Monday, August 31, 2009

If Sweet Tea Can-o...So Can I!

Theresa is playing a guessing game over at her blog Garden Antiques and having wa-a-a-y too much fun doing it. I want to be a fun girl too, so I thought I would come up with my own little mystery. There will be more than one answer to make it even more interesting or frustrating depending on how y'all look at it.

I've posted four photos below from old posts I have done. Some you may remember...some you may not.
The first challenge is to tell me whose home these photos are from. Easy enough if you have been a reader for a while. If not, it's my way of getting you to go back and read some of my old stuff...and by old stuff, I mean posts! Their last names are not necessary, but I do want their first names. Find them, learn them, memorize can thank me later. The next challenge is to give me the names of the posts the photos are attached to. Again, easy if you've been a regular reader. Consider it home work...the kids have so do you!
The last challenge is to tell me why am I doing this. Aahh! The plot thickens! See, there really is a method to my madness. Again, once you see how it all ties in'll thank me.

If no one is able to guess all three answers correctly, I'll give some extra hints, but first let's just see if we have any Agatha Christie wannabees out there, whaddaya say?

Certain people (whose names I won't mention...but you know who are!) are ineligible to don't go giving the surprise away!
The first person to solve the puzzle correctly in the comment section will win......!

Update on rules: Malissa at Moonlight Hollow came so close, that this was almost over in a couple of hours...I was hoping to play a little longer that! So, if you're taking a wild guess, go ahead and leave it in the comments....BUT, if you're really on to it...E-mail me with your answer at! C'mon y'all...I really wanted to play at least until tonight!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Prayers Please

Theresa (also affectionately known as TOT)and her family are urgently needing your prayers. Her son, Clayton, was involved in a 4-wheeler accident and is in a hospital in Tyler unconscious. She will be traveling across several states to get to Texas and him. Please pray for a safe journey for her as well as Clayton's complete healing.

This is every parent's worst nightmare. We know the power of prayer and I personally know what awesome prayer warriors y'all are. Please lift this family up in your prayers for healing and strength.
Thank you so much.

Theresa at Garden Antiques just did an update on his condition. Tot is flying in and is currently doing a layover in Dallas to Tyler. Please keep the prayers coming and check Ms. T's for updates. Thank you again so much!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Run Y'all...She's Bustin' Out The Baby Photos

Y'all best remember you asked for it. I said I would put photos up on my other blog, Do Over...but no-o-o, you wanted 'em here. So here she is... the Princess and the pea...Texas style!Obviously her royal tushie can feel the pea under all those pillows!
We are not amused. We want attention and We want it now! (Notice how she uses the "royal we" a she's the boss of me.....AS IF!)
Life is good when you have clean britches on and a full tummy! I feel the same way, my darling Trashette...nothing makes me happier either!
Jakie is convinced I've brought in a new squeaky toy just for him. He's patiently waiting for me to throw her so he can fetch! Actually, he kept trying to place himself between me and Bella. I guess he thought I needed a reminder of who was the top dog at Casita de Trash. Sorry Jakie, that would be Cat Daddy!
Time to say bye bye for now and We'll catch you after the bull riding!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Warning: May Cause Drowsiness

If you came over expecting a literary masterpiece, y'all are about to be sorely disappointed. While I do have fantastic news for me to share, I'm still goofy on Zyrtec, so there is absolutely no telling what I will disclose here. All I ask is that you don't tell me tomorrow that I made a fool out of myself tonight!

I really wanted to get all of this posted before too much more time passed. I would hate to think that these sweet ladies didn't know how much I appreciate them! Besides...when have y'all ever known me to pass up an opportunity to talk about myself? LIKE NEVER!!!

Pam at One Gal's Trash gave me this award last week and I am so grateful. I'm not blowing smoke up y'alls dresses...I really am! Every time someone takes the time to give out an award (and it does take a lot of time with all the links!), leave me a comment, become a follower or just pops in to see what's cooking, makes me happy! With only the dog to talk to during the's nice to know y'all are out there just waiting for a cup of coffee and a sitdown! (Although I have noticed there are a lot of Diet Dr. Pepper drinkers out there and you know I only keep Coke in the house!) I'd be a fool to not take the time to say thank you PLUS my mother would never forgive me. She taught me to always say thank you for gifts received and what finer present is there than friendship?

So Pam, thank you so much for taking the time to include me on your list. That's the kind of list I'm proud to be on....'cause girl, I've been on some doozies before...namely Cat Daddy's!
Then if that wasn't enough, Angelique (I don't know how to type that little accent mark in her name, but believe me, there is one. How cool is that? I think I'll start putting one on the Talking part of my name too! Help me y'all...I am really starting to drift now!) as I was saying...Angelique at Six In One Hand tagged me also. I KNOW! What makes me so special? I ask myself that every day. I don't know if the intent was to make me feel like I rock the house...but these girls sure did! Included in this tag were the instructions to list seven things about myself. Good there anything I haven't told y'all about me besides my bra size?

Let's just see what I can come up while under the influence...allergy meds, y'all!

  1. I believe in one God in Heaven who controls my every thought and action. If I try to go against His plan for me...things never turn out right. Therefore, I leave it all in His hands and I sleep at night knowing everything will be fine and as it should be.
  2. I like a good, cold, dry, dirty martini....shaken not stirred. While this may seem to some to be a contradiction to number one, God knows and I see no reason to lie about it.
  3. Being a child of the 60's, I hate underwear, but have no fear. Due to the passing of time and gravity taking it's toll on certain parts of my anatomy, I no longer go commando....but I still hate underwear!
  4. I just recently learned what a caper is. It's nice to be able to still learn anything at my age!
  5. When I had my ears pierced at 16, I went to our family doctor and had him deaden my earlobes. The idea of someone using ice cubes and a diaper pin scared the heck out of me. He even sterilized my earrings before placing them in my ears! So much for walking on the wild side, right?
  6. With my very first paycheck, I bought my sister a 4' black light from Spencer's Gifts...which we still have and still works! The light has never been replaced. Try getting that out of bulbs these days!
  7. I've sang with a choir in the Cotton Bowl and was in the candlelight parade all four years of high school....and always behind the horses!

I'm supposed to tag seven more blogs, but I'm going to encourage y'all to visit these instead mainly because I don't think I can stay awake much longer to list 'em and also because I want you to take your time reading theirs. All three of these ladies are great reads. They all are well written with humor and junk...always a winning combination in my book! Pam has some fun reads about letters from famous people including Peter Jennings and Angelique was a beauty queen for goodness sake! How many of us can say that...only in my mind! If that isn't enough to get you hooked, Angelique is also having a giveaway...Woo Hoo!

Now I know what you're thinking...she said three! That's right. I know how to count...I'm not that out of it. I also wanted to thank Gale at Wizard of Once Was! She sent me a package for Bella and while I didn't open the gifts, I did take a photo of the presentation. Take a look can Jenn possible tear into such beautiful gift wrapping? Sometimes the gift is just the thought that went into preparing this. I don't possess this talent. I am lucky if I get it into a box and taped shut without hurting myself. I'm not envious...well, maybe just a little. This is just not something I am good at, but I sure can appreciate those, like Gale, who are! Thank you so much Gale.

Well, what do you know? Even while doped up, I still managed to crank out over 250 words. Now're not to tell me if I said anything're not to point out any grammatical errors...and for gosh sakes, if I said your instead of you're...don't tell me!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Hab A Code!

I'm a little under the weather with a summer cold, but not to worry....I'll be back and right as rain, toot sweet!That's Texan for PDQ, y'all!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana?

I make no pretense of the fact I am a needy person and have no shame! So once again, I'm calling out "all hands on deck" for help! Every year in the fall, I spend beau coup bucks on gas driving the wheels off my Exploder, trying to find bittersweet...and every year I come up empty, both in the gas tank and in the back seat!

This little vine is a favorite of mine, but not plentiful in my neck of the woods. It is wonderful to use in our tent at Warrenton for instant autumn pizazz and to fill in ho hum spots, but it's getting harder and harder to find ...or everyone is sold out just before I get there. Are you getting a whiff of where I am going with this? I thought so! Y'all are getting way too smart for your britches!

So many of y'all live in areas where bittersweet is so abundant it's a nuisance and I was thinking maybe I could help take some of it off your hands...skip the middle-man so to speak! If you'd be interested in selling and shipping some to me, drop me an e-mail and give me a price. I can't promise to be able to buy (that would depend on how expensive it is), but I thought maybe we could do a little wheelin' dealin'!
While I'm begging, I mean asking, I might as well mention that I love tallow berries, dried honeysuckle vine, colorful leaves and know...just in case you have any of those old, nasty, dried up things lying around that you'd want to get rid of!

I had talked to Jodie at Everything Vintage about Spanish moss, but when she described the cons of harvesting and handling it, I decided to pass. I still love the way it looks, but the idea of having to wear rubber gloves just didn't appeal to me!

I don't take a lot of "props" to Zapp for our tent. If it's in the's for sale! That's the beauty of using botanicals...besides the obvious one! At the end of the show, I can sell them if I like and I have! Psst! Don't tell anyone, but I have had people try to buy beautiful, mossy branches I pick up off the ground. In my heart, I can't charge for those, but I gotta's tempting...mighty tempting! So...........(cue music!)
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go out and see what nature has to offer me in your backyard!

Thanks guys!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Scary...Isn't It???

Today the computer...tomorrow the world!Next up...a cape!

Thanks Lynn!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

She's Smart And Pretty To Boot!

Feeling a little bored? In need of a quick pick-me-up that doesn't involve calories? Then head on over and read the latest edition of Cactus Creek Daily. Fancy is the owner/editor-in-chief and does a fabulous job of keeping up with changing styles in fashion, art and home decor. She is also shamelessly good at spotting new trends before the rest of us. She is a HUGE supporter of the Round Top Antique Fair. ( She comes from Kansas to join in the fun, but I think she should be an honorary Texan) Last year she had a weekly countdown to the show with interviews with different vendors and I was lucky enough to be a part of it. I'm thrilled to say she has honored me again with another question and answer interview and I would love for y'all to slip on over there and give me your reviews...thumbs up I hope!

While you're there, take a look at all the other great articles Fancy has written. She is the only paper I read (keep your New York Times for the bottom of the bird cage. I want my news upbeat and fun!) and I look forward to it each morning to get my day started off right. Nothing can put a smile on my face quicker than the morning paper and a good cup of coffee!So mosey on over...leave your spurs at the door...put your feet on the furniture and take a load off for a while...oh, and be sure and tell my Rodeo Queen howdy from me!

(As Christine Jorgensen would say, I stand corrected. My girl is a born and raised Texan through and through! Forgive me my booboo, Fancy!)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Well kiddos, the reviews are in and I think we are making progress. I loved all your input and appreciate the time y'all took to answer my questions and offer up advice. I would like to clear up one little item for Patti (I feel a "Wished I Had Said That" post coming on!) before going any further if y'all will humor me. Patti, minima stretch is not a girdle, although that would make a great name for one....although in my case it would need to be maximus stretch! It's just a way to change the layout to kinda stre-e-etch it out a bit which I think makes for easier reading. Aren't y'all impressed that I knew that one? (Sssh, don't tell Patti, but I just googled it!) While giving the poll results, I thought I would give y'all something to look at while I prattle on with the final tally. These are things we've been getting ready for Zapp Hall and so far, I gotta say I'm pretty pleased with how things are shaping up! Y'all are split on the music, so I'm keeping my play list...but it will be at the top of the blog so if you would like to mute it, be my guest. Keeping the bolder script...that one is a winner I'm happy to report! Several of y'all suggested test blogs to try out changes and I think that's a great idea! If I screw it up, what am I gonna lose..."Testing, Testing, 1,2,3"? I think I'll be all right losing that!
Next point on the agenda was the 250 word minimum posts. Kiddos, there is just no way I can say what I gotta say in a mere 250 word post. You might as well stick a fork in me, 'cause I'd be done!

First off, that would require me to count the number of words I have in a post and y'all know I'm just too lazy to do anything that even resembles work! Second, have I ever been able to get a single thought across in less than 750 words? I don't know how y'all hang with me sometimes...I am so windy!

My therapist thinks I talk so much as result of being scared by a typewriter when I was a child. I think it's because I just like the sound of my own voice! Either way, I'm gonna keep talking till I run out of words...or the Cat gets my tongue!
I'm playing with my camera more (although I don't ever expect to be Amy or David) and having a ton of fun doing it. I was kinda hoping someone would give me a little hint on how to write on my know...something easy...maybe with a Sharpie or Magic Marker!
I gotta stop for a minute here and count my words. While I do, tell me what do you think of the load we are putting together? Isn't it a doozie?

Okay, I'm back and it's still all good. Jodie told me that here in the South the saying is "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" and that's all well and good for the blog. But Jodie, what if I'm broke from buying for the spring do I fix me?
Something else I would like to learn how to do is label my posts and maintain those labels. It is such a pain in the patootie when I want to go back and reference something from an old post and I have to search through the archive deep freezer. Wouldn't it be easier if a label list was kept?
Another project I'd like to tackle (besides Joe Montana) is categorizing my favorites list. I have so many that I enjoy reading and sometimes if a lot of y'all post in the same day, others get pushed down and ME! Y'all are my summer (and fall and winter and spring) reading list and I just hate it when I miss even one. I hate to ask y'all for more noise, but just what category would you put you in if you had the choice? Try saying that three times without getting kissed in the process!

I'm going to digress here for a moment (surprise, surprise) and let Pam know I posted this print just for her! I knew she would get a kick out of the alteration at the bottom of the print. I haven't decided if I'll sell it or not, but isn't it a hoot?
One thing I did accomplish with this last post was making new friends and isn't that what's important? Yea for me!!! I love meeting new people and getting the opportunity to get to know them better. Tami at South Street Shabby is one of my new friends and she gave me probably the easiest solution to all my problems. She suggested I go buy Tara Frey's new book, Blogging For Bliss. What a great idea and how come I didn't think of that. It has been all over the blogworld. I guess it's true that the answer is usually just staring you in the face...I know it has been me for the last couple of weeks! Who'd a thought it?

Speaking of friends, "old" friends, would you not let on to my "new" friends that I'm (as Jenn likes to say about her dear sweet mother) a little throwed off! Let's just let them find that out on their own, what do you say? You and I both know it's only a matter of time 'til they catch on.
So I'm off tomorrow afternoon to Barnes & Noble to buy this book...then look out blogging world...the next time you see me I might be wearing a cape!

Monday, August 17, 2009

(Wo)Men At Work

I spent part of the weekend visiting some of my favorite blogs and I noticed something going on. It seems a lot of y'all are sprucing up your sites and getting all professional looking on me and may I say BRAVO! They all look spectacular! This chubby blogger wants to join the pack and be in the 21st Century too! Problem is I don't know how! Y'all know that I am not computer savvy at all! In fact, let's just call it as it is...I am just plain dumb and wouldn't know a html from a URL if it killed me! I don't know what a RSS feed is or how to get one. Tell me, is that like going to Golden Corral?
I've been wanting to do some changes for quite some time now, but I was afraid of doing something that would cause the whole blog to crash or worse...disappear never to be seen again. But if I don't try, that's even worse. It's been said that you can't teach an old dog new tricks...well, I'm no old girls, I am ready to learn how to sit up and speak! I was able to find out how to change my template to minima stretch and for me that's an accomplishment, but I want to do more. The trick is I'm looking for easy redos. Baby steps, people, baby steps...that's what I want. In the meantime, I thought I would ask for y'alls input on things I know I can change without any help.

While searching for ways to improve my blog, I came across several sites that tell what not to do. Uh Oh! Seems like I break a lot of rules!!!

According to the wise ones, a post should never be over 250 words...Oops! I broke that one from the get go! Obviously, the wise ones never met me or they would know it takes me that many words just to say hello.

They also said an e-mail should be sent to everyone leaving a comment. I apologize here and now for not doing that. I really didn't know that was the rule. If that is what y'all would like, why didn't someone tell me? I feel like such a let down to my Southern upbringing. And while I am asking, is it correct etiquette to reply to a comment within the comments? I want to make this blog some place y'all want to come visit and often, so please, tell me!
Another no-no according to the PTB is play lists. I know it's a pain when there is music playing on one blog and when I click onto another, more music playing at the same time. This is just more than a little annoying, but I love it when the music matches the theme of the post. I've found that instead of clicking onto the current post, if I show the whole blog, my music stops and all I hear is the other's. What do y'all think. Love it or hate it...keep it or lose it? Maybe just for special occasions? Let me know, would you? I aim to please.
Next up is script. Do you prefer a bolder script or smaller. Personally, I like the bolder. At my age, anything that aids in my being able to see is a plus, but again, I want to make it pleasant for visitors...not me! Input, please!
Another thing I have decided to do is separate my life into two blogs. I started this one to journal mine and Cat Daddy's junking forays, but somewhere along the way, it became more of a personal one. I know there are some of you out there who really don't care how many pairs of Yellow Boxes I own or what I had for want junk photos. You want to see the white (or black) trash I have found and what shows are coming up, etc. and I feel you! I hereby proclaim this blog to be baby free! From this point hence, any and all family posts, ramblings, rants and all other points in between will be on Do Over. If you like to read about my life ( for no other reason than to make you feel better about your own) then please, check it out. Heck, become a follower...I would love that! If on the other hand, you like to see photos of junk, then keep your seats. This one ain't going no where.
Now just for my own curiosity, how do you feel about CAPTCHAs? For my money, I consider them a waste of time. I don't have comment verification on my blogs and I've never had too much trouble with spam comments. How about y'all? Sometimes it is just too much of a pain. I have left a great post without commenting because the verification process was acting up. Has this happened to y'all? Of course, this is just my humble opinion and like noses, we all got one!
I'd like to digress here for just a moment and explain the photos I've posted. As you may or may not know, Cat Daddy is a hole digger and has been since getting out of high school. He has worked at the same company for 40 years. His dad and uncle both retired from N. L. Schutte. I have family that retired from this's that for a small world? C.D. likes to say he built Dallas and if you look at the photos, you'll see some proof that he isn't blowing smoke up your dress!

He works hard at a dangerous job. These guys go to work early and in all types of weather. If it's 32 degrees, they're working....if it's 102 degrees, they're working! This is a man's work and my Cat Daddy is nothing if not a man!

So the next time you pass a construction site, instead of getting irritated at the whistles and cat calls, how about giving these guys a whistle instead. You do know how to whistle don't you? You never know...Cat Daddy may be one of them!
Just to show that the proof is in the pudding, I'm including a photo of a work table that I bought last year from Ethel. This great old table came out of a now defunct print shop in Tyler. What you see dripping down the sides is not paint, but glue. I get the supreme pleasure of trying to get that goop off! It's a Fab U Lous piece and one that I would love to keep. Problem is, it would have to have a room of it's own and I just don't have one to spare!
I'll wrap up this "more than than the mandatory 250 word" post now and go get started on my table. I really would love to pick y'alls brains on ways to improve my blog and I promise up and down to respond to your comments!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Running Flat Out!

Time to start getting serious....only five weeks until we take the first trailer down!I'm giving odds on blowouts...any takers?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

~Fat Gives Things Flavor~Julia Child

While cleaning out my pantry today (yes, I am trying to get caught up on chores at Casita de Trash), I found this book on my cookbook shelf. I had bought it several years ago for resale, but no one wanted it at that time. I had forgotten about stuffing it on the shelf until today. What timing!!! With the new movie, Julie and Julia coming out, I thought I would see if there would be any interest on E-bay for it.~The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook.~Julia Child

Kiddies, I have got to tell you I was shocked at what the book is selling for! Let's just say I will be listing it on E-bay PDQ!!!

I've been a fan of Julia Child's for years beginning with PBS broadcasts. Later, she introduced me to Jacques Pepin and wowie wow wow! They were making classic tuna salad one Saturday morning when she told him in that voice, that yes, tuna in water was healthier, but not if one wanted to taste the tuna! I love that she loved food and all the wonderful tastes to be experienced including that of tuna fish!
~I was 32 when I started cooking; until then I just ate.~Julia Child

I'm looking forward to seeing this movie just to hear Meryl Streep do that voice. It was mesmerizing.
~Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.~Julia Child

Isn't this the best advice anyone could give all of us. It doesn't matter what your passion is...just do it!

~If you're in a good profession, it's hard to get bored, because you're never finished-there will always be work you haven't done.~Julia Child

With the passion comes the opportunity to make it a profession you will love getting up for each day. Just as Julia did, to take pride in that profession...hone it...fine tune it...until cooking or even junking becomes an art form. Paying close attention to details...presentation...originality...this is what made her unique and will us as well.

When asked what she thought contributed her longevity she replied, "Red meat and wine." It's up to us to decide what will flavor our lives and what will get our hearts to racing and keep them beating. I for one am up for the challenge and I promise Julia, I will be passionate about living and not just existing.
~Life itself is a proper binge.~Julia Child

Excuse me y'all while I go look for that can of tuna in oil!

Bon appetit!