Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Time In a Geritol Bottle

Funny how time can change your whole perspective.  Too little is frustrating...too much, confusing.  But sometimes, in the words of Baby Bear, it's just right!
As y'all all know, in the past I'm almost always by myself for the better part of the Greatest Show on Dirt.  Not that Cat Daddy didn't want to be there...he did.  It was just his pesky job always got in the way, but this time he was able to stay for the whole time.  Retirement, along with other changes, does bring certain advantages in the form of ticks on the clock.
(All photos...except for the crappy ones...are by Give Me Props.)
Antique Week...or should I say weeks since we were there for 15 glorious days...was crammed jammed with excitement. Frivolity, food, and fortune met us at every corner. Not ones to waste time, we celebrated and savored every moment.
Frivolity in that I don't think I've ever laughed so much for such an extended period of time...sometimes so much so I forgot to breathe. I truly believe I have the most comical friends on the planet.
  Food 'cause I ate so many different things I can now speak two new languages besides Twanglish...Mouthful-ian and More-ese! Happy that I can now say pie in many different flavors AND am justified to add multilingual to my resume!
And last but not least...fortune.  I don't mean the kind you bring home in a bank bag...although the show was a success.  More like the fortune in memories you bring home in your heart at an exchange rate no Fortune 500 could ever hope to match.
There's much to share with y'all about the show.  There was a whirlwind of activity from the moment my feet touched down until the last tub was loaded back on the trailer.  So much so in fact, I'm going to have to break it down into several posts.  Expect quite a few to come out of this keyboard over the next couple of weeks.  At my age, I can't wait too long or I forget what I want to say and the he saids/she saids.  I like to think it's a wise woman who keeps her facts straight to avoid any unfortunate incarcerations in the future!
For the time being though...this chubby lady has a man whining crying pleading inquiring about clean underwear. Think it's about time to introduce him to the washer and dryer.
And for the record...I also speak Man-ese fluently!


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

I've been patiently waiting for your greatest show on dirt posts Deb! Your booth looks amazing, captured beautifully by a wonderful photographer! Looking forward to more!

Stephanie said...

Hi stranger! I know it's me that's been MIA. But when I found a few moments you know I went straight to your blog for a good laugh! So glad you and Cat Daddy got to enjoy 2 full weeks!

holli said...

You have THE most amazing magic touch in making your booths, home, etc to be simply outstanding! The lights here and there the perfect item here and there - its like walking into a mystical wonderland. I love you so much and forever grateful of your hospitality and knowledge. I finally started my post on it as well today. Which will also be broken up in parts. haha. xoxox

Mrs. Kelley Dibble said...

What a blast! You two are going to get into soooo much {trouble} good fun together!

Hugs and happy laundry,

Bliss said...

I think you could offer a course on Man-ese and it would sell out. Every woman wants to know how to speak it.... and speak it well!

Olive said...

Man-ese oh Lord you are killing me. I don't know how I missed this except I have been gardening and junking myself. be good my poet, olive

Bohemian said...

I'm so Glad to hear what a Fabulous time you had at the Event and I'll be looking forward to coming along and living vicariously thru your Posts of it since it's still languishing on my Bucket List of things to do before I'm no longer vertical and this side of dirt!

Happy Easter from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian