Monday, December 13, 2010


On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

two naughty lists....
Ah ha! I see that got y'alls attention! Actually I was going through Christmas boxes and I was looking at the Hallmark ornaments of years past and it got me to thinking. (Yes...I do own this one...and yes...there's a reason for showing it!)

I've made no secret of the fact (to y'all or Cat Daddy) of the list of men in my letter to ol' Santy Claus. Now before y'all get to feeling too sorry for Cat Daddy...he's got a list too! He and I have a mutual agreement that if any person (living or otherwise) on either of our lists ever shows up at the front door asking us to run away with them...we do so with a blessing and a kiss goodbye! I've also made no secret as to who/whom is one my list and trust's a long list! Of course Joe is on the list...hence the ornament. Captain Jean-Luc is as well (have I mentioned I love me a bald man?) and I got the ornament to prove it too! C'mon girls...look at that man...beam me up Scotty!

In no particular ranking order, here are some other hunka hunka burning loves of mine! Keep in mind...this is a partial list. I'm a real naughty girlie!

  1. Harry Connick surprises here...line forms at the back ladies! Now if I could just figure out what to do about Jill!
  2. Jay Bush...I'm thinking a package deal with Duke. Here Boy!
  3. Johnny 2die4 explanation needed except he can shiver-me-timbers anytime...anywhere!
  4. James Garner...What I would have given to be Sally Field in Murphy's Romance! Heck...I'd of settled for being crazy-as-a-loon Mel in Maverick! Think bathtub scene...with maybe just a little less bubbles!
  5. Yul Brynner...triple threat. Bald head...that accent...leader of the Magnificent 7...yeah bay-bee!
  6. How 'bout a couple of Jons...(can you say Stewart and Favreau?) and funny men!
  7. Craig fave Music Man. Robert Preston almost made the list, but no one's allowed on the list who can look better in a dress than me!
  8. James Earl Jones...I would love to hear him read me bedtime stories!
  9. Keith Urban...uh...have you seen him play that guitar...woo-a-whee!
  10. Finally...Stephen King! I know, I odd looking choice, but man alive...can he send shivers straight up my backbone just with the written word!
I know you are all dying to know if you're on C.D.'s Christmas Kitten List! I won't tell you if you are or aren't 'cause if you knew you were, I'd have to hire 24 hour security around the Casita de Trash! I will tell you Loretta is numero uno in his little black book and when she shows up to claim her prize...I'll be sure to negotiate a nice I wave bye bye! about a little Grayzilla fun to put me back on y'alls NICE List?

And a snow clad lady in the window of W&T's!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Girl, you always make me LOL!! That could get me into lots of trouble you know.

Gracie's Cottage said...

I needed a good laugh just now and knew I could find it here!
Thanks you hussified trashmeister...(and that's a compliment BTW!)


Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Oh my list is Val Kilmer (I'll tell you about a dream I had about him one time, one I did NOT want to wake up from, LOL) and Johnny Depp!

I remember seeing Joe in court years ago when he got divorced from his first wife. We all crammed in the hallways to get a peek at him, LOL


red.neck chic said...


"make it so number 1"!!! I love me some Jean Luc... but you left out Antonio!!! Antonio Banderas or Tony Stewart... they WILL come knockin' on the single-wide!!!

I'm laughing so hard.... you have great taste!!!

;-D xoxoxoxo

Anne Lorys said...

I'll fight ya for Mr. Depp! ;-)
Add to my list Gerard Butler and Viggo Mortensen, especially how he looked in the LOTR movies.

Dar said...

Thanks for the Pick-me-up and almost Lie-me-down with that spankin' list...
You helped light the tree! Or, your list did!

time worn interiors said...

You aren't right girl! Does you head buzz 24/7 about crazy stuff? If I'm ever in a bad mood all I gotta do is come over to your blog and I'm sure to be laughing by the time I leave!

Olive said...

You knutt! I like me some bald men too! Joe is bald. I always dug Jean luce's accent also.

Debra@CommonGround said...

Oh Debbie, what a list you have! And wow, that snow gal you have at W&T's is just a doll!! She looks soooo cute and cuddly, great window!!
Deb the house looks good at a distance just don't give it the "white glove" test!
love ya bunches, you know I'm still trying to get you up here to visit!!

sharron said...

keith..oh yeah babay!! they are tiny though so we'd have to be very careful with them ;0!
and i live six blocks from james garner avenue!
i'm living in his home town!!
hmm..might have to send ya some roadside rubbish..tee hee is i don't get arrested in the process!!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Murphy's Romance is my favorite movie!!! I think he was just as charming in The Notebook too! JLP...he is one hot commander too! Love your list ~ I'll put in a good word to Santa for you!

Malisa said...

I wasn't aware of your love for the foliclly challenged! My, my! My Daddy always said that he got a crew cut, but the crew bailed out! As for your list, I don't think you can Johnny Baby or Harry Honey unless you are willing to share! You are the only person I know who has a crush on James Garner besides me! He reminds me a lot of Lurch in his younger days. Lurch? Lurch who? No idea! I am busy with the other boys! :)


sweetpea said...

that's quite a list there my friend. james earl jones... you go girl.



Beth Leintz said...

Do you know if Hallmark makes a George Clooney ornament?

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

I've had dreams of me and Johnny Depp happily cruising the country, dumpster diving and curbside pickin all the while he's dressed up as Capt'n Jack Sparrow~ he thinks I look beautiful with my grubby fingernails, stained hoodie and birdnest lookin hairdo. He is totally infatuated with me and can't get enough of this junkin lifestyle. He wants to meet all my friends and I tell him I don't have any.
The End!
Back off chick!
Beth :0)

Anonymous said...

Deb, you are priceless!!!I'm glad you didn't mention my man......Pierce Brosnon. Now that's
a class act. I'll be his Bond girl any day of the week!

grace (a la grace)

VS said...

Oh Girl,
Your list cracks me up!!! LOL Wow, you are so diverse in your does one get from Johnny Depp to Steven King??? lol I know, a couple of my favs is Storm of the Century & Needful Things & of course Stand By Me!!! But those glasses...really coke bottles!
Love you funny little girl who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forhead!!! ;)
Susie Q