Thursday, February 28, 2013

Back Talk and Sass Encouraged Here!

From time to time...not often you understand...but about once a week, someone will ask me for tips on starting a blog.


Oh honey child o'mine...I am so not the one to ask.

Ask me about antiques and I'll tell you all I know.  Talk your ear off as a matter of fact.  Blogging...I just fly by the seat of my pants...but I'll still talk your ear off.

I haven't a clue as to what makes a successful blog.  I do however know a thing or two about what not to do...starting with the name of a blog.

(Hang onto your ears!)

Choose your name very, very...very carefully. By using a search engine, it will be one of the ways people find you.  Let's just stop and think for a moment.  Can y'all even begin to imagine the things that are typed in to find "Talking Trash"?  Yeah...let's just say most can't be reprinted, but just so's you know...a chubby old lady talking way too much about random cr@p  is not what they had in mind.


When I started my blog, I had another name in mind, but it was taken by some guy named Anthony in the sanitation biz.  I tried several variations until Blogger accepted Talking White Trash.  Imagine my surprise when after hitting "publish", Talking Trash came up in my header.  God knew better than I what my blog would be and I truly believe He christened it.
(An even funnier side note y'all...on my dashboard page, I'm Trash Talk.)

~Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails.~Pro. 19:21

So anyways...

be selective when selecting a name!

Your name choice, believe it or not, sets the tone, the direction, and your voice...all in one fell swoop.  You can go back and change it if you find it just isn't perking for you, but when you do, there's always a risk of losing folks.  As much as I cringe when I see "how to pick up chicks by trash talking"  or get e-mails asking for my trash pickup times, I choose to leave it be.  I'm not one to argue with God when He is making the calls.  I don't know about y'all, but I try never to sneeze on anything He chooses to give me....even when being asked the size of my trash receptacles.
(Ba dump, dump!  I crack myself up sometimes.)

One other little thing...or maybe not so little.

When picking a name, don't pick apart some one else's.  It's okay to look for inspiration from others, but...oh let's say for example...reversing their name isn't. As in everything else, originality counts. The name you choose announces you.  If it's a knock-off of a blog you admire, folks know. Believe you me, they know and will assume the worst.

There's also the risk of getting lost in the shuffle, or even worse, your identity being lost to theirs.  Nothing worse than being told by a fan how they love your blog and read you all the time only to learn they're talking about some one else.

Oy vey!  Talk about identity crisis.  

(A little FYI...after praying for a name, if the Lord tells you to call it The French Vintage Chic  Gypsy Burlap Shabby Zinc-Topped Nest, who am I to try and tell you different. gotta do, what you gotta do.)

Are y'all still with me?

Since my mind has a tendency to run off at the mouth, I'll only share one other piece of it on starting up a blog...commenting.

Y'all know I'm struggling with the comment thingy.  I truly do want to take some of the pressure off of those who stop by plus it's getting harder and harder for me to leave comments.  I struggle with guilt because I do like to leave comments.  Maybe it's just an extension of the thrill of the written word, but it gives me pleasure to leave one and hopefully it gives them pleasure to receive it.  Not having enough time in a day prevents that and...


Saying that, I won't try and kid y'all...comments are the coffee to a post.  They are a blogger's crack.  It's the single thing that stimulates more postings.  The lack of them can also be the single thing that prevents 'em.

You can write what you consider the most brilliant post in the history of blogging, but if no one tells you, you feel like a complete failure.

You'll find yourself floundering around, wringing your hands and asking "what did I do wrong"? 
"How can so-and-so put up a couple of photos of a rose and get a gazillion comments and I can't even get one?"
"WTHey...I just poured sweat into this post and no one gets it?"

The answer my friends is simple...I don't have the answer.

There simply is no magic bullet.

Call it the luck of the draw, call it charisma, call BS on still ain't gonna change a cotton pickin' thing.

As in everything else, there are gonna be sheep who comment on everything a McBlogger puts up, secretly praying some of the glitter and fame will rub off.  Hoping against hope their comment will lead others to their blogs...and sometimes it does.  But more often than not, it doesn't.

For me, a cut and paste comment just doesn't..well...cut it.  I don't want folks to feel like they gotta bust out a Byronesque love sonnet on me, but I do want to feel like they read what I had to say.


My advice if starting a new blog?

Leave comments...a lot...even if you're not getting any.  You've got to make your presence known.  Push through the pesky verification process.  Do like me...don't wait to be invited. Barge right on in, have a sit-down, and say hidy, hidy y'all.  Seldom will you find a locked door.

It's not rocket science.

You're already there...take the time to read the words.  Make it a practice to find something to comment on within the writing.  Don't be bashful.  Even if the standard cut-and-paste is the best you can do, find a keyword...and use it in your comment.

A word of warning.  Use your words wisely.

I once read a post about losing a beloved pet, only to read a comment someone carelessly left stating what a pretty dog and how happy it looked.  I was embarrassed for the commenter, but also saddened.  I can only begin to imagine how the grieving pet owner felt after reading it.

Please, please, please...take the time to read all the way to the bottom.  If you don't have the time...don't comment.  Come back later when you do or if it just wasn't your cup o'tea...move on.  The whole purpose of commenting is to encourage the blogger, introduce yourself and hopefully make new friends.  Saying how happy a recently passed pet looks is not the way to go about it.  Remember...others read the comments as well as the post itself.

The words and photos shared are important and they should be to you as a fellow blogger.  In your own words, leave them a little piece of your heart in exchange for theirs.  Trust WILL be appreciated and duly noted.

Right about now I bet y'all are wishing no one had asked my advice...aren't y'all?

Okay...I'll shut up...for now, but there may just be an Act II waiting in the wings on this subject.  We'll see.

For now, it's time for me go and follow my own advice.  You know...practicing what I preach.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Changing Gears-Part I


Have y'all ever noticed how much this one word creeps into our daily lives and speech?

change in the wind
change in the blink of an eye
oil change
short changed
change of heart
change for the better
change your mind
change of address

I know I'm seeing it more as I get...ahem...older and not just in the change of seasons.

In fact, it's that last one that's getting to me right now.

There's a lot of changes going on here at the Casita de Trash, but I'm only addressing the spring antique show today 'cause...well, there's this whole time and place change thingy we've been facing.

Time...or maybe timing is a better not my friend. Not that we were ever on the best of terms, but it's really making itself scarce lately.


FYI...for those of y'all who think working at home allows you unlimited time...think again.  Having yourself as a boss can be challenging.  Me, myself, and I can be a real taskmaster, but having me, myself, and I as an employee is kinda like having loose change in the bottom of a big ol' purse.  Seems me, myself, and I isn't very organized, rattles around a lot and jingle-jangles even more.  Me, myself, and I, are just like those bad pennies tucked away in the hidey-holes of a handbag; weighing me down, elusive when needed, and only show up with a used Kleenex stuck to her their backside.  Me, myself, and I can and does drive me, myself, and I crazy.

So when looking at the calendar, seeing Antiques Week looming in just 5 weeks and knowing Cat Daddy can't get the two weeks off needed to do a proper show set up, I'm faced with a game changer.

Do I do the show by myself...AGAIN...or do we change our course of action?  I voted for a little change-up this time...and my vote outweighs his vote by 2 to 1...thanks to those pennies.

Instead of committing to the full two weeks needed, we are opting to go down the week before the shows actually open.  We're going to load a few things on the smaller trailer, find a change of scenery to drop it on (I'll give you the 411 on that when I know), sell for a few days and then take the rest of the week to just enjoy ourselves.

Presto-chango...I felt better immediately.  It was as if a huge load had been lifted off my shoulders.  I'm not saying this will be our permanent change of plans, but for works.

That's the beauty of change.  It's the knowing nothing has to be carved in stone or nailed to the floor...unless we choose to add water to the cement.  Every now and then we all need a change of habit...otherwise, without the nerve to try a change of pace, we  I might as well just sit life out.

(As long as we're talking about changes, let me add a caboose to this train of thought.  Several folks have let me know they like the "comments" section open. I'll try it for a while, but I have to say I still feel guilty about it.  Never fear though.  Y'all know me and anything can change in a heartbeat!)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A List A Mile Long

  1. Try to find a different profile photo.  I've added a lot few wrinkles since the last one was taken.
  2. Photoshop the recent one Graycie took...or spring for a face lift.
  3. Do price comparisons on face lift costs.
  4. Check want-ads for J-O-B to pay for face lift.
  5. Learn to walk on hands to try and reverse gravity.
  6. Go to Dollar Tree for first aid kit.
  7.  While still in car, apply bandages from first aid kit to stop the bleeding and hide the bruises.
  8. Have a brain fart while driving home.
  9.  Use car visor mirror to strategically stick band aids (from Dollar Tree first aid kit) to temples and behind the ears for DIY face lift.
  10. Sigh loudly and accept the fact this is my mother's face looking back at me from the mirror.
  11. Ask myself why would I want to change a thing?
  12. Throw this list away and start a new one.

  1. Remember Helen always wore a slip under her dresses...and not just the white, summer ones.
  2. Remember how she didn't try to hide her tears or her joy.  She cried when I cried and laughed when I laughed.
  3. Remember her red nail polish was always on or off, but never chipped.
  4. Remember her short pencil when there were more days in the month than money in the bank.
  5. Remember how every child, regardless of age, thought they were her favorite...including me.
  6. Remember her hospitality when guests were in her home...regardless of their circumstances or why they were there.
  7. Remember how she treated everyone as her better than her, but more importantly, not inferior either.
  8. Remember how daily she proved class and good taste cannot be bought or sold. It's something one is born with.  She just knew her perfume should never enter a room before she did, but linger a moment or two after she had left.
  9. Remember how she didn't wait for someone to tell her she could...she just did.
  10. Remember when she forgave, she forgot.  She didn't leave behind a single burned bridge or singed enemy.
  11. Remember her size 6 shoes that seemed so tiny at the time, but were so big to try and fill afterwards.
  12. Remember her smile.  Even at the end.

Helen Louise Sadler Callahan

Today is my mother's birthday. I'd say how old she would have been, but there's some things a lady never owns up to...her age being one of them.  I will say she left us for the better world a'waitin' right about 15 years ago. That September morning is still as fresh in my memory as if it were yesterday. The pain isn't as sharp, but the beautiful memories of her are.  I carry them around in my heart and from time to time, take them out to share with the world.  Today is one of those days.

There isn't a day that goes by I don't achingly miss her, but thank goodness, I only have to look in the mirror to remember what she looked like.  As for her character, I can only hope to be half the woman or a tenth of the lady she was.

P.S. You're allowed to smile or laugh with this post. That's the way Mother would have liked me.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Two Tickets To Paradise

So here's the deal pickle.

I had planned a lovely, short, charming little post about my granddaughters for Valentine's Day.

  Notice I said had?

Passion has a way of being an excellent game changer...and by passion, of course I mean Cat Daddy.

Seriously y'all. What's a gal to do when her big ol' hunka-hunka burnin' love, sweeps in and softly whispers those three little magical words in her ear...words every woman dreams of hearing?


I don't know what y'all would have done, but this stove-up old lady got frisky real quick.  Bunny hopped her happy, happy into the poodle seat, and buckled up for a trip down Lovers' Lane.

A lady should never buy and tell, but just between us lovers of old...Cat Daddy, being the manly man he is, delivered...boy and how!

Heaven help me y'all...I didn't want to stop.

More, more...I wanted more.  Room after room, we chased each other 'round 'til finally we had to stop...the checkbook was empty.

I'd love to be able to tell y'all that it only took one trip to scratch my itch, but  One go-round just didn't cut it...neither did a repeat or even a three-peat. 

Nope...not even close.

Only after becoming fourth time offenders did we finally call it quits.  But just so's you know, when it comes to loving what we do, we have stamina...even at our age.  Oooh y'all...I'm still blushing beet red and getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

Driving home that night, a full moon lighting our way, exhausted and happy, I turned to my big ol' Cat Daddy and breathlessly said...

"You sure know how to show a girl a good time."

(Photo...and added sentiments...courtesy of Cactus Creek Daily.  Thanks Fancy!)
(Note to self:  Be sure to remember to turn on comments so that Graycie can read how cute she is.)

Oh half-price off, this was a killer estate sale.
Everything was wonderful and priced to sell.  Not that it was dirt cheap by any means...hey you get what you pay for...but still reasonable for resale. When Paige has another estate sale, I'll be sure to hook y'all up...


I'm linking to Debra at Common Ground...where inspiration is never common!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Like Falling Off A Log


Excuse me y'all.  Been doing a little spring cleaning around this old hill beginning with dusting my keyboard.  Shucks...I had to fight my way through the cobwebs to try and find my desk.

~Tie a yellow ribbon 'round the ol' oak tree.~

By the by...are y'all as tired of looking at that pink Christmas tree as I am? I swear up and down...I do believe a family of chipmunks have taken up residence in the branches along with the cobwebs and lord only knows what else.

~Baby love, my baby love.~

I jest, y'all.  Everything is back to normal here at the Casita de Trash...or as normal as it can be when there's a squirrel running amuk.

~'Cause my steady boy said ship ahoy and joined the Navy.~

So let me stretch my finger muscles and give y'all a quick, down & dirty of my gad-a-abouts during my MIA.

~All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go. I'm standing here outside your door.~

Robelyn and Jenn held another Red.Neck chic Soiree, but it deserves it's own special post.  I pinkie swear to deliver one in the next few weeks...after I quit laughing.  Let's just say it involves squirrels and y'all know my ongoing love affair with squirrels.

~You're the first, my last, my everything.~

Cat Daddy and I were first time exhibitors at the Dallas Market Center Home and Gift Sale in January.  We were in the Vintage Home Finds category and we loved it.  Seriously...what's not to love?

~I love you; a bushel and a peck. A bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck.~

There were amazing vendors all around us.

The restrooms were just spitting distance from us.

Two great cafes were in my back yard and Royer's pie was being served up just around the corner.

Only a 30 minute drive from the house...

~Well excuse me, but I think you've got my chair.~

Slept in my own bed every night...

Dream customers...

Great sales...

What's not to love...right?


~Heart like a wheel; I told you so and I've been loving you for so long.~

Loved it so much we ain't wasting no time.  We've already signed up for the June show.

~I'm hooked on a feelin', I ain't believin' that you're in love with me.~

Now, since we're talking the L word here...this is the month for passion, presents and presidents.  Using those ingredients, I'm gonna go see what kind of heart burn I can cook up on Valentine's Day just for y'all.

~She's got a pad down on 34th and Vine...sellin' little bottles of Love Potion #9.~

Be back soon and...

~You better knock, knock, knock on wood.~

I promise you won't have to look at a dead tree for nigh on two months this time around.