Monday, July 1, 2013

Ripples of Kindness

Fair warning...this is going to be a disjointed...and very long post.

First things first.

I am running amuck...and happy as a pig in sunshine for it!

No longer tethered by a PICC line, I'm free to get into as much trouble as I so desire...and boy oh boy, do I so desire!

I've been released by one doctor and hopefully will be soon by my colon surgeon as well.

I am finished with oral antibiotics and all my blood work came back normal.


Thank goodness I can honestly say there is at least one thing about me that is normal.

Your prayers for my recovery?

My sweet friends...they meant the world and all to me.

Thank you.

Now...on to other news.

We just wrapped up the Vintage Home show during Dallas Market Center's Home and Gift first official outing since my unfortunate incarceration.

I ain't gonna lie y' was a mite tiring, but I was blessed to have my daughter Jenn and sister Kerri come out to help me.  They split up the days Cat Daddy couldn't be there and kept me from disobeying the doctor's orders.  No easy task y'all as I can be quite the ornery old lady from time to time.

Sales were good, but it's the extra bonus I received during the show I want to tell y'all about.  While set up, I was reminded of why I have to continue to post.  I have been charged to do so.  Sometimes fast and furiously; other times in dribs and drabs.

(I can read your minds and right about now y'all are thinking to yourselves of how little I do blog these days, but hear me out.)

It's true.

I do tend to post rather...ahem...sporadically.  To the point I had considered calling it a day and handing in my mouse.

I had my reasons, beginning with I didn't feel there was anything left to say.  Let's face it...I can only show y'all my underwear so many times until you see how faded they are.  Also, it seemed like everyone had moved on to greener...and quicker...pastures like FaceBook and Twitter, leaving me with the sole excuse for rambling on being how much I loved the sound of my own voice.

But a funny thing happened on the way to market.

Readers reached out to me.

Readers who don't comment, but still take the time to read.

While washing my hands, a woman at the sink next to me, glanced up in the ladies' room mirror, caught my eye and said simply "I read your blog. I don't comment and I don't have a blog, but I read yours."  Stammering out a thank you, this perfect (and I do mean perfect for taking the time to tell me that) stranger dried her hands and was gone in the blink of an eye.

This happened not once...not twice...but four times during the five days we were there.

(Coincidence?  I think not. Just one of the many ways God has of speaking to me when I am doubtful of my place here on earth.)

Another one of these readers sat me down and took the time to tell me how important my writing was to her.

(Now because I believe in truth in advertising I should mention we are friends and she is not only one of the dearest people I know, but also one of the most honest.  She's never been known to blow smoke up someone's dress, but to always be frank and speak her mind.)

She shared with me how when she is having a tough day she reads my blog.  Doesn't matter if I haven't posted anything recently...she just goes back and reads one of her favorite posts to find a smile.  She pointed out that while I may not realize my blog's impact,  it touches others...almost as if it had a mind of its own.

As I sat there stunned by her words, a sense of blessing and being blessed came over me.  This was the only reason I needed to keep blogging.  FaceBook is fine for what it instant connection.  Blogging provides more than just a moment's scratching of an itch.  Over time, whether we actually meet or not, we develop a kindredship...a sense of oneness.  I've heard over and over, blogging friends are not real.  I disagree.  Blogging requires a commitment...FaceBook does not...and I have yet to see the purpose of Twitter.
I guess simply all depends on what each of us is seeking.

Most of us dream of making a big splash in an ocean of fame when sometimes being a ripple is our destiny.

Think about it.

A splash lasts only as long the depth of our ambition and gravity will allow, but a ripple widens, spreads and multiplies until collectively, it becomes a wave of ideas, emotions and acts of kindness.

I'm sharing this not to boast, but to share what it's taken me 62 years to learn.

All of us are capable of making a splash even if it's doing a belly flop instead of a swan dive, but to be a ripple...ahhh...that takes more than just sticking our big toe in the water.  It takes sticking our necks out as well as stepping out of the boat.

We have to be able to pick out the best stone for skipping, aim for the other shore and avoid hitting...or hurting...anyone in the process.  This takes repetitive practice and patience.  Done right, a ripple provides instant results that last far beyond our stone skipping abilities.

A ripple will continue to flow out, creating more ripples to join in and will only be stopped when encountering stagnant waters.  It's up to us to see to it that doesn't happen.

I thank those four people for being ripples in the river of my life and for reassuring me that I too am a tiny one.

I will continue to ripple along, but the course of my writing may/will change direction to avoid the aforementioned stagnation.

As I said earlier, I've shared all there is about me that's fit to be printed, but there are stories in my head that I hope you may want to hear.

I'm thinking of calling it My Required Summer Writing List.

And good grief...wouldn't you just know it?

Now I've got myself craving raspberry ripple ice cream!

(all photos taken by Jenn at Give Me Props during the show.)



Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Yippee so excited for you! Look out here she comes.

afistfullofweeds* said...

You go girl! You are a great Ripple!!

Olive said...

I am thankful you are well. How fun to have these readers affirm you like that. I have had that happen to me once and it is rather heart warming. And you are deep deep waters-all the time, every time. xo, olive

lorene said...

Beautiful post! And I am one of those people who reads your blog every time, but usually I don't comment. I don't have a blog of my own, and I just read junk/decorating/DIY blogs for entertainment. Believe me, yours is always entertaining and I am always excited to see a new post! Glad you are better!

Lisa Love Harris said...

Dear Deb--What a well written, thoughtful, albeit left-me-a-little-teary post! You are so eloquent with your words. You are more than a small ripple to many of us! It was so wonderful to see ya back in action at the Dallas Market. I look forward to reading your blog and have even been known to read past posts for a good part of the afternoon! YAY for the good health on to LIVING!
Peace, love, and the very best life stuff to ya, sweet friend.

Olivia said...

I love your blog. I read every new post you print. Glad to hear you may be sharing with us more. Best part of your blog your not advertising anything or trying to sell. So many blogs I read are now so commercial I might as well just buy a magazine with ads. Of course bragging about a close family members business is always acceptable and enjoyable to read. Thanks for being you and sharing yourself with people.

holli said...

I love you!! This post perfectly describes your beauty in writing with your wit and touching words. It speaks to us and you have a voice we need to hear. I've said it over and over, your encouragement gave me confidence to keep blogging.

The Domestic Fringe said...

So, SO glad you are doing better. Take care of yourself now. Don't go over-doing it.

One of these days, I'm gonna come down to one of your shows and bring home a bunch of pretty Texas trash.

Bliss said...

My underware are faded too. You're never really alone.

Kristi Lynne said...

You are a blogging goddess. Don't you dare give up that mouse.And your space at market looks like it was fabulous! Wish I could've seen it in person!

sassytrash said...

Deb..I'm SO glad to read you have come through your medical ordeal OK and are on the road to recovery! I miss so much by being a deadbeat blogger, but wanted to wish you well!! I think of you often and am also glad you are still blogging. Nancy

the old white house said...

I've missed so much! I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better Deb, I just caught myself up on your incarceration, it doesn't sound like it was fun and the fashion sense at those places is nonexistent! Happy picc removal day! Keep getting better and I hope that you are running circles around the grands in no time!
I miss blogging, reading blogs and all of the inspiration that comes with them. I know that this season is short and I will be able to play catch-up again when I'm not at the market so often. I'll let you in on a secret... since I am not able to make the blogging connection these days, as I say my prayers on my drive to the market I ask that I make at least one connection while I am there. Every time, I meet someone that I bond with and using one of your phrases... oh mylanta, it does my heart good!
I hope to be back in full force soon, but for now as I put in my last post, how often do you want to see a recently filled bag of soap?
I feel like the friend who sat down with you and let you know how your posts touch me. You are a woman we all are so blessed to know.
love, t.xoxoxooxo

Debra@CommonGround said...

first of all I'm glad you're well and back to "normal"?! The show looked amazing, so glad you had some help. What a visual with the "ripples", Deb, that just has to be a God-given metaphor and makes so much sense. And I wholeheartedly agree with your thoughts on blogging vs. facebook. I just cannot get into the latter. and twitter? forget it. who cares? Be sure and check in once in awhile and show us that underwear. we all love seeing it!

Prior said...

Well, I came here to get your link for a pic on my blog...which I haven't touched since March, but my directions are changing, too, and to begin writing on my blog was one of them and your post confirmed that. I am thankful for blogs, because that is where I met you. Jen took some awesome pics of your great looking booth, glad I got to see it in person too!
Bloggy real live friend,'

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you have been sick, but glad your feeling better. Love your post... and really enjoyed visiting with you at the Dallas Market show.
Blessing~~~ Daphne

Dewena said...

This is a good post, an important one. I understand what your friend was saying because for years I read blogs without commenting. If I needed some color, some inspiration for the day, even some motivation to get moving I would read a couple and many times it helped. It is important that we don't just write for other bloggers. I'm so glad you're feeling better and full of ideas for future writing.

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

I love this post. I'm glad things are looking up for you. I've visited your blog once before and you had me chuckling out loud. I love your style of writing, straight from the heart. It's not quantity but quality that keeps me coming back to visit a blog. I'm your newest follower. :)

Pam @ Frippery said...

Good golly Miss Magenta. I have not been reading the blogs lately and I just got here. We are truly on the same wavelength! Like two squirrels sitting on the same phone line our brains must be chattering across the miles. This is the perfect post! I am sharing this as an amen sister!
I am always disappointed when I stop by and there is no news here. But I can always go back and find something to think about or something to make me cackle out loud.
Keep spouting off because there are loads of us who miss your wit and wisdom.
So glad you are patched up and ready to face the world again. Hugs and LYttH, Pammie
PS I am hoping to find a moment this weekend to interject the" Blowing smoke up one's dress" phrase in a conversation.

Rebecca said...

I have missed you as well, we must catch up when we both come up for air.
I know we have talked about this subject and lets face it, I think the Lord still has things He wants to talk about in blogland...
He has been speaking to me about the same thing as I posted for the studio tour... again. It takes awhile to get something thru this thick noggin of mine. I think for me I can't find the time to blog like I used to and then I feel guilty and then the guilt sets in and I throw the baby out with the bath water. It's the law that the enemy uses on me... I set myself up with I gotta's or should's, I tell myself I should be doing 3 posts a week like I used to do, then condemnation sets in and I avoid the whole thing. And of course I know the verse... Now there is no condemnation for those that are in Christ Jesus... This post my dear one is a confirmation to me to what the Holy Spirit has been saying to both of us. Your writing is so gifted that I know your pen will go on if not on these pages, somewhere else... Thank you for listening, to the Holy Spirit and speaking His are favored.

Bohemian said...

Yes, Blogging is all that you have so Beautifully expressed in this Post and I for one am Thankful that you have decided not to throw in the Towel and will continue to Bless us with your Posts and Humor and Beautiful Stories and Images. It also reminded me of why I continue to Blog also, I never expected the Response it generated and the ripple effect that Blesses us as it Blesses others that Appreciate our Efforts and Connect in ways we could have never Imagined! Facebook and Twitter have their Purpose, but to me Blogging and visiting Blogs has been so Enriching and has Connected me to so many Kindred Spirits and Supporters of my little ripple that I just wouldn't feel right abandoning it, even though at times I've considered it I must Confess... and I think I would miss it too much anyway. I'm glad you're feeling better and getting back to what you Love... I too often go into your Blog Archives for a Smile and some Bedtime Reading... I would be Sad if there weren't New Stories and Images, you certainly have and are a Precious GIFT to this Wonderful Blogging Community!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian