Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Hardest Post

These are difficult words to write. I have to step away for a while. My darling daughter Jennifer is expecting her first baby in July, but has been diagnosed with Preeclampsia. She was rushed into the hospital this afternoon for admittance. Unfortunately the only real treatment is delivery. She is 21 weeks along. Her OB/GYN is going to try and control her blood pressure to gain more time for the baby and she is receiving magnesium sulfate to protect her. She will be in the hospital until delivery and I will be with her and her husband. I will try to add updates as I have time, but please add her, Roby and us to your prayer lists. She wants this baby so much and I want them both safe. Thank you.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Standing Room Only

Serendipity is defined as a fortunate accident. It was no accident that Cat Daddy and I went this morning to Laurie Anna's Serendipity Market, but we certainly were fortunate. I couldn't have sent y'all a more perfect thank you card for all the comments you left on my mother, Helen Louise, than to be able to share with you these photos of a beautiful event. All the participants worked their little rears(can I say that?) off making it absolutely breathtaking. I also want y'all to know that C.D. and I risked life and limb making our way through the store. We were surrounded by a sea of perfume as the ladies were gathering treasures left and right! You can't imagine how hard it was not to make the shoppers instant stars. I tried to get shots where there weren't women, but that was next to impossible.
Laurie Anna and her staff were wonderful. They never got flustered and worked the floor and the checkout like the Rockettes, perfect choreography. All the shoppers and guests were welcomed with coffee, noshes, smiles and champagne. Champagne in the morning...absolutely decadent. I loved it!!!
From here on out I figure I'll be talking to myself since I know you are now busily clicking to enlarge. Go ahead. I really don't mind. Y'all know I love the sound of my own voice. I'll just keep myself company. Take your time looking around because there is a lot to see.
If spring doesn't get here real soon, it's not the only thing that will be busting out all over! You can't help but be in the mood for bunnies and a little egg hunting. Her displays put you in the mood!
If you don't get inspiration for an Easter brunch just looking at her tablescapes, well all I can say is no more champagne for you!
Just takes your breath away, right? Linger a while longer. I'll just keep talking to myself. I saw so much I wanted to take home, but I showed restraint...for a while. Then spring fever took over and I dived in with the rest of the lovely ladies!
I adore carpenter's benches and this was a peach of one! See Pam, faux is wonderful!
I could tell a joke here, but I'm afraid it would lay an egg! Get it? Lay an egg! I crack myself up. Oh there I go again....crack up! Again, I can say these things because I know I'm the only one listening. You are probably at the last photo right now and getting ready to start over. Just be sure and pick up your jaw on the way back up because I know it dropped on the way down!
How does she come up with these displays? Her sense of styling is a dream come true for the rest of us.
Patina Green had created a beautiful look on the front porch. I was immediately drawn to this wonderful sink. I was already planning on just the spot for it. We got there at 9:10 a.m. and it was already SOLD! They opened at 9:00. I won't be 10 minutes late for the next event, I promise you that!
I also fell madly in love with these jute smocked drapes. So much so, I think I want to marry a pair. I'm going to think about which room I would like to use them in and measure. They also come in tab tops and other fabrics. The pillows were unique and reflected simplicity with `elan.
Just a wonderful, relaxed feeling came over me looking down the porch. The only thing missing was a mint julep.
They sell these Fab U Lous cot mattress covers as well. Forget the air mattresses for overnight guests. Buy cots and place these on them to treat your guests like royalty. I guarantee sweet dreams will follow.
Am I still talking to myself? I am? Well, I think I'll just sing to myself since no one is listening. "How you gonna keep 'em down on the farm, after they've seen Paree'?" (That just popped in my head) This is how! Very french farmhouse!
Willow Nest was, as is expected, beautiful beyond words.
Linda and Ludmil always bring a feeling of calm with their displays.
Aren't these adorable! I just loved them. Is this what is meant by having all your chicks, or ducks, in a row?
Starting to feel your nesting instincts trying to break free? Go ahead, indulge yourself. You can thank me later.
Now here are Cat Daddy's favorites...M & M's!!!!
That is it for now kiddies. OH NOW YOU ARE LISTENING ! I see how it is. Well what would you say if I told you.......TO BE CONTINUED!
I'd like to end this by saying thank you for all the lovely comments that were left about my mother. You all made me smile and cry(but in a good way). Bless your loving hearts. Mother would have loved all of you and you would have loved her. Thank you!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Happy Birthday Mother. Today you would have been 84 years young. You were a beautiful young woman and you were beautiful until the end. You had so many wonderful gifts that it was almost unfair. You were generous, funny, captivating, witty, a wonderful dancer, a fabulous cook, friend, protector of all. You were also bossy, strict when it mattered, hated housework, stubborn, and just a wee bit catty. You were quick to defend, slow to anger, and always willing to listen...even if it was 2:00 in the morning.You took in every stray cat, dog and kid in the neighborhood. You encouraged us to seek out those who maybe were alone and to always have a kind word. You taught Kerri and I how to be a lady of grace and David what was expected of a gentleman. You told us to set our goals high and never be afraid of not achieving them. In your eyes we could do anything. You reminded us that God is the greater power and that through Him all was possible.
You were loved by everyone who met you. You never met a stranger and if you did, they weren't one for very long. Men adored you, women cherished your friendship, children wanted you to be their mother and we three thought we were the luckiest kids on the planet. We three are your legacy and we promise you we will never forget you and it will be our privilege to continue to carry your torch.
"The act of mothering is to teach the art of living to children."~Elaine Heffner
Happy Birthday Mother! We love you and miss you every day.
Debbie, Kerri, David

TOT Giveaway

Just a quick post to let you in on the best known secret going on right now. Theresa at Time Worn Interiors is having a 100th Post Giveaway. Look at what she is giving away for being forced to look at all her gorgeous photos and decorating hints. Of course if you do go leave a comment, that reduces my chances for winning. On second thought, you don't want to enter. There's a long line forming to the right and you hate lines, right?If you just have to add your name (thus killing my chances) at least be sure and tell her I told you about it, OK? Oh, and don't come back here whining about how your feet hurt from standing in the line! I warned you.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Bomb.Com Update

I was sitting here trying to think of a way to say thank you again to all of those who joined me in my 100thPost/Birthday Celebration/Giveaway. Then it came to me! I would give you a partial tour of Chez Friz. I've told y'all before I'm a mutt when it comes to talent, but the one gift I do have is my friends. I've been blessed to make friends with some of the most creative people in the business. Two of these ladies you've met before. I did a home tour back in August and since that time, they have sold that house, bought another, practically gutted it and are now in the process of making it a showplace. They've gone for a different look in this home. A more pared down, grownup, sophisticated look and I love it. So this is my way of saying thank you to all of y'all for playing with me and to Liz and Fran for allowing me to use it as a back drop. If you're all settled in with your favorite beverage(def.: mar-ti'-ni), let's begin.I didn't photograph the whole house because we were so busy changing Sweetie Pie's clothes. ( Let me just add a footnote here.... Sweetie was a handful and a not an easy girl to get into the bathtub.) Sometimes I think I need a muzzle the way I can get off track. Where was I? Oh yeah, I just photographed the living area, dining room and one of the bedrooms. This is the buffet in the living area. I know...to die for, right?
Fran and Liz are going to shoot me for posting this photo. Liz and I didn't realize the vacuum was still out and there was just no way for me to edit it out. I tried David, I really did but then the effect of the room was lost. It has such a french salon look and feel to it. So shoot me Fran, it is still a beautiful room. Oh, but what a way to go!
Another shot of the buffet. To give you an idea of their talent, when I sold them this buffet, it was that awful, yellowy white you'll see sometimes. Then they got a hold of it(or as Cat Daddy would say, "they took aholt of it") and with paint and freehand embellishments turned it into THIS!!!
Liz has a sunny studio off her bedroom and I'll be taking photos of it the next time I am over there. This is just a part of her studio....just a part! Can you imagine? Are you drooling a little, my two favorite girls from Georgia? Get a kleenex and let's keep going.
I was standing in the hallway looking down to living area and I just clicked.
This is Fran's bedroom where Sweetie Pie, I mean I, was busy getting ready for the party. Nothing is safe from their busy minds. Even the chandeliers can be improved on by these two.
Isn't this just a lovely spot to sit and read?
Every lady should try and make room for a dressing vanity in their bedrooms. To me it is the ultimate luxury. It's just so girly. Who wouldn't feel beautiful putting makeup on here instead of the bathroom....or in your car driving down the highway. Don't give me that look, I've seen you!
I really don't need to say anything here, but because I'm me....I will! This is a room fit for a queen. Queen Trash, hmmm? I like the sound of that!
I love that they don't just do A chandelier. There are at least two in most rooms and in the living area, there are three. Again, not your everyday, garden variety types either. If it can be primped, they are all over it! The stock in prisms and beaded garland will never go down as long as these two have a breath in their bodies.
This was in their other house. It's a lighted musical/funeral/maitre d' stand they bought from us. Here it is just another beautiful vignette.
Peekaboo, I see you! Do you see me? That's the only thing about photographing mirrors. How the heck does one stay out of the shot?
This is a close up shot of their dining room table. They have a passion for religious items too, Ms. T.
Here is a corner of the dining room. They kept all the window treatments simple to allow the natural light to just pour in. That little church Liz got from me as well. It is a charming piece of folk art, all handmade. It lights up and the little stained glass windows are just beautiful. There is even a tiny bell in the chapel.
A final shot of the dining room and the piece de resistance! (I sure hope I spelled that right...I've been wanting to use that phrase forever!) Liz covered one entire wall in book pages, then glazed and sealed it. Isn't it Fab U Lous? Just no other words for it!
I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I enjoyed sharing their talent with y'all. Like I said earlier, I'm just an ugly duckling swimming in a pool of swans, but you know what? I'm as happy as I can be with that. I'll close by saying to all my swan friends out there, a big ol' Texas thank you to you all for letting me hang with y'all!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Texas Tornado

I just had to share with y'all some wonderful news I just received. I know everyone has really been down in the dumps with all the magazines that are closing. Everybody seems to be in a panic as to what to do and where to go for inspiration. Not to worry, girls! Help is on the way thanks to a feisty, blond, Texas dynamo.....Carolyn Westbrook!!! I know y'all are all familiar with Carolyn Westbrook Home. You've read her books, seen the magazine articles, visited with her at shows....now she's coming to you in a unique way.In between doing shows, going to markets, designing new products and taking care of her beautiful family and home, she has found the time to redesign her website. In listening to what her clients are asking for, she has added many features to make shopping more fun and convenient for us. One of these new features that I am excited to share with y'all is an online magazine located on her website. Think of it y'all. She'll be sharing design tips, inspiring photos, new products, style trends....all the things that magazines are supposed to provide. But here's the really great part...no ads AND she is providing it free. Carolyn loves to decorate(and talk) and she is willing to share what she has learned with all of you with just a click . Isn't this just fantastic?
Another great feature she has added is a blog. How great is that? She'll be doing posts on all her adventures(remind me to tell y'all about our "little" Atlanta adventure-that's a post all by itself! Think tornadoes.), upcoming events, shopping trips, junking spots, all the things we want to hear. Carolyn has a wicked sense of humor and I can't wait to hear her spin on the antiquing world.
Carolyn's line of bedding is going to be available on line as well. She has created a look that is hers alone, but she is willing to show you how to duplicate what comes so naturally to her. I love being able to call Carolyn girl friend and I am so happy that I get to share this with y'all. Now go visit her website right now. Oh and be sure and tell her Debbie sent you!
(All photos courtesy of Carolyn Westbrook Home)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

#101...Only 99 To Go

Happy Valentine's Day You All!!! I guess Cat Daddy had a cool time at the party yesterday celebrating my 100th post.....Look at what I got up to!!!! Thanks Laurie for inspiring him. He said he was thinking of you, I mean me, when he was shopping. He also asked me to say thanks to all of you for such a lovely time last night. He doesn't quite remember where he left his boots. Oh well, he'll find them.
First let me say thank you to all who stopped by in the last week and said hello. I appreciate it so much. Second, let me give a big ol' hug and kiss to all my fun friends (my posse) who really went the extra mile by dressing up and posting it. This was the most fun ever. If you get a chance to read the comments, do! It reads like it was scripted right down to the 100th comment, but I promise you up and down, it was all improv and so hilarious! We had such a good time and I wanted to make these 16 good sports know how much I appreciate what they did to make this really special. So it was decided I would put their names in the champagne bucket for a special drawing. Then if that wasn't enough, Laurie said she would match my gift with one of her own....another one of her Fab U Lous creations! Can you believe this! I was overwhelmed. Laurie, you just the best and I love you my darling sweet honey baked ham! So for the first drawing for best dressed partier, I put my lily white, freshly manicured with jungle red nail polish, hand into the bucket and pulled out Pam's name. What a happy coincidence. Pam and I started blogging at the same time and have been going back and forth since the beginning. So here's to you my friend. Congratulations!!! And because I only run with winners.....if all you lovely dressed for success participants will send me your addresses, I'm sending each of you a little something extra just to say how much I love you all!
Now on to the grand prize! Some of you may recognize this guy from last night. If not, meet Chuck the Buck. That's right ladies.....a man is the winner of the Grand Prize! David, I expect to see you in that necklace at least once, before Mindy rips it off your neck! Congratulations and thank you for being such a good sport! David is an amazing photographer and writer so be sure and check out his photos. He has always been the main rooster in this crazy hen house of ours. (Next to C.D., who actually never plays with us, hmmm? Gotta do something about that)
Thanks to you all. I hope everyone had a great time. I know I did. It was just the best!
OK, I'm feeling a little tired and I think I'm in need of a little R&R so if you will excuse me.....You can party, but you can't party here!