Monday, December 12, 2011

You Say Jump, I Say You Betcha and I'll Shout Too!

My seems like forever since I last sat down here and talked.  What's that you has been forever?  I know...I know.

So much going on around here at the Casita de Trash, I hardly have time to catch my breath.  You too huh?  Yeah...this is a crazy time of year for all of us...and talk about will never guess what we were up to (or should I say down at) this weekend.  Instead of being covered in tinsel, glitter, and scotch tape...we were surrounded by tulle, perfume, and leather.

Oh you naughty boys and girls...I know what you're thinking, but no...not that.  Cat Daddy and I made the trip to Round Top for the first ever Winter Junk Gypsy Prom.  Can you say "Oh Law...Trash in a can-can!"? you have any idea what a mischief maker Jackson is when he channels Buddy Holly?

I know I should have been decking the halls, but y'all know me....I can't resist a party...

and y'all also know Cat Daddy can't resist a photo op and we all know how the ladies can't resist him!

Animal magnetism with a splash of Hai Karate...what can I say?

"Be careful how you use it!"

They were lined up and waiting to bust a move!

I gotta stop here for a disclaimer.  For any of y'all who might be thinking the Gypsies are sittin' pretty with their new HGTV show...think again.  Sittin' is the last thing this family is getting to do these days!

Oh mylanta!

I do believe they are working harder than rented mules, what with the show's filming schedule plus trying to get their brick and mortar store built.  Sheesh...there is so much that goes into shooting just one episode...I can't begin to wrap my noggin around what they've been through getting 13 into the can.

(BTW...did any of y'all watch the sneak preview?  What'd ya think?)

In addition to coordinating the entire event...down to primping the hall...there were interviews, prep work for another shoot this week, running back and forth...all while taking care of sick babies and being sick themselves, but in the world of show biz...there are no days off...the show must go on. 

Walking in, we were hit with a blast of music from The John Evans Band and Baby Cakes...the show did go on and boy howdy...was it ever ON!


and a whole lotta tail feather shakin'!

Told to wear their junkiest prom attire, the 150+ guests complied...whole hog and whole hearted.  It was a Texasified tangle of big hair, big hats, and big fun!
Folks came from miles around for this gaudy extravaganza and an extra, heapin' helpin' of whoppin' good times!

(Does she remind anyone else of "Jessie"?  I swear up and down...she was just as tiny, but way cuter!)

Sisters On The Fly were representing and they were just so gosh darn cute!   Their motto on their site reads "We have more fun than anyone." and let me tell ya...they were out to prove it.  They asked everyone to write a short note to Amie and Jolie and presented the girls with a huge jar full of love notes.  How sweet and thoughtful...right?

I'm telling y'all...SOTF girls are rootin' tootin' cute in fuzzy chaps!

I got tickled watching how many times the Gypsies had to replace kissed off lip gloss.  That gloss was outside the purse more than it was in it 'cause that outhouse-turned-photo booth hasn't seen that much action since...well gosh I don't rightly know.  I reckon since being replaced with indoor plumbing!  All I do know is the line to get a photo and a kiss with the girls was stretched out for a mile...and so were the grins! 

I don't know if I've ever told y'all, but I adore paper dresses.  I think it's one of the most fanciful and beautiful art forms out there.  Can you imagine my face when I got a load of this dress?  Stunning is the only word to describe it...simply stunning.

Alas, being paper, it wasn't necessarily built to about a paper trail.  Close to the end of the evening, I wondered if this gorgeous lady was going to be modeling her birthday suit, but the dress held up.  I didn't find out who the tailor was, but BRAVO!

Hmmm...I wonder if Royer's had any pies go MIA last week.

.This creation was another of my faves.  Queen of Hearts you ask?  Nah...I dub thee The Queen of Tarts!  Both of these ensembles deserved standing O's.

Look pigtails!

See...I really was there...and no Janie isn't pretending like she doesn't know see me.  She's just a busy, busy woman.  With the show, I don't know if there ever is down time for any of them. 

Even Phillip takes a back seat to text messages....especially when there are sick, little ones back at home.  Sigh...I wish I had got a good photo of the two of 'em couple on the floor.
It was a duke's mixture of glam...with some of that glam even arriving in matched sets!
At the end of the night all I could think was...


Lest y'all get to thinking ol' Trash has forgot about my little teaser a post or so back...fret not.  A hint is hidden inside the tree of what else I've been cooking up besides Christmas cookies, but for now, it's time to take the...



the old white house said...

You people in TX. really know how to have a good time! This looks like a blast, and girl.... you look all shiny and beautiful in your dress up clothes! t.xoxoxoxo

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Oh happy you had fun and even happier that you are sharing with us!!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Girl I couldn't wait to see the evidence (I mean pics) of this great time. I thought about y'all all day Saturday as we were having our own good time in Round Top. Looks like a great time was had by all!!!!!!

Beth Leintz said...

Looks like so much fun- nice of you to get Cat Daddy out there and share him with his fans.

I did watch the Junk Gypsy sneek peek and I loved it. Hubby watched it with me and he commented on the girls big jewelry and I explained to him that's how everyone dresses in Texas!

time worn interiors said...

Oh wow! I should have flown out there for the party! Cano told me about it! What a great idea to have a prom in the winter! I'm sure it was way more comfortable than in Oct. Thank you so much for the tour!

Lisa Phillippi said...

Wowzers, looks like a par-tay to remember! Those dresses look amazing, and Cat Daddy with a crown on! Hope Yall have a Merry Christmas, and I can't wait to see yall in the Spring!

Pam @ Frippery said...

Yee to the Haw Debby! That looks like one big ball of fun. It is so cold here that a little Texas warmth would be welcome too. LYttH, Pam

red.neck chic said...

How did you EVER get Cat Daddy away from his posse?!!! Oh wait... I bet they all followed ya'll back home, didn't they...

I'm so jealous!!! It looks SO fun and you got to see Aimee and Jolie?! JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!

Oh mylanta...
;-D robelyn

Laura said...

You look so pretty Miss Deb!
You should take over that job from what's his name on Texas Country Reporter.

What a blast!


Olive said...

That pie pan dress is a hoot.

Pent-Up Photos said...

Oh, I am so glad that you got to go! We would have been there except for this danged "thrown out" shoulder! Bummer! Looks like a good time was had by all! Thanks for sharing the pics. I gotta say that you and Cat Daddy were looking especially fine!


Carole said...

Makes me think that New Englanders don't know how to party. You put us to shame. Heads bowed!

now what the heck is in that tree???


Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

pie pans and paper dresses!!! Amazing party!!! I didn't know about the HGTV thing but then I never watch TV. I have to check into this! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Ms. Deb.

Anne Lorys said...

What FUN!
Dang, wish I'd known about it.
Lovin' the crown on King CD, by the way. ;-)


Rebecca said...

So how cute are you...looks like a blast. Love all the prom dresses.
Haven't seen the pilot on this show, will look forward to seeing it.
Glad you had fun


What a fun time! I would have bailed on the decorating too for a party like that!


Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

What a Blast this must have been!!! Jus Awesome!! I watched the sneak preview and can't wait for MORE!! LOVED it!!!

Lou Cinda :)

Kathie Truitt said...

I loved this!! FYI- I am planning to hopefully attend the Marburger show in the spring. And I am hoping beyond all measure to have a book signing for my new book, "The Hillbilly Debutante Cafe". Cross your fingers. I would love to meet your beautiful self.

fancy said...

sooooo happy to see some pics!!! looks like the winter prom was the total bomb {diggity}. Hope you & Cat Daddy have a blessed Christmas!!! xoxofancy

LuLu Kellogg said...

I would have given my right arm to have been there! This was such a wonderful post!!!! How fun!!!

I am on the mend now and only 2-3 more weeks of behaving before I can resume my frivolities! *fingers crossed*

LOVE the photo of have the most beautiful hair ever.


Elizabeth Maxson said...

What fun....and you looked beautiful! Thanks for the play-by-play story! Loved it always, you can tell the story it and you!

Big hug

Christy said...

here's your YEEE to the HaWWW! great story telling!