Friday, July 31, 2009

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Made you look!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

You Can Party But You Can't Party Here!

I want to thank all of you for attending the Bella Pink Shower and making it so much fun for me! Y'all always pull out all the stops at a party and I know I can count on you to go the extra step to make it something special! Y'all really outdid yourselves. I laughed and cried and laughed some more! I've got a lot of cleaning up to do and I really appreciate all of ya'll that stayed to help with the hose down!

First thing I need to do is get rid of all the leftover cake...not a problem! Cake... What cake?

I swear it looks like Babies R' Us exploded in here! I have no idea where Jenn will be storing all this...there's no room under my bed! I guess ya'll are wondering who won the prizes aren't you? I'll be telling you in just a minute if you'll just keep your britches on! Y'all are just like a worm in hot ashes! First I wanted to tell you that after this post I won't be around as much for at least the next two weeks...possibly three. Bella is that close to coming home with her mom and dad. There is so much to do to get ready and Jenn is feeling a trifle bit overwhelmed. I'm going to go and stay with her for a few days and help get everything situated, so she won't be worrying about that. Bless her heart, she has enough on her plate as it is.

The doctor told her this evening he really did not want Bella in day care or around a lot of children for the first year. He wanted her to go through the first RSV season before day care is an option. So that creates a little bit of a situation. Roby and Jenn live about an hour away from us and his mother. Jenn doesn't have the luxury of being a stay at home mom...although she would love to! Roby may change his job schedule to night, but that is going to make it hard on him. They are discussing moving closer to one of the G-moms and I sure hope it's me! Once again Jenn is turning it over to God and placing it in His hands. She is certain He will provide all the answers and that everything will be all right. In the meantime, could I ask y'all to pray for them as well? God has been in control of Bella from the beginning and I know He will continue to provide all that she needs including her mother being able to stay home at least for a few months. The doctor also said that if he did not look at Bella's chart and know her, he would think she was just another newborn...absolutely no problems! Our God lives!!!

I also have to start gearing up for Zapp Hall and the fall show. Mindy and Theresa are getting the jump on me. They're already posting about what all they've bought and I've been a little lax in my shopping. I fear Cat Daddy is combing the back alleys least he tells me he's alone! That's always a little scary when he's out shopping solo! I need to get things ready for Winnie & Tulula's (BTW, there is a back room sale going on at Sweet Pea's this weekend you really need to check out!) and I have about a million thank you cards I need to write to all of you for all the things that have been done for Bella and sent to her. Y'all have been more than have been angels! Plus, I have really let my own house kinda go to Helena Handbasket as well. I can only feed people that line about the cobwebs being left over Halloween decorations for so long! I know, I know...we ALL have too much going on in our lives!
Now on to the winners of the giveaways. Vintage Patina is the winner of the Bella Pink Rose ring and the two winners for the tiny dancing shoes made by Karen of A*Musements are.....Everything Vintage and Gather! Girls, send me your addresses and I'll put your gifts in the mail tout de suite!
So I guess for now that wraps everything up in a black Hefty trash bag. Like I said, I'll just be peeking in on y'all off and on, so you best behave yourselves while I'm gone. Don't make me take my earrings off! The next time I post, hopefully it will be with the best news I could possibly ever share...unless I win the lottery in the meantime! Wouldn't that be a hoot? Don't could happen...if I would just buy a stinking ticket!

One last thing, can you believe I forgot to have y'all play the diaper game? I know you are so disappointed! They even sell it in a kit! You mean to tell me no one can go out and buy chocolate bars and diapers on their own...they have to get a kit! In my day to save money...we would've just busted out the real thing! Sweet Mess my eye!

I also have to tell Malissa...girl you were right on the money right down to Sharon's Cracked In The Head baby nightlights. Go to the head of the class, Teacher!
So tata for now (that's tata not tatas, Cher! You better believe I'll be checking in on you!) and I'll be sure and try to leave little comments so you will know I'm still breathing!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Turn Out The Lights, The Party's Over!

It's you know what time it is? It's time to either go big or go home! I vote to go big, just like I like my hair and men!
Jenn and Roby wanted me to tell all of you how much they appreciate the time you took to attend Bella's shower. They love all your gifts, love, words, prayers and most of all each and every one of you! She looks pretty teeny tiny here doesn't she? Well, take a look at her now.......
My girl loves to party all the time, party all the time, party all the time! Anybody up for a cha cha? She says she is ready to rumble or is that rumba? David, would you care to be first on her dance card?
Let's go boys! Raise the in Bella's crib! Pass me that bottle of formula, Auntie Malissa. All this dancing has left me parched!
What do you mean I've worn everybody out, Nana? I'm just getting wound up. The nurses told y'all I'm a little night owl.
Would you just look at this...Mommy has swaddled me down. This is another fine mess you've gotten me into, Nana! She doesn't know it takes a whole lot more than this to keep a good woman down! The princess is not happy!
Maybe if I play possum, everyone will tiptoe out and then I'll have Nana all to myself. I know she'll let me do whatever I want even if Mommy says no and what Mom doesn't know won't hurt her, right? When I grow up I want to be just like Nana and be a party in a box too or in my a crib. I gotta tell y'all...I don't miss that crystal palace one bit. What did Nana call it? Oh yeah, my glass castle. So confining! It's so much nicer to see all your smiling faces gathered around peeking at me. Makes me feel special and very loved!
Speaking of peeking, take a good look at me now! Y'all just thought I looked like my Nana. The nose may be hers and the eyelashes Mom's, but my eyes...oh mylanta...those are all my daddy's! Well I think I am feeling a little sleepy now. All this partying has really tuckered me out. So I'm going to go nite nite and I'll let you visit with Nana. Maybe we can do this again when I get to go home with Mom and Dad...I hope soon!

Well we got Miss Thang down and while I would love to keep this party going, I want to go read all the comments that have been left on all of y'alls party posts. I've read some of them and I gotta tell you, I am one blessed woman. The posts themselves are just what I knew they would be. Each one is unique to you and you alone. You have made me laugh, cry and reflect on how lucky I am that each of you has come into my life. Jodi said it best on hers. I can't quote it exactly, but the gist was that this tiny sweet baby has brought us together in a way that cannot be broken. I thank each of you from the bottom of my heart and I am speaking for my whole family...Danny, Jenn, Roby, Brandon, Joey, Misty, Graycie and are all part of our family now whether you wanted to be or not. You will forever be carried in our hearts. Thank you so much for humoring this chubby old gal!

~A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankrolls smaller, the past forgotten and the future worth living for.~Unknown
One more thought for all you mothers out there reading this...~Diaper backward spells repaid. Think about it.~Marshall McLuhan

In the words of Bella...Nite Nite and God bless you all!

Babies R' Us!

I don't know if I thought to tell y'all that due to time constraints, I was having this affair catered! Hope you are enjoying all the refreshments. I'll be serving bellinis around 9ish if you care to join me. I hope you aren't too partied out.

Are y'all having a good time. My, you certainly are a quiet group...probably one of the most well behaved showers I have ever been the hostess of before. While I'm finishing up all the last minute details, I thought I would give y'all something to do to get you out of my hair, I mean keep you entertained. What do y'all say to a little game? No Malissa, there won't be any baby bottle guzzling contests, sorry! What I had in mind was a Name That Baby Contest. I kinda stole the idea from Moonlight Hollow...hope you don't mind girl. At least I'm a honest thief. And yet once again I drift off! OK, where was I? Oh contest...anyway, I've stolen, I mean borrowed baby photos from the list of guests and your job is just to give them a name....their name or last names please. Help me protect the innocent or those hiding from the law!In the interest of fair play, I think I should tell you there are no prizes for this contest. I'm just curious to see if y'all are making nice with the other shower guests! I should also warn you there are a few ringers in these photos that aren't party attenders just party animals. If you are a regular reader, these shouldn't present too much of a challenge. I guess that's all the rules, so on your mark, get set, GO!

"Baby Love, My Baby Love!"
"Even Cowgirls Get The Blues!"
"I Got A Pair Of Roller Skates, You Got A Brand New Key!"
"Baby, Baby, Don't Get Hooked On Me!"
"I Wish They All Could Be California Girls!"
"Wouldn't You Like To Ride In My Beautiful Machine?"
"Baby Face, You've Got The Cutest Little Baby Face!"
"Chugalug, Chugalug!"
"My Little Texas Tornado!"
"Be My Baby Tonight!"
"Love To Love You, Baby!"

Okay y'all! Have fun with this game and I'll be back later to check up on y'all. No cheating or peeking over any one's shoulder!

See y'all around 9:00 p.m. if you're still awake. I know most of you babies have to be in bed early!

Baby Face, You've Got The Cutest Little Baby Face!

Oh my gosh, Johnny! Do you hear bells too? What??? The doorbell...good grief, look at the time! I'm late for my own party! You'll have to hide...quick into the room there! Not behind that chair, silly goose! That's the first place they will look!!! Here, slide under the bed. They'd never think to look there. Are you comfy cozy? I am sorry about all the boxes and junk, but where do you think I hide stuff from Cat Daddy? Now not a peep, okie dokie? Ladies and gentleman, I am so sorry to keep you waiting. I'm still tidying up for the soiree as you can see! My hair's a mess and I haven't had time to dress. There is just so much going on. I do apologize and if you'll give me just a little more time, I promise up and down to be ready to party like 1999!
In the meantime, Graycie has willingly volunteered to entertain you while you are waiting. If you ask her sweetly, I'm sure she will be more than happy to do her rendition of "Baby Got Back".
While you are waiting, please have some refreshments and enjoy the music. If you don't like what's playing, feel free to change it to please your listening ear! Please, please...mingle and visit with the other guests. I'm sure it has just been forever since you had a chance to sit and gossip, I mean catch up with each other! No fair talking about me while I go get beautiful though!

While I run and finish getting ready (Oh and please do not be so rude as to look in the closets or under the beds for dust bunnies!) be sure and peek at each other's baby posts! Everyone is so clever...that's why it's taking me so long. Have to keep up you know!
Here is a little reminder of what we are celebrating. We have gone from this photo taken in March...... this taken in July! So relax, sit back, have a little nosh and remember...

~A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on.~Carl Sandburg

I shall return tout de suite!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Forecast...Pink Showers!

Misty and I survived the baby shower!!! The kitchen has been cleaned, the final guest hugged, all the decorations have been taken down and Jenn's car is loaded to the roof with all kinds of things to make any woman worth her Spanx go "AWWW"! Believe it or not, (although those of you who know me will believe it) these are the only two photos I took of the entire shower. Thank goodness one of my dear friend's daughter was in attendance with her camera. She is sending me a C.D. with photos of all the details for me to share with y'all at a later date. You'll just have to trust me when I say that there was no dancing on the tables or a certain Nana making a fool out of herself....just tons of smiles, gorgeous women and maybe just a little too much champagne punch. Misty and Joey had also prepared a slide show of Bella from the beginning to now that didn't leave a dry eye in the joint! Just call me the Barbara Walters of showers.

Showers are a wonderful way of reconnecting with family and friends with no testosterone allowed...not even Cat Daddy's! Where girls can be girls and foo foo reigns! And speaking of girly girls...isn't mine beautiful? She was beaming all day and it just made my heart sing to see her so happy. It's been a long, long five months, but Saturday she got to have a "normal" shower just as if this had been a "normal" pregnancy. She hasn't had too many "normal" moments so seeing her feeling pampered and special...well suffice it to say I just wanted to hold her in my lap all the way through it. I swan, Bella will never be guilty of being seen twice in the same outfit after yesterday. I love little boys (had one of those myself), but there is something about shopping for little girls that just brings out the sparkle-sparkle in all of us. There weren't that many choices when my children were born. Oh Mylanta...high heels for babies? Some of this stuff is just a scream! Wait until you get a load of my newest little trashette in her leopard ensemble complete with tiny leopard dancing slippers! Go ahead and squeal girls! You will love it!

So now that the baby powder has settled and I've taken off my bra, earrings and shoes, what do you say we talk a little bit about Tuesday.

To recap, I thought everyone who wanted to attend could post a baby photo on Tuesday. I know y'all are all running 90 to nothing, so I won't specify a certain time...just do it when you can by Tuesday. If you are planning on attending and participating, leave a comment here and I'll add you to the guest list on my sidebar. I'll be setting up a special list and hopefully it will show updates...keep your fingers and toes crossed for that! The fun part will be visiting each other and getting to see how creative everyone is with their "baby" photos. I'm hoping for Tanner baby photos, hint hint!

As a reminder, everyone who e-mails their address to me will be receiving a Junk Sistas coozie and one person will be receiving a Bella Pink Rose ring. I haven't figured out how I'll do that giveaway, but I will and it will be fun.

I've told y'all before that I am not an artist, but I am an art lover. I know talent and originality when I see it...with a heavy emphasis on originality! One such artist that I absolutely love is Karen of A*Musements fame. If you are not familiar with her work, you MUST visit her and see for yourself what gifts she possesses. Talent is not all she is full of either (don't take that the wrong way, Karen). She is a lovely, funny, generous and caring lady who by nature should be Southern (since her mother is a Southern belle, I think that qualifies her, don't y'all?). In this blogging world, I take great pride and honor in being able to call her a very dear friend! She made me promise not to gush (she's extremely modest about her work!) by threat of coming to Texas and whipping me like a souffle'.... so I'll go by her rules.... but just this one time!
Are y'all sitting down now? Well you better be 'cause now it's time for the big reveal of what two of you will be winning by playing along with me. Karen has sent me some of her wonderful little shoes for Jenn's shower and I have held back two just for y'all!

I Know!!! Aren't they darling? You may have seen them in publications, special shows and in boutiques. They are 2die4 and if I could squeeze my size 6's in them, I would wear them just about everywhere. I love these shoes more than my Yellow Boxes and y'all know how I feel about those! There are only three words for her designs...Fab U Lous! She has several things in the works so keep watching for all the 411 as it becomes available. I promise y'all up and will be the first to know and it is exciting!
All the photos were stolen, I mean borrowed from Karen without her knowledge and I'll be sure to return them right after Tuesday! My photos just didn't do them justice and I wanted to make sure y'all got the full effect of how gorgeous they are. She can make a USPS cardboard box look spectacular. When I opened it last week, my mouth just watered. Tucked in with the shoes were all kinds of treats and ephemera (you can look Jodi, but no touchy touchy!). All I could do was scream "Mine, Mine, Mine"! I gotta tell you, parting with these cuties was no easy task. I wanted every pair for myself!

Aren't y'all glad I get to be famous by association so you get to share in the bounty? One of these I will be giving away by reaching into the Diaper Genie(fresh out of the box, of course!) where I will place each and every one's name who leaves a comment between now and Tuesday. The second one will be given to one of the party participants. You know what, I think that's who ought to get the ring as well! See, I told you I would figure that out! My "babies" names will go into the baby bonnet for drawing out by my freshly painted Bella pink nails! BTW, I had my first pedicure...go figure! That is a doozie of a post for a later date!

I think that is everything. I will provide the refreshments and music...y'all provide the entertainment and we are good to go!!!
I won't be doing another post between now and Tuesday, so if there are any questions...ASK NOW!

See you at the party!!! Can you say "bye bye"?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Change Of Diapers...I Mean Plans!

Dear Aunties and Uncle David,

Nana has asked me to ask y'all if you would mind if she changed the date of my Bella Pink Baby Shower to Tuesday, July 28. She has just overloaded her plate once again and is afraid to disappoint y'all. I told her I didn't think you would mind too much as long as she made it fun when she finally delivered the goods. (get it, delivered?)

I think Nana worries too much about things that probably no else worries about. She wants it to be perfect and pinkalicious, but between me and life, time is running short. Mommy told me Nana has ADD at times...does this mean she is also a little OCD? (I'm learning all kinds of big words while here at the hospital...I want to make sure Mommy and Daddy get their money's worth for my stay.)

I guess that's why she had me do the asking...she figured you couldn't yell at my cute, smiling (yes, I am smiling...and no, it isn't gas!) face! So, can I tell my Nana to stop worrying and you will be playing with us on Tuesday? If you say yes, I'll blow you bubbles with my kisses!

Here's looking at you kiddies!



Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Run, Don't Walk!

OK y'all...I am only going to tell you this once, so pay close attention. Shelley at Sweet Pea's is having a 100th post giveaway. By telling you this, I am greatly reducing my chances of winning, but if you don't hightail it on over, you are reducing yours to a snow ball's chance! Check out the swag in the photo below. Is this not to 2die4?

Why am I sharing this you ask? Because I just love her blog and I happen to think 100 posts is a big deal! Also, I am incredibly goofy, down to my socks tired and I don't know what I am doing!This is my one good deed for the month so take advantage of me while you can. BTW, there are already over 70 comments!


Once again I come to y'all asking for prayers. Sweet Baby Witt is not doing as well as hoped after surgery and the doctors don't know why his sodium levels continue to drop. This family's faith is amazing and during the last five months I would find myself going to Witt's blog just to be uplifted and renewed.

They have been at TCH for six solid weeks. Melanie, Witt's mom, has only left the hospital one night right after his surgery while he was heavily sedated. While their faith isn't flagging, they are all physically exhausted as you can all well imagine. All of you know what that is like. Please, please, please, fall on your knees and pray for a turnaround in his condition and for strength for his family. He has continually amazed and baffled his doctors and God has shown His presence over and over again through Witt. Please pray that He will reveal His plan and that sweet Witt's numbers will improve. (I'd also like to ask that you add him to your prayer lists.)

~He gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might He increases strength.~ Isaiah 40:29 (photo courtesy of Please if you have the time, go over to his blog and give the family words of love and encouragement. You'll see what I mean about faith after reading the posts you will find there and will leave blessed for doing so. Thank you. Update~Witt's numbers are improving! Keep the prayers coming!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Pretty In Pink

I talked to Bella and she said it was time for a party. She thinks she might be able to win the "Baby Bottle Chugging" contest for sure! So is on! Time to get the pink ducks in a row and let's have a shower....heck, let's make it a storm, what do you say? I'll be posting ideas I'm kicking around in my head for the Bella Pink Party and throwing them out there for y'alls approval.

She's doing great with the bottle. She is now getting three a day in addition to five line feeds (btw, they are weaning her off the fortification to put weight on. Hmmm, wonder why?!!) and hopefully will be adding a fourth bottle by the end of the week! We are getting closer and closer to that glorious day when she comes home! As my daughter-in-law Misty says...."She's a chunkalove!". For some reason I just cannot get the photos of the ring to focus any better than this. Everything else photographs fine, so I don't know what I am doing wrong, but I promise y'all up and down, this ring is just 2die4 and I'll be giving it to someone on the day of the shower. So we are all agreed that it will be this Sunday the 26th? What time is good for you? I'm flexible...just don't want the petits fours to melt in the heat.

Speaking of petits fours, I saw this cake on another blog (I'm sorry...I can't remember where and I looked for it all day!) and now I am on a mission. I want poodle cookies for my guests just like these. Does anyone know a baker in the Rockwall area who does something like this that is not going to want my firstborn child as payment? I've been doing a lot of calling to Dallas bakeries and I really don't want to put their children through college! Help me out here y'all! I adore the cake as well and would love petits fours or cupcakes something like the top layer to serve. Do you love it as much as me? Thought you would!

Instead of sherbet punch, what would y'all think of pink champagne cocktails? That's the only pink I can think of. I'm open to any and all recipes as long as they are pink! It's been a long five months and pink elephants would look mighty good right about now!

So here's what I thought about the guest list. If you RSVP in the comments section and let me know you will be attending Sunday and participating with a post of your own, I'll do a guest registry on my sidebar just like I did for Mother's birthday party. (Do you realize that was just four days before Jenn had to go into the hospital? Seems like a million years ago. Girls, I need a party bad!) Then on Sunday, we all post around the same time and check out each other's baby photos. Like I said before, they can be of your dog (Sweet Tanner!), your husband, children, grandchildren, baby birds, baby clothes, anything having to do with babies. It could be old postcards, photos, vintage silver baby cups...have fun with it! I just want everyone to have a good time and leave here with a smile on their face!

But that is not all you will be leaving with. Oh no sirree bob...everyone who plays gets a Junk Sista coozie just by sending me your address and to drive you just a little bit crazy in the's another hint as to my special party favor for one guest attending the shower:
~A shoemaker makes shoes without leather
with four elements all together,
Fire, water, earth and air,
and every customer takes two pair!~
Well I see my little nursery rhyme hint has put my sweet Bella to sleep. I wouldn't want to wake her, so I'll tiptoe quietly out until tomorrow.

Goodnight Moon