Thursday, October 23, 2008

Trash Day Thursday-Clearing Out The Cobwebs

Good evening my pretties. I have been commissioned by the fabulous Marie Laveau, who upon cleaning out her broom closet in preparation for the 31st, discovered many items no longer needed for her trade. She chose me to help in the disposal of these items and I happily agreed as I really like living as a person and not as a statue.
In keeping with the spirits, I meant spirit, of the month, I now offer these items for you to peruse.
As you can see, there are several items available and I will briefly describe them to you. Most of these items have been gently used for the last 200 years or so. I don't know the age of all. I adhere to a strict "don't ask, don't tell" policy. When you are dealing with someone like Marie, it's just best not to ask a lady her age.
How about a feather to tickle your fancy or whatever you call him. Spellbinding isn't it?
Here we have a trio of brushes given to Marie by her husband, Handsome Jack on their wedding night. Sadly, he disappeared into the swamp never to be seen again. I've heard Marie spends her down time in and around New Orleans, perhaps looking for a toad. The tiny notebook and pen was used to jot down recipes for all sorts of concoctions.
Speaking of swamps, isn't this a lovely botanical. Her shoes were only worn for dancing around a glowing cauldron on special occasions. The trio of silhouettes are not of former suitors, but are bridge scorecards. She never could get a fourth in bridge to materialize. Wouldn't they be perfect for art projects?
The pressed glass decanter is empty and ready for you to fill with your favorite libation. Marie is known to boo-ze(couldn't resist that one) it up from time to time. The bracelet is just a pretty, jingly thing to forewarn others of Marie's arrival, just in case one might want to disappear on their own volition. You know, like belling the cat only this is belling the old bat.
Now we all know what a beaker is, right? Marie was known for making a mean Zombie(thanks Lily of the Junk Palace). Inside the beaker are glass magic wands of varying sizes. Psst! They're really glass towel holders, just don't tell Marie. She never understood why she couldn't get them to work. But they work wonderfully as stirrers.
Why do all the hands on clocks point to midnight? Oh right-the witching hour.
Here is a souvenir of some of Marie's earlier work. Unfortunately, this customer was left speechless.
Just between you and I, Marie really creeps me out. I am getting quite anxious to finish this post and get out. Right now she is in a good mood, but that could change and to that end, so could I.
This happy couple were the recipients of Marie's infamous Love Potion #9. How does that old saying go, "the proof is in the pudding"? That was some Jello love.
Here we have a quill pen, inkwell and a ledger Marie kept of her debtors. Just glancing through it, I see a lot of outstanding balances. I don't want to be around when she starts collecting. Please purchase something to help put her in the black. I don't want to say my life depends on it, but if you don't hear from me, check the swamps first. And remember- when you speak of me, and you will, speak kindly.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Have you ever considered writing a book, mystery, romance, any kind you'd be great at it!! Love your stories.

The Texas Woman said...

You're a hoot! Have you ever considered working at Hooters? Just had to say that! I think you should have a career in writing too.

You are a hoot though. Can't wait to meet ya!

The Texas Woman

Mindy said...

Is it your very own personal challenge to top your last post in creativity every day? My goodness, you just keep oozing with smart, creative blogs. And way cool stuff for sale. I'm going to have to peruse more later. Marie is bidding my head to hit the pillow. It is past the witching hour, after all. ~Mindy

ludmil said...

Thanks for a delightful morning read....Linda Marcov

The Texas Woman said...

Enjoyed our afternoon together yesterday. Looking forwards to more!


OK, I'm not Frank. I just wanted to make Cat Daddy jealous!

The Texas Woman

WhisperWood Cottage said...

Great post! And thanks for your creative comment on my blog. I think a guessing game contest with the photos is a great idea!!! I will definitely do one in the future!


kari and kijsa said...

Tee hee!!! Great post, loved the writing!!
Have a blessed Sunday!
kari & kijsa

Pam @ Frippery said...

Hilarious! You are so much fun to read. I love the "Gone but not forgotten" framed piece. People sure did like to dwell on the negative back in the day. Great for us Halloween lovers in 2008! Keep us laughin'. Pam

Anonymous said...

OOO! Love the shoes!
Thank You for inspiring feedback today.