Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Greener Pastures-Chapter I

I've been trying to figure out a way to tell y'all about the spring show concisely, but it appears concisely is just not in my skill set, much less in my vocabulary. Instead, I decided to break it down into several posts beginning with the beginning.
As always, we had made a plan and as always, God had another. Suffice it to say, His was the better. In fact, it was so perfect, it is now our permanent plan...that is until He chooses to change it!
I'm still inside Zapp Hall, but now Cat Daddy is located right outside the front doors of the Hall.  He's an outdoorsy fellow and I'm a roof over my head kinda girly. You could call us the Lisa and Oliver of the Zapp Hall Antique Show.  Shoot fire y'all, I even sold a concrete Arnold!
 (~Big D is where I rather stay. I get allergic smelling hay.~ Not really y'all. This is my ideal of born in a barn! No shovel required!)
As I said, there are many things to talk about, but first I want to share with y'all just one of the many blessings I received while in Fantasy Land...aka Antique Week.
Every show, there is a special bloggers' luncheon held at Royer's Round Top Cafe. This spring it was the Social + Network Luncheon hosted by The Vintage Round Top and Round Top Register and sponsored by The Vintage Round Top, Round Top Register, the Original Round Top Antiques Fair, Marburger Farm and our own Zapp Hall.
The famous Royer's Shrimp BLT or as I like to call it..."How to say I love you with your mouth full"!
 Cheryl, our lovely Ringmistress at the Greatest Show on Dirt, had graciously invited me to attend and I was richly blessed for it.

Proof positive I was there!

Courtney Barton of Mela&Roam was the featured speaker and oh mylanta!

(Mela is a sanskrit word meaning a gathering or fair. As junkers, we all know what roam means. Put the two together as Courtney did and it's almost the perfect definition for Antique Week!) 
I've always loved handmade textiles, but I now have a new appreciation of those from far away exotic lands! Absolutely the most luxurious designs and artistry!
Lunch was lovely, company beautiful, conversation sparkling and laughter abundant. We all received a fabulous tote filled to the handles with treats from each of the sponsors and speaking of treats...we all left with a parting gift of a homemade Ding Dong courtesy of The Bake Shoppe.
I'd show you a photo, but mine just poof, disappeared, all in a matter of seconds! Can you say chocolate rush?

Paige and Smoot have done an outstanding job of creating an atmosphere of inviting serenity in this haven of  quiet white. After that lunch AND Ding Dong, I had to fight the urge to keep from planting myself on the abundance of comfy surrounding me!

Afterwards, we were invited to the Vintage Round Top for Wi-Fi networking, mimosas and a tour of the inn.

Where's a "Drink Me" potion when you need one?
 I returned to reality with a full belly and a heart full of gratefulness.
What a way to spend a Monday...right?
Better yet.
What a way to spend a life!
Next up...
Chapter II
The First Annual Zapp-Chat


Cheryl said...

Deb I am lovin' your story already and excited to read have such a way with words,
And......that meal looked very delish even if there wasn't a photo of the Ding Dong! Keep havin' fun!

holli said...

Sounds like it was magical!! I'm so glad and I wish nothing but awesome junk moments for you. xoxo

Mrs. Kelley Dibble said...

JUNK TIME! We passed an entire block it seemed of "JUNK DYNASTY" on our drive from Texas to Arkansas earlier this week. What fun you must've had!

Hugs and happy weekend,

Bonnie said...

Hi Deb, thanks for visiting with me, It's been awhile! Three weeks now in TX and I keep meeting nice folks.Think I'll do allright!


Anonymous said...

It was sooooo awesome to see you and Cat Daddy (and all the gang) again after missing the show last year)!!! Your space(s) were awesome, and thankfully bare by the end of the show!

Big hugs to you both! XOX

Kimberly McKay said...

I love all the photos you included with your blog. Great stuff here!!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Your story is off to a great start, keep the chapters coming!