Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jumpin' Down The Chimney!

My lovely, soulful friend Rebecca at A Re-Purposed Life celebrates her birthday a week before Christmas.  Last year, as well as this one, she threw herself a party...only she didn't get gifts...she gave 'em.  I was one of the lucky ones and my package arrived just after Christmas.

Me being me...I started to open it but found myself stopping just short of decimating it.  Talking to the voice that only I can hear...the conversation went something like this.

Myself:  "Girl...why don't you wait 'til next year?"

Me:  "Hush your mouth...have you lost your cotton pickin' mind?  I'm dying here to see what's tucked inside that beautiful paper!"

Myself:  "Yeah, I know...myself included, BUT if you wait...think how much more of a thrilling surprise it'll be.  Kinda like ol' Santy Claus dropped by early just 'cause you're his favorite naughty nice little girl.  Right?"

Me:  "Law...I hate to admit it, but when you're're right.  Okay...but I'm putting it on a low shelf so I can at least stare and drool during the year thinking about what's inside...and You.Can't.Stop.Me!"

Myself:  "Wouldn't think of it ol' girl.  Be my guest and I'll be thinking the same thoughts...kinda like we share a brain or somethin'!"

So-o-o...there it has sat on that shelf...just waiting for me to pluck it off and rip into.  Has it been hard not to peek you ask?  You betcha!

Have I peeked?  Not on your life...although I came close a coupla times when I was having one of those days.

Let me tell y'all...when it came time to start dragging in the boxes for decking the halls, I first went to the bookshelf in my office and took this bad boy down.  Thank goodness R.E. didn't use a lot of knots and tape or I would've been reduced to using my teeth to tear into it.  (At my age, using one's teeth for anything other than chewing or grinnin' is a gamble at best...and sometimes even that is risky!)

Goodness knows I tried to be a good little girl this year...and look at what I got for my efforts!

Can you say Oh Mylanta?!?

I knew her handcrafted stockings were going to be inside, but I wasn't prepared for this pirate's booty of loveliness that awaited me.  My poor eyes didn't know what had hit them...from all the shiny...or all the tears running down my chubby cheeks.

The photos did not do justice to the tiny stockings she had crafted with her own two little hands, nor the bird that winged it's way from Illinois to Texas.


And the pendant...2 die 4 perfect.  This is exactly how Myself pictures me and our view on my least in my mind's eye.  As a wise person once said..."When the legend becomes fact...print the legend." and let's be honest...I tend to be a legend in my own mind...'specially around the Casita de Trash when no one is looking!

This is my way of saying Thank You Rebecca for being such a cherished friend and for getting my Christmas spirit going early on...and a thank you to myself for making me wait!

It was so worth it! 

Speaking of giveaways...have I got a doozy coming y'alls way next week...thanks in part to my crazy, gypsy-souled friend, Susie of Spoonin fame.  (Did I mention crazy?)  Now pay close attention...there will be a test later.

One day next week (I'll not say when, 'cause in case y'all haven't noticed...I've been more than just a little SADD* here lately.) and to convince myself I'm not the only nut job Lone Stranger this time of year, I'm planning a special post to give away this fantastic pendant made by Susie.  Very apropos...wouldn't you agree?

(*SADD:  Squirrel Attention Deficiency Disorder)

I'm all over the place normally, but at Christmas...seems like I'm worse.  Could be all the glitter, tinsel, and lights.  (At least that's what I tell myself...and myself always has my back in agreement.)  'Course it could also be the crazy hoops we all jump through to get it all done by the 24th.  Whatever the reason...I am a loose cannon until the 26th.

I've been known to hide gifts and not find them until 3 years later.  One year's family Christmas portraits are still MIA.

I've prepared appetizers lovingly referred to as "foot dip".  FYI...there is such a thing as too much fresh bleu cheese.

I've been caught swinging from the chandelier with my hair in hot rollers, sans underwear by early arriving about shock and awe!

I've set guests' holiday sweaters on fire.  Who knew ugly sweaters were that flammable?

In other words...I am a squirrel gone amuk this time of year, but I have a hunch I'm not alone here.  To prove my theory hunch...I'm gonna give y'all a week to think of your most hilarious squirrel tail...ooops...tale to leave as a comment.

Not this week y' it?  If you do it this could count as a squirrel moment...or just that I'm too long winded and you zoned out eons ago!  Hmmm...I may even find out if you really do read me.

I'll be back next week to give y'all all the 411, but in the meantime, if I don't talk to you between now and then... 

from my casita to yours...and with much love from me and mine...



Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

GORGEOUS !!!! AHHHHH !!! I won too and am sooo stinking excited !!

Debra@CommonGround said...

Girl, I CANNOT believe you waited to open this! What a beautiful gift. Love that necklace, it is SO you!! You need a matching one for CD as King! Now keep your underwear on and have a wonderful Christmas!! XOXO

Sue said...

Great stuff, great post and just think by this time next week, life should be just a tad calmer. I guess, although my life has plenty going on all the time!! Have a great Christmas and please enjoy that little precious granddaughter of yours. Bella is such a sweetheart!

Take care, Sue

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know how very much I love reading your blog. No matter my mood you always brighten it. I love your trash talk and delightful command of the phun phrase. Thank you so much for all the joy and laughs out loud you have given me.

Merry Christmas and God bless you and yours,
Tijeras, NM

Anonymous said...

Debra, you do know that talkin' to ones self is a sign of "GENIUS"......that is exactly what you are! You make me laugh so hard (I needed that) I love the way you write and speak! OK,here's the deal (that's Jersey Girl talk for LAW)....I want that necklace.... so I'd like to make you an offer you can't refuse.......grace a la grace xx


Laughing my rear end off sweetie! LOVE that darling necklace. How appropriate!

Merry Christmas and congrats on the willpower. I'm afraid I'd have ripped into that beauty LONG before now.


Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

ROTFL, you always make me SMILE!! And when I'm feeling blue, you make me HAPPY!!!

No one deserves to win more than you, Deb!! Congratulations! You and Rebecca are truly lovely gals!!

Hey, if you need a tree to hide in, we have three redwoods in the back filled with SQUIRRELS!! (They are constantly teasing Sophie)

Wishing you and yours a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

I am amazed you were able to wait! Don't think I could have....but SO worth the anticipation!! Just GORGEOUS!! Love the sprinkles!!! Hope you have a Wonderfully MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Lou Cinda :)

Laura said...

Dear Squirreletta, alias Anthony, alias friend to all you meet,

May YOU have the most glorious Christmas of all- and giveaway or not, I may have to have one of those necklaces.

Sooooo cool.


I am eating fudge as I write this.

Cheryl said...

Oh, the willpower you have to wait to open that wonderful gift! Love the necklace, too. I really enjoy reading your blog and all that trash talk.........too awesome!
Have a joyous holiday season!

Pam @ Frippery said...

Oh you were such a good girl to wait that long! Truly worth the wait. Oh you squirrelly sweet thing, I wish you the happiest Christmas. LYttH, Pam

Junebug Furniture and Design said...

Oh My Goodness! You are a special lady! You always bring a smile when we visit! Merry Christmas to you and your family, wishing you much love and celebration! One day I hope we can meet!

Glad & Cel

time worn interiors said...

Girl you are so funny! I don't think I could have waited a whole year to open the gift! Me, myself and I all have different opinions and I'm always fighting with myself! RE is so sweet! What a great gift!

Does it have to be a squirrel story? I don't have any squirrel stories but I have a great opossum story!

Merry Christmas to you and your family! Tell Cat Daddy I said HI!


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Ok, you need to send me some of that willpower! I wouldn't have dove right in! Congrats, your treasures are beautiful!!

Olive said...

Hey Miss Squirrel Gone Amok, you do have flight of ideas but that's an adorable feature of yours. The "Queen of Everything" item was very apt. Do have a happy, happy Christmas. big hugs form Olive&Joe

Dixie said...

Wow-zer girl!! Talk about treasures! Wishing you and the whole family a joyous Christmas! Looking forward to seeing you in March @ Zapp Hall! Hugs! Dixie

lisa Moran, Bilancia Designs said...

Incredible designs! Just beautiful--but such willpower!!
I LOVE coming to your blog...not only do you make me laugh and put a smile on my face EVERY SINGLE TIME...but I swear you need to write for some kind of publication! You have such a GIFT!!!
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to you and your family~
Lisa xo

Rebecca said...

You are a nut... oh yea, I forgot cause you're a squirrel! I can't believe you didn't open that, it should have been something more worth waiting for a whole year! I have another one for you, will you please send me your addy.
I have no records they are all packed in the garage... me and my cleaning.
Wishing you a most wonderful Christmas my dear sqirrelly friend.
God bless you real good

Low Tide High Style said...

That was totally worth the wait! What a lovely friend to send you such treasures. And my family calls me squirrel all the time, so I'll be back. Narrowing my squirrel tales down to just one may prove a challenge since I live in a nuthouse!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

Kat :)

Hayley Fraser said...

Hi Debbie! Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and wish you and yours a happy and healthy 2012...

VS said...

Miss Deb...You make the WORLD SMILE!!!! I love this post & love the picture of your SQUIRREL need of these to keep my friend!
Merry Christmas Sweet Tea & hugs to you & yours. I hope this day finds your heart full of love & your mouth full of laughter & of course some fudge. ;)
Big hugs to y'all & hopes to see you soon!
Susie Q