminder of the all star line up at Zapp and at the other shows. Hang onto your britches 'cause this is a long one. Are you buckled in...on your mark...get set...go!
First up...appearing for a limited engagement at Zapp Hall are Theresa-Garden Antiques, Gina & Alan-Country Garden Antiques, Richard-Alston's, Carolyn-Carolyn Westbrook Home, Mindy-Primitiques/David-Snakelover/Robelyn-Red.Neck Chic, Lily-Junk Palace, Maggie-The Veranda, The Junk Gypsys, the crazy ladies of Dead People's Stuff, Nelda and Cindy in Zapp Hall and of course...last but not least...Moi and Cat Daddy.

You'll find Lisa at Tree Park and Leann-The Vintage Laundress at The Texas Rose. Janet-Talk Sweet Talk can be found at Cole's along with Mel and Brian-Seed Box while Gloria-Sweet Pea Collection is behind Hillcrest Inn. Diane and Nell of Punkie's Place have moved to a new location. You'll find them at the new Marketplace Show. Drop by to see all their groovy finds and let them know you heard it from me.
(Isn't Bella tutu cute in her birthday outfit. Thanks Sue!)

Mosey on over to the Bar W show where you'll find Andy and Susan, Renee and Effie with her lovely assistant Anne.

On Tuesday be first in line at Marburger to catch a glimpse of the debut of Laurie-2Chippys. Also holding court will be TOT and Craig-Timeworn Interiors, Shelley and the fab Mr. SP-Sweet Pea Home, Peg and Jon-French Vanilla, Judy-Judy Hill Designs, Linda and Ludmil-Willow's Nest, Mo-Rubbish, Gwen and probably others I'm forgetting. (If I've left anyone off...I apologize here and now. In fact, just remember, by this time...I'm a little throwed off!)

When y'all are packing to come might want to throw a pair of roller skates in your gotta lot of pat and bend waiting on you.
I promised photos and here you go. Tell me this baby isn't a chip off her Nana's block. Watch that girlie eat cake...plate and all!
Speaking of darling Graycie. Who do you reckon is the bigger kid? One relaxing moment in what has been a hectic month!

My sweet girl had an accident tonight though. She was on a stool...standing on it no less...looking in a mirror and singing (I told you she was a chip off the old melonhead) and can you say alley oops? poor little darling had a trip to the ER. She now has a soft cast on and will be getting another just as soon as the swelling goes down. I don't know who it was the hardest on...Grayzilla or her mom and dad. Thankfully it was a clean break with out any need for surgery or pins, but her perfect attendance at school just went down the tube.

Not the note I like to leave town on, if you know what I mean.

(Dear Graycie...I love you sweetheart and I'll be calling and checking in on you everyday. I'll see you first thing when I get home. Love, Me)
I'm sorry there are missing links, but I just wanted to remind y'all of all the talent that will be gathered in the big cities of Warrenton and Round Top....more stars than there are in the heavens!

I'll be talking to y'all later. Y'all behave until I get back...'kay?


Monday, March 22, 2010


Hurry, hurry, hurry...step right up ladies and gentlemen...boys and girls of all ages to the Greatest Show on Earth...or at least in Warrenton Texas. The big top is up at Zapp Hall and the show will be starting in less than the shake of an elephant's tail.

Come see the vendors walk a tight rope of a balancing act while perched precariously on a ladder....turn backflips and land in the splits...all performed without the aid of a safety net and all just to please you. Don't blink and miss all the twists and turns of setting up shops in the middle of a cow pasture.
Listen to the barker as he beckons you to enter and be amazed. Watch with wonder as money, beer and inhibitions seem to disappear into thin air right before your very eyes! Smell the aromas coming from Royer's and hear the cacophony of sounds of laughter and music floating in the air from the Beer Garden. See the death defying trapeze artists fly through the air with the greatest of ease from the top of tents while hanging chandeliers. Delight in the Bubble for Little Egypt disguised as a shopper only to be unveiled at a moment's notice after several glasses of champagne.

Prepare to be dazzled at the array of goods gathered and brought from exotic locales to be purchased as souvenirs. Watch as tents full of merchandise are suddenly empty and the back of trucks just as suddenly full...all as if by magic! See and be amazed at how many women can fit in a suburban packed to the hilt with one of a kind treasures.

Laugh as the clowns and monkeys run amuck. Watch the ringmistress keep order and control of the wild animals roaming the grounds. See the lion tamer turn a roaring beast into a cat daddy with only a whip and two wheel dolly to protect her.
The three ring circus will kick off Friday March 26 with a melee of shoppers hurrying to be the first to see their favorite vendors followed by the Hoochy Koochy dancer enticing you into her tent for a Blog Party on Sunday March 28, until finally...culminating in the Junk Gypsy Prom Thursday April 1 and twilight shopping with complimentary Bellinis.

We only come to town twice a year so follow the parade of cars and trucks to join in the merriment of The Greatest Show on Earth before it...and all the good seats...are gone!

You never knew so much fun could be had in the dirt!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Out To Lunch

~You'll never plow a field by turning it over in your mind.~Old Irish Proverb


~A silent mouth is sweet to hear~Old Irish Proverb

(I'll talk to y'all next week!)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Baker's Dozen

Sorry I'm late y'all...that stinking trailer keeps getting in the way of my having fun. Now, where was I? Oh yeah...let's do a recap of all the gifts Jenn has included in her Bella's Blessing (thanks Janet) Giveaway. I got Cat Daddy riding on this, so I sure hope I counted right!

  1. Tiny Pink Bible
  2. "Rocker Chic" necklace by Betsey Johnson
  3. "Puttin' On The Grits" book
  4. Flea Market Style magazine autographed by the Fabulous BarnHouse Boys
  5. Personalized Banner
  6. "Queen to Bishop" handmade necklace
  7. Pair of cute frames
  8. "Bella" cookie favor by Cookie du Monde
  9. Nest with eggs
  10. Paper Flower made by Liz and Fran
  11. Tussy Mussy
  12. "Key to My Heart" pendant by Betsey Johnson

Yep, I did it! Sorry Laurie...I get to keep Cat Daddy! Now for the winners.....

What I did y'all was list everyone who left a comment on every post leading up to Bella's birthday...some of you had a lo-o-o-ot of entries...then I gave everyone who blogged or put something on their sidebar another entry...then I added the names of all Jenn's new followers...then I took an Advil for writer's cramp! I took all this to Bella's birthday party where Bella helped choose the winners. They are...hold onto your seats...

  1. Robelyn at Red.neck Chic who will receive gift 1,2,4,5
  2. The Lone Dollier who will receive gifts 6, 7, 8, 9
  3. Debra at Common Ground will receive 3, 10, 11, 12

(Y'all don't even want to know what convoluted method I used to assign the presents!)

Jenn has decided to add another gift to the pile to say thank you for following Bella's baby steps. She drew a name from her list of followers and Laura of White Spray will be receiving an official, one of kind, can't buy it in a store, party hat just like the one Bella wore! I want photos of you in it L.B.!

I will be delivering little thank you gifts at the blog party to Mal, Theresa, Robelyn and Amy (who won't be attending, thereby breaking my heart) for suggesting party names.

Finally...(are y'all still with me?)...I also did a little giveaway for the Flea Market Style magazine and the winner is....Daphne.

Now all we need are y'alls addresses. You can either e-mail Jenn or me with your info and we'll try and get everything mailed out before leaving for the Mother Ship. If we will forgive us,, I said right? (Insert cricket sounds here!)

I want to thank all of you for supporting Jenn in her first (but not last) giveaway. I'll just make sure the next time her computer is up and running. This one just about did me in! I also want to say thank you for all the wonderful comments y'all left for Bella. Some day she'll read all of these and will feel the love that came with her birth and if she ever feels down, she only has to look to y'all to lift her up. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Now I think I shall retire to le baquet de bain and soak my aching feet...and wrist! Stay tuned for birthday photos. You didn't think you get off that easy, did ya?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Dear Bella,

One year ago, we were blessed with your birth...maybe just a little too soon, but a blessing none the less. Where time seemed to stand still while you were in the hospital, it now seems to be flying by. I wanted to tell you today on your first birthday so much that I don't even know where to begin. When your sweet baby girl...first went into the hospital, the doctors didn't hold much hope, but she always did. Through God's favor and grace, you were born at 23 weeks and 4 days and surprised the doctors with your first tiny breath. From the first, all the caregivers remarked at what a fighter you were. Why wouldn't you be? Your mother was and still is. She refused to listen to all the negativity and held on to God's promise to see her (and you) safely through the fire. This first year has been a privilege to witness. I have watched you in a tiny glass castle...then held you in my arms for the first time in awe of the miracle that you are. I have seen lines, tubes, machines and heard the hums and beeps of monitors to the place where we are now...where the only sounds are your giggles, gurgles and an occasional wail and the only thing attached to your precious face are your unique dimples and a pacifier.

You my darling, hold so many hearts in your tiny fist, starting with mine. I do not know what the future holds for you. You can and will be so many things beginning with the delight of your parents, but I won't think on that now. That is for another day far in the future. Instead I'll concentrate on the now...this day...this minute. You are as you should God designed you...perfect.

That we would have been allowed the honor of seeing His work day in and day out is overwhelming. To see your eyelashes appear, then toe and finger nails. To watch you plump out where there had only been skin with a myriad of veins visible to you now...our precious Sta-Puff girl. To the joy each ounce brought to see you go from 15 ounces to 15 pounds and the victory of God's promise. Your name means God's promise and He has fulfilled that promise and so much more. To hear the first little sound you made to the first time you found your voice to the constant chatter that is you. I will delight in the first time I hear you say Nana or whatever you choose to call me. It's been a roller coaster of a ride my sweet girl, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

In just a few short hours, I'll be watching you try to eat cake and laughing at the majority of it on you instead of in you. While I'm doing it, princess, I'll also be thanking God for His mercy and goodness in the wonder of you. I love you Bella Baby and with God's grace I'll be around for many more birthdays.

Happy 1st birthday!



It's A Bella Day In The Neighborhood

I want y'all to know I'm paddlin' as fast as I can, but it seems the further I go, the behinder I get! In fact, I'm not at all sure that this boat doesn't have a leak in it and I don't know how to tread water!

I'm playing catch up now to show y'all what else Jenn has included in the Bella-Ringer-Dinger giveaway celebrating...drum roll please...TODAY!!!

Bella is one year old today. I have a little confession to make...I think her official birthday should be the day she came home from the hospital in August since that was when God decided she was done cooking, but Jenn being Jenn pays no mind to me sometimes and this is one of those times. Given what she and Roby went through this last year, I do believe that trumps me so I'll graciously defer to their wisdom. I tell you this so you're not surprised when, oh say long about August, I decide to hold another birthday party....just don't say I didn't warn you!
Jenn has made Miss Bella a pink and blue (her birthstone color) tutu to wear at her parties. Yes, I said parties. Our baby girl is so special, she gets more than one. Jenn and Roby are taking her to the NICU at Baylor this evening to have cupcakes with the nurses who took such wonderful care of Bella. I think my kids are pretty thoughtful to include them in our celebration, don't y'all? Sunday, our immediate family is getting together at the Oldest Melon Head's to celebrate. It will be a small gathering because RSV season is still going strong and no sense in taking chances now, right? RIGHT! But enough of the small talk...on to the prizes! Jenn will be adding one of her Queen to Bishop necklaces to the bag. Not this one 'cause it's part of the baby bling line that she sells on Etsy, (had to slip a little shameless plug in there folks) but one designed just for the winner. Don't hold me to this, but I think her's and Vickie's necklaces will be with Robelyn at the Funky Finds Spring show in Ft. Worth at the Will Rogers Memorial Center tomorrow starting at 9 AM. Even if she doesn't...if you're in the DFW area, stop by and see Red.Neck Chic in action with her Fab U Lous handbags! Those bags definitely get the TrashCan Seal Of Approval! Cool beans!
How about a little more bling...after all I am the Queen of less is just less and more is better! She is wrapping up the key to her heart for y'all with this Betsey Johnson pendant. Y'all know I gave you mine a year ago.
Nipper thinks this is pretty GRRReat! would also appear that Nipper is a boy dog...sorry about that folks!
How about a tiny nest with eggs just in time for Easter? Yep...that's going in the gift bag too!
To round things off, tiny frames that will include a photo of Bella. I KNOW! I'd have her autograph it, but I'm not sure if she can spell yet!

For those of you with a sweet tooth...take a look at this. Carol at Cookie Du Monde has made these darling cookies and shipped them to me for Sunday's party. One of these with Bella's name on it will be tucked into the bag as well. Don't you just love Carol's attention to detail?

Believe it or not...I haven't slipped into the box and ate one...YET, but I have had some of her other 2die4 treats. Her Jethro-sized HoHo's are me! She'll be on hand at the Blog Party at Theresa's (whose son just happens to be celebrating a birthday today as well!) with cookies that she'll personalize on the spot. Wouldn't they make the greatest souvenir to take home to the hubs?

So-o-o...go to Jenn's and leave a comment. Be sure and take a hankie when you read her post will touch you I promise. And again, if you'd like to follow Bella's tiny footsteps, just sign up to be a follower....the more the merrier!

There is one little change in plans. Due to circumstances beyond my control (namely not enough hours in a day), Jenn will be making the winner/winners? known Monday morning complete with birthday photos!

Now scurry on over to Jenn's and while you're out and about, don't forget to visit Amy and vote. You know I only pick winners and this girl has my vote every time with her crazy, mad talent...and yet...she's so young! I can only imagine what the future holds for her!

That's a wrap...for now!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Can't Get A Word In Edgewise?

I hope everyone is in the mood for a little chit-chatting 'cause I'm feeling mighty talkative tonight. I first wanted to share with y'all some exciting news coming down the pike. Val at the Red Shed sent me this information on an upcoming fall event that y'all are just gonna love.

The Creative Connection is going to be held in Minneapolis Minnesota, September 16, 17, and 18. The Who's Who list of women ( including our very own Red Shed Girls!) involved are, for a lack of a better term, Rock Stars in our world. You've got to go here and read for yourself (while you're over there, be sure and check out the contest going on...insert big ol' dreamy sigh here!) and fire up the old brain cells to make plans to attend. Psst! It just happens that The Junk Bonanza will be taking place during that same time period and is only a hop, skip and a jump away! Be sure and see Val about travel arrangements to that. I'm sure it will book don't be lollygagging.

Next order of business....Anne just did a post asking what she, as a virgin vendor, needed to take to do the Big Show besides stuff to sell. Theresa did a fabulous post on what shoppers needed to bring, but I don't know if anyone has touched on hints for first time sellers, so I thought I'd help out.

Some things are a given like snacks, water, sunscreen...the same things shoppers need, but when it comes to being in the middle of a cow field, setting up shop for nine days...that's a whole different set of needs. Here is Part I of my survival guide to selling at the Big Show.

  1. I always pack my entire closet. You never know when it's going to be colder than who'd a thought it or hotter than a firecracker. There is wind, rain...heck, we've seen ice! Don't believe for one minute you can run to Walmart and get a sweater or raincoat 'cause everybody has the same idea and the next thing you're parading around in a trash bag...and proud to have it.
  2. Bring bling and lots of it. No self respecting Texas girl goes out without something shiny...even when setting up. You've heard that song "I Got Spurs That Jingle, Jangle, Jingle"? We ladies like to jingle too...I said jingle...not jiggle! Can't do that unless you bring the ammunition. I pack a separate suitcase just for my artillery!
  3. Starting out, you'll need a lot of small bills for making change, but before the show is'll look like you're getting ready to go to ladies night at the La Bare! Be sure and pack something to keep that money safely in. I've heard tales of purses being left in restaurants, in tents...even in the plan on being your own Brinks.
  4. Receipt books and pens are a must. Pens have a way of wandering off, never to be seen again and receipt books are great for keeping track of sales. Not every customer wants one, but it sure makes it easier come tax time.
  5. Speaking of tax sure and bring your tax resale certificate. We have had visitors (and you know who I mean...da da da da-a-a!) from Austin checking the Caveat Venditor. I've been dying to use that term!
  6. Anything you were using in the way of tags, stickers, rock, paper, scissors, glue, etc. when preparing to come down, bring. This also includes hammer, nails, glue gun, stapler, etc. Plenty of pretty paper and sacks are a must...although I have been known to use a grocery sack in my time if I ran out of the pretty stuff!
  7. Any and all medications you think you might need. Don't leave home without 'em...and that includes liniment and Epsom's salts for all the aches and pains!
  8. If you can fit it might as well throw in the kitchen sink, but the one thing that is a must...a good attitude. Pack a smile and plan on a good time. Customers are there to shop, but they are also there to laugh. Provide them with that and I guarantee you'll have return shoppers.

Anne, I hoped this helped and I'll get Part II put together before we leave for the Mother's that?

Last up...(I warned y'all I was feeling vocal)...Bella's Blessing Giveaway (thanks Debra). Tonight Jenn is adding a tussy mussy just like the ones she is making for party favors for the Bella-Da-Ball! Aren't they precious? Y'all know I didn't get brushed with any artistic talent, but thank goodness, my baby girl did. She's my go-to when I need something cute and I think these are Fab U Lous. One is going into the overflowing gift box tonight. BTW, this is the fabric that is used in Bella's room. Isn't it just 2die4? We're getting close to the big day and I'll be doing a recap of everything Jenn is giving away to make sure there is 12 gifts in all. At this point...I am so tired I don't know what day it is, so obviously I don't know what count I'm on. Trust me...there will be 12 or I'll give you 100% off anything at my tent at Zapp...or Cat Daddy...your choice, but only if I miscount! I think that's a wrap for tonight and as much as I love the sound of my own voice...I'll hush now so y'all can get back to watching American Idol!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bella's Barn Dance...You're Invited

Have I got a doozie of a post for y'all tonight. Y'all know I have been posting on the CinderBella Ball (thanks Amy) Birthday Giveaway for Jenn while her computer is on the fritz. You also know I missed one day of posting for her...and is now taking applications for a new mommy because of it. (How do you say I made Le BooBoo? I tell you I'd lose my head if it wasn't screwed to my shoulders!) I also just noticed that I am two posts away from 300 and not that far from 300 followers! Talk about not paying attention. So in an effort to get caught up on everything (I think it's called multi-tasking), I had a BRILLIANT IDEA.

She was going to include a copy of the new Flea Market Style magazine, so I contacted the Barn House boys to see if they could lend a helping hand with my BRILLIANT IDEA and good gravy...did they ever! You might want to steady yourself for this one...did I mention doozie? Joe and Jermonne are going to send out a copy of Flea Market Style magazine complete with their autographs. They'll do it anyway you want...either signing the actual article or with a card to keep this soon-to-be collector's edition pristine! I KNOW!!! Insert squeals of excitement HERE! (I am so excited about this...notice all the exclamation points?) I told them y'all would love I right? I don't know about y'all, but these two guys have totally turned me on to a whole new approach to decorating. I think their personal style is going to (if not already) be the next big thing. I for one look at egg carriers in a whole different light. They demonstrate what loving what you do and having it love you back can do! I predict that soon there will be a lot of copycatting going on and believe you me, I'm going to be first in line to try and emulate them! (Don't say I didn't warn you, guys...but remember, it's done with lots of love!)

So here's the get one of the two copies (Jenn's and mine)...

You'll need to go to Jenn's and leave a comment...after all, it still is all about Bella.

Sign up as a follower on hers and mine.

Leave me a comment...I like visitors too!

Grab my's tray sheek as I like to say here in Texas.

Give US a shout out on your blog if you haven't already and....

Let us know (it's a lot of work...but so-o-o worth it, wouldn't you say?).

Then when Jenn announces her winner on the 12th, I'll announce mine!
Do I know how to party or what?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

March Madness Junker Style

In spite of the rain today, my spirits are high. Yesterday was gorgeous and productive. All my days are not so fruitful, but I'm always thankful for those that are. Cat Daddy and I went to an auction (wait until you see what we got...Oh---Em---Gee!), then to Tony's to freshen up our space and finally a run through Winnie & Tulula's to pick up some things. Can you say whew?

Our load is finally starting to take shape. I'm gonna tell y'all a little secret...I was more than just a trifle bit worried. It seemed like all we had were tables and more tables! (I swan...what are people dining on these days if there are so many tables to be found?) I always worry if we'll have the right merchandise (with C.D. around, I never worry about having enough stuff...just the right stuff), but we've found and bought some things in the past week I am proud to be loading on the trailer! We still don't have as much fluff as I would like, but I refuse to buy just anything to fill in.
I'm not going to let anything keep me from having a good time this spring. Neither rain nor snow is going to put a damper on this ol' gal! I'm on the hunt for a rain coat with boots to match...trash bags need not apply (unless it's one of these)! If I'm going to get wet...I plan on doing it with style!

(We'll be docking at the Mother Ship March 25 late!) It really is hard to believe we're less than three weeks away from the Greatest Show On Earth! This year I'm claiming no flat tires, easy unload/set-up and fun! Arrgh mateys, air you with me? (Psst...that's a hint for one of the things we bought yesterday and are bringing down.)
March is a big month for Texas. We declared our independence on March 2 and fought the battle of the Alamo, March 6. It's also the month when the wildflowers start popping up and the prediction this year is for a bluebonnet explosion! With this cold, wet winter, bluebonnets are expected to be a bumper crop. How nice to get one good thing from all the damp and cold, huh? Seeing the bluebonnets (and all the wildflowers for that matter) alone are worth a trip...throw in some great junking and you are in heaven!

~The bluebonnet is to Texas what the shamrock is to Ireland, the cherry blossom is to Japan, the lily to France, the rose to England and the tulip to Holland.~Jack Maguire


I just have to tell y'all about a pet peeve of mine that I am trying really hard to get past. Please don't get angry with me for this, but it always launches me when I see folks plowing through the fields of bluebonnets on the side of highways for photo ops. I know, I's so tempting 'cause they are so gorgeous...BUT...I know how hard it was to get them to come back. Back in the 50's-60's when the major highways were being built, the wildflowers were almost eradicated from the roadsides. What was once a slightly taken for granted sight was gone. We have Lady Bird Johnson to thank for saving them. Beginning in 1982, she and others worked to bring the familiar glorious azure blue back.

~Where flowers bloom, so does hope.~Lady Bird Johnson

It kills me when I see folks tramping through them with total disregard. I'm not saying no to photos...just be kind when posing. The bluebonnet seed need a little stepping on to help them germinate (just like Texas...they have a tough skin), but there's no need to smush the flowers. Enjoy them, take photos, heck you can even pick them, but try to leave them as you found them for the next person to enjoy (and remember we have fire ants, too)!

~We are obligated to leave the country looking as good if not better than when we found it.~Lady Bird Johnson

Okie dokie, I'll get off my soapbox gets slippery when wet anyway...and get back to tempting y'all into coming to Zapp!
~When the sky falls on Texas.~A. L. Morgan

Yikes, speaking of you know what I clean forgot all about? Jenn's giveaway...good grief...she's gonna kill me! For yesterday's addition to the Bella Bonanza, I was supposed to show y'all some paper flowers that are made by our friend Liz! Jenn will be tucking one or two of these into the gift bag as well for day six. Aren't they just beautiful? I sure hope y'all are leaving her comments, 'cause that gift bag is sure starting to bulge at the sides (kinda like my stretch britches)and she still has six gifts to add. Oh good is the seventh! I've got to go take photos of day seven's gift! To quote the March Hare..."The time! The time! Who's got the time?"
I best hang up now and go take care of that before she fires me...AS IF!

Friday, March 5, 2010

1, 2, 3, 4, 5....

It is now day 5 in the countdown to Bella's Birthday Bash Giveaway. Jenn made this banner as a shower gift and I thought it was tutu cute. I suggested y'all would probably go ape for a custom one....So-o-o...she's going to make one for the winner of the giveaway. How fun is this? Whoever wins the drawing on Bella's birthday, March 12, will get to pick the colors and what words should be included. I told you Jenn was working hard to make this special for y'all!

You know what to do...go on over...leave a note for Bella...start following her fun adventures in growing up with God's grace and come the 12th you might just be a winner.
I'm going to take a quick walk through blogland and then hit the sheets. Between getting ready for Zapp (read Mother Ship), updating our Etsy, guest blogging, and life...I'm POOPED! Before I do though, I want to say thank you to all of you for your prayers for Witt. Y'all are wonderful prayer warriors...keep it up!

Je t'adore!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

One Voice

If y'all have just a moment, would you mind sending up prayers for Witt, his family and his caregivers. The doctors are hitting stonewalls with his treatment and condition. They all are in need of lifting up this evening. Thank you.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Butter My Biscuit

Hey kiddies...guess what time it is? That's's day three of the Bellarama Birthday Giveaway Countdown! This is what Jenn has selected to be added to the growing gift bag....Puttin on the GRITS by Deborah Ford. Deborah founded GRITS, Inc. over 10 years ago and it has grown by leaps and bounds. She has written several books (or manuals, if you please) on all things a Southern girl just has to know. By the by...for those of you unfamiliar with stands for "Girls Raised In The South". (Trash Hint #1: Down here we take entertaining as seriously as we do our grits so have plenty of sugar on hand for both!)Jenn intends for Bella to be raised knowing all the "rules" to being a true Southern girl and all the responsibilities that go with it. It's a true testament to a mama's raising when a girl from the South can make anyone feel relaxed in her home. It's also all about the food. We cook at the drop of a hat with different food for different occasions. There's funeral food, family reunion food, church social food, picnic food, receptions, showers...the list goes on and on. You got an event...I guarantee you we got a punch recipe for it that will serve up to 100 guests! Give us a can of cream of anything soup and a jar of Cheez Whiz and we can whip up a casserole before you can say "Shut my mouth"! (Trash Hint #2: Down here...we don't make dinner...we fix supper!) When Jenn found this book she of course bought for Bella and one for y'all! It's just chock full of information to have you saying Y'all and ordering sweet tea in no time! (Trash Hint #3: Down here it's pronounced word...real fast!) So if you want to know the secrets that little Southern girls learn at their mothers' it is!

~Precious (presh' es) adj. in the North, something valuable such as a gem, in the South, a glorious gem of a girl~

Putting on the GRITS-Deborah Ford There's recipes tucked inside as well as anecdotes. There is a whole calendar of reasons to have a party (like we need an excuse, but just in case...) like Elvis' birthday, Kentucky Derby, start of Nascar or even the Red Neck Games. (No Robelyn, I am not making that it if you don't believe me!)

With this book in hand, you'll be able to hostess a party that folks will be talking about for years and you'll be changing your name to Scarlett! (Hint #4: Down here folks tend to get so relaxed that they don't always want to leave. I've had "come and go" parties that lasted for days. Don't say I didn't warn you!)
So for all of you anxious to learn how to act and talk Southern (Pam, are you reading this?) and for those of y'all already Southern, but need a little brushing up on your entertaining skills:

1. Go to Jenn's blog

2. Leave a comment about Bella

3. Sign on as a follower of Bella

4. Fix yourself a glass of sweet tea and wait for March 12!

One last thing...Deborah also provides the proper etiquette for saying grace at a party. The most important thing to being from the North, South, East or West is to always remember to thank God for His blessings. Our family is especially thankful for the blessing of Bella and for y'alls friendship.

Whoa Nellie...I almost forgot! Today is Debra's big day or to quote I Love Lucy..."Today she'sa her birthday too!" Go sing her a few bars of "Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen"!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rock-A-Bella Baby!

Here we are y'all...the second day of March and the second gift in the Bella-rama giveaway. If you are reading between the lines, you've already figured out Jenn really doesn't have a name for her giveaway! Does that matter? Not one bit, 'cause that's what the Mama Cat is here for! This party may have twelve names before I'm done or Jenn's computer is back up and running. Jenn and I should never be allowed to go shopping together unchaperoned! Whenever we find something we love, we have to buy to keep and one for a present. We're like scorpions...we always travel as a pair. It's the way we roll and it drives the men folk crazy! But guess what? Y'all are going to go crazy too 'cause when we found these Betseyville pendants, we bought all they had and one of them is the prize for Day #2! With Easter just around the corner (and hopefully, spring with it), this would be the perfect accessory to wear with your Easter chapeau!
Who doesn't love Betsey Johnson? I mean really, what's not to love? Pink...Miss Bella's (and Grayzilla's) signature color!
So just remember...go to Jenn's blog and leave a comment about Bella and keep watching to see what else is coming next!
I told you there would be some fun and funky things in this giveaway and have you ever known me to lie to my little honeys?

By the's true about the leaf not falling far from the tree! Take a gander (get it, gander?) at the original Rocker Chick!

This is going to be Jenn's tags at Fair Park this month. Psst! I think she likes me...what do you think?
Gotta run...Lost is on! Don't forget all the other great giveaways going on this month. I'll try to list them all on my sidebar, but in the meantime...bunny hop on over to Jenn's and chick, I mean check in!

One more thing...and then I really do have to go get Lost...I'll be listing some new items on Etsy in the morning, so drop by for a little looky-look around tenish!