Friday, April 29, 2011

Jumping On The Throne...Or Maybe Being Throwed Off!

I sure hope y'all don't think I've been avoiding ya lately.  It's true...I have been a bit side tracked with preparations  for the royal wedding visit from HRH  Ki, the Queen of Junk, to W&T's.  And yes...I did spend time with my family and my own two little princesses on Sunday, BUT...the real reason for my "now you see her, now you don't" vanishing act has been out of my control.  Seems my computer has picked up a nasty virus.  (If it was gonna pick up something...why-oh-why couldn't it have been Johnny Depp for corn's sake?)  With who knows what crawling around inside it, rather than take a chance contaminating anyone else and short of putting a haz-mat suit on it...I'm keeping a choke rope on it just to be on the safe side.  I don't know how these things work or even if bugs can crawl from one computer to another...but I ain't takin' no chances!

Until I can sweet talk my SIL into giving the ol' 'puter a scrub down, I'm keeping a low profile. (Just so you know...y'all are putting up some dandy posts and it's killing this chubby lady not to talk to you!)  In the meantime, if you haven't got plans this weekend and you got yourself a hankerin' to visit...come on down to Athens and talk to Ki.  In fact...while you're making plans...go ahead and plan a whole day of shopping fun for today or tomorrow.  If you didn't know this before...the ladies of HEAP are having their special show this weekend as well! 

Did y'all know Tyler is only 30 minutes from Athens and vicey-versy?  I KNOW!  I ask y'all...could we make it any more convenient for y'all to shop?  Why yes...we can.  Canton is also a mere 30 minutes from either location!  WHEW!!! It boggles the mind how much shopping could be crammed into accomplished in one day!

While we're on the subject...and I don't mean royal subjects (or maybe I do)...I've got one more story coming up on my Warrenton Wrap-Up and believe you's a doozie!

It concerns (from the House Of Junk) a certain beautiful heiress apparent to the Kingdom of Cautionobjectsmayappearlargerthantheyare and a very special birthday (think golden) celebration!


Do y'all remember that old C&W song, Queen of the Silver Dollar?  When I see this photo of Janet, I think of that one line ~Her scepter is a wine glass and a barstool is her throne.~

Now I ain't  saying Janet's fallen off any stools contraire mon cheri!  It's just that big ol' scrub brush cracks me up Every...Single...Time I see it!

For the time being...consider this a teaser  peek at my final installment of As The Wheel Turns!

For now though...I must hasten to primp for Her Majesty Ki.  With a curtsy, I bid you adieu with the hope to see y'all at Sweet Pea's and in doing so...

leave y'all with THE OFFICIAL Texasified Royal Wave!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

See Trash.

See Trash Run.

See Trash Run And Jump.

See Trash Run, Jump And Play!

Oh look boys and girls.

It's time once again for Fun With Cat Daddy and Trash!

See pretty Lezlee take aholt'a Cat Daddy while Trash is not paying attention.

Cat Daddy says Lezlee is now a Kitten.  Hmmm!

See Trash give Cat Daddy the ol' stank eye.

Run Cat!

See Trash trying to remember third position from her ballet lessons and behave like a lady.

See choke rope on Cat Daddy?

Trash forgot how to be a lady.

Run Cat!

See Tamarah.

See Tamarah take aholt'a Trash.

Trash is very happy!

Trash doesn't want to run.

Stay put Trash...stay put!

See Cat Daddy strut.

Cat Daddy thinks he is the original cat in the hat!

Cat Daddy is a silly, silly boy!

Run away silly Cat far away!

See the pretty ladies.

See the pretty ladies in fun hats.

See the pretty ladies wearing fun hats on their way to the Junk Gypsy Prom.

Have fun pretty ladies in fun hats...lots and lots of fun!

See the pretty couple all dressed up for the prom.

Look at Cat Daddy jump to attention!

Mindy is not your prom date Cat Daddy!

Get a jump on him David.!

Make Cat Daddy run David.

Run Cat!

See the VictoriasX2 on their way to the prom.

Look at the funny hair and the big ol' watch.

See the funny hair jump to the sky.

Jump hair...jump!

See Diane's beautiful daughter-in-law go to prom as Vegas showgirl.

See Cat Daddy jump to attention...again!

Don't stare Cat Daddy...don't stare!


See pretty Punkie's mom.

See how she rocks the house.

Rock the house Diane...rock the house!

See Kristi, Trash and Sue playing under the Texas stars.

See blonds trying to talk all at the same time.

Talk blond

See pretty Cassie with Cat Daddy.

Where did you bury Trash, Cassie?

Where's Trash, Cassie...where's Trash?

See Cassie photoshop Trash outta photo.

Naughty, naughty Cassie!

See Cat Daddy escape choke rope.

Watch Trash find choke rope.

Run Cat!

See blurry photo of Trash and Sue.

See why Trash doesn't take a lot of photographs.

Focus Trash...focus!

See all the happy, happy bloggers!

It was a fun blog party for all!

See guacamole and cheesecake?

Trash didn't either.

All the happy, happy bloggers wiped out ate the food before Trash could make her way to the appetizer table!

Watch Trash lick the cardboard tray the cheesecake was on!

Hungry Trash...very, very hungry Trash!

See Trash, Mal and Theresa waving bye-bye until next fall.

Wave bye-bye Trash.

Wave bye-bye Mal.

Wave bye-bye SweetT.

Throw kisses at all the sweet readers Trash, Mal and SweetT!



(All good photos courtesy of Robelyn, David, Lezlee, Cassie, Susie  and one I don't remember where I stole it!  All cr@ppy photos courtesy of moi!)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jumping To The Rescue

I was gonna save this Texas tall tale for a stellar end to the ongoing saga of "As The Wheel Turns", but seeing as how today is a certain couple's anniversary...I thought I'd make it my little gift to them!

As the show draws to an end, saying we are tired and ready to head home is like saying the ocean is salty and wet.  It is and we are!  The show closes on Saturday at 4:00 p.m. and it's a mad dash to start packing and loading.  Everyone is jockeying for a place to pull in their trailers.  This year was a little tricky with the added vendors at the back.

Cat Daddy and I have learned over the years to just bide our time and wait, but we only have a four hour drive home.  Many of these vendors have states...many cross to get back home.  Case in point...Kim and David.

They're from Tennessee and time on the road spells M.O.N.E.Y!  (Not to mention...they had two precious grandchildren anxiously awaiting 'em back home!)  Since their trailer was parked behind their tent, they began meticulously packing and loading at a little past four.  No problem...right?


Seems there was...ahem...the small problem of not being able to back their truck to the trailer...all accesses being blocked by cars and trucks.


  What's a junker to do you ask?  The only thing they can do I answer.

If the mountain won't come to Muhammad...then the trailer must go to the truck.  (I didn't realize what brain fart plan of action David and Cat Daddy had formulated or I'da had my camera ready sooner!)

In lieu of a photo...I'm gonna ask y'all to try and visualize this in your mind...'kay?

Picture David holding the tent up by the center pole while simultaneously, C.D. and some of the guys lifting the trailer by the tongue (that's guy talk for the thingy that hooks the trailer to the vehicle) and rolling it backwards through the tent into the pathway in front!

Tell me we're not a circus of stars.  Heck...we even got strongmen!

(I stole this photo from Robelyn or David. I can't remember which!)

With a lot of maneuvering and fancy footwork...along with Kim telling 'em how the cow ate the cabbage...they navigated that loaded trailer down and around...only dropping it once! betcha...but these guys got them some brains to back up all that brawn, demonstrating they are more than just pretty faces!

Although Kim and David had a slew of problems beginning with tires (plus a lack of bathroom service) and ending with a landlocked trailer...through it all I never heard a cross word between the two of 'em.  Their marriage is rock hard...bonded with love...and maybe a pail or two of cement!

The end result...see for yourself.  Two perfect unions...truck and trailer...Kim and David...travelling down the road to happiness!


May the road of life find the wind at your backs and the sun on your faces...

and clean, working restrooms along the way!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Jump At The Chance!

We interrupt your regular programming of "How The Wheel Turns" for this special announcement:


Yes my read correctly.  Ki will be visiting Texas for two days and she'll be at the mercy  the special guest of the Tulula Heads and the Headmistress!  Do I really need to tell y'all about Ki?  I mean...c'mon...who among us hasn't heard or read about this powerhouse of a junker!

She'll be signing the new Flea Market Style Magazine at the House of Sweet Pea Friday evening, April 29th from 4-7pm and Saturday April 30th, 11am-3pm.

Grab your issues of Flea Market Style (past and present), your cameras, all your friends and join us.  I promise you up and're gonna have a great time.  Oooh...and come hungry.  The Bistro will be open Friday and Saturday for dining and dancing.  Well, maybe not dancing...but I bet you a dollar to a donut if you ask real nice-like...Gloria might dance for you!  (I'm not promising anything...but it's a worth a shot!)

It's always beautiful at the shops, but all of the W&T vendors will be ramping things up to make it even prettier than usual for our special guest...and y'all!

Cat Daddy's already been on the prowl for new treasures to drag in.  Can you say white?  How about ruffly, lacy-like iron?  Here's your big chance to not only meet Ki, but get in some great shopping.  It doesn't get any fresher than this...hand picked this past weekend as a matter of fact!  Let's see if ol' Wally World can make that same freshness guarantee!  

Not everything he's found will be making it's way to W&T's.  To find out which made the cut and which didn't...why I reckon you'll just have to come and see for yourself...'cause I ain't telling!

What I will tell y'all is I think it's gonna be standing room only.  Methinks you better come early if you want a ringside seat to the Big Wide Wonderful World of Winnie & Tulula's!

You know you're gonna be a basket case if you don't and I'll be sorely tempted to say "I told you so"....'cause I did!

Stick your thumb out, drive a mule train, fly by the seat of your britches.  Heck, ride a camel for corn's sake...but do whatcha gotta do to get here! 

Gloria's lacing up her dancing don't disappoint yourself!




We will now be returning you to your regularly scheduled program.

Stay tuned for future episodes of  "The Real Housewives Women of Fayette County".

Friday, April 15, 2011

Show Jumping

I'm in the mood for a little exercise this morning, so I thought I'd take a walkabout and if you care to join me...I'll introduce you to a coupla neighbors of mine at the Circus Of The Stars.

To our left is Royer's Cafe and as you can see...there is no getting through that pack of hungry, hungry...ummm...people!  Let's go to the right instead...whatcha say?

My next door neighbors were Kim and David Leggett from Tennessee.  They were such fun to sit out on the "veranda" with during the show.  We laughed, talked and then laughed some more!  Let me just say...Kim could talk the ears off'n a billy goat.  (Kim darlin'...that's not a bad thing, but high praise coming from the Queen of Trash Talkin' herself.  Poor David didn't stand a snowball's chance of gettin' a word in edgewise between the two of us!)

  These two are quite the power house couple.  They've been at this business since Hector was a pup and sure know a lot about stuff...namely folk art.  Since that is a secret passion of mine...I got me a mini-education in real folk art.

While these may look like just sticks that Kim painted in her spare time (HA!)...they actually represent the (some might say) obsessive art of Oliver Wright.  Painstakingly over a lifetime, each stick hand selected and hand painted, he created this beautiful collection.  To appreciate the color and impact, this display had to be viewed first hand and not just in a photo.  I couldn't capture the love and passion that each stick represented, but suffice it to say, it's of museum quality.

The colorful basket was woven entirely of wire.  Again...just beautiful and the mirrors you ask?  Can you say industrial strength Fab U Lousness?

This is just a small sampling of a collection of framed temperance cards displayed on a wall of their tent.  Loved it!

Kim's eye for displays and David's willingness to hang from a tent top make them the ideal pair...and what a pair to draw to!  They are like a fine pair of matched mules...and here in Texas...that's the ultimate compliment to give for unrivaled work ethics!

I'd love to be able to say the same thing about me and Cat Daddy, but where they are Jack and and him are more like Frick and Frack!
BTW...remind me to tell y'all a funny story on what happened to them at the end of the show.  It's a doozie and demonstrates how resourceful us junkers truly are!

Let's just follow the map and scoot on down to visit my favorite little protegee...'kay?

The sign says it all.  Anybody who uses duct tape as an accent mark has got to be throwed off, but in a really, really good way!

  I've read the only thing that separates genius from madness is a thin line.  Trust me...this chick isn't walking that line...she's sitting on it.  She's either one crazy (like a fox) genius or a mad (mad I say) scientist working in her la.bor.a.tory ( I love the way this girl talks!) be the judge!  Regardless of which is which...talent is her mainstay and I promise you up and down...y'all are gonna see her name up in lights one day...held in place by duct tape but of course! 

Robelyn has her own unique sense of style.  She doesn't worry about what's the latest, greatest.  Instead she focuses on what makes her happy and what makes folks smile.  Now y'all tell me....doesn't this globe make you smile out loud?

With her raucous use of color, playful Saddle Tramp designs to wear and just her whole sweet's like being in a McDonald's Playland for grown-ups with more than enough eye candy to keep you on a sugar rush...sans the calories!

What can I say?  I am the proud owner of one of her pocketbooks (that's what she calls 'em) and I love it.  I could gush on and on about the detailed work that goes into each and every creation (with no two being alike), but kinda like the sticks...ya just gotta see 'em to believe 'em!

My little Trashette paid a surprise visit and rather than sit around looking all cute-like (which she does SO well), she chose to work for Robelyn at the Red.Neck Chic (FYI...for the record...that's chic as in tray sheek...not chick) of charge.  My baby girl knows fashion, what's hip and cool, and can spot another fashionista with her eyes closed.  No wonder she made a bee line to RNC...can't says as I blame her!  I'da worked there too...if I didn't have my own stinkin' tent to take care of!

Ruh Ro!

I think I'm getting the stink eye!

  David's giving me that same look he kept giving Kim and I during the show.  If you don't read's the translation:

No more lolly's time for TnT to get her rusty dusty back to work!<p>
Thank you Kim, David and Robelyn for making 11 Luh-uh-uh-ONG days just a little bit shorter...and 110x more fun!