Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

What do you do with a cranky old coot, I mean a stinker of a patient? Goodness, this isn't going right at all! Let me try this again. What do you do with a less than pleasant patient who just happens to also be a wee bit stir crazy, but isn't quite strong enough yet for junking? Why you just load him up in the truck and make a run to Waxahachie and crash the Paper Cowgirl's Retreat!

I've always heard a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go I just reckoned a double dose was just what the doctor ordered and certainly couldn't hurt! Guess what? I was right!
He got a double shot of love from two of his favorite PYT's and Huggems is all better now! Thank you Anne and Jodie for putting a twinkle in his eye, the bounce back in his step, and a purr in his meow!

Does the Mama Cat know how to kiss a boo boo or what?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Amazing Grace

I've always known that I was a blessed woman, but if I have ever expressed any doubts before, the past year has taught me to never walk in fear...God is always with me. Case in point...our recent hospital stay.

On Father's Day our children, the Bella Mama and the Oldest MelonHead, had came over to take their daddy to breakfast. (Have I ever mentioned what a good daddy he was? Just ask them...they'll tell you The Best!) When we arrived at the restaurant...I swear up and down...Cat Daddy looked like he had taken a shower with his clothes on. (He said later...much later...he was channeling "Flash Dance"!) When we went in, there was a waiting period, so he found a seat. Joey was with him and said he would like to take Cat Daddy to the E.R. Surprisingly, he agreed, but when he went to walk to the door, he collapsed. Luckily, the kids were on each side of him and were able to catch him before he hit the floor! Y'all...I don't know how they did....C.D. ain't no lightweight...but they did. Talk about an adrenalin rush!

A chair was rushed over and they managed to get him on it while he was still unconscious. As he came around, we all noticed two EMTs eating breakfast in the dining room and called them over. (See...God's perfect timing once again). While they went to get their equipment, another man walked up and whispered to Jenn that he was an off duty medic as well. (The kids were holding up their father, but the Father was holding them up as well.) While the different monitors were being hooked up, Danny passed out again and the decision was made to rush him to the nearest hospital. (BTW...don't you know the restaurant LOVED us?)
Tests were run and it was considered in his best interest to admit him....then the fun really began. Because all the indicators pointed to a heart attack (which was finally ruled out), he was interviewed for an episode of "House". (Just Kidding!) Seriously, they had no idea why he passed out, why his blood pressure had dipped dangerously low and why the excessive sweating. He did have a sore on his abdomen that wasn't healing properly (which he had been to his regular doctor on Friday for) and a specialist was brought in to look at it, but that didn't seem to be the problem...key word here...seem!

Imagine our surprise when an anesthesiologist shows up late in the day Tuesday to discuss his surgery the next day! I immediately asked to talk to a doctor, but didn't see any that day or early the next morning. I have to stop at this point and tell y'all...I hate confrontations with a passion. I will go out of my way to avoid them. I'm known far and wide as a peace maker...heck the U.N. should hire me I'm so good at it...BUT...when you're messing with my family...Katie, bar the door!

If they expected me to give them one of my prized possessions for even a half an hour without any guarantees it would be returned unbroken...uh uh...ain't gonna happen. I told them I would be asking for his discharge and moving him...that seemed to set the wheels in motion....temporarily. I did talk with the surgeon and was satisfied with what he told me, but the primary care doctor did not show up until after the surgery. When I started questioning her...all I got was evasive answers and the general runaround. Finally her beeper went off, she told me she was busy and left the room. EXCUSE ME???? Needless to say, a report will be filed. OOOOH, I'm getting mad all over let's move on!

Next day...everything seems to be running smooth. The nurses are making noises about him being released, the wound care nurse comes in to change the dressing on his wound and to show me how to do it at home (can you say EEEWWW?!?!). Great...we are finally getting somewhere...when BOOM...the wound care doctor comes in and tells us his care will be different. A vac/pump will be attached to his incision and it will do all the work and speed up healing...great, right? Nope...she also tells us he has MRSA. (If you have it. It will scare you to death! Also, keep in mind a culture was done when he was admitted with no staph showing up!) My heart stopped. Now suddenly we are talking about going home with an IV...and all the risks involved...and more testing to see if it has invaded his blood stream or lungs. We are scared spitless, but I turned it over to God. I knew He wouldn't have placed us where we were without a greater plan....and He didn't. The next morning, his IV's were removed which was strange. The nurses didn't know why the orders had been changed, but at 9:30am, another doctor came in and told us it wasn't MRSA, but MSSA. A staph none the less, but not as scary and totally treatable with pills. You tell does one go from THE super staph to a regular one overnight? Exactly...God can do anything and everything. The doctors are still shaking their heads, but not me. I'm on my knees thanking Him who is always there.
I'm sorry this was so long, but I needed to get this off my chest, tell y'all thank you for your prayers, and I also needed to give the praise and the glory to the Great Physician who I always trust my greatest possessions to. How can I not...they are only on loan from Him anyway.

People...Elvis, I mean Cat Daddy has left the hospital!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cat Daddy Update

This is the Bella Momma - Just wanted to update all of you on Cat Daddy. He is still in the hospital. Surgery went well yesterday.. He was given us attitude by dinner last night so that is a sign he is feeling better. They are running more test and lab work today to check for a possible MRSA-Staph Infection. Mom has managed not to need bail money just yet but ladies don't be surprised if we need it before the week is out. She is about ready to take off one doctors head. Good thing he got his sweet nurse from Sunday back that actually lessened to us and got the ball rolling to get the wound looked at when no one else seemed concerned about it. Lets just say the hospital staff has been a bit nicer to the Trash Talking Diva today. Don't they know who they got in that hospital. Thank you for all kind words keep them coming he will need something to read when he is back at home. Keep praying for Mom's sanity and strength not to rip any heads of the doctors. Jenn

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More To Follow

Just a quick post to let y'all know I had to put Cat Daddy in the hospital Sunday. He's having a little surgery this morning at 10am to help clear up a staph infection. It takes a lot to put a good cat daddy down, but this did. I'll post all the information later, but for now...please keep him and us in your prayers. Thank you so much and I love you all.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Waving The White Flag

I want to first straight up apologize for being so long in posting. It's not that I'm lackadaisical... I'm afraid I have to admit the old girl just ain't what she used to be. Getting ready for this sale took so much out of me, I've been recuperating. Between the heat, humidity, rain and mosquitoes...we were just whipped by Friday evening! A few times I felt my feet leave the ground...the skeeters mistook me for take-out! The first part of the week it was just so dad gum hot...then Wednesday, Fran, our able bodied assistant April and I looked like drowned rats. We were working like crazy in the pouring down rain...thankfully with no lightning!
Thursday morning we thought we were on the downhill stretch, but then...Warning Will Robinson...Liz hit her ankle on something and it mushroomed twice in size in a matter of seconds! If that wasn't enough...Cat Daddy had thrown his back out the night before getting our archway up AND had an infection to boot!

Not to fear...with two quick last minute phone every ready cavalry of The Amazon ( darling DIL) and Grayzilla were there in less than 30 minutes to help. Jenn left work at 6pm and was there by 7! April came back on Friday and helped out. She's such a sweetheart. Have I ever mentioned that Jenn and her have been best friends since kindergarten? In fact...I like to call her my 3rd child! Am I blessed woman or what?

Cat Daddy and Liz are both on the mend...thank goodness! Speaking of mending...please keep Dixie in your prayers. She is having a tough time with her recovery process from knee surgery and positive thoughts will go a long way in helping her.
I want to say thank you to all of you who posted about our sale....y'all are the best. Thanks Sweet Tea and Lezlee for coming out and posting photos. never fail me. Gloria...I hope you didn't run any customers off by stuffing our flyers down W&T's shoppers' shirts! Jenn...good to know you always have my back! Mindy...hon, you did me proud! I'm sure your readers were tired of hearing about our sale, but it did my heart good to see you promote the heck out of it and for coming out Friday to see us! All of you all will never know just how much we all appreciated it!

If I forgot anyone...let me know...really. I'm not rude...just old and forgetful! I want to publicly and personally thank everyone who got the word out for us.
Unless it's like childbirth where after a period of time, the pain becomes a dim, distant memory...I don't know if there will be another DEBRIZ sale. This one just about whupped us...gotta keep it real here!
I know one thing for sure...I'll never do back to back events again. Hats off to all of y'all who do on a regular basis. All I can say is y'all are tougher stock than I am!
As long as I am keeping it real...I think I ought to tell y'all...these are not all my photos. I stole, I mean borrowed some from T and Mindy. Problem is...I forgot to mark which is which.
Thanks to all who did make it out. I'm pretty sure the threat of rain kept a lot of folks home! East Texas got hit pretty hard with flooding on Thursday, but it didn't really rain in Terrell. We got that out of the way on Wednesday!

WARNING: Squirrel Alert!

I just have to say...I have been going around and looking at everyone's Where Bloggers Create! A---MAZ---ING!!! Not only are y'all creative, but your spaces to do it in are wonderful...KUDOS!
Now that things at Casita de Trash are returning to some sense of normalcy...I'll try to do better about posting...pinky swear!

To make it up to you a's a new blog from two of my favorite Californians you are just going to love...Tim and Lisa of The Blue Canoe...2die4!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

For A Good Time...Call 972-C-U-N-TEXAS

Since I'm taking a load off and applying monkey blood to all my bumps and bruises, I thought I better check in or you might forget my name!

(Thanks to Mindy for the photo! I haven't told you yet Mindy, but I love it and you for sending it to me!)
The sale at Winnie & Tulula's was a huge spite of record breaking heat temps! Can you say H-O-T? Val of the Red Shed fame is just one of the many happy customers who came to shop and visit. I love getting to catch up with folks and what better reason than a sale! Val...I know you will be tutu cute in that can can!
Cutie pie Adrienne came all the way from Louisiana. 'Course she also hit all the high spots in between including Laurie Anna's. I got the impression she really loved LA's shoppe. Check out her post and you'll see what I mean.
I didn't really get to see Bella while she was there. The line formed to the left for people waiting to hold her....or as her daddy said..."March In The Bella Parade"! on earth did that slip in there. Don't tell Fran I posted a photo of our DEBRIZ Presents "A Midsummer's Night Dream", BUT since we're on the subject.....
I hope y'all are ready for the biggest shopping day since Black Friday. You can start your day off at Judy Hill's Home Sale, then make a detour through Tyler to Ethel's shop, meander about Tyler, zip over to Hwy. 80 and come on to Terrell. In case I haven't mentioned it (like a hundred times already)...Liz, Fran, Cat Daddy and I are hosting our first home sale.

When we were selecting a date, I didn't realize it was the same day as Judy's, but my mistake is your good fortune! Judy's sale starts at 10:00am-5:00pm. Ours starts at 5:30pm...perfect timing wouldn't you say?

Tell the family to order pizza and come make a full day of shopping and junking! If you can't find anything at these places...well just what are you looking for? Who knows when lightning will strike twice don't miss out!
Speaking of lightning...our weather forecast for tomorrow includes a chance of rain...but unless we need an ark...the show will go on! Things may be a little dirty and wet, but that just makes it more fun...right? After all...who doesn't like to play in the rain?
A couple of things before I close. A special post will be coming soon to thank those of you who helped get the word out about all my mischief making. I really appreciate it and y'all. Second...I will be getting caught up with all y'alls mischief making just as soon as I get this event under my belt...'kay? (PSST! I'm a nervous wreck wondering if any one will show up!) I sure hope to see you there!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Calling All Bloggers...Calling All Bloggers!

THEY tried to shut me up by crashing my computer...THEY tried infiltrating my laptop with an ad ware virus...but there ain't a big house built strong enough to hold my tongue!

I'm posting from a remote hideaway (804 Ninth St.) and I need y'alls help. I'm on the lam and I need y'all to get the word out about the sales THEY don't want you to beat them to! Put up posters (feel free to steal photos from me...I steal, I mean borrow from y'all all the time) about our two big events...let's show THEM there ain't no shutting me down for long! Don't worry about being arrested for aiding and abetting a fugitive...bail can be posted at Winnie & Tulula's Saturday. Gotta run...I hear the dogs barking!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

WANTED: For Junk & Disorderly Behavior!


Attention all Junkers...this just in:

An APJB has been issued for the following individual. Last seen traveling the highways between Terrell and Athens Texas armed with a glue AND staple gun. Care should be taken when approaching suspect as she is known to have an itchy trigger finger.

DOB: 5-19...older than whodathoughtit

HT: Should be 5'1", but due to excessive slumping...shotgun sized...4'10"

WT: None of your business, but if you must know...a hundred & plenty

BUILD: Short legged, short tempered, short of breath and short fused

HAIR: Some, but thinning due to excessive hair pulling the last two weeks

EYES: Blurry and bloodshot

SEX: Are you kidding?!?!

MARKS/ID: Walks with a slight limp; chipped red nails, mumbles to herself, reeks of Briwax, big honkin' jewelry

ALIAS: Nana, Trash, Mama Kitty, Mrs. Cat, Mom, Sugar Britches

Last seen wearing filthy pigtails, a pair of "seen-better-days" bedazzled capri jeans, a dingy, too tight t-shirt reading "PMS24-7", ratty leopard Yellow Boxes, and a Junk Gypsies' "Mama Tried" ball cap.

REWARD: 25% off anything in her and Cat Daddy's booth at W&T' or check on Saturday.
She has been spotted prowling in the back yard at 804 Ninth St, Terrell, Texas where the DEBRIZ sale will be held June 10&11. She is known to have at least two partners in her antics answering to the names of Liz and Fran. Extreme caution should be used upon approaching any of these suspects of junk pandering...they are all just a little bit crazy for doing two events back-to-back and could implode without warning.
She was seen leaving Winnie & Tulula's late Sunday where she had been running amuck getting ready for the Junk & Disorderly Sale/Sidewalk Sale/Birthday Bash event this Saturday June 5, 2010.
She was able to elude apprehension and is still at large, running the roads, leaving mayhem...and her wake.
She was able to make a clean getaway in a red pickup with license plates reading "2DIE4".
Gloria, proprietress of The Sweet Pea Collection, agreed to questioning, but pleaded for a fifth and would not give away the suspect's hideaway.
If found, please return to Cat Daddy immediately as he is out of clean underwear and will have to resort to turning them inside out. This could result in an issuance of a warrant for his arrest for crimes against humanity.
Please be on the lookout Saturday at Winnie & Tulula's as she...along with all the other Fab U Lous considered a raving maniac and will be wheelin' and dealin'!