Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jumping Off The Eiffel Tire

Man alive...I thought I was the only one getting dizzy from the paint fumes, but seems a certain cute redhead from Wacky Waco has been sniffing the back side of her roll of duct tape.  RobUhLyn loves her duct tape. She keeps telling it it's the new burlap and is constantly working it into her designs.  Would y'all believe that little whipper-snapper is having a giveaway over at her blog?  Would you also believe it's a doozie...if I ever saw one?
Y'all know I'm just nutso crazy for this girl and you've heard me go on and on about her talent.

"You may be a redneck if a dumpster gets emptied...with you still in it."

I (proudly I must add) own one of her red.neck Chic original handbags (I love my Trash Bag)...or as she likes to call 'em...pocketbooks.  Each and every one is unique...just like her!  She also designs and makes a line of blouses called Saddle Tramps (I personally like the idea of being just a tad trampy from time to time...keeps my man on his toes) and does her own twist on Glam.

Using only the finest of silver duct tape available, elegant pearls (to remind us we are ladies) and with just enough bits and baubles to make the magpie in all of us squeal, she devilishly creates these one of kind treasures in her lab.or.a.tory!

"You may be a redneck if you save your Junk Gypsys' Mama Tried cap for special occasions."

Now tighten up those bra straps ladies 'cause here is where it gets real good!



But wait....there's more.

Because I never got around to having my senior prom (she says hanging her head in shame)...and because I want one of these bad boys so much...I ain't gonna wait to see if she draws my name outta the Eiffel Tire...I'm gonna buy for me...


ONE for you!

Let me just say...I am a fool for statement jewelry.  In personal motto is "Don't jazzercise...accessorize!".  Truth is, if you can't see me from across a rhinestones ain't big...or gaudy...enough!

"You may be a redneck if your matching serving bowls really do say Parkay...and not butter."

So here's the deal pickle...head on over to red.neck Chic and look at her simple rules for entering.  Since I don't like to think or work any more than I have to...her rules are my rules.  The only difference is her giveaway will end Saturday and mine, August 10th.  A long time...yeah...but that's mine and Cat Daddy's anniversary and I do believe a red.neck Glam necklace will make the perfect gift to moi from moi!

"You may be a redneck f you have a beer box duct taped over one or more truck windows."

Only the best for my Texas man!

I'll fess up...I'm a redneck. can't live in Texas and not be.  Our belt buckles...and hair...weigh at least 3 pounds, we like to wear boots with everything, and if you want to know how to spell our names...just check out the back of our belts!  If you go to any mall in Texas and holler out least fourteen little boys and a coupla grown men are gonna come runnin'!

Don't let anybody try and tell you different.  Even the folks livin' in the North Dallas Forty way 'cross Central Expressway say ham and aigs when there ain't nobody listenin'!

Let your inner redneck out and make a fashion statement all at the same time.  It can be yours for just a comment!

"You may be a redneck if your granddaughter learned her numbers by watching Nascar."

(Do I?  Oh heck yeah!)

You know you do time's a-wastin' y'all.  Head on over to The red.neck (check out her ETSY while you're there for all the tray sheek fashion she's whuppin' up) and leave her a big ol' comment. I guarantee you'll leave with a big toothy grin!

But to me. for for one of y'all.

Oh...and tell her Trash sent ya!

From one redneck to another...can I get a yee to the haw?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Feeling My Heart Jump

 I'd like to say once again, thank you Karen for hosting Where Bloggers Create. To say I came away inspired would be an understatement.  The talent out there is like a scratchy tickles me to no end.

(Thank you Sister Janet for my beautiful pendant.  I wear it everywhere...including to bed!)

Seeing all the fabulous studios, playpens and offices was amazing and I picked up three important things while viewing the miracle cure-alls they provided.

First...just when I get to thinking there isn't anything new under the sun...I find out how wrong that assumption is.  The trick is to make something old, new again.  These folks start with just a germ of an idea that grows into full blown genius until at last it goes viral,  infecting everyone who wishes they had thought of it first.

I'll be the first to admit to catching more than one or two great solutions to the headaches of problematic storage and cute remedies for the pain of trying to contain clutter.  

Second...while I thought I was a hoarder magpie collector deluxe...some of these gals make moi look like a piker...and I've been at it for 20+ years!  It's a hard pill to swallow, but shoot...I thought I held a B.P.* when it came to buying/accumulating stuff.  Silly me...'cause it seems a lot of these girls have Ph.D.** shingles hanging on their walls!

(*Builder of Piles)

(**Piled Higher and Deeper)

Truthfully, I got the bends gazing glassy eyed and slack jaw at some of their collections.  Fact is, the knowledge that a lot of this stuff is gonna be used for art and not for collecting dust, blew my mind.  What a concept!

Law...I stopped breathing a coupla times just thinking about it and thought ol' Cat Daddy was gonna have to give me mouth to mouth!

(Just a little sump'n sump'n for Debra. This one's for you doll!  MEOW!)

Lastly...there is no such thing as a completed house or even a single room.  It's an ongoing sickness that we women seem to pass from one to another...secretly hoping a cure is never found...all the while our significant others are desperately praying for one to stop the epidemic of ideas.

I now find myself caught in the feverish throes of re-fluffing my fluffing after being exposed to so many clever ideas.  In fact...I'm flat out light headed from the thoughts that are whirling in this dizzy noggin of mine.

This is going to be my project for the week...four chairs and a darling leather topped game table (with two leaves).  If you don't hear from me during the know I've quarantined myself until I finish....or am overcome by paint fumes.

So much little time!


Friday, July 15, 2011

Jumping On The Bandwagon With Where Bloggers Create

Let me start by saying thank you to Karen from My Desert Cottage for all the hard work she puts in to host this fab event.  I can't even keep my few ducks in a row...let alone coordinate over 300 of 'em!

Whew...and double whew!!!

This is my first time to participate in Where Bloggers Create and I'm thrilled to see all the amazing work places that are being shared.  Everyone does such a splendid job interpreting their personal playpens to best represent their unique talents and personalities.

My workspace is basically an unorganized organization of my life and work.

 (I get this handy skill from my daddy.)

Here is where the madness begins and ends.  It's where I keep the business end moving, hoard store treasures and retreat when I need a break.  It's also where I go to visit the world of the talented and sit a spell.

Myself...I've never made a secret of the fact that when it comes to creating, I'm better at stealing...I mean borrowing ideas.  I guess when all you girls were swimming in the deep end of the talent-gene pool...I was hanging around the lifeguard tower...trying not to freckle.

It's a fact I've always been aware (and more than a little ashamed) of.  Girls are supposed to know how to sew, make pretty things, and be clever gluing cardboard.  All I ever managed to do was either glue...or sew my fingers together.

Imagine my surprise when I started blogging three years ago to discover I did indeed possess a hidden talent.  Maybe not a great one...but a little talent that up until then I was unaware of.

It seems unbeknownst to me, with the practice of writing that came with blogging, I had an ability to string letters into words, then into comprehensible sentences.  Sentences that some people even found enjoyable to least that's what some of y'all tell me.

Well Yee to the Haw!

Having loved the written word, research papers, monograms and most of all...books since I was five...God sat me down at a computer and revealed His plan for me.  As my sweet friend R. E. told me when I wondered about the late timing in my life for this new adventure...the 59 preceding years was His way of preparing me.

Where others sprinkle glitter on their projects...I liberally add punctuation marks (and break all kinds of writing rules doing so!).

Where some use glue or nails to hold things together...I use conjunctions...and ellipses!

Your nemesis may be edges that won't lay flat.  Mine is jokes that land flat.

You may fret over missed stitches...I cringe over grammar miscued...mine.

And if you promise to not mention spelling...I won't mention that one spot you forgot to trim. 

I've seen art pieces that are layer upon layer of individual items, all to highlight the finished product.

I layer adjectives and adverbs to embellish mine...with a ten dollar word thrown in every now and then for good measure.

Do I sometimes go over the top with my Texasified way of talking?

You betcha, but let me ask you one question.
Do you ever use too much ribbon for flourish when you're trying to make it your own?


Ain't no such thing as too much anything...except calories and bills.

(Leave it to Bella to get in the on little muse!)

Don't get me wrong.  I certainly don't think I'm the next Harper Lee....ah contrary mes amis. I don't even consider myself Paris Hilton!

The point is I never would have known I could even attempt to write without having blogged first.  Whether it is just kinda ok writing or even bad...I enjoy it and that's important to me.  Surrounding myself with things I love inspires me, brings me joy and writing allows me to express that joy.

It's the same joy you feel when you step back and look at your art with pride...knowing it was created by you...and you alone. 

Just as I know each of you are proud of your accomplishments with a hot glue gun or a roll of burlap...I'm just as pleased with my ability to talk and type!  The words I can't take full credit for.  Most of the time...I'm just the typist...His. 

SADD* Alert!

(*Squirrel Attention Deficiency Disorder)

Little known fact...when I was searching for a name for my blog, I initially tried for "white trash" because we bought and sold so much white junk quality merchandise.  That name was taken and I tried several others until something Someone told me to type in "Talking White Trash".  I did and it was accepted.  The funny thing is when I hit publish for that very first header read "Talking Trash"...and I've been talking ever since.

God knew me better than I did.

SQUIRREL ALERT!!! (The sequel)

Good gravy.  I just realized I took so many flippin' photos I'm gonna have to finish this up with a part deux!  I really wanted to share the art I've received from dear friends I've made since I started blogging, but it'd be cruel to make y'all sit through 30+ photos with me jabberin' in just one sitting.  Nobody should be made to wear out their sit-upons...even for less-than-great photos of some more-than-Fab U Lous stuff!

Besides there's a lot of WBC posts to read (drool over) and I'm not gonna keep y'all here any longer than necessary.  If you want to come back in a day or two and see what I've added...come on up to the house...I'll leave the light on for you.

Now go...visit...enjoy all the beautiful spaces that folks work...and play in!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Jump On The Bus, Gus

In case anyone was wondering what ol' Trash has been up to the past couple of weeks, I thought I would quickly bring y'all up to speed.

I've been quite the accidental tourist, doing a little vacationing...all while out joy-riding on a train of thought. 

I started in a state of confusion and quickly moved on to one of chaos.  From there, I found myself in a state of panic, barely missing the great state of oblivion.

(WHEW!  Take it from me...don't waste your time.  Ain't nothing to see or do in either locale...nil, nada!) 

Feeling the need for a change of scenery, imagine my surprise at being caught in the states of shock and wonder, while allowing myself to get lost wandering in a state of apathy!

(Again...don't waste your time or gas. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.  Heck...I'll send you a t-shirt if a souvenir is all you're wanting from this useless state of mind!) 

Fortunately, while meandering in a state of flux,  I allowed the highway of life to lead me to a supreme state of consciousness.  From there, it was just a hop, skip and a jump prayer to my final stop...the blessed state of grace.

I bet you can guess WHO was waiting with a light on...just for me.  Now I know what the "G" stands for in GPS.

(Hint:  It ain't Gus!)

I plan on visiting here for quite some time and would love nothing better than to take up permanent, full-time residency.

(This paradise location I highly recommend...five stars!  In to join me for a return visit?)

Just give me a second to slip something into the ol' CD player for our road trip.

(WARNING:  I like to sing along...loud!)

  You bring the strawberry Twizzlers and beef jerky.

I'll bring the Yoo-Hoos and hang-down.

We'll stop for a Stuckey's Pecan Log.

Pack light, don't forget your toothbrush, slap on some red lipstick, GO before we go...and let's get this dog and cat pony show on the road.

I call shotgun!!!