Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jumping To A Foregone Conclusion

Grab a glass of bubbly...this is gonna be a long-un!

As I sit here betwixt yesterday and tomorrow, I find myself drifting over the years...and not just 2011.  I could wax poetic about twenty-twelve's scheduled arrival in just a few hours and all the promise it brings, but instead...I'm thinking of the past.  While I don't make it a practice to live in the past, it is a nice place to visit on New Year's eve.
And y'all wonder why I'm easily distracted...reason #1...and #2!

I've been reading all the wonderful, uplifting posts about the hidden promises of the new year and the realization of the past year's accomplishments.  It does this ol' heart good to read how so many of y'all accomplished goals and reached for the stars...and got a handful for your efforts.

Many costume changes are necessary to get through Christmas Eve!

Tonight, I'm thinking on all the folks I've "met" through blogging and how each of you have enriched my life.  You've been my cheerleader, coach, and confidant.  You've put up with my ramblings, laughed...and cried...with me...and I hope I was there for you as well.

It's funny, but I've also realized that some friends I've made over the last 4 years don't come around as often.  Gotta be honest first I thought maybe I had done something wrong or maybe like Duckie said "Do I offend?", but then I came to the realization that things change and so do people.
For those of you who have been so kind to ask...Brandon is doing well.  He is an amazing young man and Susan has to be smiling down at him.

Just like we can't stop the passage of time (although if anyone does come up with a invention that does...I'll be first in line to buy one.), so it goes with people.  If we're truly lucky, we get blessed with individuals who may only come into our lives for a season and then have to move on...and that's okay.

As goals are set and met, friends drift out of our lives to find their own path.  Doesn't mean they don't's just the Lord doing His business.

One of my favorite Christmas things...cookies...and the more the merrier!

I'm as guilty as the next person.  Perhaps the old adage about birds of a feather is true.  I find myself more and more drawn to those who are seeking peace in their lives coupled with simplicity.  Doesn't mean they aren't working as hard as the next guy/gal...just different...quieter.  No fanfare, bugles, or trumpets...just their work and talent saying it all.
Take a good look at Barbie.  She looked nothing like this the next day thanks to Grayzilla the beautician!

While we're on the subject of different, I find myself seeking that in blog posts as well.  Not necessarily cutting edge different, but something that tells me a little bit about the person writing it.  Ya can tell a lot about a person by their voice/blog.  If they dare to try something a little out there...whether I like it or not doesn't matter.  I applaud them for trying...and their bravery in attempting to fly.

If there is humor on am I.  I love to laugh and I got the wrinkles to prove it.  Make me laugh and I'm yours forever.  In fact...just call me Ol' Shep. 
Not to worry folks.  No babies were harmed in taking this photo.  As a matter of fact...we caught her in the act before any real damage was done!

Just as Bella Baby isn't afraid, those of you who risk it all and put yourself out there have my loyalty forever.

Who can resist a baby girl dressed in Nick & Nora's paired with boots?

What I'm trying to say (and not doing a very good job of it), is while I may not always leave a comment, I'm out here and I'm reading.  I like to think you are too.

Like I was telling Rob-Uh-Lyn the other day, there are folks in our lives that are like dog poo on that favorite pair of tennis shoes.  Try as you might...once it gets stuck down in those just can't get it all off...which leaves you with two choices. can throw those sneakers out...

or can keep 'em and pretend you don't notice the smell.

Consider me your dog poo.  I'm here for the duration and while you may not see're bound to get a whiff of me from time to time. 

I do believe in Santy Claus and at my house, he wears a red corduroy shirt.

Are y'all still with me?

People, if this wasn't a lesson in Squirrel writing...I don't know what it.  Let's blame it on three glasses of Champagne...agreed?


if this doesn't illustrate how hard it is for me to stay on track...I don't know what will!

Y'all put up with a lot when you come to visit me and I want you to's appreciated.  To let you know how much I treasure you taking the time to visit...I'm making a change.

No...I don't intend to start writing more cohesive...mainly 'cause that just ain't in my genes.

No....the change is I had told y'all I wanted comments relating to squirrel attacks y'all might have had over the years, but because I'm feeling so mellow...I'm gonna give y'all a break.

Oh y'all have any idea how hard it is for me to give this away?

As I mentioned in a previous post, Susie of Vintage Susie & Wings, designer extraordinaire of Spoonin graciously donated this pendant for my giveaway.  I first met her on line as she was traveling to Texas from California.  Her posts about her road trip had me laughing out loud and almost wetting my pants...I kid you not.  Meeting her at Zapp Hall, she managed to change it from almost to I did!  I promise you up and down...I have never laughed so hard in my entire life.

In addition to being a hoot and a half, she is also talented out the wazoo.  Her Spoonin line is just one of her products.  This girl has mad skills when it comes to anything she puts her hand to...and to think...she's my friend.
Aw heck!  Who am I kidding?  I'm gonna order me one too!

On a side note (you didn't think you get off that easy...did ya?), some folks collect pottery, some art...I collect artists and I'm so blessed to have Susie and other amazing ones in my life.  Now if I could just find some way to display ' would be perfect!

So here's the deal pickle...because y'all take the time to read my meanderings...all you gotta do is leave me a comment telling me how fantastic you think this necklace is...that's it.  No hoops to jump following me (unless you just fall in love with me, which in that case...follow by all means), nothing else.  If you have a facebook account...give Suze a shout out.  It's not gonna get you any brownie points, but it's gonna make me and my girl Susie really happy.

Now...if you do decide to regale me with stories of squirrel attacks...bring 'em on.  I never...repeat...never turn down a good opportunity to giggle or to know I'm not the only wing nut on the planet...and...and...that will get you an extra entry! No pressure though!

I'll announce the does January 7th sound?  That gives you time to talk to me and gives me a week to get the Christmas back into the tubs from whence they came.

Gah...just add roller skates, a Roy Rogers pop gun with matching holster and I could be the poster child for Christmas gone amuck!

As I shake my tail feathers to "Mama's Got a Brand New Bag"...I'll close 'er down for 2011 with one last hurrah.

Besame Mucho and...



Rebecca said...

Hey Girlie... it is a quarter to midnight of the new year and I guess I am spending it with you'll. Is that how you say it? Hubs turned in hours ago and I am listening to it thunder outside... in Chicago? Have I missed the second coming??? Weird or maybe it is the bubbly I have been sipping on.
Just wanted to say how blessed I am to have you as a friend and here's to a year of new beginnings.
I'll write you later about my squirrel stories, I have many... I need to decipher.
Blessings my friend

Debra@CommonGround said...

Deb, I've read your post three times, I think we all may have had too much bubbly tonight!! I wanted to make sure I got the part about the dog poo right...let me tell you, that you're the best I've known, so just feel right at home in my sneakers... now we just have to figure out how to get together again for a longer time than just dinner!! love ya bunches, you've got the two cutest grandbabies around! xoxo

Debra@CommonGround said...

P.S. what's the new word for the year?, and congrats on finding a way to use the word "jump" in over 69 post titles!!!

LuLu Kellogg said...

I am already in love with you so I am kind of like the dog poo on your shoe...hardened and here to stay!

That necklace is AMAZING! I lurve it! (especially because it says squirrel on it)

The new bag....yummy!!!

Love you and Happy New Year Sweetie!
La LuLu~*xoxo

Anonymous said...

Too cute...gotta love ya. Been spying on your blog for a couple years now. Just had to make a comment after your funny sweet comments today. Happy New Year. I'm sure there are many out there like me who just follow the rest of you brave souls who post about your lives, and thoughts, and dreams...not to mention all your creativity that we all try to recreate. Reading blogs has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I love it. God Bless

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Happy New Year, Deb!!! A very poignant post and fabulous pictures!! Maybe one day I will meet you in person to give you a big ole hug!!

I'm going to go over and check out Susie's blog and creations. I love spoon art and have a bit of a collection going on!!

Squirrel attack (no that was a racoon attack one camping trip many moons ago).

I don't have any really unusual stories, just the usual, ya know, dummy me brought home a huge bag of walnuts that a friend gave me (years ago) and put them in the garage and of course a couple of squirrels discovered them and we had a heck of a time getting the little critters out of the garage, and of course they tease Sophie, sitting on the fence looking at her while she barks and barks. We have lots of squirrels in our backyard, they love our redwood trees :) and I can hear them talking to each other.

Love and hugs from your squirrely CA gal pal!


Sue said...

Hey Debbie,
Happy New Year my friend! Here we are with another clean slate for a fresh start, a new beginning and all that goes with it. I'm in love with your posts so I'll be around for awhile, not going anywhere. In this crazy world of ours, reading other blogs, including yours, brings me peace. I thank you for this. So, as I get ready to depart for a busy sale day at Country Roads, cheers to 2012 and I hope it brings us all what our little hearts desire!

Take care, Sue

Unknown said...

You are amazing!!!! And, Cat Daddy ain't too bad either. We love ya'll. Hopefully we will make it to Texas this spring to hang out with the two of you. Wishing you the happiest NEW YEAR! Kim & David P.S. If you come to Nashville, call us I want you to come out to Franklin or we will come to see you where ever you are.

Cheryl said...

Happy New Year to you and Cat Daddy! Wishing you the very best for 2012.
Love the necklace......FANTASTIC!!
Love reading your blog, it brings a bright spot to my life since I lost my mom right before the holidays. You are an inspiration!

Lisa Phillippi said...

Hey Debbie, Happy New Year to you and your family! I love all the pistures of your Christmas! I also love that necklace. I have visted Susies blog many times, but have never met her. I hope I can be the poo in your shoes too!!!

Anonymous said...

Debra,Happy New Year! I think we need to see you on TV....forget've got her beat! Ok, got so many stories but this is the one I thought would tickle you.
*Many years ago, sis and I were the flower girls in a wedding held in a Cathedral (God Father Wedding) the picture. I was five and sis was six......we were dressed in pale pink velvet gowns and sporting a head full of bologna curls. All I know is that we were told to follow the with that when communion was being given out, the bridesmaids got up to get in line and sis and I followed and got in line too. Well just as the priest said the words "The body of Christ" SQUIRREL ALERT! Dad (who was the spitting image of Jackie Gleason) hauled ass up the main isle and stopped us from receiving communion! The entire Church was in an up-roar!....we stole the show! It was Priceless! Till this day we tell that story. grace barzyz a la Grace

WhisperWood Cottage said...

Big hugs in the new year, Deb! Snowflakes are flying here in Minnesota. Trying to find me some of that simplicity you talked about! :)


Gayle said...

I totally agree with you that people come and go in our lives for a reason, I think sometimes to fill a need that we didn't even know we had.
I too am drawn to the blogs that are just a bit off center, quirky, and that make me laugh. I am thinking thats why I hang out are one of my favorite "wingnuts"!!
I love the spoon jewelry, saw on her website she had a butterknife one that is very cool as well.
Wishing you a Happy 2012, but do hope it is just a bit "off and kinky" that OK?


lorene said...

I still read and laugh OUT LOUD with you many times! I met you before (I was so excited!)at Round Top and at Winnie's, and you made me feel like an instant friend! Your blog fills my need as well, so I get your drift. I love the necklace and would love to win.It is so cool. Happy 2012!

Donna Reyne' said...

I need you to know that I truly love you!
You are so precious to me and your goin's on make me belly laugh every time...even when you are havin' a serious moment...I love to hear your side of things!
You are such a blessing my friend and I do hope that God Blesses you and yours this New Year!
much love and many hugs

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Deb,
You definitely got my interest with the "dog poo" thing, LOL! I'm thinking more like bubble gum stuck to the sneakers.

No matter how you express it and you really know how to do just that, friendship and blogging buddies are as real as can be. Some do fade away and some just read and enjoy. At times commenting can be stressful because sometimes all you want to do is just read and enjoy.

As for the necklace, it's heavenly and I'd love to own it!

I love the photos of your precious family. Love that new bag your toten too.

My sister and I have peed our pants more times than I can count and it's always caused by laughin way too hard at something we've done. I wouldn't trade those times for anything in the world.

Thanks for making me laugh Deb. I love being your blogging friend.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Deb, I somehow missed this post but woo diddy, look at that cat daddio all spiffed up and you my friend look equally as pretty. Now those babies are just dripping in gorgeousness. Love the necklace, but love y'all more!

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

Gotta know what is the Squirrel thing?? judy

Karen said...

Oh my~~ where DOES the time go? Could have written this post myself, if I weren't on my high horse, giving myself a pep-talk in my own post! Geez it's hard keepin' up with everyone isn't it? I guess I'll say Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all at once here! Think of your sorry self often and stare at the Wolf Chili can in the cupboard like it's going to talk to me or grow legs or something, if THAT tells you anything! Kiss those babes, pinch CatDaddy (at home, not in line at the grocery store) and light me up when you get a chance, GIRL!

sweetpea said... are the bee's knees, the jelly on my peanut butter, but never poo...

i love you my sweet friend. love that cd guy too...



Olivia said...

I wish I still had my sister so she could read your writings. I know we would both be laughing so hard that our fat cheeks would be closing our eyes with tears running down our face. She would love your blog as much as me.
Happy New Year to you and yours. Would love to wear the squirrel necklace.

Laura said...

All I want for Christmas/New Year's is to be dog poo on your shoe.

I would follow you anywhere. You are the best

I mean- I have too. You get crazy me. Who else would right about you in a post and link your name to an Anthony???

That necklace is amazing. (I think you need to do a switch0 change-o and keep it.)

That's what Greedy Gus would want to do.


Gracie's Cottage said...

Cute babies, CD & poo, all in one post.
You are a full-service blogger and I love you for it! Happy New Year to you and the whole fam-i-leeeeee!


Anonymous said...

I love you. You are fab. But never in your life could you be the poo on my shoe, because, as we both know, those yellow boxes have slick bottoms. (Yes, I said "bottom.")

That is all.

xo, Kristi Knox Day

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Debbie, Debbie, Debbie! You are one in a million and I wouldn't have it any other way! Listen, I just don't think you can give that necklace away - it was made for YOU. So just cancel the giveaway and we'll call it a day, OK? Like you lost it (temporarily) and now have to cancel the giveaway or substitute something else...

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Oh how I miss those days of my girl having to put on each outfit she'd open ~ and finding a pair of my Mom's heels to match!

Your style of posting is so enjoyable Deb, don't change a thing! I love to visit and relax here and look forward to many more visits!

Thank you and Happy 2012!

Pent-Up Photos said...

I have the biggest smile on my face looking at the photos of those beautiful girls! Did I mention those smiles on your face and Cat Daddy's face? Looks like Christmas was a love fest at your house!

Do I need to tell you that I am so happy that I stepped in that big pile of poop several years ago? Your friendship and words of encouragement are so important to me! Go ahead, get you some baby wipes and try to wipe me off. I'm here to stay, girl!

Now, about the necklace. That is the cutest thing since...a pink Christmas tree?...sliced bread. Not only is that necklace lovely...cookies cookies cookies and I am so could be utilitarian. I could be wearing that delightful squirrel necklace...I wonder if Robelyn made that purse?...and use the spoon necklace to scoop peanut butter on those cookies!

Happy New Year, my dear friend!


Kathie Truitt said...

Baby, I ain't goin' nowhere, and I understand about everyone being busy and not leaving comments as much. I am guilty of that as well, but I read everytime you have a new post.

And yes, I think that necklace is FABULOUS and would look spiffy around my neck as I'm criss-crossing the country on my next book tour.

KATIES MOM said...

I just found your blog!! You really made me laugh out loud! Loved the music playing too. I know all about somehow "losing" friends. Sometimes it's a painful loss and sometimes I didn't even realize they were gone... then all of a sudden that person I took for granted I guess, stopped sending cards or a shout out....Hmmmmm..... I actually have a friend I call squirrel:) I don't know why I started calling her that, I just did and still do. Your blog is a delight! You are just what I needed at the end of a long day.

Low Tide High Style said...

Deb, you can be the poo on my shoe any ole day! And squirrel attack stories, well I have so many that it is just hard to choose! If only Mr. Quinn could talk, I'd be a shoe in for that beautiful necklace! ;-)

I did have a raccoon get a little testy with me once though, does that count?! The little guy was an ingrate since I had fed him by hand since he was found as a wee babe without a mommy to care for him. One hiss too many and he was sent packing, back to the wild...the story has a happy ending though, so it's all good.

Better than any piece of jewelry, is that Brandon is finding his way in the world after such a great loss!

Thank you for your friendship and for the laughs! Here's to a lot more of them in 2012! Happy New Year!

Kat :)

P.S. First order of business for 2012, quit using so many #$*% exclamation marks!!!!!!

Ggomez said...

Thank you for your sassy swagger,you had me at dog poo!
It's is the time of year to reflect on the people in your life,thank you for the insight. I worry I to have neglected or offended ...but friends ebb and flow in our life. learning from them and them from you
Thank you for all the giggles

Patti P. said...

I am ever so glad that you don't throw out your old shoes with the poo! Even if you don't get to blog everyday, I am one gal who perks up when I see that you're talking cause I love to see what's up in your world. I love the necklace and hope that I will have one around my neck soon! Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

vendhan said...

I really enjoyed ur blog

Judi Spinetti said...

not only is this necklace fantastic, it makes my heart twitter!!

janet said...

my heart is so happy that you're the dog poo on the bottom of my favorite PINK sneakers! happy new year!

Christine said...

Cute necklace. Looks like you all had a fun Christmas. Love seeing all of those genuine smiles and your fring-y bag is to die for!

Anonymous said...

did I need that post! and an added bonus of the shoes have had that poo smell lately..I have done my share of collecting...I am a good collector...I just wish more people collected me...lolol
Happy New Year to you...thank you for all of the laughs when I needed them...and the thinking when I didn't want to...but it kind of slipped into my brain anyway!

Dottie said...

So, if I win this necklace (which I love & covet) I can wear it and people will understand my squirrleyness. Right?

VS said...

OMG Girlfriend..
I ADORE this post & more importantly I ADORE you! You are such a sweet soul & you have such a gentle & kind spirit. You might fool others, but I know you're just a big softie like me. You & I are two peas in one pod, that happens to span several states. lol
I am not entering your fab giveaway, but I do have a SQUIRREL ALERT story, just for you.
Many moons ago, my husband {at the time, lol} worked late a lot & this happened to be one of those nights. My daughter was asleep, I was in my jammies & it was a pitch black night. My little cocker Katie was out in the yard & suddenly she went CRAZY!!!
Barking frantically in a full point, I see her staring at a dark little animal in the grass, I can't tell exactly what it is but I'm TOTALLY FREAKED OUT & think she's going to attack & kill it & then there will be blood everywhere & I'll freak out even more.
I call my husbands office but no answer, so in desperation I call my next door neighbor & ask if her husband could come over & shoo away this poor little trapped animal. Being the manly man he was, he came prepared with a flashlight, broom & towel in hand.
Katie's still barking like a psycho dog ready to kill & I'm so terrified I won't even go into the back yard! Watching from the slider, I see Chuck slowly approaching the animal & start to prod it with his broom. Katie's insane as Chuck reaches down attempting to move the poor, trapped whatever...I throw myself onto the couch & cover my eyes unable to witness one more second of this horror!!!
A few moments go by when I hear Chuck at the door, I run over & fling it open to see him holding something in his towel.
"What is it?", I cry out..."Is it injured?"
Chuck slowly starts to open the towel.
"No it's not injured...
it's a fu#*ing PINECONE!!!"
I'm a retard!!!! LOL
Love you Deb & I would only share with you & your friends how CRAZY I truly am!!!!
Your Friend,
Susie LOL

Unknown said...

Awww Deb, your post is spot on about meeting friends via blogging. Although i don't think I would like dog poo on my shoe, I guess i would'nt mind if it was you : )<<<<<Poet did'nt know it<<<<<<
There are a ton of amazing women bloggers out there and you are at the top of my list!!
See you real soon!! I hope!
Squirrel Alert! Squirrel Alert!! Man! that makes me wanna go junkin!!

TexasChic said...

Speaking of Squirrels...I love to watch them and have rescued several babies "Felix" was the last one and took him to the Animal Rescue group in Austin, Tx. This weekend watched my niece's scottie dog Duke barking up the wrong tree...squirrel was across the fence and he was going nuts...not knowing right behind him on the tree was a little one just running all around trying to get his attention..They are the best entertainment!! Love your spoonin designs and love those Squirrels!! Happy New Year Nancy Wilkins

Lee Anne said...

Love It!!! Squirrel....yikes! I was once treking in New Mexico...they told us to watch for bears....ok....they didnt tell us about the crazy a** SQUIRRELS!!! Anywho...enjoyed looking at your blog and My Birthday happens to be the 7th!!!

lordblessu said...

I am lucky enough to know and live in the same little town with Susie!!! I would love to win her spoonin' necklace...It would look sassy around my neck for sure!!! We don't have many squirrels around our Mt town sad.
You are a hoot and I will be following you.

Gayle said...

Retreauxgirl sent me...I used to follow your blog and loved it..but lost my blog list when I had some work done on my computer...or at least I can't find it! Glad I found you again.

D Fritz said...

Love love love the and looking shiny new!

Rhonda Spidahl-Tauer said...

I'm loving the necklace & your blog I will be following since I love quirky crafty people. Squirrels are funny & I have a couple of stories that make me laugh every time I think of them. We happen to live on a very busy street & my dog had caught a very young squirrel I had her release & I chased it up the tree the darn thing kept coming down & the dog continued to grab it as if it was a new toy. I grabbed a pair of gloves & ran to its rescue again putting it on the tree trunk & shooing it once again up the tree. I no more than turned my back to take the dog in when IT came running back down & got maybe 5 feet on the ground before the dog was back on it, poor little thing was so scared & couldnt make it to the tree that it jumped at my leg & started climbing me. With me screaming & flailing to get it off it got to my back, jumped did a belly flop on the ground & took off for a different tree with my dog trying to catch it. Why didnt I look in the tree to see if I saw a nest? Poor thing knew he did not live in that tree & was so terrified he was only trying to get home. Neighbors across the street watching the whole thing were laughing so hard I didnt even hear them until my heart settled back to a regular beat. Happy New Year to all!

cheryl rogers photography said...

Debbie, I miss coming to Warrenton and catching up with you at ZappHall--just been too darn long! Maybe this will be the year.

Never heard of a squirrel "incident" so I'll have to read backwards and get caught up. In the meantime, I am already expecting to roar with laughter and I thank you for that! The neckalce is wonderful and it's great your friend did that for you.
Happy New Year!

Just like you, I am a seeker of peace and simplicity. Never seem to get enough of either.
I love your blog and your sass and am glad you popped up on my facebook newsfeed so I could be reminded to tune in more often. Whether I'm here or not, you're one of my favorites!

Anonymous said...

"On a side note..." (I like side notes. Life without them is pure boring.) Anyhow, love, I really love it...makes me remember the time our whole family was together at the was pitch dark out and here we all were, visiting with the sliding glass door wide-open...suddenly a raccoon appeared at the door and every adult in the room screamed, "Raccoon" and jumped on the couches and chairs in a full-throttle freak out, waiting for someone else to shut the door! Yeah, I love the squirrel necklace!
Keep posting,

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Happy New Year my beautiful Texan!

Thank you for all the times you stopped by to visit me and I hope 2012 is the best year yet for you. LOVE the bag...just my size in case you are wondering...

Big, big hug
Elizabeth :-)

Anonymous said...


Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Hey ha, posted the giveaway on my giveaway page (link at top of the blog) and I am now following Susie (whoo-hoo she's a California gal) and am liking her on FB :)

Now I have that tune going on in my head, sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don't!!

" SHABBY JUNK" said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
" SHABBY JUNK" said...

Debbie I need that squirrel necklace, as I am known in my neighborhood as the squirrel photographer. I take may shots of them in my yard posing . Love the critters!! judy crenshaw

Junebug Furniture and Design said...

Squirrel necklace...adorable!!!
Wishing you and your family a Happy Happy New Year, may it be filled and overflowing with all the good you and your family desires.
Thank you for visiting us and always leaving so sweet comments
Glad & Celia

red.neck chic said...

I have this squirrel that lives in my back yard... each morning he's out there fussing and cussing at my dogs and then my dogs start fussing and cussing back at the squirrel and he just goes from tree to tree to tree and then it makes me want to make a dishtowel with a black and white skunk on it, or perhaps put an acorn on a hat and then i walk in my house and my dishes need to be washed and the dryer buzzer goes off so i have to fold my clothes...
i want some microwaved popcorn!


(i had a lot of coffee and so this morning i barked at the squirrel along with the dogs (thought about you) giggled then i put a new battery in my lawn tractor and got the hookups crossed because i was thinking about how STINKIN' CUTE your babies are!!! AND you, you fun-size squirrel.)

Love, Evelyn
(and though I took a wandering path and climbed a few trees with my squirrel moments... I still came back to the squirrel nest! I'm learnin'... and my shoe still smells really "off")

Anonymous said...

Love the post some how I found you via a facebook post from Spooning (Vintage Spoon Jewelry), just amazes me how this internet connects us all! Thank God here in Eastern Oregon we don't have a lot of squirrels, so my stories are limited but how I could tell you about gophers! Happy belated New Year to you and your family, here's to a great 2012!

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Deb, I would NEVER wipe you off the bottom of my sneaker! Not EVER!! I will proudly wear you! lol

I read Susie's post up above and was laughing out loud!! A pinecone!!! LOVE IT!

I am off to make her my friend :)

Have a Wonderful New Year!!

Lou Cinda

PS Love the family photos....beautiful....

Lauri Evans said...

Dahling, please consider me your dog poo...... You are so funny. I simply love the photo of Bella and her big brother. Hope he is doing well considering what he's been through. And what is it with all the anonymous posts are they in witness protection? People from everywhere must be reading your blog, you're just a legend now. Anyway love you and holding my breath till I hug you guys again!!!!! Lauri

Carole said...

Oh Debbie you are a hoot and a half. I'm laughing all the way thru I forgot the rules. Oh no squirrel story but I have a million flying squirrel attacks though. They're pretty gentle creatures.
Love this pendant btw!
Oh and one more note I know it's interesting how ppl come in and out of our blog lives. You're stuck with me too....sorry!

Happy New Year


Anonymous said...

Hi dear friend , I'm one that hasn't been leaving comments
Like I use to. There just doesn't seem to be any time anymore .
What a year it's been! I actually am having a blast
and loving where the Lord has led Joe and
I. But junking for a full time living sure is time
consuming. I'll get it figured out eventually :)
Probably about the time construction decides to
Return :)
Anyways .. I read you all the time and still am
in awe of the amount of words you know
and how you string them together .
Have a blessed new year

Anonymous said...

Well , I sent that comment from my phone - what a mess!
and I forgot to add

Pam @ Frippery said...

You are adorable. I think everyone still visits their old favorites ( and by old I mean the ones they loved from the start, heehee) but don't leave as many comments. I know as my blog reading grows my time for comments is smaller. I also think we are afraid of repeating ourselves. Sometimes I feel I am leaving the same comment over and over. So I am sure old friends are still reading your ever so entertaining blog just maybe not commenting because you are already so popular they don't want to repeat. Speaking of repeating...never mind I won't go there haha.
Looks like your Christmas time was the merriest. All the best to you and your sweet family for 2012'. LYttH, Pam

Irene said...

My first visit, what a sweet site

Curtains in My Tree said...

well I like that necklace and think it would really look great around my neck

looks like the babies had a great Christmas


Anonymous said...

So, thanks to the change, I am not too late to sign up for this adorable necklace. I,personally, do not have a squirrel story but Ben can tell you some doozies? Ben, by the way, is my dog. Does that count? :) Happy happy New Year my friend. xoxo

Kim Mazzei said...

OMG! Just found your blog~LOVE IT! The squirrel necklace is totally fabulous and I would love to win it. Even if I don't, at least I found an awesome new blog-Thank you!

Anonymous said...

NO WAY! I just found this blog, and my mouth dropped when I saw the squirrel necklace. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! It is amazing, and thanks for letting me enter it and yay I am not to late, woo-hoo!

Unfortunately the only squirrel story involves a mini van, a squirrel and a very sad woman driver ( me ) so I will spare you the details. ( incase I win )

the old white house said...

OH NOOOOO am I too LATE? I have missed so much on this fandangled contraption that I'm afraid i missed out on your giveaway! The necklace is gorgeous, she does marvelous work! Your posts are always among my favorites because, well I like dog poo. Naw... cuz I love you girl, you make me laugh and well, that's huge in my book too. I gotta laugh or else these Depends that I invested in are pointless!
I am hoping that 2012 brings you more laughter than your Depends can hold and more love and prosperity than Cat Daddy can stand!

the old white house said...

p.s. the grands are gorgeous and I love the pic of CD with Bella! Sooooo sweet! You my friend, are one blessed lady! xoxox